Work and Play

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She didn’t ask many questions that night. Perhaps they had drank too much wine at the party or perhaps they knew each other better than they originally thought. Now, with some certainty she sat on the edge of his counter with her legs crossed. Her legs were bare below the knee and she still wore the black heels from the night’s party.

‘More wine?’ He held out a full bottle still corked.

She checked her emptying glass and shook her head, ‘I think I’ve had enough.’

He nodded. Had he had enough? After a few seconds he put it back on the shelf.

‘The party was lame,’ she rocked her ankles playfully.

He nodded, ‘I wasn’t even going to go until you texted me.’

‘Oh,’ her eyebrows raised and she drained the remainder of the wine. He didn’t want to bring up the past but here she was, in his apartment, swinging her smooth legs on his countertop.

‘I mean, I see those people every day; I don’t need a party to go to on Saturday night.’

‘It’s Christmas, though,’ she smiled at him. He suddenly was reminded of her birthday party. How she leaned forward and laughed when he told his stupid jokes. Taking her back to her apartment, both full on booze. They had waited for Samantha to leave, even though she seemed to question why he’d stay behind; drunk, they would tell her later. On the couch he realized she hadn’t been wearing panties, or at least she’d removed them in the bathroom. They were drunk. That’s what they would tell people. They didn’t fuck; not anywhere close.

‘The reason for the season,’ he joked. She didn’t laugh. ‘How’re you feeling?’

‘Are we going to talk about my birthday; or just keep dancing around the subject?’

His stomach tightened. Drunk they had told everyone. Now her form, in his kitchen, took on a new light. She had pulled his hand down between her thighs; soft, smooth, soaked. He remembered fingering her on her couch. Her head rocked back, soft moans occasionally. The world shook because he had drank too much booze.

‘What’s there to talk about?’

She smiled. ‘Come here.’


‘I just want you to come here.’

‘Are you drunk?’

She sighed and glanced away, ‘A little. Are you worried?’

‘I don’t remember much of it.’ That wasn’t too far off. He had left her place around three a.m., still slightly buzzed. She had gone to bed and left him on the couch. They didn’t fuck. She had pulled his hand away and clamored to the plush carpet beside the couch. His balanced was shaky but she pulled his jeans to his knees and grasped him between her lips. Too much booze. He never came.

He felt himself swell again and his stomach flutter while she smiled at him. They worked together. This wasn’t the best idea. Who from the party knew she was at his place? Samantha? Paul? He’d never hear the end of it from Paul.

Now she watched him from the comfort of his leather couch. The drink was heavy in her hand and she sat it aside. She lied, she remembered pulling his jeans down; exposing his growing erection. It was in her mouth, she had tried sucking him off, but it was no use. There he was now and the booze was starting to send warm heat between her thighs; she could make out the distinct wetness swelling mixed with a steady throb of excitement. What should she say or do? They had an attraction, or at least she knew she did. Did she want to go all the way with him? It was still unclear to her.

‘Why don’t you sit with me?’

He shrugged his shoulders.

‘Come on,’ she patted the sofa beside her. He didn’t respond. ‘Fine.’ She leaned back and closed her eyes. What do I have to do? She thought. Her arousal was not going away, stupid booze. He slumped down, finally beside her with a groan. For some reason he acted so put out. His tie was loosened and he tossed it to the side. She looked over quickly to try and catch a glimpse but they merely exchanged awkward glances and smiles.

‘I’m sorry,’ he finally said.


‘The other night. Your place.’

She shook her head, why is he sorry? ‘I’m not.’ She slurred out. Oh, boy.

He was demetevler escort quiet next to her.

‘What’re you sorry about? You didn’t do anything.’

‘I was too drunk. We were drunk,’ she detected a hint of something.

He shook his head and glanced out of the window. The world was dark outside and it had begun to snow. His heart thudded in his chest and he could smell her sweet perfume mingling with stale alcohol beside him. Her pale, bare legs were splayed on the black sofa; her breasts heaved with each deep breath and he tried to not notice. He remembered letting himself out of her apartment the next day while she slept. The couch was stiff and his groggy brain swam in a panic. No one at work would know. Not yet. He had gone home, tossed his clothes to the floor and took a hot shower. Her image ran through his mind in a blurry montage of images. She was there, on her knees beneath him; she was stroking his shaft to no avail, never glancing up and never questioning. Finally she gave up; his dick fell, wet from her mouth and she fell back onto the floor. It was a matter of a few minutes and he was hard in the shower, stroking his dick furiously to her memory. He came quickly, thinking about her body, her breasts he hadn’t seen, her pussy that he wished to caress.

Now they were there, on the couch and silent.

She had gone to bed that night, drunk and aroused. After her door was closed she fell into bed on her stomach, snoring, exhausted. In her mind she saw him, behind her. His pants on the floor. Her back was arched and he slid the hard cock she had just held softly between her pussy lips. Even in her drunken state her hand easily found her clit beneath her black panties. She used circular motions and rubbed the swollen bud as she thought of him, pumping in and out of her and bringing her to orgasm. Her body tensed, her muscles tightened and she stifled her soft moans into her mattress. He was outside, passed out on the couch.

Jesus, she thought beside him. She could sense his tension. ‘Do you…’


‘Do you want me to try again, or are you too drunk?’ Smooth, she thought. Real smooth.

He was looking at her and she leaned forward, placing her hand upon his belt. Beneath the thin dress slacks she could feel his erection growing. Her heart beat and the knot in her stomach exploded through her veins. She detected a brief smile in the pale blue light of the apartment while her fingers undid his belt buckle. Still he sat and watched her. The belt was released, the button unfastened, the zipper pulled slowly down. There she waited. ‘You didn’t answer.’

In his head, the words didn’t form. His muscles were tense and his pulse was racing. Adrenaline poured through his veins. She was staring up at him with, waiting for a reaction. He felt his dick swell and he knew she could sense it beneath his pants and tight briefs. Without words he lifted himself up and clumsily pushed his pants to his knees, exposing his hard cock. She took it into her hand and slid the red tip into her mouth. Electricity flooded his body as her smooth, plump lips slid down his shaft to her hand and back up.

His dick moved slowly inside her mouth and she could taste him at the back of her tongue and toward her throat. She removed him and slid her tongue along his tip. He was swollen and excited; his eyes watched her and she felt her wetness grow. It seemed thicker than last time, although that could have been the alcohol. She stroked it slowly with her hand and examined his shaved balls gathered tightly at the base. A few more strokes and she took him into her mouth again, this time sliding her body to the floor and between his spread legs. She began to match the movement of her mouth with her hand and supplying the lubricant with her saliva. A slow groan left his throat and she glanced up to see his head rocked back on the couch. He was making her crazy with excitement. She wanted to rub her pussy beneath her lace panties but wondered if it would be too forward. A few moments passed and her jaw dikmen escort began to tense. She released him and slid her tongue to his balls, flicking the smooth sack while stroking up the tip of his shift. His breathing was tense and his face contorted in pleasure. He looked back down and she rocked back before him, spreading her legs and lifting her skirt. Her panties were soaked, she could tell and she could see him watching her longingly. This should work, she thought.

She used her right hand and slid her panties to the side, exposing her shaved, soaked pussy lips. His eyes moved between her legs and while she pulled her thin panty to the side, used her index and middle finger to spread the lips slightly, exposing her swollen clit. In a quick second she let her index finger fall to her bud and began circling and teasing out her pleasure. Excitement swelled in her and she felt the slickness of her juices against her sensitive folds. Look up, look up. She looked up and could see his dick twitch as he watched. His hand gripped his shaft while he stroked it.

Before him she lay with her legs spread and her pussy exposed beneath her skirt. He touched himself and stroked his erection while she lightly rubbed her clit. Her breathing was deep and quick and he got the urge of wanting to please her; to fall between her thighs and tease the puffy lips of her pussy with his tongue while she gently pleasured herself with her fingers.

‘Do you like watching me?’ She sighed.

He nodded and continued stroking his shaft.

‘I like watching you,’ she said. He stroked harder; she slid her index finger into her soaked opening. He felt his dick jump. Suddenly he let go of it and stood up, kicking out of his trousers. While watching her, fingers moving in and out, he could hear the sucking of her juices around her finger and she moved them back up to circle her clit. She stopped and eased her panties to her knees, to her feet, onto the floor. His shirt was undone, tossed to the side; undershirt, over his head and onto the couch.

Now he stood, naked over her. She reached up and took his throbbing erection in her hand and stroked it while her other hand rubbed and massaged her exposed pussy. She wanted to see his cum explode out of him; shoot through the air while her orgasm pulsed through her body and her muscles tensed in ecstasy. She wondered if he exploded or merely erupted out like a volcano. Not yet, she thought. She let go and stood up, sliding her dress up over her shoulders and undoing the strap on her strapless bras. They fell behind her. She sat down on the couch and pulled him down to his knees before her. Spreading her legs she let his face fall between her thighs and she leaned back, her arms fell behind her. His tongue danced slowly over and around her soaked lips. The warm muscled flicked across her flesh and danced around her clit that made her stomach flutter and blood quicken through her veins. He slid a finger into her; she caught her breath and he slowly kissed and caressed her swollen clit. Low moans fed into her throat and she exhaled them while he pleasured her. Occasional throbs of pain pushed her to the brink and her legs flexed around his shoulders and toes flexed in delight. A smile danced across her face as he slowed, his two fingers rocking in and out of her. His eyes met her from over her shaved mound and he licked slowly up to her clit and back down. The heat and pleasure flooded her senses and she let out a loud audible groan. It occurred to her he was slowly stroking his shaft with his left hand while fingering her wet hole. She reached down and caressed her hard nipples, tugging them lightly.

She now wanted release; he needed to get her off. With her left hand she reached down and spread her lips for him and guided his mouth back down. There was a slight smile as he dove in. She felt his hot tongue collide with her pussy and he worked it in circular motions around her soaked and exposed clit. His fingers slid in and out and her hips rocked to the motion. It became hard to stifle her moans ankara escort and she held her breath in anticipation while the muscles in her body tightened. Her moans increased, she held her breath, tensed; his tongue held its position.

‘Oh God, oh, here it comes,’ she grunted. An explosion of pleasure rocked her body. Her muscles contracted and she let out a quick scream. He continued and her hips rocked violently to her intense orgasm. She came hard and her juices mixed with his saliva, running to the couch and between her thighs. He pushed away while she slumped back, her heart still thudding violently and her breasts heaving in the dark.

He could taste her on his lips and tongue. It enticed him. She laid prostrate on the couch, her legs spread and her body heaving in the wave of pleasure. Her eyes were closed for some time. He took the moment to gaze on her beautiful body; her navel, up to her breasts and their round, purple nipples. In the dark he continued to stroke himself. He felt it jump and pulse in his hand and he slowed. She glanced toward him. Did she want him to fuck her? He didn’t want to be that bold, but his excitement was becoming overwhelming. Even if they did begin to fuck, he would only be able to last a number of minutes. Suddenly she leaned forward and pushed onto the floor. He leaned back, balancing on his arms. She clutched his dick and placed it in her mouth, pushing the shaft up and down along her tongue. He groaned and as fast as she had begun she was straddling him, her breasts positioned in his face. His dick was positioned by her hand to her wet pussy and he feel every inch of his shaft being enveloped into her warm body. Her head rocked back and she slowly began to ride him.

His dick slid tightly into her and her tenderness reached new height as he moved in and out. She moaned and increased her speed, rocking her hips back and forth while his hands slid up the sides of her legs and positioned around her waist. The pleasure built and flowed from her earlier orgasm and she let out stifled groans and closed her eyes. His hands were cupping her breasts now, halting their violent rocking in the darkness. She rode him for a few moments and could sense his dick tensing within her. Slowing her pace, she felt her body begin to orgasm once more; the pleasurable-pain seeping from her loins onto his. He moaned and she reached down to rub herself off while he slowly rocked himself inside of her.

It was her second orgasm and she stiffened, not noticing the world around her or the hot, throbbing dick sliding slowly out of her. She moaned loudly and panted. The second orgasm was less intense than the first but her hand violently found its motion and got her pussy off while balancing her body on his chest. She felt relieved. Her body was coming down from its high. It was what she had wanted for weeks. Now she realized he had not came. She leaned down and found his lips, kissing them softly.

Shocking; they had never kissed before. Her lips were soft and smooth and she whispered through hot, panting breathes, ‘that felt so fucking good!’ She pulled herself from off of him and hoisted herself onto her knees. ‘Come here.’ He didn’t know what to do, but his dick was throbbing with pleasure. It was at the brink, but he had pulled himself out of her just before she came. A few drops of pre-cum had trickled from the tip onto his stomach.

‘Get up.’

He stood up and she positioned herself before him. She took his cock into her hand and began to stroke it. The pleasure was unbearable and she watched as it stiffened and hardened under her touch. Her hand rocked up and down the shaft and his balls tightened.

‘I want you to cum,’ she whispered while she stroked him. He felt it rising up and his body tensed as he jerked once and then on the second shot his white cum between her breasts. She pushed them up and received three more long strands of cum.

She heard him groan and felt his warmth splatter her hot skin. It was exciting to feel his dick unload onto her and in a matter of time he was finished and tender. Slowly she licked his head and examined the spattering of his ejaculate onto her chest. They looked at each other in the darkness for a moment before giving quick, nervous laughs.

‘That was fun,’ he said softly.

She agreed. ‘This time, we won’t let anyone at work know.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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