Workplace Wonderings Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Anger, Alienation, and Aspirations

It had been about a week since the dream I had had, where I thought I had been fucking Dana. My heart still disappointed that it did not actually happen, but a new resolve in myself to never let it actually happen. I loved my wife, and this all needed to stop. I did not want to do something that would ruin what Julia and I had built together.

I was sitting at my desk, my mind wandering, my brow furrowed, staring blankly at my computer screen. “Hey stranger,” I heard her voice ring through my head and I jerked my head up in reaction quickly.

“Shit!” I yelped as pain shot through my neck. I instantly shot my hand up to grab the back of my neck to rub the pain out.

“I’m so sorry!” Dana said frantically. She came around to the back of my desk and placed her hands on my neck. I drew my hand away instinctively as she began to massage my neck. Her fingers were cool against my neck, and goosebumps spread all over my body. Her fingers felt soft and smooth…and wonderful. I sucked in a breath.

“Dana…I…I don’t know…what are you doing?” I asked, falling all over my words. My cock was hardening as her fingers were working out the knot that had formed in my neck. I placed my hands over my lap to hide my growing erection as she continued to press into my neck with her soft, feminine fingers. All I wanted was to swing my chair around and grab her, pulling her into my lap. The thought of doing that caused my cock to swing into full gear, pulsing and pressing up against my hands trying to keep it under control.

“I’m just trying to get the knot out of your neck,” Dana whispered, her lips pressed against my ear. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up in response, and I moaned in reaction. I wanted to take her in my arms so badly. I wanted to press her body up against mine, to do to her everything I had dreamed of doing to her.

“What…what is going on?” I jumped at the sound of Julia’s voice, I stood up quickly from the chair, nearly knocking Dana off her feet. Dana stumbled backwards and I reached out my hand to steady her, all the while my eyes on Julia standing in the doorway of my office.

“Babe, it’s not what it looks like,” I stammered, staring at her.

Julia’s eyes were filling with tears, and Dana still stood behind me not moving just staring at Julia. Julia turned to walk away and I stormed out of my office after her. I caught her by the arm. “Baby, Julia Baby, come here.” Julia turned and her hand made harsh impact against my cheek. I shut my eyes against the sting. I was sure she had left a handprint on my face. People in the hallway stopped what they were doing at the sound of the impact.

“Let fucking go of me,” Julia hissed harshly at me, aware of everyone staring at us. I lowered my eyes to the ground, and I dropped my arm from her hand. Julia took one last look at me, tears streaming down her face and walked away towards the parking lot.

I looked back and saw Dana standing in my office doorway, staring at me. I shot her an apologetic look and started after Julia. I needed to talk to Julia. I need to be honest with her about everything that had been going on. Or the lack of what had been going on, but more of what had been going on in my head.

I found Julia sitting in the car, her head in her hands. She was sobbing, her small petite shoulders shaking violently. The door to her car was open, but I dared not get too close, knowing that what was going through her head was the worst thing that could possibly have happened to us. I felt like we had stood there for hours before I finally tried to speak.

“Baby, nothing happened…I need you to believe me. But I do want to tell you some things.” Julia looked up at me. Her eyes were swollen and red, her cheeks glistening with the remnants of her tears. Red splotches covered her beautiful face and her blue-gray eyes were filled with pain. I knelt down in front of her in the parking lot.

********** Some time later ***********

That day I had explained to her everything. I had explained how I had been having fantasies about having sex with Dana, but I explained that nothing had ever happened with me and Dana. I told her how I was attracted to Dana, had had daydreams, and actual dreams of having sex with Dana, but that I wouldn’t act on it because I loved her so much.

The hours had turned into days and the days had turned into weeks. Julia and I had worked through what had happened that day. However, Julia struggled with wanting to be intimate. She said she needed to work on trusting me, she stated that she had a hard time knowing that if we were intimate that I wouldn’t be thinking about Dana. I couldn’t blame her, not after having explained to her the dream as well as my thoughts of at times desiring Dana while we were being intimate.

However, I’m a man…and try as I might, it was still hard to not think about Dana in a sexual manner. The beşevler escort very way that Dana moved her hips, the ways in which she looked at me from across the conference room whenever we had team meetings, the way in which she would find a reason to text me late at night…all of those things excited me, and try as I might, I couldn’t resist peaking. I couldn’t stop the surge of excitement that would shoot through my cock, hardening it as I watched her purse her lips, the edges curving into a smile as someone said something funny in the staff meeting. God her lips were plump and full, unlike Julia’s. Julia’s lips were pretty, but simple and smaller. Diana’s lips were plump in all the right places, but still natural. She often wore red lipstick, and I wondered if she reapplied only when she knew I was watching. She would push her lips out and rub the end of the red lipstick over them, and then making a kiss with her lips. It would send chills all the way down to my soul.

But, as I was already in the doghouse with Julia over the issue, I avoided any individual contact with Dana. I avoided being the last person out of the conference room with her, I avoided individual supervision with her, insisting instead that she complete supervision with her other supervisor. Dana still sent me those late night texts though, and though I would never admit it, I waited for them. If they didn’t come one night, I would go to sleep disappointed.

Julia had taken big steps in saying that she would start to trust me again. Her exact words had been “I’m going to trust that you won’t do anything to hurt me.” But as I looked at the phone, wondering if Dana would text, I felt that ache inside of me again. Why couldn’t life be easy? Julia was working late tonight, so I had the house to myself. I flipped through my phone to look back at the picture of the group at the club. The picture that had started all of it. My crazy obsession with Dana.

I shook my head, trying to clear my thoughts. I was aware that my dick was responding to the beautiful woman in the picture, as it had for the past several months now. And just as I was about to put my phone down to pull my cock out of my boxer briefs, the phone dinged. It was Dana.

Dana: Sorry it is so late. I have a work question, can I call you?

My heart started to beat fast in my chest. Julia wasn’t expected back for at least another hour.

Me: Sure. I’ll call you, give me a minute.

I took a deep breath and pressed the call button next to her phone number. Her voice rang through my ears as she answered the phone immediately on the first ring. My cock pulsed and began to harden at the sound of it.

I cleared my throat, “Hey, what’s up?” I said, making my voice as even as possible.

Dana chuckled. “Well, I wanted to talk to you about one of my families, but first, how are you doing?”

“I’m doing well,” I chuckled. “How are you doing, Dana?” My dick pulsed again, waiting to hear her voice again. I pulled it out of my boxer briefs, it sprung up slightly, not fully hardened yet. I shuddered a little at the thought of doing what I was thinking about doing. I wanted to masturbate to the sound of Dana’s voice on the phone with me, even if she was going to talk about business.

“What have you been up to lately?” Dana asked softly. Her voice fell over my whole body and my cock hardened instantaneously becoming fully erect.

“Oh you know, the usual. Working on work stuff, meetings, all of that.” I placed my hand around my cock. Imagining that it was her soft fingers. I remembered the touch of her silky fingers against my neck and my cock responded to that thought.

“I’ve missed meeting with you,” Dana said. “When will we do supervision together again?”

“Well, I’ve been pretty busy, but we will do supervision again soon.” My hand started to run up and down my cock, the looser skin moving with my hand. I imagined Dana’s red lips being placed around the purple head of my cock. I moaned, forgetting that I was on the phone with Dana.

“What are you doing?” Dana asked, stifling a giggle. I knew she knew. I knew she knew exactly what she did to me every time she looked at me. I knew that she knew that she made me come undone every time she even looked at me.

“I think you know what I’m doing,” I said. I stroked my rock hard cock a little faster. My toes curled at the sensation.

Dana giggled. “Yes…I know exactly what you are doing…” Dana’s voice trailed off. I heard a zipper sound over the phone, and I shivered again.

“Did you just unzip your jeans?” I asked quietly. I didn’t really need her to answer. I knew what she had done. I knew what she wanted.

“I unzipped them…as I imagine you would if you were here,” she whispered barely audibly. “And now I’m pulling them off of me…and I’m pulling my shirt off also, imagining your big hands pulling my shirt off. I’m wearing a purple lace bra and a purple lace beypazarı escort thong…and I’m already so wet for you…” her voice trailed off.

I moaned loudly. “Dana, I wish I could kiss your neck, and kiss your ear and those plump red lips. I wish I could undo your bra, letting it fall to the bed. I would then trail light kisses down your neck, cupping your breasts in my hands. As you arch your back against me, I would lean down to take your left nipple into my mouth, sucking and licking it, lightly at first and then harder, my desire for you growing with every flick of my tongue.”

I heard her breathing get heavy on the phone. “As you do that, I would reach down and take hold of your hard cock. My hands running the length of it as my pussy gets wetter and wetter, preparing itself for you to enter.”

I sighed against the emotions building inside of me. “And I would reach down and slide my hand along the slit to your wet pussy, your pussy juice covering my hand, your plump lips moving aside as I slide my hand over your slit. I then place two fingers inside of you, feeling you push up against my fingers…”

Dana moaned loudly, and I knew she had placed fingers inside of her wet pussy as I described doing so with mine.

I continued to move my hand up and down the shaft of my cock, pushing and pulling as I imagined she would be doing if she was with me. “Dana, I would continue to kiss you, licking your nipples harder. And then I would remove my hand from your soaking wet pussy and take your hand off my cock. I then would place my body over yours, and I would slowly place the tip of my cock up against your wet slit, your pussy juice lubricating the tip as it slides up and down along your slit. Then I would gently place the tip up against your pussy. And as you thrust your hips towards me, I would slide it effortlessly into you, all of my cock being pushed into you in one shot.”

Dana moaned even louder, and higher pitched. I knew that I had her at that moment. I could imagine her fingers sliding in and out of her pussy, as she imagined it being my cock. “Yes…yes!” Dana encouraged.

“I would push into your wet pussy harder and harder, holding you up against the wall. I would pick you up and as you wrap your legs around me, I would continue pushing you up and down on my cock. You moaning in desire as my cock begins to pulse inside of you.” I was so close. I was stroking my cock faster and faster, knowing that it was only a matter of seconds now.

“Yes, yes, yes…” I could hear that she was close now too.

“And with a final thrust, I would then shoot hot steamy cum up into your pussy, sending it deep inside of you, and holding you still until you also came, your cum and mine running out of your pussy and down your legs.” I moaned loudly and heard her squeal at the same time, both of us cumming at the same time.

Our breathing was labored as we both came down from our mutual orgasm. As I caught my breath, I chuckled. “Did you still want to talk to me about one of your cases, Dana?” I asked through trying to breathe.

She sighed loudly on the other line. “No, that was just an excuse. It can wait…until we do supervision in the office next.” I smiled at what she was implying. “Goodnight, boss-man,” Dana said catching her breath.

I smiled. “Goodnight Goofball,” I said softly, calling her the nickname I had called her months before when everything had started.

I heard the soft click of the phone as she hung up. I quickly jumped in the shower, needing to clean up before Julia came home from work. Guilt washed over me as the warm water fell over my body, easing my hardon back to normal. I cleansed myself and got out of the shower, putting on a fresh pair of boxer briefs and laying back down in bed. I heard Julia open and shut the front door a few moments later. She came through the bedroom door and I smiled up at her.

“Hello sweetheart,” I said softly to Julia as she walked towards me. She was wearing a long beige jacket that she often wore to work.

“Hello babe,” she said back softly. She walked over to the bed and leaned down to kiss my lips. She then reached down to pull open the ties of her jacket. I gasped as she pulled her jacket off and my wife stood there completely nude as the jacket fell to the ground around her feet. My cock jumped up at the sight, getting hard once again.

I grabbed her hand and pulled her down onto the bed on top of me. Julia smiled at me and laid her head on my bare chest, her delicate fingers tracing around my shoulders, causing shivers throughout my body.

“Baby, I’ve missed you,” Julia whispered to me. The sound of her voice made my body physically shudder.

“I’ve missed you so much too, my love,” I purred back at her, my lips kissing the top of her head.

Julia sat up, her legs on either side of me, her perfectly shaved pussy sitting on my cock which was pulsing and ready to go inside ankara escort of her if it wasn’t still in it’s boxer prison cell. I squirmed a little under her as she pushed her pussy down harder onto my rock hard cock.

“I want you, baby, I want you inside of me…I want you inside of me now!” Julia commanded in an authoritative voice. I jumped a little at the harshness of her voice, at her commanding me like that, but it was exciting also. I felt a little pre cum leak out of my cock as she reached down and pulled it from my boxers. She slid the purple head of my cock right up to the hole of her pussy which was already wet and warm. She smiled down at me and immediately slid down right onto my cock. I gasped in surprise as she took all of my cock inside her pussy. She then just sat there, my cock pulsing inside of her. She smiled at me seductively.

“I’m sure you want me to start riding you like I normally do,” Julia stated. “However, today is going to be different. I’m in charge today, and you are going to respond to every one of my commands without complaint. You are going to let me do to you whatever I want, and you are going to do to me, whatever I tell you.” She smiled slyly.

I didn’t know what to think. What is going on with her? Julia was normally very sweet and soft when we were intimate. This was new to me. She may not have had me tied up with ropes, but it sure felt like a bondage situation. I wasn’t surprised though when my cock responded with excitement at the idea, captive inside my wife’s pussy.

“Do you understand what I’m saying?” Julia hissed at me.

“Yes…I understand.” I responded back to her question.

“Good boy,” She responded to me, her smile lighting up her face. “Now, place your hands on my breasts!” She commanded.

I obliged, placing my hands on her plump DD breasts with dark pink nipples that were standing erect. My hands brushed against them and she moaned and arched her back slightly.

“Now close your eyes!” She commanded. “I want you to imagine you are touching Dana’s breasts…perky, full, erect nipples…” Her voice trailed off.

My hands immediately came flying off of her breasts and I looked up at her in horror. “What are you doing?” I asked her.

“You don’t get to speak!” She responded harshly to me. I looked up at her in shock, confusion all over my face. She chuckled. “I know you want to be with her,” Julia stated matter-of-factly. “And as I have thought over the past couple of weeks since seeing you in your office with her, I have come to the conclusion that I can use this to my favor. I want you to fuck me like you did that night when you were dreaming about fucking her. But…”her voice trailed off as she smiled down at me again. “The difference is that I’M in control now.”

My cock pulsed hard into her vagina, being squeezed inside of her, at the sound of her commands. I didn’t know what to think, my head was racing.

“So, now, put your hands back on my breasts and close your eyes!” She commanded again.

I gulped, excitement coursing through my veins, but not wanting her to see that. I can play this little game, I thought to myself as I closed my eyes.

“Now, rub my nipples hard, like you want to rub Dana’s,” Julia commanded and I obliged, causing a sharp breath to come out of her mouth. She raised up and down on my cock slowly as I pulled and tugged at her nipples, her back arching away from my hands. I squeezed my eyes shut hard so that I would not open them against her command. I did not want her to stop riding my hard cock if I opened them again.

“Good,” She purred down at me as I continued to pull on her nipples. “Now, place your hands down to my ass, and pull and push me up and down on your dick.” She commanded. I dropped my hands to her ass, cupping her firm ass in my hands and helping her as she rose and fell onto my cock. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter and I did not know how much I could take without cumming into her. “That’s right, baby, fuck Dana’s pussy hard.” I started to pull and push her up and down faster and faster, moaning loudly as I knew I was close.

“Stop!” She commanded loudly. My eyes shot open at her command. She smiled slyly down at me. “I am not ready for you to cum inside of me,” She stated. She pushed herself up off of my cock, her pussy hovering right above my tip. She must have seen the desperation in my eyes because she laughed and placed a hand on my cock, steadying it. But she did not run her hand along the hard shaft. She moved her legs in between mine and lowered her mouth to just above the head of my cock. I closed my eyes again in anticipation.

“Now,” She flicked her tongue playfully over the tip of my cock. “I want you to imagine that Dana is about to suck your cock.” She flicked her tongue playfully over the tip again, causing me to tense at the sensation. She then placed her soft silky lips completely around the head and started to suck.

My head started to spin with how good it felt, and I followed her command, I imagined it was Dana’s bright red plumpy lips around my cock. Julia dropped her mouth down further around my cock, and I felt the tip of my cock hit the back of her throat. She then continued the up and down motion of fucking me with her mouth.

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