Work’s Conference

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I arrived at my hotel that was to be home for a week as I was away at a conference for work. I booked in and headed straight for the shower to get ready for dinner. After a quiet meal I went back upstairs to read over some papers for the conference the following morning.

The following morning after breakfast I entered the conference hall and took my seat waiting for the first speaker as I read the first of many booklets I was to get over the week, after a short while I felt a pair of eyes fixed on me. I glanced over to see a dark hared blue eyed stranger looking at me I looked away blushing slightly at the attention I was getting. The first speaker started talking but my attention was drawn to the stranger who was still looking in my direction. After an hour and a half we broke for coffee, as I poured a coffee the stranger walked towards me without saying a word he poured a coffee and walked away. He was 6ft clean shaven and smelt so clean and fresh my knees almost turned to jelly there and then.

After the first day was over I showered and changed before heading back downstairs for dinner, as I ate I again noticed the stranger looking over towards me. I was slightly embarrassed at the attention he was giving me but couldn’t understand why he hadn’t spoken to me. I finished dinner and headed back towards the lift when I smelt the stranger behind me, the lift door opened and we entered the lift again not saying a word as the lift worked it way upward towards the 4th floor. The doors opened and I got out only for the stranger to follow me, I headed down the hallway as the stranger still followed me, I noticed that he was in the room opposite mine I looked over towards him as he closed his door.

I slipped out my dress leaving my white stockings and suspenders on with matching bra and panties as I slipped into my satin white dressing gown, I switched on the TV thinking about the stranger and how good looking he was and how clean and fresh he smelt. I didn’t know who he was or where he was from but the more I thought of him the more I felt myself getting turned on. I opened the small bar in my room grabbed a small bottle of wine and grabbed two glasses, I open the door to my room slowly checking the coast way clear I crossed the hallway knocking on his door. He opened it wearing only his boxer görükle escort shorts his eyes soon fixed on me as I let my dressing gown fall slightly open revealing the sexy underwear I had on, he opened the door a little wider and stood too one side as I entered.

I leant down placing the wine and glasses on the table as the stranger walked up behind me. I felt his hands easing my dressing gown slowly off my shoulders revealing just what I had on under it. He kissed my neck as his hands gently caressed my tits through my soft white half cupped bra, I was tingling all over by his soft gentle touch and his lips lightly brushing over my neck. I could feel his cock getting hard as he pressed himself against me slowly moving his hands down my body, I tipped my head back letting him greater access to my neck as he slipped a hand inside my small white panties. His finger running through my soft pussy hair as he parted the lips to my pussy finding my clit, I leant back against him as he stroked my clit gently making my pussy feel so soft and wet.

He turned me round looking into my eyes as slowly our lips joined our tongues soon darting into each others mouths, his hands moved round my body and with one hand he unclipped my bra easing from me. He caressed one of my tits as we kissed slowly his lips moved down until I felt them lightly kissing my nipple as he continued kissing down my body, he flicked his tongue over my navel as I felt his hands gently squeezing my ass. I run my hands through his clean soft hair as slowly he removed my small white panties, I stood breathless in only my white stockings and suspenders as I felt his tongue run over the hair covering my pussy then slowly probe between the lips of my pussy. I parted my legs slightly wider as I held his head pulling it gently closer to me, he caressed my ass as his tongue flicked so softly over my clit making me so wet my juices were running wild from my pussy as he licked them from me.

Who was this stranger why am I letting him do this to me I thought as I felt my whole body shake then my pussy explode as I climaxed hard over his tongue, he looked up at me then flicked his eyes in the direction of the bed. Slowly I pulled away from him as I eased myself onto his bed looking at him as he gently eased me backwards, as I laid there bursa merkez escort he was still kneeling in front of me as he parted my legs. With his fingers he parted the lips to my pussy and again probed his tongue deep into me, with his finger he stroked my clit so gently I just laid back with my eyes closed enjoying his gentle touch and his tongue.

This guy was in no rush. He wanted to explore every inch of my pussy it seemed, his finger replaced his tongue as he flicked his tongue so gently over my clit I felt so relaxed so at ease with him even though I didn’t know his name or anything else about him. I soon started to feel my whole body getting warmer as I felt myself climax for a second time over his finger. I laid there watching him as he stood slowly removing his boxer shorts, I flicked my eyes over his body soon noticing his cock as it fell from his boxers. It looked so big and thick almost as big as the many black guys I had fucked in the passed, he stroked it a couple times drawing his foreskin right back as it got harder and harder until it was fully erect. I sat on the edge of the bed reaching out to touch it as he moved closer.

My hand replaced his I stroked him slowly looking at the thick purple head of his cock I eased his foreskin back as far as it could stretch. I moved my head forward opening my mouth flicking my tongue over the tip before running it along the full length of his now rock hard cock, with my other hand I caressed his heavy hanging balls slowly taking his cock into my warm mouth. I eased my head slowly back and forth, with each forward thrust of my mouth I took him a little deeper until I felt the hair round the base of his cock tickle my face. The tip of his cock was deep in my mouth touching the back of my throat his was so big my mouth was so full of cock I was struggling for breath.

Soon I felt a little trickle of pre-cum leak from him, it run down my throat it was not to bad to the taste unlike some of the cum I had swallowed in the past. I moved my hands round gripping his firm ass gently pulling him closer taking him to the limits in my mouth. I could feel his cock throbbing hard in my mouth, I rocked my head along the full length of his erection I was trying to my him cum but he stepped back as his cock bursa sınırsız escort fell for my mouth it strung bolt upright. He eased me back onto the bed parting my legs as he moved between them, I held my breath feeling his cock parting the lips of my pussy as slowly his very gently thrusted forward my pussy felt so full of cock just as my mouth had only moment ago. I could feel the lips of my pussy wrapped tightly round his big hard thick cock, slowly it moved back and forth but each forward thrust getting harder than the last. Soon we were moving in perfect timing as my pussy met his cock as we rocked our pelvis hearing our skin gently slapped together.

I arched my back as he leant down licking my nipples, his cock filling my pussy making my muscles contract as he hit the top of my warm wet pussy. My nipples were harder than I had felt them before no man had every pleased me in this way I was lost in my own world of passion and pleasure my pussy soon exploded for a second time. I laid there shaking with him on top of me he cock still slipping to and from me getting me more and more excited, this guy knew how to please a lady and from what he was doing he had done this many times before.

We kissed deeply as his cock built up speed, I laid there taking all he could give rocking in perfect timing hoping to feel his cum soon inside me. His soft hands caressed my ass lifting it slightly off the bed he cock going deeper my pussy really starting to feel on fire needing his cum to put it out. I started to feel his cock throbbing inside me then I felt his cum hitting the top of my womb, I contracted my pussy muscles gripping his cock as tightly as I could as he unloaded every drop of his cum inside me.

After he had shot his full load into me he rolled on slowly taking me into his arms still not saying a word, it felt nice to be held so lovingly after making love that we soon both dropped off to sleep. I woke glancing over to the clock remembering I had to call Paul my hubby, I gently eased myself from his bed trying not to wake him I collected my underwear and slipped my dressing gown on. I closed my room door feeling his cum slowly running down my thigh as I laid on my bed, my mobile starting ringing it was Paul asking if I was having a nice time. As we spoke I run my finger over my cum-filled pussy saying how boring it all really was.

The following morning I went downstairs to breakfast hoping to see the stranger but I couldn’t see him, as I entered the conference hall I spotted him getting into his car and driving off. All day I kept thinking to myself who was he where was he from.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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