Worshiping Your Body

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I push you onto the couch and straddle you, gently kissing your lips and cupping your face. I deepen the kisses and run my hands through your hair as you grab my waist and pull me tighter against you. I slide one hand under your shirt and start kissing your neck as you run both hands through my hair before pulling my lips back to yours. You bite my lip and I moan in surprise and pleasure. I lean back for a second and you gasp softly in disappointment, which becomes surprise as I pull your shirt off. Your hands play in my hair again as I kiss your neck down to your cleavage. You moan softly in anticipation as my hand reaches around to unhook your bra and in one smooth move I lay you flat along the couch and remove your bra, leaving you defenseless against my lips on your chest.

Pausing for a second just to admire your body, I then strip my own shirt off and lean back down to kiss you. I enjoy the sensation of my chest on yours for a bit before slowly kissing down your jaw, then lightly biting your throat then kissing the same spot. I move to your shoulder, then your chest, then I lazily kiss my way into your cleavage. Your hands try to pull my head to one side or the bursa eskort bayan other for release, and I instead sit up to tease you further. I lightly trace my fingertips over your stomach and up and down your cleavage, light ticklish traces that only turn you on further. You beg me with your eyes and I relent, gently tracing then cupping your supple breasts. I lightly rub each nipple til it hardens, then reward it with a sucking kiss. Your head goes back in pleasure, and I take the opportunity to kiss your neck and squeeze both breasts. You jolt in surprise and wrap your legs around my waist, able to feel my arousal through your thin sweatpants.

I spend more time worshiping each nipple with hand and tongue before sliding my hand into your pants. Your breath comes in gasps and moans as I pull your pants off and lightly trace your panties. Despite my best efforts you get your hand down my pants and begin stroking me as well. I kiss you furiously, pushing my hips against yours. I slide your panties to the side and begin rubbing and finger fucking you. Your breath catches and you pull me close and beg me for release. I wink and immediately stop, leaving bursa merkez escort you begging for more. I kneel between your legs and kiss each thigh, slowly getting closer to your panties and your desperate wet pussy.

I kiss each thigh, getting ever closer to your pussy. You arch your hips and wrap your hands in my hair, needing my lips. I give your clit a gentle kiss, then lightly trace it with my tongue. I suck it, then flick it. I circle your clit with the tip of my tongue then kiss your pussy lips and slide my tongue between them. A low moan escapes your lips as I tongue fuck you then return to your clit. After several minutes of clit worship you tug insistently at my head, pulling my lips slowly back up your hips, trailing kisses across your stomach and both nipples, and finally I kiss your lips. You desperately grab and stroke my cock and position it between your legs, sliding the tip into your needy pussy.

I slowly slide my cock into you, gasping as your warm pussy envelops my entire length. I pause and let you adjust to my full size within you before slowly starting to thrust in and out. Your hands go in bursa sınırsız escort bayan my hair pulling me down for desperate frantic kisses and you buck and arch your hips, needing release, but I maintain my slow and steady pace building up the pleasure within you.

Your kisses get faster and your hands go to my hips to pull me along faster and faster. I start to speed up, and your breath becomes ragged with pleasure as electricity shoots through you. You gasp and arch your hips right as I thrust and we both moan as I get even deeper into your glorious pussy. You slide down under me angling your hips to give me full access to your depths and your hands claw and grab at my back as I fuck you deeply. Your tits bounce and you hold them and play with your nipples as I speed up my thrusts and bite your neck. You moan again and wrap your legs higher around my back til I’m buried completely within you. We thrust against each other, lost in the pleasure of the moment, until finally a dam breaks within you. With a shuddering gasping yell your body starts to quake and shiver. I feel you start to cum and as your pussy pulses and contracts around my cock the noises of your pleasure send me over the edge and I quickly join you in cumming. I thrust as long as I can, prolonging our pleasure, til finally I have spent my load in you and we both collapse. I lay beside you, panting from exertion, and kiss you lightly and draw you in my arms as we both rest for a while before the next round.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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