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Friendship se badkar Dosti

Copyright © Author, 2020


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Comments observing as they ogled the boys at the counters… and as they stepped out of the Nike section, he placed himself in their line of vision… slyly grinning as he saw their reaction – the wide eyes, the slack jaws… the almost instant blossoming of their teen crotch!

He led them around the floor for a while and then watched as they entered the loo…

Yes, he was tempted, to follow them in, but he waited, and once they emerged, he followed till they left the store.

Karanveer went directly to the security room and pulled up the CCTV footage for the past hour, and checked and rechecked the two twinks, his left hand rubbing his hard cock through his tight, well-tailored pants and grinned – they”d be back, and he”d be ready for them!

Aur sahi – they were back the next day, as soon as the store opened at 10.30… hand in hand, shoulders rubbing – once more in form-fitting shorts and cut-off hoodie – eyeing the male sales clerks… but they weren”t interested in them for much long, their mind, and their eyes seeking someone else…

They knew the man too worked at the store, for they had noticed the blue name tag pinned on his lapel.

Karanveer had kept an eye, and had spotted the two as they entered the store… he let them go around the ground and first floor, and as they took the escalator up to the second, he made himself visible.

Bas, aur kya hona tha? Dono ne aankh sekhta raha aur uss aadmi ka lund naapta raha…

“Yaar, mast mota hain,” ek ne kaha.

“Aur lamba bhi,” doosre ne jawab diya.

“Khada hoga toh yaar kya mast size hoga, hain na?”

Dono ne hii sar hilaya, aur jab raha nahi gaya, seedha Men”s Room ke taraf apna rukh kar liya… aur saalon baad aaj dono ne hii apna-apna khud hilaya… bandh aankhon ke saamne uss mast mard ka lund ka ubhaar sochte huye!

That evening the Board announced the deferment of exams!!!!

The boys were shattered!

Dono hii kaafi excited thae, school khatam hon aur wo school uniform se chhutkaara paye… par now with the Boards postponed, they were stuck – there was no clarity, and no clue as to when things would get back to normal.

Heartbroken, and in sorrow, they were back at the store the following day — their teen ass once more encased in those slim-fit shorts, their lithe frame draped in loose tanks — and immediately spotted the man, following him up to the second floor… and suddenly he was gone!

They looked around but he wasn”t visible anywhere… kahi bhi nazar nahi aaya… toh phir dono ne next level tak jaane ka sochaa, but there was a sign in front of the escalator and staircase: “CLOSED – Under Renovation”.

Phir dhoonda, par wo aadmi dikhai nahi diya…

“Chal,” Saahil whispered into Aman”s ear, “toilet chalte…”


But as they reached giresun escort the passageway to the men”s room, they found another sigh: “Restroom Closed for Maintenance. Please use the Men”s Room at Level One”.

“Yaar, ab yeh ground floor tak kaun jayega, huh!” Saahil cursed under his breath, and then cheered up, “Chal ooper chalte…”

“Floor bandh hain, kaam chal raha hain ooper!” Aman reminded him.

“Tabhi toh,” Saahil grinned with a wink, “no crowd, no shoppers, wahi karte!”

“But workers…” Aman asked, not very sure.

“Yaar, tu bhi naa… kisi worker ko ooper jaate dekha kya, huh? Koi kaam ka sound hain kya? Kaam raat ko chalta, not during shopping hours. Chal!”

So both headed for the staircase, and after looking around carefully, ran up on silent feet…

The third floor was dusty and bare, the floor littered with bits and pieces of torn down shelves and partitions, plastic sheets hanging all over the place like curtains…

“Dekh, koi bhi nahi hain yaha!” Saahil grinned at Aman.

But unknown to them Karanveer had kept an eye on them, and he too had followed them up… well hidden behind those heavy sheets, silently watching…

The two horny boys embraced, gasping and groping, tugging at each other”s shorts… dropping the piece of garment and plonking down on a stack of rolled up plastic sheet… moaning aloud as they grabbed each other”s dick, opening they mouth wide…

And at that moment Karan stepped forward, “Yeh saab kya ho raha hain!” his voice stern.

For a fraction of a moment the two boys froze, like a deer caught in headlight…

Saahil was nimble, and scrambling on his feet, he grabbed his shorts (his briefs still lying there on the floor), and ran… but Aman faltered, and Karanveer grabbed his arm.

—-|     Now, back to the present:

“Toh chhup ke kyu dekh raha tha, huh? Aake tera yaar ka madad kar diya hota, ek saath choos leta!”

“Kuch laga lo sir, please…” Saahil phir se bola, eyes fixed on the giant cock lying between Aman”s widely spread asscrack, the bloated tip right on top of the tiny rosebud of his buddy”s virgin boi-pussy.

God, wo lund nahi, maano koi giant hose-pipe tha – a stiff, rigid, fire-hose!

“Bahut yaraana hain, huh? Ek ka gaand maaro toh doosre ka dukhta hain!”

“Sir, pehele kabhi liya nahi na…” Saahil started before trailing off.

“Kyu? Ek doosre ka maara nahi, khub toh choomma-chaatii kar raha tha dono?”

“Nahi, sir…” Saahil ne jawab diya.

“Suck karta ek doosre ka?”


“Gaand chaata?”


“Toh maara kyu nahi, huh?”

Saahil remained silent – they had been sucking each other off for ages now, had been licking each other”s ass too… but neither had ever thought of fucking…

“Chal, kapde utaar aur chaat ke geela kar de…” Karan said, pulling back his hips, taking away the monstrous cock.

Aur jaise hii Saahil nanga ho gaya toh Karanveer ka lund maano aur bhi phul gaya, ready to break out of its skin… wah kya maal tha, dono hii – gora, chikna, bilkul mulayam, aur gaand… gölbaşı escort AHA!!!

As Saahil crawled in between his buddy”s splayed thighs and ground his mouth to the tiny, twitching orifice, his naked ass high in the air, Karan tugged at the cheeks, parting them to peer in… groaning with lust as he slid in his fingers, the long digits slithering along the deep crevice, nudging at the tight opening with his thumb.

Saahil let out a slight moan in response, busy licking Aman”s ass hole, jabbing it with his tongue, swaying his ass back at the man…

“Gaand toh tera bhi mast hain,” Karan grunted with lust, “kaise bachaa ke rakhkha ab tak, huh?”

After about ten minutes Karan patted the boy”s butt, “Chal, bahut chaat liya, ab mera bhi zara suck karde aur bethaa de apne yaar ke ched pe…” he said, wagging his phallus at Saahil.

His cock dripping with Saahil”s saliva, and Aman”s pucker pouting out, Karan applied pressure…

“Oowwww….” Aman”s tremulous wail filled the empty space at the torturous stretching.

“Saale ko chup kara,” Karan grunted at Saahil, “daal apna lund uska munh me, aur uska tu suck karde…”

Both the boys were raging hard, both cock flexing and twitching… and as Saahil took Aman”s dick in his mouth, stuffing his own in his friend”s mouth, both groaning… Aman”s ass swayed high…

“Good…” Karan said as he once more fitted the bloated tip and pushed down.

The tight boi-pussy seemed to part for a fleeting moment, and as the massive glans just about dipped in, the recalcitrant sphincter once more shut tight, denying Karan entry!

Maddened by his first, momentary taste of that tight clutch, that moist, stiffling heat, Karan was intent on savouring the prime ass in all its torrid splendour… and not bothering about the twink”s agonised groans, or his anguished thrashing, Karan”s hips hammered his rampant monster right into the tiny, quivering little butthole with one furious thrust… forcing his cock-head in, finally breaching the tight, heretofore untouched, unspoilt boi-pussy!

“Uuuhhh…” Aman wailed, his moan muffled by his buddy”s cock stuffed in his mouth.

“Chal, huth…” Karan ne Saahil ko bola, and as the boy released his friend”s cock and rolled off him, toh Aman ke ooper khud lait gaya, beginning to fuck him in real earnest.

The boy”s fingers clawed at his back, raking the skin into reddened furrows as his legs stiffened, pointing straight up over Karan”s shoulders, kicking desperately in an effort to free himself from the huge flesh pole impaling him… the cock advancing through his tight, churning sleeve with relentless pressure… and he could do nothing about it other than just grunt and groan!

The boy”s ass twisted and bucked, heaved and circled, but there was no escape from the swollen monster making its way into his tight, virgin rectum… that he had so willingly invited in…

Aman didn”t scream any more, he simply emitted a nasal whimper as Karan”s cock inched deeper… and higher… stretching him wide and delving his deepest depth…

It seemed to fill göztepe escort him until he could hardly breathe… his legs, draped over the man”s broad shoulders, jerking spasmodically in mid air, as Karan”s pubic mound came to a grinding halt upon his upturned butt cheeks, the man”s dark pubic curls mingling with his fine, almost transparent down along his perineum, and the oversized balls slapping against his widely spread ass crack…

Aman writhed under Karan as the man hilted himself, forcing the boy to take every tiny inch of his long, fat cock… the rampant man-meat pushing, stretching and straightening his convoluted colon to make space for itself…

And once he was fully planted, he paused, panting with the effort as he grinned down at the twink, “Saala, pura le liya, ab bol, chodu?”

Aman tentatively moved his ass, slowly and carefully… gently squeezing with his strained rectal muscles… as if testing the cock – its length, and its girth… making Karan grunt.

With a quivering whimper of surrender, Aman opened his ass wide, nodding his head…

Aman”s agonised moans were now loud once more and Saahil quickly covered his mouth with his own, kissing his buddy, as his hands caressed the sweat drenched brow… fingers running through his hair… cooing soft encouragements into his ears… both holding hands as the man fucked the boy like a street corner whore.


Karan gave a couple sharp thrusts and then dove in, burying his cock to the hilt, holding still as he dumped his sizzling load into the gulping depth of the twink”s crazed rectum…

After a while he slowly pulled out and slammed in, still rigid, still firm, grinning down at Aman as he said, “Bol, phir chodu kya, huh?!”

And as Aman let out a whimper, Saahil looked up at Karan, “Aur mein? Mujhe nahi chodoge?”

“Tujhe bhi hona, huh?” asked Karan, looking at the boy.

Saahil ne dheere se apna sar hilaya.

“Toh chal, aaja, aur le mera lund!” Karan chuckled pulling out of Aman with a loud, obscene plop, making the boy yelp, and mounted Saahil as he spread his thighs wide, offering up his virgin, untouched ass…


Zipping up his trousers Karan grinned down at the two twinks, “Be here tomorrow, same time… there”s a lot more to do!”

The boys looked up at him with glazed eyes, silently nodding.

Once Karan left they slowly got up and pulled on their clothes… their ass felt raw, the tiny mouth throbbing with a dull ache… but they could think of nothing else other than visiting the store again, tomorrow… let Karan fuck their ass again… sample some more of that huge cock!

Slowly… painfully they trudged back home… silent… holding hands… their mind thrilling with the promise of tomorrow.

But alas… that evening the government announced the shutting down of ALL offices, shops and commercial establishment, effective mid-night!

The departmental store too would shut down… and they didn”t know where to find him, or how to contact him…

And then came the Janta Curfew… followed by the four days local shutdown… and finally the national LOCKDOWN!

Karan was gone – the boys were lost!

– Samaampt         


Copyright © Author, 2020-2021

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