Ye beware of dead Pirates

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The man of a pure evil heart stood surrounded, a flintlock pistol in one hand, a saber in the other. The American pirate’s eyes shifted from right to left. Five more loaded pistols were on his chest. Ten blue uniformed soldiers with empty bayonetted muskets and fear. Richard Stripe, a murdering raping pirate. He would take over merchant ships and take every good looking married woman and rape them in front of their husbands. If their husbands were dead they would make them preform sodomistic acts upon them while being raped in the ass by one of his crewmates. They would them cum in the womans mouth and throw her to the sea. Never did a single person on a ship live. Nor was there ever any evidence. He didn’t want to make a name for himself, and the American army still didn’t know most of what he did. If they had they would’ve sent four fleets after him. But now his whole crew was dead, the American army knew they couldn’t fight the pirate’s ship with their own ships. Hired mercenaries, or pirates they called mercenaries. The American soldiers hid on board the pirate ships and the fellow pirates flagged him down. He let his guard down just to find the soldiers. Three ships on one, out of all of it… ten soldier remained, no captains, all privateers. With seven stab wounds and eight bullet holes, his tattered blue uniform from his days as an American marine, a long black beard an old leather brown pirate hat the half native American and white pirate lifted his pistol firing once. One sailor fell as they all rushed in, parrying with his sword he cut another down, kicking at another one came in hard slashing through his chest. He headbutted the man drawing another pistol and firing killing the sailor who slashed at him. He whipped the pistol and then slashed out his sword clanging against another, another stabbed him through the center of his chest. He gasped falling back pulling yet another pistol and firing it. The last six men surrounded him all impaling him at the same time with their muskets.
Blood leaked from his mouth as he whispered a few words from an ancient voodoo spell.
“I’ll be see’n the lot of ye again… and if’n not ye, then ye decentents ya wretched dogs. Ye hear my words, and hear them well. I’ll be coming back for my vengeance. And when I do… I’ll be unstoppable ya hear?” he managed to choke out before dying.

In what felt like a flash of the mind, his eyes opened. He was cold, lifeless. Skeletal fingers with raw flesh draped on lifted to his face. Letting out a sigh he knew exactly where he was. Underwater. Far underwater. He felt around himself. His pistols and his sabers still on him. Though he knew his saber was rusted, his pistols useless he looked around and sensed his ship. It was close. The Crimson Dawn. A deadly thirty gun gallon. He walked aboard its broken and rotten deck once more. The bones of his crew scattered, most taken by various fish. He took what he wanted and then left the ship. He started toward land. After six hours of a slow walk he emerged from the depths of the ocean. The time of day actually night. A full moon out and on the shore a house was staring him in the face. Large beach front house of tan wood. He saw bright illuminations from inside the house. Tilting his head curiously he walked toward it. He walked up the wooden stairs and stood on the deck and peered into through the glass doors.
“These folks be rich in deed. I gaziantep escort bayan see the world’s been changin’ quite a bit since me be gone.” He looked down to see a knob on the sliding glass door. He grabbed it and pulled once. It easily slid open.
“Aye, some things never change with folk. Over confident in they keepin’s.

Holly was getting ready for her big night. She was starting her new job at a new strip club. This strip club was a bigger boost in income then her last job which had quite the income itself. She felt pretty proud. She slowly slid her hands down her ribs down her body and smooth shapley legs. Smiling to herself in her leopard skin bra barely containing her breasts and thong over her hipbones. It was Fara the sexy amazons big night. She put on a long fur coat fluffing her long wavy blonde hair lifting her firm large breasts once, her pink glossy full lips black eye shadow and a round butt that she had to get with implants of course. Her nails were long and cheetah colored. She had the last of her makeup on and put on a pearl necklace with three tiger teeth in the front, four gold rings and then sat down to strap on her high heels that she always clacked together. She walked into the bathroom taking her towel from the floor and hung it up. She walked back into her room looking at her new nails not noticing the decayed undead pirate standing at her door, saber in one hand and dagger in the other smiling evilly at her in the furcoat. She walked in front of her mirror looking down at her jewelry box. Suddenly she sniffed the air. Something smelled horrible. She sniffed again with a disdainful face. She looked up in her mirror to see the monster of a man. She screamed quickly and spun around.
“Now yer a pretty little piece of meat ain’t’cha?”
“Who are you! Why are you in my house!?” she cried,
The pirate took a step forward snickering vilely.
“Stay away from me!” she cried starting to get a closer look at it, “o-oh god.”
“God ain’t got nothing fer this. Well not yer god anyhow. Now before I kill ye or start killin’ ye I want you to hand over that fur coat ye got there, and do it slowly, sexy like, I might consider keepin’ ye for a little while, I haven’t had meself a woman in a long, long time ye see.”
In fear she did what was asked and slowly took of the coat bending one knee cap ove the other while arching her back. He saw her flawless skin and lovely curves.
“And here me be thinkin you’d be a fatty. Most rich folk are. Less things are differnet now.”
She handed over the coat slowly as the pirate snatched it from her hand.
“Now lay down on that bed girly.” He said,
She shook her head in fear slowly slinking back. Growling he threw the coat on the floor and rushed to her grabbing her arm and flung her to the bed. He tossed his dagger and saber to the floor as she turned around trying to crawl away. He crawled on the bed and grabbed her leg. She turned around kicking him in the face. She tried to do it again as he grabbed her ankle. He tongue came out licking her calf bottom up. He bit kissed and licked inward getting to her thigh as tears streamed down her face. He sucked on her soft giggly thigh and continued forward as she cried getting to the thong. He grabbed onto it with his teeth and ripped it away with his teeth. He immediately dove his face into her pussy smelling gaziantep escort bayan ilanları the now wet and slippery cunt. His tongue widely flailing inside of it. She arched her back in pleasure back tried to make disgust the main feature on her face. She screamed from someone to help her as she cried harder. She tasted so good. She tasted clean. No dirt or grime on her skin. He loved it. he felt her squirt her juices in his mouth. Smiling she drank her pussy like aged rum. His hand behind her squeezing her ass hard and firmly. Smiling he headed up kissing along the way. He got to the womans bra and grabbed it ripping it off.
“I love this ages whores. They taste so good.” He grunted in-between sucking kissing and biting her large tits. Kissing in between while pressing them to her face. Sucking on the soft sides, and biting her nipples hard. He whipped his cock out and pressed it against her soft folds. She gasped as tears streamed but she made no noise, he started pressing forward,
“No, no, no, please.”
“I love them soft whimpering cries of mercy mmm, they make me harder.”
He shoved himself in her tight, wet, slick, cunt. She screamed in shame grasping the bedsheets. He gave a sigh of relief thoroughly enjoying the feeling shoving his black slime covered mouth into hers, feeling his now dry cracked lips rubs against her soft wet smooth ones, his tongue slithering around in her wet soft mouth, rubbing her tongue. She felt like puking it tasted so bad. His big hard cock rammed the small fragile woman again and again. She tried to scream through his mouth but it was to no avail as one of his hands groped her ass, and the other gripped on of her tits. He came easily already. He kept shoving himself in her harder and harder. He got faster and faster then gave one great ram, he jizzed in her warm wet cunt. He pulled out slowly with a devious smile, he crawled up to her chest. Resting his balls on her tits he grabbed her head forcing her lips around his member he slammed his pelvis forward as his cock rammed into the soft pallet of her mouth. He growled feeling the mushy base of his cock crashing into her lips, his cock being shoved roughly down her throat as she choked and coughed. He kept pulling in and out bobbing her head up and down by her hair.
“ye better start suckin’ wench, fer I start getting’ angry with ye.” More tears flooded as she tightened her lips around the horrid cock and began to suck on it. he rammed faster and faster as she made throaty noises from the cock being shoved in deeply. He jizzed in her throat a large thick load as he pulled out leaving a trail of semen in her throat leading through her mouth. His cock exploded again shooting his cold thick black load all over her face firstly hitting her in the eye leading a trail down her face to her mouth. He rolled off as she screamed and crawled off the bed. She stood up and started running just to feel a cold firm hand grasp her hair and ram her body into the wall next to the door. His hand slowly crept up the back of her thigh and grabbed her firm athletic ass. He slid his cock slowly between her asscheeks as she started screaming disapproving words. Smiling wider still he kept pressing forward, her firm ass felt amazing against the head of his undead cock. Snickering he shoved it forward penetrating her little asshole. gaziantep escort bayan reklamları Her ass was warm and slick as she screamed out bloody murder.
“Stop!” she cried, “Mercy!”
But he kept going even faster now. One hand grasping her ass cheek the other grasping a handful of her tits.
“After so many years this feels so, so good!” he said pumping hard and as deep as possible. He starting going faster and faster to the point she there was nothing but screaming from her. Her hands were pressed up against the wall strained and seemed like she was trying to dig her nails into the wall. His cock rammed her ass again and again as she cried out. Finally he came a final time pumping his cock deep into her ass till part of his ball sack touched her asshole. He pulled out slowly as drizzling cum laid at her asshole, dripping slowly.
“Now what ye going to be doin’ after me leave here?”
“I don’t know.” She said in tears.
“Maybe ye should be tellin’ me ye won’t be doing nothin’, givin’ me a reason to be lettin’ ye live.”
“I won’t do anything!” she cried out,
“Tell ya’ what, you crawl around me and squeal like a swine and I’ll let’cha live, if it impresses me.”
She got on all fours crying and started crawling forward.
“oink oink!” she started crying,
“That doesn’t sound like no piggy I’d ever be hearin’!”he roared,
“Oink oink.” She cried again,
“You better be getting with ‘em squeals girly fo’ I gut ye like a fish!” he yelled,
“Weeee! Weeeee! Weeee! Weeeeee!” she cried out in a high pitch,
“That’s more like it bitch! He said getting to one knee taking up one of his daggers,
“So will you let me go?” she asked,
“Well ye did what me askin’ but now I know ye shame, ye ain’t got none, I ain’t in seein’ the point.” He said right afterward he shoved the dagger into her pussy. She screamed out a cry like a dying banshee. He harshly slid the dagger up her crotch and into her tender asshole splitting the flesh of it open, blood poured from both offices and pooled on the floor. She collapsed to the floor crying out from the cuts from the rusty knife. He started punching her in the face as teeth began popping out and blood filled her face. He smeared the blood all over her tits and put his cock between them and slid back and forth, she screamed and cried, while fucking her tits savagely he pressed it against one of her nipples and his thumb against the other one, slicing it off, he shoved his finger into her breast, feeling something nothing right.
“What the bleeding hell that.” He said aloud. He sliced her breast from one end to the other as she cried out in pain her throat going rasping from the pain bellowing gurtal noise between screams. He pulled a squishy plastic jel bag. Doctors be makin’ tits bigger? That’s just unnatural. He stood up still having a hard on. He lifted his dagger, “Let’s find out where else ye be keepin’ these abomination in ye body!” he roared going to his knees starting to slice her body in various places.
She died of blood lose in ten minutes. But went into shock after five. He walked down stairs and walked around the house. Seeing several herbs in the kitchen and a mortal and pedestal. He kept searching trying best to figure out what most of the things were. He then saw rocks of different sorts. The ones he knew were, saltpeter, charcoal, and sulfur.

After an hour or two he had the gunpowder he need to fill his flint locks. Loading all of them he walked out into the streets. Time to wreak havoc on this world once again. I’ll find me plunder, good wentch’s to rape, good killin’ and even a new crew. Ye’all be knowin’ my name, Richard Stripe, and ain’t no demon gonna take my power, no satan and ain’t no Iribis.” He snickered as he walked off to find more victims.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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