Yin goes to Sex Island

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This is going to be one of many chapters. This first chapter will not contain any sex and is more of an epilogue. If you enjoy this idea then please favorite it, rate it, and leave a comment on what you would like to see in the coming chapters so I can cater to what you would like.

Note: This is similar to a story concept I read about five years ago, I have been unable to find the story since so I decided to write something similar.

Staring into the sun as I drove back home from college was relaxing. The music inside the car played as I sat in traffic. School had taken over my social life, it left no time for hanging out with my friends, family, and any chance of getting a boyfriend. I continued to drive back lost in thought until I finally reached my driveway.

I pulled into the driveway and turned off my car. I stepped out as I grabbed my bag from the passenger seat and noticed the mailbox handle turned upwards as I turned around. I walked towards the mailbox and opened it to a couple letters and brochures which I grabbed and then headed inside.

Setting my keys and bag off to the side I quickly walked to the kitchen and set the mail down on the counter. I opened the fridge and filled my cup with something to drink, taking a sip as I turned back around towards the mail. I looked through the stack of letters and set the brochures aside. The letters were mainly just bills and other advertisements that came in.

As I set each letter down one after the other I reached a letter that piqued my interest, it was a velvet colored envelope that read in black print “For Yin” in the middle of the envelope. I turned it over to the back and there stamped a wax seal with a lion logo. Grabbing underside I tore along the top of it and pulled out a gold colored paper that was folded in half inside the envelope.

“You have been invited to the ‘Lions Den’. This is an exclusive invitation only group that has been hand picked. If you wish to learn more then call this number. XXX-XXX-XXXX”

I set the letter down and was confused for a moment. I was just a normal average college girl who went to college and slept the rest of the day.

Finishing the rest of my drink I stepped off to my room and turned on the shower letting the water run. I turned around and began to strip off my clothing slowly as I looked at myself in the mirror. My tight black t-shirt falling off to the side of me as I pulled it off over my head, then my skinny jeans that I had to peel down my legs as it stuck tightly around me. I stood there in the mirror with just my black laced bra and panties on. I turned to feel the water as it changed to a warm temperature and I quickly unhooked my bra and dropped my panties off to the ground.

Stepping into the shower the warm water flowed down my skin as I washed away the fatigue from throughout the day. I closed my eyes as water flowed down my face and down the rest of my body, my hands casually grazing across my skin. I surprised myself when my fingertips grazed across the tips of my nipples, it sent a small tingling sensation to the rest of my body. I thought to myself that it really has been a long time since I’ve had any sort of sexual experience.

Suddenly, as my hands continued to explore my own body the doorbell had rang and it brought me back to my senses. I quickly turned off my shower and tied my towel around my body, leaving my hair wet and dripping down my back. The doorbell continued to ring aggressively as I walked towards the door and opened it. There stood an angry tall man wearing the usual mailman outfit with a package in his hand.

“Ms. Yin? Sign here please.” He said quickly without any hesitation.

He shoved a clipboard in front of me and as I signed it I could tell that he was gazing at me in my towel.

“There you go.” I said with a small hesitant smile.

I reached for the package in his other hand but he held onto it tightly, I looked back up at his face and his eyes were glued to my chest. He stepped to the side and took a gaze down my waist.

“You have quite the nice body and the pretty face.” He said maltepe escort with a little rasp in his voice.

I quickly grabbed the box with more force now and tried to close the door, the mailman let off a little laugh.

“It was just a joke.” He said as he walked back down my driveway to his car.

Locking the front door, I headed towards the kitchen and set the package onto the table. I took the towel off from my body and dried my hair, wrapping it around my head. Standing there naked from the neck down I took a closer look at the package and noticed that there was no return address. I wondered where it had come from.

I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut along the edge of the package, inside was another paper similar to the letter from earlier and a dried rose.

“You have been vouched for by a member of the Lions Den. Your membership has now been promoted from GUEST to VIP. We hope to hear from you soon.”

“Someone vouched for me?” I wondered to myself.

The breeze from the ceiling fan blew against my skin as I stood there in my kitchen. I headed back towards my room to put on some clothes. Coming back to the kitchen, I wore a big t-shirt that went down past my hips and just a pair of black laced underwear with no bra. I gazed at the letter for a while until I decided to just give it a call.

“What’s the worst that can happen?” I said reassuring myself.

Pulling out my phone, I dialed the number on the letter and waited as the tone rang.

“Thank you for calling, who do I have the pleasure of speaking to?” The voice on the other line immediately said.

“Yin..” I hesitantly responded.

“Ah! Ms. Yin, we’ve been waiting for your call. What may I do for you today?”

“I’d like to accept the invitation.”

“That’s great to hear, your driver will arrive in the morning at nine. He will answer any questions you may have and I hope you have safe travels.”

Before I could respond the phone hung up and left me with a dialing tone.

“My driver?” I wondered to myself.

I dismissed the idea and headed off to bed, I wanted to get some sleep if the driver was supposed to come at nine in the morning.

The night went by quickly, I woke up to the sun beaming through my curtains onto my face as the alarm from my phone blared throughout the room. I got up and brushed my teeth then changed into a white sundress. I wore a white bra and matching pair of panties underneath and tied my hair into a ponytail. As I finished changing the doorbell rang and I headed towards the front door to see who it was.

Opening the door I was met by a man in a black suit with a stern face. A black car parked in my driveway that had completely tinted windows all around.

“Ms. Yin, I’ve come as your driver to escort you to the island.” He said with a rough voice.

“Island? Where are we going?” I asked, surprised by what he said.

“I can answer all your questions on the way there, ma’am” He replied emotionlessly as he gestured towards the car.

“Let me just grab my luggage.” I replied as I turned around.

“You won’t need to pack anything, we have stores that I’m sure will cater to anything that you would like.” He said.

“Okay..” I replied awkwardly.

I stepped outside and headed towards the car. It felt weird traveling somewhere, especially an island, without any of my stuff like my wallet and only just my phone. The driver opened the door for me as I stepped in. I couldn’t help but admire the car, it was very luxurious and the tint definitely was meant to make sure no one from the outside could see in.

The driver got in and immediately started to drive and we sat in silence for a while.

“You said you would answer my questions now. Where are we going?” I asked him, interrupting the silence.

“We’re heading to the Lions Den.” He responded swiftly and vaguely.

“Well… what kind of place is the Lions Den?” I responded.

“It’s a remote island that was built up for the Lion organization.” He said again vaguely.

“What’s the purpose of the island?” I asked.

“To mamak escort facilitate the activities of other members and guests of the organization.” He said with a monotone voice again.

I decided to stop asking questions, obviously he was going to answer them vaguely regardless of what question I asked.

“At least tell me what your name is.” I asked him.

“Jake, but you can just refer to me as your driver or bodyguard.” He responded.

Jake was an unfitting name for his looks, it surprised me. Finally, we pulled into an airport. It was probably the most popular and busy airport in this entire state. Instead of driving through the main parking area he pulled around the corner and we were met by a gated area with a guard in a tower. Jake opened the window on his driver side and spoke to the guard and the guard quickly opened the gate and we drove in.

The gate pathway led us into the actual airport and I found out that we were actually behind the hangars. Jake parked the car right outside and he opened the door for me swiftly, I got out and thanked him. He led me and guided me into the hangar where I was met by a black jet that had the logo “Lion Org.” on the side in gold lettering.

We got onto the plan and we took off. The flight was relatively short and took maybe about two hours. I had no way to know where we were going considering the only thing around us was the ocean. Jake sat across from me in the jet and was just constantly on his phone, his face stayed emotionless and he didn’t speak a single word.

I sat there in silence, staring out the window while looking out at the vast ocean. The pilot announced over the intercom that we’ll be landing soon and to please put on our seatbelts.

Upon landing, as we stepped off the jet there was already a group of people waiting to greet me to my surprise.

“Hello, Ms. Yin.” They all said in unison.

“Hi…” I said with a shy voice.

Jake led me off the plane and we got into the car that was waiting for us. He sat in the passenger seat this time. I guess he was now acting out his role as a bodyguard instead. As we drove off the other people who had greeted me got into their matching cars and followed us in a sort of convoy.

The island was very tropical, sort of how you would imagine Hawaii in the movies with palm trees and the blue water all around us. The sun was beginning to set behind us as we drove towards the buildings at the center of the island. It was huge, like a hotel straight out of Las Vegas. People coming in and out of the hotel walked in all different types of clothing, from bikinis and swimwear, suits, and even just casual clothing. Something they all had in common though is that they all had someone with them that they were talking to.

The driver stopped the car once we got to the valet in front of the huge building and Jake went and opened my door for me. I stepped out and for some reason it felt like a lot of eyes were on me, people who were just now walking around would turn their gaze towards me even if it was just for a split second. I wondered if I was doing something wrong.

“Jake, why are people looking at me?” I asked him as he closed the door behind me.

“You are pretty well known, Ms. Yin.” He replied.

“Well known? Why?” I asked again.

“You’re a VIP member, Ma’am.” He said this time with a smirk, it was the first time I saw him have any emotion.

The slight breeze had a lingering scent of the salt water and was warm. It felt nice as the breeze blew through my hair and my dress flew around in the wind. I tucked a small part of my hair behind my ear and followed as Jake led me into the building.

The other cars that were with us had gotten out just as we did and were following right behind me, some who were dressed like Jake with a suit had actually surrounded me. I assumed they were also bodyguards and they were protecting me, but why was I so important is what I couldn’t get out of my head.

Inside another person was seemingly waiting for me, instead of a black suit though they were in a white suit. ankara escort Jake went up and greeted the person and they seemed to be talking about me. The person in the white suit looked over to me suddenly and smiled, he walked towards me and greeted me.

“Ms. Yin, Welcome to the Lions Den. We hope you enjoy your stay.” He said with a smooth tone to his voice and smiled pleasantly.

“Thank you.” I replied.

He handed Jake a card that looked like a room key and then he left. Jake led me towards my room, we went to the elevators and got in and to my surprise he hit the highest button, floor fifty. The elevator didn’t move, but a card slot lit up and over the speaker it asked that the card be inserted. Jake swiped the card and it turned green, the elevator began to move.

As the elevator slowly counted up the floors it eventually hit fifty and came to a stop, the doors opened and to my amazement it was a large penthouse like room. The view outside the window overlooked the entire island and I watched as the sunset dropped down the horizon as the waves broke across the beach where I saw other people.

“Ms. Yin, Everything you would like to know is in this brochure.” He said as he placed it onto a table.

“Thank you, Jake.” I told him.

I walked over to Jake and picked up the brochure, I sat on the edge of the large king size bed as I opened the brochure. Reading through it I learned a lot more about what this organization was and what the purpose of the island was.

The Lion Organization was a secret society that only accepted people in two ways. One was wealth, if you had money then you can buy your way in. The second method was to get an invitation, but it didn’t say what actually got you an invitation. As I flipped through the brochure it also explained some rules.

“There will be no speaking of the organization, island, and other services that we provide to non-members and anyone outside of the island.”

“Unauthorized areas are strictly enforced and will be labeled as such.”

“All badges must be worn visibly while on the island.”

The rules were pretty straight forward. I only wonder what the badge was and what it looked like. I noticed that Jake actually had something that I assumed was the badge that was mentioned, it was more like a pin that stuck on the collar of his suit. It was a silver pin that had the number three on it.

“Jake, what’s your pin number stand for?” I asked him.

“There’s two types of pins, the gold and the silver. Gold stands for people who come here to enjoy the services and the silver stands for people who work here. The badges are numbered, the higher the number means the highest the position you have.” He explained thoroughly for the first time.

“Does everyone have a badge?” I asked him.

“Yes, Ma’am.” He said as he reached onto the table and picked up a square box. He opened it and inside sat a gold pin with the number four on it as he presented it to me.

I grabbed the pin and examined it, the back of the badge had my name engraved onto it.

“What does the four on my pin mean?” I asked him.

“Gold fours are the levels that VIP members start off as, Ma’am. Currently, there are only six VIP members and you would be the seventh.” He said.

I wondered who this person that had the power to vouch for me and make me a VIP member was. Being a VIP seemed like an impressive thing, considering how little there are especially.

I went back to my brochure and continued reading. As I finished the rest of the brochure I learned what the purpose of the island was and I couldn’t help but be baffled. Looking up at Jake with shocked eyes I had so many questions once again.

The island had many services, some being the typical resort services you would expect like a spa, sauna, massages, pool, and other recreational activities like boating, jet skis, and fishing. But those weren’t the things that shocked me.

The brochure explained that every night the island will open its main service which is the ability to buy people. The people you buy will be obedient and will listen to every word you order them to do. The people that are bought will stay with the person who bought them as long as they want until they leave the island. At night the hotel will have an auction type of setting where they sell off the people one by one. It seemed… exciting.

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