You Can Look, But Don’t Touch

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Sarah was a very sexy girl but she was also a devout Catholic and was very clear that she was not going to have sex until she was married. Foolishly, I persisted enough to get her to date me. We certainly hit it off, enjoying each other’s company greatly, and both of us were quite aware of the sexual tension.

The first time we kissed, I couldn’t sleep for two days. We began to kiss regularly, having makeout sessions in my car before I dropped her back at her apartment. (Her roommates had the annoying habit of always being home.). When my hand slid to her breast, she moaned, but I had to stay outside her shirt.

I thought that’s where it would stay until we figured out our future together, but I was so wrong. One night we were working up a good steam in the car when she grabbed my hand. “Come on.”

My mind reeled as I followed her as we snuck into her room, mercifully missing the roommates although we heard them moving around. I was kicking myself because I wasn’t carrying a condom with me (trying to avoid temptation). She shut the door and peeled off her t-shirt and began to take off her bra. She looked back at me. “Strip!” she whispered.

Now you’ll think I’m an idiot, but I stopped. “But honey, you don’t want to…” I Eskort Bayan said meekly even as my cock was threatening to tear out the front of my shorts.

She rolled her eyes. “We’re not going to have sex, dummy. But I’m tired of petting. Now get naked.”

I pulled off my clothes until I was stark naked in front of her. My cock felt so hard and big I was actually sort of proud of it. Her eyes were glued to it as she got on her small bed. She sat cross-legged on her pillows. She still had her pink panties on which was a little disappointing but I loved seeing her gorgeous breasts and body.

“I want you to lay down,” she said softly, smoothly. I obeyed, ending up with my head near her legs and my cock sticking up straight in the air. It gave me a beautiful if upside-down view of her face and breasts. She smiled at me and winked.

“Now, take your left hand… well, which hand do you usually use?”

Her question was so matter-of-fact it threw me off guard. “I um I use my right hand.”

“Good, take your left hand and touch your stomach and thighs, everything but that beautiful cock.”

I nearly squirted right then and there hearing the word “cock” come out of Sarah’s mouth. I did as she instructed, caressing my skin. It felt good, like someone else was doing it, like she was doing it. Her hand strayed to her breasts, caressing them.

“Now cup your balls, gently, but caress them. Feel my long slender fingers stroking them…” she continued, her voice just a little hoarser. I obeyed, watching her as her eyes were glued on my genitals.

“Bring your fingers up to the shaft, glide the tips of your fingers up and down the shaft, touching it all over…”

I felt precum drool down my cock. My body quivered when her tongue snuck out to touch her lips.

“Use that to slick up your shaft, spread it around… okay, now grasp your shaft…. mmm what a lovely big cock you have, you could almost use two hands!” Well, that wasn’t really true, but I loved how it sounded.

Her left hand brushed her stomach and then went down inside her panties. I could smell her arousal now, so intoxicating and so close. I craved to kiss her panties and remove them and kiss her again, but that was not to be.

“Pay attention!” she reprimanded with a giggle, her fingers working inside her panties. “Start to stroke your cock, a little loose on your grip so you almost slide off the top and then down to the base again… mmm, nice rhythm… doesn’t it feel like I’m riding you? Make it looser or tighter grip until it feels perfect, rubbing your head just right…. yeah, when it makes your hips want to push up into me, it’s just right…”

My breathing was getting rushed and I felt like my body was radiating heat. Without encouragement, I started stroking faster.

“Mmm, oh fuck yes, jerk that cock, show me how you jack off, Tom,” she enthused making me moan. “I want to see you cum hard. Jerk fast and hard.” I could hear her fingers at work, obviously very lubricated by her own arousal. They were a blur under her panties.

I wish I could have lasted longer but after a few more moments, my balls tightened and my hold body felt like it was electrified… and then shot after shot of cum burst out to splatter my chest and belly and then run out like a stream.

“Oh yes yes yes yes,” she whimpered and then she froze… before shaking, her knees drawing together. I could see her body shuddering as she orgasmed.

After we’d calmed down, she handed me tissues to clean myself up.

“How did you ever…?” I began, still amazed at how adept she was and how open about sex. Wasn’t she a virgin?

“Well, you know, growing up with four brothers, we always followed the family motto: Considero at inlicitus Attrecto*

*You can look, but don’t touch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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