You have destroyed my life

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The shout was still ringing in my ears hours after hearing it in the kitchen that morning. The kitchen was, of course, all messy, because I was never able to catch up with clearing or tidying it up after 10 hours of work.

I was thinking now, finally properly reflecting, on the numerous times when I was told “no” to putting the plates in the wrong place, putting forks in the wrong drawer, using the wrong cloth for the wrong surface or using the wrong food at the wrong time.

My wife has made my home unliveable. It was a house of stress. Everything I did was wrong. Nothing was good enough. Tip toeing around her was a daily occurrence after what tended to be quite stressful day working. There was always something that apparently could be a source of irritation. Little by little, over the last 4 months or so, I came to hate my house. I knew I was getting more and more withdrawn, smiled less, enjoyed life less. Expected hits at any point over anything.

That argument this morning — or rather me being shouted at — crossed the line. Something broke in me; it was that one blow too much. I gritted my teeth, trying to maintain my dignity, but took the first opportunity out of the house.


I can’t remember how long Tina and I had been friends. One of those people you know you can count on whatever you do, whatever happens. When I called her, I left my house trembling with emotions — I have only just stormed out of the house — in soothing voice, she instantly suggested meeting at Puccini’s, our local café.

There we were, 10 minutes later, sipping our drinks. Myself, Cappucino, as always, and Tina, a latte as always.

“…and I just couldn’t take this beating anymore!” I was just finishing the story of tonight, unable to restrain emotions.

“It’s okay,” he voice was gentle, soothing. “It’s good to get it out and talk about it. “Don’t hold it in.” I looked at her from above my Cappucino cup. I don’t think I’d ever noticed, really, how pretty she was. Tina was quite tall and quite slim with her long dark hair cascading down her shoulders. She never used lipstick, and her make-up was very gentle and natural. She dressed in non-vibrant clothes. Today, she was just wearing blue jeans and a grey, fairly tight jumper. Sexy, it occurred to me, and startled me. I frowned, catching myself reflecting I’d never considered her before in those terms. But yeah, she was.

“What?” She must’ve caught my frown. A little dance danced on her lips.


My tongue darts inside her mouth; I feel hers, wet, slippery, duelling with mine. I feel her breasts pressing against my chest, as our kiss intensifies. A devilish look on her face greets my eyes when we break for air.

“It must’ve been something! Do tell!” She pulled her chair closer around the table.

“Nah, it’s—” I smirked.

“Ah, I know!” she looked triumphantly. “Of all the people you could call over this, you call me. Things must be pretty bad!”

I joined in the fun of playful bashing of herself. “Yeah, can’t think of anyone else I’d throw into the first with me!”

She giggled. “I am very light, could work!” She tossed her head back, laughing heartily. My fingers felt sweaty against my cup.

“Oh baby!” she moans as my tongue circles around her nipple first; teasing first, and letting my lips little by little to suck her breast in. She arches her back in satisfaction, punctuated by hissing sounds of pleasure. My hand travels around her back allowing her breast to fill my mouth as her long fingers rake through my hair.

“It is good, darling,” her innocent choice of words did not escape me, “that we can lighten the mood of tonight a bit.

I nodded. “I do need that tonight.” I looked at her and added, “What do you think I should do? I mean, is there a way out?” The desperate tone of my voice and the sight of my clenched first brought out a reaction: the kind Tina. “Sweetie, we’ve been friends for how long?”


Her eyes met mine. “If life gets you down this much, just get out.” I didn’t avoid looking at her this time. I allowed her gentle, delicate eyes to penetrate mine. 10-15 seconds of silence. She just looked at me, with her large, feelingful eyes. For the first time in months, I felt genuine sympathy. Like someone understood. Like someone could understand.

Her lips pursed around my cock and soon the warmth enveloped me and surges of electricity travelled up my spine. She wrapped her hand round my base and slowly took my length into her mouth. Oh. My. God. My hands found their way to stroke her head as the movement continued.

“I don’t know how this can feel, not really,” she continued piercing me with her soul-searching eyes, “but can see you’re suffering.” She caught the bow of my head as I looked down. So easy to assign blame to yourself when your relationship goes this bad.

“Hey hey hey hey—” Tina’s finger supported my chin, pushing me up to look at her. She moved closer to me now. My chin shook like a leaf — finally someone was being bursa eskort good to me. “Hey,” her voice felt like kisses and strokes, “don’t do that — we’re friends, remember?” I looked up, and smiled a sad smile. Her hand dropped to the table, brushing my hand.

I spread her lips, opening her dripping wet, glistening pussy, not wasting any time sucking on her folds first. “Oh f—” she groans. Spurring me on. I wrap my arms around her thighs, locking her into place on the edge of the table. My tongue, aching to please, focuses on her clit now. “Fuck, yeah,” this time, she loses inhibitions and my tongue starts making its way up and down, around the clit. She licks her lips, looking down, her eyes growing feral, as I finally slip my tongue, rolled up, inside her.

“Thank you, Tina. No one else would—” Words failed me. I didn’t want that touch to end. This was nice.

“Someone needs to appreciate you for who you are; a kind and sensitive person.” With that, her arm rested on my back, patting and stroking.

The sight of her ass right above me, with her juice-heavy pussy, makes me wild. A little push and the hips willingly travel down to meet my tongue, dipping in and out. For a while, my mind is taken away from the sensations of her going down on my cock on the other end. And going hard. I shoot a look — seeing her large swaying tits and beyond them her mouth sucking me. One has to moan at this!

She was now definitely stroking my hand. Her long fair and gentle fingers interlocked with mine. I didn’t fully comprehend this, but my emotions just got me to stroke her back. I watched our hands for a few seconds, and then met her kind gaze, looking up. It was almost too much. She smiled. “You deserve this.”

I bent my knees, grabbed my cock and slipped it into her mouth. Fuck, this is hot. Her head, just on the edge of the bed, and the open mouth… as my cock slipped in, I could see her throat. She squeezed her tits, hard, as I started fucking her mouth. Her tongue met my cock first, but the speed of my thrusts was picking up, and soon she was just on the receiving end—

“Come sweetie.” She pulled me from the chair by my arm. “You need a hug.” She pulled me into a very close one — it was all happening so quickly that I was taken by surprise by this. This was no aunt’s hug, though! This was body-to-body, breast-against-chest, lips nuzzled in my neck, loving embrace, with a hand stroking my back to then stroke the back of my neck. 3 seconds it took me to melt in this. It was highly unlikely that, as much as I felt her breasts graze, albeit through clothes, against my chest, that she didn’t feel my rigid cock against her abdomen.

I spread-eagled her. She was fully shaven like in every man’s dream. I slapped my hard oozing cock against her folds, tantalising her. Then, I moved in. She clenched around me. I pushed harder. She screamed, but I didn’t think this was in English.

She kissed me all the way from my neck via my cheek to my chin. I belonged to her now. Her lips tugged on my bottom lip.

Her ass in front of me. She is on all fours. Looking back at me, in feral anticipation, swaying her butt. I lock my hands on her butt. Easily, harshly, I impale her.

“My place.”

I didn’t have time to react to this as she followed it with a passionate kiss of the sort I never experienced. A mix of romance and the sauciest thing ever. Can’t explain. Maybe it’s the look in her eye as well — loving and delicate; firm and wanting.

“You need a break from that wife of yours. I wanted you for too long.” She took my hand and placed it on her breasts. Long, almost hard stare. “Remember what love and giving is today.” She smiled. And then, whispering into my ear, “I don’t care how many wives you’ve got. Fuck me tonight.”

I felt tense around my eyes. Capuccino and latter got forgotten. This was the last time I thought about my wife that night.


She went back to her 10 minutes ahead of me. She lived in a detached house on the outskirts of town. It was a secluded, quiet place, the precise kind I would expect her to live in. Despite the fact we had known each other for over 5 years, I never knew or asked where she lived — not precisely.

A short path led to the door behind a green gate. The front garden was filled with tall sunflowers and similarly yellow-coloured flower beds. I stood right outside the white front door for a second. The day was very British — quite cloudy and otherwise rather gloomy — but I knew that what awaited me outside was nothing like that at all. The ten minutes that it took for me to get here, all I could think of was the kiss, Tina’s eyes, the way her breasts felt in the café through her clothes, and try and imagine what her body looks like — in particular, her tits, her pussy and her ass. Tonight was the one to remember, regardless of any consequences. Nothing else but Tina mattered. My phone was off already.

I pressed the bell.

“The door is open!” came, muffled, from the other side. I pressed bursa escort bayan the handle, and stepped inside. I was greeted by a narrow hallway, tastefully decorated with Victorian-type furniture and ornaments, stairs leading to the landing upstairs, and Tina’s voice coming from the room to my right, “Come on in, my love.”

She had said she needed 10 minutes ahead of me “to prepare”. She certainly did! Here she was, in her bedroom, on the bed, wearing just a skimpy red — very see-through — bra, red suspender tights. Panties… well, they were rather conveniently cut revealing everything!

My cock stirred in my pants and I drew breath in rather sharply. “Wow,” I said simply, probably rather stupidly-sounding. She licked her finger and beckoned at me, “Come, come,” she said. “Let’s get this party started. I approached the bed, taking in the sight of her breasts, her nipples easily poking out through the bra’s material — designed to reveal more than hide — and her completely shaven pussy. I was stunned, not able to keep my eyes away from them. She laughed, and pulled me in for a deep kiss. Her sweet soft lips were demanding and feisty. Not wasting time, she slipped her tongue into my mouth; our tongues met, aching, wanting. Her breasts grazing against my chest, I simply had to break this to grab them!

Heaving, catching air, I slid my hands down from her arms, pushing her bra under her breasts, pushing them up, exposing them to my hungry eyes. I was entranced: that tight jumper in the café really did hide two beauties. Looking at me were two large (but luckily not BBW!), tight tits, with perfectly round dark areolas and equally dark nipples. “Like what you see?” she ventured, wry smile accompanying her. “Mm-hmmm,” I murmured, now drawing circles around her nipples with my finger. “Well, what are you waiting for, then?” Impatiently, she pushed me down onto the bed.

Her fingers moved swiftly across my trousers, feeling their hardness before going for another passionate kiss, this time ensuring her tits, now resting and moving properly against my chest, are the prime center of my attention. Soon, my tongue was out licking her nipples, allowing them to slip into my mouth. Their firmness was amazing as were the sounds she was making every time I would suck them deeper into my mouth. “Oh baby, yeah—” she was feeding her breasts to my mouth with clear pleasure and eagerness. I grabbed both of her tits, hard now and sucked them deep in; and again, and again.

We were clearly after my cock now, though. Letting me fondle her tits, she undid my shirt now, then moved down to the belt. Gently, for now, I pulled both her nipples towards me as she got out my straining manhood into the open. She licked her lips, in appreciation, watching the throbbing, swaying cock, precum oozing from it already. “This will be good, Mister,” she whispered into my ear. Before I had a chance to react, she pushed down to lie on the bed and pulled my trousers to my ankles in one swift move. Then she crawled up again to the cock. Her full tits were dancing there, rubbing against my legs; she shot me a mischievous, pleased look as her fingers wrapped around my member, locking it in place. My best friend was about to go down on me — in my hazed state, I only had a second to ponder this before her lips wrapped around me.

The HEAT! She started at the top, around the head. Surrounded by her wet lips, tongue, slippery, I watched. I didn’t take long before my hips wanted to buckle up against her. Heck, she knew what she was doing! Her bobbing head, and tongue swirling around me, surely tasting that precum already.

She got up to pull the rest of my trousers off me. And then she was back — this time, she pressed my engorged cock against my belly and licked it all the way up from my balls to the head. Then she went back to sucking again. Her muffled moans spurred me on — “Oh baby—” I groaned in return. Her fingers locked my cock in place again. She quickened the speed of her sucks now and — oh my holy fuck! — she went all the way down on me now. As my head hit the back of her throat, something changed. I growled.

Fuck her. Fuck her hard.

She slipped my cock out of her greedy mouth with a loud slurp and a hearty laugh of satisfaction. Then she went back down — deeper, deeper and deeper. The sight of her soft cheeks full of cock was too overwhelming. I closed my eyes to deal with electricity surges now, and let my hips match her mouth’s movements. The urge to fuck her mouth was nothing short of feral. The speed was increasing, her moans were louder and slurps were louder. I swept her hair to the side to get a better view of my cock in her mouth. She back to the head now, working it with her hand and mouth, strips of cum flying through the air.

“Come here,” I pulled her up into my arms for a kiss, breaking the blowjob. As much as I loved this, I wanted to be the wolf now. I leaned into her ear. “I want to fuck your face now.” Seconds later, she was lying görükle escort comfortably on the edge of the bed, on her back. I took in the sight of her breasts, her slender figure, her pussy and her lips. “You’re so beautiful, my love.” Our eyes met for a very soft moment. I knelt to look closer into her eyes, and kissed her. The taste of my cum on her lips was almost spicy.

She smiled. “Get back to business, Mister!” she reached out for my cock behind her head. Involuntarily almost, my hands went straight for her tits and squeezed them. Hard. The romance was there, but we were far to horny and aching for each other to care. I bent my legs down and she grabbed my cock, moaning in anticipation. She slapped it a few times with her wet slippery tongue. This was all the animal needed, “Open!” I commanded. I saw her throat and moved in. Fucking hell! This was hot! The angle was perfect — I was hitting the back of her throat again, her tongue sucking my head, and the pressure was unbelievable. She was trying to moan, but her sounds were muffled, which only served to make me wilder. Slow rhythmical movements soon turned erratic and uncontrolled. I was resting and squeezing her tits now, unknowingly, but it was really the view of my dick disappearing in her throat again and again that drove me wild. Tina’s gagging sounds made my hips move — faster, and faster, and faster. Oh yes, baby, you’re mine now.

I could feel the build up, though. My balls slapping her skin, ramming hard in, were on fire. I loved the idea of delivering my load into her mouth, but not today. Today, it had to be about fucking her in the end, and even my current hazy foggy gutter knew that.

She cleared her throat and licked her cum-dripping lips. I helped her lift herself onto the bed. “Dreamt about this for years.” In return, I said simply, “Me, too, really.”

Without any further ado, and without any words, Tina moved to an armchair next to the bed, where, looking intently at me, she undid her bra, slipped her panties off, and spread her legs wide over the armchair arms. She looked down. I knew what she wanted and she certainly was about to get it! I took the rest of my clothes and flung them down to the ground. I knelt.

There was no reason to do any kind of licking around the thighs. She wanted me there straight away. It was shaven, wet with dripping juices and hot beyond compare. It was calling me like a wolf is called to his prey.

I started from the top. When my tongue first flicked across her clit, she gave a loud moan and her hands immediately cupped her tits. She tossed her head back as I applied a circular motion now and pressed my tongue more firmly against her clit. Her scent was drugging.

She couldn’t stop moaning now. Step 2. Add a finger. First, I spread her folds and continued with a tongue. Now, one finger into the wetness. “Oh fuck,” she whispered as her tight walls clenched around my finger. I withdrew it and slipped it into my mouth. “Mmmm,” I appreciated before slipping it back in and now began to finger fuck her. Of course, my tongue continued to lick and suck her all this time. The sound of her loud moans echoed against the walls of the bedroom. I looked up briefly to see her squeeze her tits, with their nipples clearly erect, and her wide-eye look of pure amazement. Oh yeah, baby, you’re mine.

My finger slipped out of her and I focused on her clit entirely: sucking, tugging, licking, and occasionally darting my tongue into her sweet insides. All met with moans, groans, shouts and screams. My cock was responding accordingly, oozing a little pond onto the carpet. I could not refrain from jerking off from time to time. But — she needed more; the armchair was too deep and I wasn’t able to do the full works on her I wanted.

“Sit,” I commanded, lying down on the carpet. She knew what I meant. My face. By now, all I wanted was her pussy. The scent of her juices drugged me well enough. Tina didn’t exist anymore. It was just my face, my tongue and her pussy. “That’s right, your ass right here,” I acknowledged as she was doing so. She faced away from me so she could support herself on the armchair. Perfect sight of her dripping wet pussy. Her ass right above me — it was a perfectly shapen sexy ass there.

I spread her wet folds wide. Oh yes, baby, lower that ass there, grind it. My tongue was now pressing hard against her clit. Her moans got louder as she ground her ass against my face. I felt the first streaks of her cum drip down my face. I grabbed her ass tight, but to no avail — the sensations were too much for her and her started moving in a circular motion: her back and tits bending like a fox along with it. These were gorgeous moans too — her voice carried in it that everyday gentleness with pure lust. I didn’t think it was possible, but it was.

Now, I started to apply hard circular motion of my tongue against her clit. I pressed her ass down on me — oh I loved it! She lifted herself up on the armchair and now truly ground herself into me by just moving her ass, bucking it, against my face. I stuck her my tongue out — her movements were doing the rest. Oh my sexy, sweet slut! How wet she was, how much easier it was to move against her now. My curled up tongue now slipped inside her — so easy to do now, so much deeper I could go in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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