You’ll Need This Bag

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“Here” she said as she forced the black plastic garbage bag into his hands.

“Seriously?” he protested, but the look on his wife’s face told him his objections weren’t going to get him anywhere. He took the bag from her hands, and leaned in to kiss her on the cheek, she ran her hands over the front of his pants and his cock lurched.

She winked at him just as his head turned away and he heard her add “have some fun with that thing, but try not to have TOO much fun.”

He hopped in the car and unceremoniously tossed the bag on the floor of the passenger side. Time to head over to the other side of town where Mister lived. All along the freeway, he wiggled a bit in the seat. She had selected the sheer panties he was wearing, and they felt so nice on his skin-bare shaven cock, balls and surrounding area. Smiling, he rolled over in his mind what his wife meant by ‘too much’ fun. He’d be careful not to lose it, she’d be VERY upset if he lost control and came home no good to her.

Once he reached Mister’s house he grabbed his empty duffle from the backseat and almost locked the car before seeing the plastic bag. “Ah yeah…” he dropped his duffle and leaned in to grab the bag. As he did the panties slid around on his sensitive bits and he started to chub up a little. After a second of fumbling to get it unfolded he covered the drivers seat with the bag, locked the car and retrieved the duffle on his way up to the front door.

Knock, knock.

“Come in.” was Mister’s reply, so he opened it up. “You will go downstairs and take off your pants and wait patiently. I’ll be done here shortly.” being told what to do had the throbbing in his pants increasing dramatically. He went down to Mister’s ‘rumpus’ room and slipped off his socks and pants, keeping his comfy soft t-shirt on. He put his pants and socks into the empty duffle bag and placed his faux boat shoes next to it.

He sat down on the big soft leather loveseat which was super cold on his legs and sheer panty’d ass. The leather warmed up slowly as he kept seated in place and he could hear Mister walking around upstairs. He knew what was coming next for him, and he couldn’t resist pushing the sexy panties down below his balls to start gently stroking his cock, generating a modest flow of precum. When the amount of glisteny clear fluid was about to dribble he would wipe it with his fingers and taste it (yum!!). Just a taste for now, while he waited patiently. Where was Mister anyway?

He could hear Mister talking to a woman upstairs. He couldn’t quite make out what she asked, but he could her Mister’s reply clearly “No problem hun, yes, of course, where is that camera?” More shuffling, a little more talking, a short laugh. “Oh yeah, I will.”

The door at the top of the stairs opened and he saw Mister’s feet coming down. With each step, he felt his cock tightening with hardness. When Mister made it down to the basement and saw that he had his dick in his hand the Etiler escort instruction was sternly amended “stop that! You’ve not been given permission as I recall?” he stopped.

“Stand up, but leave your panties pushed down a bit.” so he obeyed and after turning around he could feel Mister’s hands on his hips moving him into position bent over the leather loveseat. “There is that sexy tight asshole. I’ve been looking forward to this all day. Stay there.” Mister set the camera on the tripod opposite the couch. He could feel precum running freely from his cock now, so turned on knowing that his little clean and waxed bumhole was about to get a solid fuck. His head was starting to swim a bit as he heard the snap-clicks of the DSLR.

Mister was taking off his pants and shirt and letting his own cock hang down. Glancing over his shoulder rewarded him with a view of Mister’s sexy unusually shaped shaft. It was strangely narrow at the base and at least twice as thick at the head, bulbous and wet looking when the foreskin was pulled back. He LOVED Mister’s look. The only thing better was how that big head felt hitting him squarely in the prostate while he stood there and let Mister hammer in him. He was tingling in anticipation.

“Oh, look at you, you’re really looking forward to this too aren’t you? You little panty wearing ass-slut?” and all he could do is nod and lean forward a little more. Mister added some Titan Man lube to his fingers and worked a good amount of it into the waiting asshole he was about to enjoy. While warming the slutty asshole up Mister rubbed his clubby cock and smeared lube there too.

Finally, Mister leaned forward and placed the engorged head of his cock against the waiting asshole of his visitor. Gripping his hips, Mister pushed with a bit of a grunt until the big head pushed past the tight sphincter with a ‘pop’ sensation. “Ooh, you’re incredibly tight this afternoon, you haven’t had any other ass play this week have you? Been saving…” and Mister started rocking back and forth “… your ass for me?” And the rocking continued while Mister made adjustments to the thrust depth and angle to make sure his enormous cock pushed right on the prostate. Once the spot was found, the pace increased.

“Oh my god, you’re right on the spot Sir. Thankyouthankyouthankyou…” he was able to speak in short bursts of words while he felt the pressure build in his lower abdomen. His muscles were pushing down while the pressure of the thrusts continued to hit him exactly where he loved it. Finally, he grunted and reflexively his core muscles clamped down as he had an internal prostate orgasm.

Mister slowed up his thrusts while the orgasm rolled… “ooooh, easy there, you’re going to make me cum in you far too fast.” the movement started again slowly. “I’ll keep fucking you but you’ve must show a little restraint or I’ll send you home with nothing to show for it.”

“I’m sorry Sir, I’ll try to relax, Beşiktaş escort I’ve just been really aroused the last couple of days and my wife told me that she wasn’t interested in helping me get off until I could show her that I’d been good for you.”

“Don’t fret my pretty panty slut, I’ll send you home to her so she can have her fun too.” and the Mister resumed a good pace of fucking. Mentally, he just relaxed and let the feeling of Mister’s back and forth establish a pleasurable rhythm where he could get close to having another internal clench but not do it. Just ride close to the edge, with Mister’s hands gripping his hips tighter. It went on for a while, he lost track of time. Sometimes Mister would find a good speed to his liking and pound for up to 20 minutes, one time almost 30 straight.

It wasn’t that long this time… maybe 12 minutes into the solid fucking, he could hear Mister’s breathing intensify just a bit and that was the signal that he was allowed to clench his asshole again. He let himself have a second strong prostate orgasm which pressed hard on the penetrating head of the impaling cock and simultaneously loosened his asshole muscle. Mister withdrew. “That was very close. You almost finished me off didn’t you? Turn around and sit down on the loveseat, leave you panties down.”

Following Mister’s instructions was part of the deal. If he wanted that magical thickness in him, he knew his only option was to do as he was told. To NOT do so would mean he would lose cum dumpster privileges and have to go for weeks or even a month without being used. Once a week was difficult enough to wait.

Mister grabbed the remote for the camera and took pictures of his visitor slut’s rockhard cock. It was a total mess of precum all over. Mister leaned down and gripped the messy penis and stroked it some, not enough to ruin it for later, but enough so take his playthings mind off of his twitching rectum. After a few more minutes of loving strokes and more pictures he stopped.

“You’ve been very good. How about you lay over the arm of the love seat now and I’ll fill you up to the brim just the way you like?” and he turned over and melted into the cool leather. Mister climbed onto the loveseat behind him and once again pushed his purple-headed bulb back into the wanton sloppy asshole of his slut. This time, he didn’t waste a moment getting up to a good speed. By taking a short break, Mister was able to reduce his level of arousal enough to provide another impressive hard fucking. “You can have as many of your sexy inside orgasms as you want now, I’m just going to fuck and fuck and finish when I feel like it.” which kicked off a wave of very powerful internal cum flexes in succession. During them, he could hear more shutter clicks from DSLR as Mister captured pictures. As the last one of the wave clenched, Mister made those breathing sounds again and finally said softly between thrusts “And here… is what… Taksim escort you’ve been… thirsty to get… a good soaking… inside… your body…”

Mister produces a LOT on a normal day. For some reason Mister was extra full of cum at this particular moment and let the torrent of hot ropes blast all over his anal whore’s insides. This, in turn, kicked off a final and powerful prostate flexing which pushed Mister’s cock out. Cum also began leaking, but with such an extensive thick delivery, a ton was still up inside him, “Oh, you better clench that hole of yours and make sure you keep some in you. Otherwise, there’ll be no finishing for you? Right?”

Mister started cleaning himself up smiling and wiping himself off on a hand towel. “Pull up your panties and get going. I’m done with you, you fucking slut, but your owner is waiting.” and he gathered his duffle slipped on the shoes and headed up the stairs. He could feel a little of the cum sliming his crack in the panties. He kept his bumhole clenched as tight as he could, but it was tricky with his anal muscle being slackened from the vigorous deep fucking.

Once he got to the car, he sat down on the black plastic and rolled his eyes realizing that maybe his wife had a point. This way the car’s seat would not require another deep cleaning. About half-way through the drive, he rang his wife.

“Hello dear.” she answered “did you use the black plastic like I asked?”

“Yes baby, I’m being good. And I can feel Mister’s cum leaking out of me through these sheer panties you put me in for him. But I’m making sure it’s not getting all over the seat.”

“See? I told you that was the answer. Just so you know, I’ve been teasing my clit and looking at the pictures Mister has been sending and I’ll need you to suck my sopping pussy for a bit when you get here.”

He almost came all over the car thinking about her taste. “I’m only a few minutes away, should I come right upstairs to you?”

“Oh yes, unngghhhhhh…” (she was definitely orgasming while they were talking, his cock throbbed and ached). As she clicked her cell phone off, his foot pressed a little harder on the pedal.

He pulled the car into the garage quickly and hurried upstairs to their bedroom with his (well her) wet soaking panties still on him. He was very happy to open the door and see her with her legs spread and a curvy glass piece inserted into her pussy. The room had the scent of her sex, she’s obviously been at this for a while. She had her phone in her hand and was watching a porn clip of some kind.

“Hey there! Are you ready to let me have a look at you?” she cooed. And boy was he ever ready for his post outing inspection. Laying face down on the bed, she pulled down the cum moistened panties she had put him in a few hours prior. “Well don’t YOU look like you’ve had a little fun. I better go get your thick plug so that all of that man cum can stay swimming around in your ass while you fuck me.” He was in heaven… life was so good. She got up and left the room to go fetch the BigBoy one from the box in the bathroom.

He rolled left and right on the bed (to feel the cum slosh around in his rectum a bit), and waited patiently for her to return…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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