Your Toy

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I lay on the bed, my hands bound. They are little loose, and I could probably get out of them if I wanted to, but that isn’t the point. The point is to surrender. To surrender to you. To your pleasure. To your desires. I’m here to submit to your will.

You are standing beside the bed, looking divine. You are in black thigh high stockings, sexy panties, and a bra that barely contains your ample cleavage. You are smiling at me in delight.

“You are going to make such a good toy. Let’s get your engine revved a bit.”

With that you climb into the bed and straddle me. You then begin to kiss and lick nearly every inch of my body. You start with some gentle kisses on the mouth, followed by some hungrier ones. Then you move on with your mouth and tongue. My ears, my face, my neck.

You move down my shoulders and arms, ending with you sucking on my fingers in your mouth. Then my chest. You give my hard nipples a twirl of your tongue before moving down my abdomen. You avoid touching my already hardening cock, and slide down my thighs and legs before ending at my feet.

You look up to me. “Did you like that, lover?”

I can only croak out a soft yes.

You begin squeezing your breasts. “I bet you’d like to see these, wouldn’t you?”

I nod enthusiastically.

You reach behind and unclasp the your sexy bra and slide it down your shoulders, revealing two perfect mounds. My cock twitches. You notice and smile.

“I bet you would like your cock sandwiched between these, wouldn’t you?”

I nod again.

“Maybe soon. First you need to make them happy.”

With that you climb on me again and lean over, feeding one of your breasts to my eager mouth. I don’t need to be told even once what to do and begin to eagerly kiss, lick, and suck the perfect specimens before me. You begin mewling in appreciation.

“That’s it lover. Make those tits happy. You want the other one? Here you go. Oh yes, that’s nice. Mmmmm. You are so hard. Are you enjoying this baby? You like my big etlik escort tits in your face?”

After several minutes of enjoying your bounties, you slide down and plant your mouth over mine. I feel your tongue slide into my mouth as you hungrily kiss me, my neck (causing a gasp), and face.

“I think you’ve earned a reward.”

You then slide down further, your breasts rubbing against my chest, my stomach, slowly dragging down. Then they are gloriously on either side of my cock, now dripping with precum. It twitches hard.

“No cumming yet big boy. You aren’t nearly done pleasing me yet. But you can have a little fun here.”

You squeeze your breasts in, and the pressure on my cock is exquisite. You slide up and down watching the expressions of pleasure on my face. It feels oh-too-soon when you sit back up again. I groan in frustration.

“Sorry love, but it is time to get back to what is important. Me. Time to put that lovely tongue of yours back to work.”

You move up the bed and straddle over my face. You pull your now moist panties to the side and lower yourself down over me. I begin to feast as if I hadn’t eaten in days.

Your pussy is perfect. Shaved and groomed, it looks amazingly inviting. And the taste! Your juices are like nectar from the gods themselves. I keep my tongue active, slowly licking up your slit. I gently suck on your labia. You press your pussy down, and I insert my tongue into your pussy as far as it can go, drinking in as much of you as I possibly can. I can’t get enough.

Your hips begin undulating, and I keep up my efforts. I glide my tongue up your pussy toward your clit, giving it a lick. You moan in appreciating and I keeping it up, gradually moving my attention more and more to your pleasure button. You start grinding into my mouth harder, and soon I am devoting all my attention to your clit. I’m nearly suffocating, but neither of us will ease until you get release.

“That’s it. Keep it up. You like my pussy? Imagine how it’ll ankara eve gelen escort feel on your hard cock. Yes. Keep going. Oh yes. I’m going to come. Yes. I’m coming. I’m coming!”

Soon you are shaking and nearly losing control. After a moment you lay at my side, hands gently stroking my body while you recover.

“That was lovely, my toy. I think you’ve earned your next reward.”

You turn around and gently begin stroking my cock. It is hard, and straining for your touch. You lean over and slowly lick from the base of my member up the shaft. Excruciatingly slowly, you tease my rod. Then before I know it, I am in your mouth.

It is almost too much to bear, but I manage to hold myself back. It feels so good, and I don’t ever want it to end.

You only pleasure me for a few minutes before releasing me from your mouth. “I need this inside me.”

With that you grab a condom and roll it over my hard, twitching cock. You remove your panties and once again climb over me. Instead of sliding my member into you right away, you instead grind your pussy into me for a moment. I groan in both pleasure and frustration.

You smile in understanding and decide to take mercy on me. You grab my cock and point it to your waiting pussy. As you slowly lower yourself down, I gasp in pleasure. You feel like heaven. And the joy only increases as you gently bob up on down on my pole.

You lean over and we kiss like teenagers making out, hungrily devouring one another.

“Mmmm, yes. Fuck me with that cock. Yes. I’m so wet. You ate me so well. Mmmmm. You like how my pussy feels? Here, suck on my tits. Yes. I bet you’d like to see my ass while I’m bouncing up and down on your hard cock, wouldn’t you? OK lover, since you’ve been so good.”

You slide off my dick and turn around, climbing back onto me in reverse cowgirl. Your ass is mesmerizing as it bounces up and down off my cock. Your sexiness is neverending, and I meet your thrusts energetically.

Too soon, ankara escort though, you are getting back off me.

“That was a nice reward, but I think it is time you put that mouth back to work again.”

You reach up and untie me, then lay back with your legs spread. I don’t need to be told what to do. Instead of going straight for your pussy, I start at your feet, sucking on your nylon-clad toes. You smile contently as I begin to do what you did to me in reverse, kissing and licking up your amazingly sexy body. I want my mouth over every inch of it.

You give a slight moan of frustration when I pass your pussy, and again when I skip your breasts. You enjoy my kissing your neck, and return enthusiastically when our lips meet. While nibbling on your ear, my hands move to your breasts and begin gently massaging them. It isn’t long, though, before my face is buried in your amazing mounds.

I work feverishly while my hand slides down your body and finds your pussy. It is so wet, but I gently stroke the outside before inserting two fingers. Your hips respond as I slowly slide my fingers in and out while I’m licking and sucking on your hard nipples. Soon my mouth is also moving south, and I am between your legs licking away at your pussy and clit while my fingers continue to work in and out of you.

Your hips are bucking now, and your thighs are gripping my head. I keep devouring you, every drop from your pussy is the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted. Soon again, you are shaking and quivering uncontrollably, threatening to throw me off the bed. Once you calm down, I give you a moment to recover, and slide my pussy-soaked fingers to your mouth. You suck them, tasting your sweet potion yourself.

You pull me on top of you, and I insert my raging cock into your well-used pussy. I stroked inside while we kiss and lick each other, thoroughly enjoying each other’s touch. I’ve been so excited, I know I won’t last too long. We keep thrusting against each other, building up to a crescendo. Soon I can’t stand it any longer, and explode into the condom.

After a moment of recovery, I roll over onto my back, completely spent. You pull the condom off me and clean me up, then snuggle your sexy, warm body against me. We rest like that contently for a long while.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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