1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 16

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(continued from chapter 15)…

Tess slept alone that Wednesday night, happily so, glad that Jo and Jean could have that time together. She knew that Jo had a lot to get out of her system after being overseas, fighting a war, and, just trying to stay alive.

Thursday morning broke clear with blue skies and a bright sun. Tess was just finishing her first cup of coffee, reading the newspaper in the breakfast nook of her rented home, when Jo came downstairs, her nakedness covered with a tee.

“Morning, sunshine,” Tess said to her sib, “had a good time last night?”

“Oh, yeah….Jean’s a lot of fun in the sack; great tits,” Jo replied smilingly as she poured a much needed cup of java for herself.

“Yeppers,” Tess agreed, holding her cup to Jo for a refill, “that first semester when we were thrown together as roomies? First time I saw her tits as she was changing made me damn near cum right then and there.”

“I hear that,” Jo agreed.

“So, you going to The Loft tonight?” Tess asked, her eyes on her sis over the rim of her mug.

“I’d like to. Want to go with me?” Jo replied.

“Nope. Madge’s ol’ man is out of town and she’s coming over for a quickie tonight, but, you’re welcome to use my wheels,” Tess replied, feeling a little tickle to her snatch at the thought of her married lover, Madge.

“I’ll take you up on that,” Jo said with a smile on her face and love in the heart for her baby step-sis…..

Jo never set foot in The Loft.

She was about to but, hearing her name being called out, she turned towards the voice and saw Gloria approaching from a different spot of the parking lot.

“You keep your word,” Gloria said as she approached Jo, smiling her biggest smile at the attractive Jo.

“I do,” Jo replied, smiling back, liking the sexy package approaching her.

Gloria was dressed in a pair of ass-hugging pants, a tight sweater hugging her nice-sized breasts, hoop earings, and four-inch ‘fuck me’ heels.

Sticking her arm through Jo’s, Gloria gave Jo a wet, warm kiss, asking afterwards, “Do you really want to go inside?”

“I’m open to options,” Jo smilingly replied, her nostrils registering the faint scent of Magnolias from Gloria.

“Well, then, how’s this for an option? Follow me back to my place, crack open a bottle of wine, and let’s get to know each other a bit,” Gloria suggested, looking to Jo’s face for reaction.

“Like that option just fine,” Jo answered, kissing Gloria afterwards, a little tongue play, this time, between the two women.

“Keep that thought,” Gloria said as she parted from Jo to return to her car as Jo did the same.

Yep, definitely gonna’ get me a piece of that, tonight, Jo thought to herself with a smile as she followed Gloria down the boulevard that ran in front of the University…

“Over here, sit by me,” Gloria said to her guest, patting a spot on the small loveseat in the living room of Gloria’s townhouse.

Clinking their glasses against the other’s, they both took a slow sip of the Red that Gloria had opened, both looking over their glasses at each other.

Oh yeah, there was some serious eye-fucking going on, yes indeedy, there surely was.

“I don’t always do this, you know,” Gloria said to Jo, placing her wineglass on the coffee table in front of the loveseat.

“Do what? Drink wine?” Jo asked, setting her own glass down, as well.

“No, silly, flirt and hustle chicks from the club,” Gloria replied, extending her arm over Jo’s on the back of the loveseat, letting her fingers twirl in Jo’s short-cut hair.

“Never?” Jo questioned.

“Didn’t say ‘never’, just ‘not always,” Gloria replied, her fingers still twirling away.

“Glad you did, this time,” Jo responded just before pulling Gloria towards her, kissing her with increasing lust as Gloria responded in kind, both of them quickly fondling the other, breasts in each other’s hands.

They both had a need that night did the two women.

“My bedroom or here?” Gloria asked, her breathing excited as was Jo’s.

“Bedroom,” was the simple reply from Jo, a strong desire overtaking her, her need to fuck this woman looming large inside of her now.

“Good choice,” Gloria responded, jumping up from the loveseat, pulling Jo behind her towards her dimly lit love-chamber.

They undressed each other, slowly, kissing each other hungrily as they did so, each taking enormous pleasure in touching the other, their fingers exploring the flesh of the other while their tongues danced a slow tango.

“I’ve been dying to do this since the other night when I first saw you,” Gloria said as she sat Jo on the edge of her bed, kneeling between Jo’s legs after doing so.

With no attempt at foreplay, Gloria lowered her mouth to Jo’s now-slick pussy, moaning a sound of contentment when she did so. Slowly, knowing how and what to do, Gloria gave Jo a world-class pussy-eating, her seemingly mile-long tongue exploring Jo’s love canal, her hands, above her head, cupping and fondling Jo’s breasts. Jo had leaned back, supported by her arms behind güvenilir bahis her on the bed, her head thrown back, soft sounds of arousal escaping her throat.

“Oh, goddamnit, girl……” Jo moaned in response to the party going on down there, moving her body forward in pleasure, her fingers gripping Gloria’s hair tighter and tighter in passion.


That first wave of orgasm arose quickly, catching Jo by surprise, causing her to hump her pussy against Gloria’s working lips and tongue. Then came number two, three….well, you get the picture.

Pulling Gloria from between her legs, Jo laid flat on the bed as Gloria knee-walked up Jo’s body which was straddled by Gloria’s legs as she did so. Stopping when Jo’s head was directly under her pussy, Gloria lowered her shaved snatch to Jo’s opening mouth as Jo dug her fingers into that fine ass she had admired so much a couple of nights ago.

Not rushing at all, Jo took her own sweet time in bringing Gloria to climax, teasing her, bringing her ‘to the brink’ several times before, finally, allowing Gloria to explode with orgasm, the server’s body quaking and shaking, small, mewing sounds of satisfaction as she rode Jo’s most excellent mouth and tongue to repeated pleasures.

“Why me?” Jo asked as she and Gloria lay in each other’s arms in post-coitial bliss, each nibbling with teasing kisses on the other.

“Don’t know…..when I walked up to your table, all I saw was that gorgeous fucking smile of yours shining in the dimness and I was toast, I was hooked, I wanted some of ‘dat!” Gloria answered as honestly as she knew how.

“Tell you something else,” Gloria continued, “doing what we just did is all I’ve been able to think about since the other night; can’t tell you how horny I was when I saw you at the club tonight.”

“Surprised that a good looking gal like you isn’t hooked up with someone,” Jo opined as her fingers stroked Gloria’s womanhood.

“She’s out of town on business, so, technically, I guess I’m cheating,” Gloria replied, “Shame to say it’s not the first time. Guess I’m a bit of slut when it comes to that, you know, sneaking around, cheating.”

“I won’t lose sleep over it if you won’t,” Jo replied, kissing Gloria lustfully afterwards.

“Oooh, does that mean you’re spending the night?” Gloria asked her bed-mate.

“Nah, can’t sweetie, have to hit the road early tomorrow for a trip home to see the parents, and in fact, I really should leave right now,” Jo replied moving to find her clothes on the floor of the bedroom.

“Any chance of seeing you again?” Gloria asked, hopefully.

“Next time I’m in town, you can take it to the bank, baby,” kissing Gloria sweetly as she finished buttoning her blouse, “I’ll slip the lock on the door when I leave.”

Driving back to Tess’ house, Jo was having good thoughts about the waitress, Gloria, yes indeedy, she was.

Crawling into bed, Tess’ bed, Jo snuggled up to her step-sis, nothing in mind other than being close to Tess.

“Want to fool around?” Jo heard from Tess’ side of the bed just as she got settled next to Tess.

“Didn’t you and Madge have a romp tonight?” Jo queried her sib.

“Yeah, we did, a really good one, why?” Tess answered, leaning on an elbow and turning to look at Jo in the moon-lit bedroom.

“Didn’t you get off?” Jo questioned further.

“Yeah, I did, several times; what’s your point?” Tess answered, lowering her head to suck Jo’s tit into her mouth, well, as much of it as she could.

So, the sibs made love to one another, of course they did…….

“When the I.E.D. blew, it took out our lead Humvees and brought the convoy to a halt, everybody hitting the deck and scrambling for cover,” Jo said to her parents and Tess, the three of them silent, tears forming and trickling down the cheeks of her step-sis and mom.

Jo’s eyes were focused somewhere, but not inside of the Clancys’ home, no, they were focused somewhere far away as she told them ‘the story’ of how she received a battlefield promotion after that terrible day.

“I could hear the screams and cries for help from our lead Humvee, oh God, those cries for help,” Jo said, her voice almost disembodied it seemed as her mind replayed that terrible day in her head.

“Don’t know how or why but the next thing I remember was hunkering down as low as I could and running to my guys who were in the field of fire. My other guys threw a blanket of return fire to the house where the insurgents were attempting to finish off the wounded…..the smoke from the burning wreck provided a bit of cover for me, my guys all screaming at me to get back to cover,” Jo’s almost-robotic voice droned on.

“I managed to get one of my guys back to our cover vehicles, the medics taking him from my hands immediately to tend to him. I ran back to get another, but this time, one of my boys ran with me to help, and we managed to get two more of our platoon back to what was left of our unit,” Jo continued, stopping, staring off to somewhere else.

“We saved three….lost three in the first two türkçe bahis vehicles…..” Jo continued, her body in the warm living room of the house, her mind, her mind somewhere far away.

As if something snapped inside of her head, Jo sorta’ shook her head as if trying to clear cobwebs from her mind, concluding by saying, “After returning to base once the fire-fight was over and those fuckers were all dead, the insurgents all dead, we were debriefed, our unit given down time to regroup our heads.”

“I was promoted two weeks later, put in charge of a company and someway, somehow, survived……”

The silence was deafening, Chris and Tess fighting to choke back a flood of emotions, their faces streaked with the tracks of the tears that they had been shedding. Robert, their father, was fighting to hold on to his own emotions as well but, in the end, lost that battle as had his wife and daughter as the trio absorbed the full impact of what had happened to Jo and her platoon, ‘over there’ so very far away but yet, so close to home.

“They called me a hero but I’m not the hero; my people who lost legs and arms and sight, they’re the heroes, not me…..all of the men and women who’ve lost their lives, they’re the heroes, not me…I did what had to be done, that’s all,” Jo said, her story coming to an end.

Looking to the man she called dad, not step-dad, looking at her mom and then her sis, not step-sis, Jo said, in finality, “I do not need, nor want, to ever talk of this, again; I’m home and it’s behind me now so, please, please don’t ever ask me to tell you this again.”

They didn’t….ever.

The family hugged each other for a very long time, each dealing with the horrific story that Jo had told in their own way.

The rest of that night was somber, the sounds of crying from the parents’ room and from Tess’ room, the only sounds heard after the family retired for the evening….

“No, we’ll be fine, y’all go and have a good time,” Jo and Tess urged the parental units. Robert and Chris were unsure about a quick trip to see some friends a few towns away. Their plan was to stay over for a couple nights, returning on the third day.

In truth, both of the sibs were hoping for something like this so that they could have a little Holiday fun of their own, so, yes, they encouraged the ‘rents to have a great time.

“Whew, thought they weren’t going to go for a while,” Tess remarked as she and Jo waved goodbye to the ‘rents who were driving away.

“Yeah, me too; so, hotshot, what’s on the agenda?” Jo asked her sib.

“Well, I’m open to suggestions, Jo, what would you like to do?” Tess replied, dodging the bullet of having to make a decision.

“Let’s clean up, go downtown and grab a bite and hit a couple of the clubs,” Jo answered, “dance a little, drink a little, hell, we might get lucky, never know,” Jo said with a twinkle in her eye.

“Plan B could be that High School chick I told you about, you know, the Franks’ daughter, Megan,” Tess suggested, a little excited by the thought of Megan with her and her step-sis in bed.

“Let’s see what happens, okay; me first in the shower,” Jo answered, running upstairs to do her thing.

The food was great, the people on the street were all in Holiday spirit, and Tess had her almost-perfect I.D. for the clubs they’d be going to, so all was well for the girls.

Didn’t take them long. First club they tried was a ‘known’ lesbian hang-out, upscale, small, intimate, catering to the ‘older’ lezes of the city.

“We’re the youngest by about ten or fifteen years,” Tess commented to Jo as they sat at the bar sipping their drinks. The place was about half-full, some women at tables or booths, away from the long bar, some standing and talking and some, like Jo and Tess, sitting at the bar.

The one thing that most of the women had in common that night was having ‘roving eyes’, checking out other women. Understandable, the bar catered to lesbians, duh!

“Would you girls like to join my friend and I at our table?” the redhead asked when she walked up to Jo and Tess, positioning herself between their barstools.

Looking towards a remote table near the back of the bistro, there sat another woman, forty-something they surmised, much like the redhead who smelled simply delicious to the girls.

Looking to each other, the sibs accepted the attractive woman’s invitation, the redhead asking the bartender to send a round to their table.

“Ladies, this is my friend, Julie; I’m Sondra and you are……..” Sondra asked after introducing themselves to the sibs. Tess did the honors, the sibs sitting at right angles to each other, the older women next to a younger woman.

Perfect, all thought independantly of each other.

“Just to be clear, how old are you girls?” Julie asked, her blue eyes sparkling, bright in the dimly-lit bar.

“I’ll be twenty-one in two weeks and Jo is twenty-four,” Tess replied.

“Aah, good; and to be double-clear, you two are aware that that this club attracts mostly lesbian and bi women, right?” Sondra contributed güvenilir bahis siteleri to the table’s conversation.

“Oh, damn, I hope so; I’d be pissed if it didn’t,” Jo replied with a straight face, bringing laughter to all.

Their drinks arrived, all four women eyeing the tall, shapely server in her short outfit as she walked away with a very healthy tip. They chit-chatted, ordered another round, taking turns a couple of times with each other to dance to some slow tunes from the sound system.

In short, all were having a pleasant time, even able to cop a feel, here and there, on the dance floor.

“Would you ladies like to take the party to our house? It’s not far and one of you could ride with me and Julie could ride with one of you,” Sondra suggested as her hand rubbed Tess’ thigh under the table, her hand and fingers half-way up Tess’ short skirt.

“How ’bout I ride with you,” Tess suggested with no explanation of why. Giving her car keys over to Jo, saying, “Julie can guide you to Sondra’s, Jo and we’ll meet up there, okay?”

Winking at Tess, Jo just nodded in agreement, stood and took Julie by the hand to walk to Tess’ car. Tess and Sondra followed, walking a bit slower, their heads close together in private talk. Tess couldn’t help but notice the envious leers from some of the patrons as the two twenty-somethings left the bar with the two forty-somethings, the lustful glances causing Tess to smile to herself.

Sondra’s car was a big-assed Benz, brand-new and the largest sedan class that Mercedes had, easily over a hundred grand thought Tess as she admired the new, sure-to-be, classic.

Once inside the leather-rich sedan, both women turned to the other and leaned towards the lips of their car mate, Tess taking Sondra’s hand and placing it on her younger braless, firm tits as they kissed each other in the darkness of the car.

“Nice,” Sondra complimented as she freely felt up Tess after their kiss was over, “I like firm breasts; mine are okay but they are twenty years older than yours.”

“They feel fine to me,” Tess answered as she fondled Sondra’s C-cup breasts, the nipples pushing hard against the fabric of the lacy bra, as Tess’ hand wandered freely inside of the older woman’s blouse.

“Let’s do go home,” Sondra suggested, starting the car and driving to the exit. On the way, Tess caught a glimpse of Jo and Julie in a monster mouth-lock of a kiss as they stood next to Tess’ Beemer.

“May I?” Tess asked, sliding her hand under Sondra’s skirt without having yet received permission to do so.

“Oh, please do, darling, it’ll make the ten minute drive just that much better,” Sondra smilingly said to Tess and spreading her legs a bit for Tess’ hand and fingers to play.

It took Tess less than five minutes to get Sondra off, the orgasm damn near making her lose control of her Benz on the interstate.

“Ooooh, little girl, that felt good,” Sondra finally was able to say between gasps for breath, her chest heaving up and down from excitement.

“Have toys?” Tess asked while sucking Sondra’s juices from her two fingers.

“Many…have restraints, too, if you’re into that,” Sondra replied, happy that she went with her gut instinct by asking the two girls to join she and her partner, Julie.

“Gonna’ be a fun night Sondra,” Tess answered with a smile, Tess feeling her ‘kink’ coming on strong……

Following Julie’s directions, Jo guided Tess’ car through the interstate traffic while, unbuckled and laying across the console, Julie sucked on Jo’s tits as Jo drove them to Sondra’s. Jo used her left hand to steer the car while her right hand played with Julie’s shaved pussy under the older woman’s skirt.

“Mmmmm, I do like the way you suck titties,” Jo cooed honestly. It was true. Julie was an excellent titty-sucker. A precursor to spectacular pussy eating? Yeah, probably so, Jo correctly thought.

“Who wouldn’t love sucking on these beauties,” Julie remarked between long, pulling, suckles of Jo’s large nipples, small and tender bites a part of the play.

“If you like mine, you’d absolutely would love my sis’ housemate’s boobs, they are spectacular,” Jo answered without thinking first.


“Sister? Tess is your sister?” Julie asked, her eyes a bit wide at that revelation but her pussy getting a bit wetter, at the same time.

“Step-sis, actually,” Jo said in an attempt to recover her gaffe.

“Ooooh, that’s kinda’ kinky, but hot, I must say,” Julie replied, returning to suck on Jo’s titties as Jo fought hard to keep her concentration on her driving.

“Do you and Tess, you know, fool around wih each other?” Julie asked between bites of Jo’s nipples.

Well, the cat’s out of the bag now, Jo thought before answering, “Yeah, we do.”

“I like that,” was all that Julie answered as she opened her legs just a wee bit wider to accomodate Jo’s fucking fingers in her increasingly wet snatch….

The four women shared a bottle of excellent wine in a brief pre-sex ritual of setting the stage for what was to follow for them. Jo had pulled Tess off to the side to tell her of her slip of the tongue about their relationship. Seeing Sondra and Julie in hurried, quiet conversation, Jo correctly surmised that Julie was sharing the step-sib info with Sondra, as well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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