A Boy Who Came In from the Cold Ch. 05

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© Sadie Rose Bermingham 2005

“There’s not a lot you can do to alleviate the boredom of a long train journey. Or is there? Ant and Rayne and some new friends take time to find out!”


The train south was busier than the Eurostar had been. It had an upper and lower deck, another new experience for Rayne. He sat upstairs glued to his window at first, staring out as the patchwork of farmlands and industrial northern Europe flashed past. Ant pointed out the sprawl of Paris and the distant Eiffel Tower rising up from the horizon as they thundered by and his young companion made enthusiastic noises but gradually he tired of watching the view. Rayne began to fidget, shifting constantly in his seat. He thumbed through his magazine again, subdued now that the initial novelty had worn off. At last he folded the pages and closed his eyes. For an hour or so, Rayne slept, with his head against Ant’s shoulder and the older man’s arm around him, holding him protectively.

At Lyon two young men in casual suits boarded and sat in the vacant places at their table. They had a laptop computer, which they began to play with as soon as their jackets and bags were stowed away and the train was moving, chuckling and murmuring in French over some image on the screen. Ant tried to ignore them but he grew aware of the fact that one of them, the taller of the pair, a handsome fellow whose mahogany hair was slicked back from his face with gel, kept stealing glances at his sleeping companion. He was not sure whether to be irritated or pleased with himself.

As their eyes met the stranger smiled knowingly at him and asked a question which he only half understood. When Ant faltered on the response, he asked again in English.

“You are going south?”

“Yeah.” Ant nodded quickly.

“For holiday? ‘Together’?” The stress he put on the final word indicated more than just familiarity.

“We’re on holiday, yeah.” Ant stroked Rayne’s cheek with the backs of his fingers and the boy snuggled unconsciously closer.

“To Agde?” the young man enquired, a little too knowingly. “Or Toulouse?”

“Agde.” Ant caught the other Frenchman glancing at him now. He was blond and clean-cut with big blue eyes and he smelled delicious. His pale fringe flopped over his brow like a spill of milk. Ant thought he looked very young. “I’ve a friend there. We’re staying with him.”

“Agde is hot right now. Are you going to the Cap?” the blond almost whispered.

“My friend has a seventy foot cruiser at Ambonne,” Ant told him, as much to see to the expression on his face as anything else. They both appeared suitably impressed. Now the older guy looked pointedly at Rayne.

“You should keep him on a leash if you take him to Ambonne. Every gay guy there is gonna want to fuck him once he gets naked.” His pale grey eyes moved from Rayne to Ant’s face contemplatively. “I’m Christophe, he’s Thierry. It’s our third year at the Cap.”

As Ant introduced himself and Rayne, Christophe reached over to shake his hand, whispering conspiratorially; “Have you fucked him yet or are you waiting until you get him to the Cap?”

Ant felt his heart and cock quicken. He stroked Rayne’s spiky hair tenderly and the boy uttered a sleepy little noise and squirmed in his loose embrace.

“If you had him in your bed for a whole week could ‘you’ keep out of him?” he asked quietly, noting the quirk of Christophe’s lips. “I thought I’d better break him in first.”

The pair opposite exchanged a look and the blond grinned and almost blushed. His older companion turned the laptop slightly to show Ant what they had been looking at. On the screen was an explicit photograph of a naked, blindfolded youth, his lean, tanned body restrained in a black leather harness and cuffs so that his arms were strapped behind him. There was a black rubber ball gag in his mouth and he was sitting astride a tall, metal stool with his ankles strapped to the legs, looking back over one shoulder. A string of bright red anal beads hung from his exposed crack like a curious tail.

Ant felt his cock stir in his pants as he looked at the image. The older Frenchman pressed a key and the picture changed so that it showed the young man side on. The harness ran down the middle of his bared chest and over his belly. There was a cock ring at the base of it and the boy’s erect penis and shaved balls protruded through it, kept hard and swollen by the tightness of the ring.

“You like?” Christophe asked with a smug smile as Ant adjusted his jeans. Rayne stirred against his shoulder but did not wake.

“Yeah,” he breathed. “That’s good.”

“There are clubs, many places at the Cap where you can enjoy boys like this. Your canlı bahis boyfriend… does he also like to play this way?” Christophe had a gleam in his eye. “Does he like to be tied up when you fuck?”

He pressed the ‘enter’ key again and the image on screen shifted. The young man was kneeling, with his arms still pinioned behind him. He was on a tight leash attached to a heavy leather collar around his neck. Christophe knelt behind him, naked except for black leather studded gauntlets and a cock strap. His erect penis was half embedded in the boy’s arsehole, glistening with lube. With the blindfold off, Ant realised that the submissive was Thierry. His hair was dark in the pictures and he was wearing eye make-up and lipstick.

Ant wondered how old he was. If Christophe had been fucking him for three years he must have been very young the first time. He thought but was not sure that the age of gay consent in France was only 15. Now his cock was painfully hard in his pants as Christophe showed him more pictures of Thierry riding his dick and sucking it. There were a couple of photographs taken in a club showing the nude Thierry with his wrists cuffed to his thighs, sucking the cocks of naked men in harnesses whilst Christophe held his leash and caressed his cheek with a long handled whip.

“Don’t you mind?” he asked incredulously. “Doesn’t it make you jealous watching other men having him?”

For an answer, Christophe showed him a photograph of the pair of them, facing each other, Thierry bent forward sucking Christophe’s cock whilst two naked muscle queens fucked them both in the arse.

“Would you not like to watch your slut doing that?” he whispered eagerly. “At the Cap you will not be short of volunteers to help you satisfy him.”

Ant rubbed his cock as he thought of the other night in Soho. There was a damp patch to the left of his zipper where his throbbing head had been rubbing against his fly. Daniel had told him that the resort where his boat was moored was a hedonist’s playground but he had not mentioned fetish bars. He wondered what Rayne would make of that. Even as he contemplated it, the younger man stretched and rubbed his eyes with the backs of his knuckles. Christophe was looking greedily at him again.

“Do his headmaster or his father know you have run away with him?” he asked now, mischievously.

“He’s not a schoolboy,” Ant said defiantly. “I know he looks really young but he’s old enough to look after himself.”

Rayne’s head tilted back against his chest and the boy looked up at him sleepily, then seemed to realise that he was the object of scrutiny. He struggled upright and ran a hand through his soft, spiky, sable hair, blinking away the fog of sleep. His hand moved to the breast pocket of his jacket and he patted it urgently then seemed to calm down. Thierry whispered something in French and Christophe nodded wordlessly. He had not taken his eyes off Rayne since the young man started to wake.

“I’m not a fuckin’ freak-show,” Rayne Wilde said icily at last. Then he noticed the laptop for the first time. His eyes widened momentarily and his soft, bloodless lips parted around a silent exclamation. Ant bit back a smile.

“Rayne, this is Christophe and his young friend is Thierry. They’re going to the same place we are,” he explained mildly. “Christophe was just showing me some of the pictures they took last year.”

His sexy companion glanced at him rather sceptically he thought.

“Lovely,” he said, with more than a hint of sarcasm.

“‘You’ are very lovely, Rayne,” Christophe told him, sitting back with a serpentine smile. His eyes never left the young Englishman’s face. “Very beautiful, like your name. Before you woke, your friend was just about to tell us how good you are in his bed. I am wondering if he maybe needed to gag you before he first pushed his cock into your tight hole. Do you scream when he is fucking you, Rayne?”

Ant’s fingers stroked the back of his lover’s neck soothingly. He could see that the boy was irritated by this interrogation.

“I don’t scream at all,” Rayne said acerbically, resting his elbows on the table and staring at the picture on the laptop screen. “What you did on your holidays, huh?”

“You like that?” Christophe licked his lips.

“It’s not my cup of tea,” Rayne Wilde looked back at him without blinking. Then his gaze moved slowly to Thierry, who blushed again as Rayne tapped his image on the screen. “Is that you?”

“Oui.” The boy nodded then looked away. “Yes.”

“Does he pay you to do that?” Rayne asked, biting his lower lip to hide a sudden, knowing smile. Ant murmured his name in a low, warning tone.

“Non… I like…” Thierry’s cerulean stare returned more boldly. His English was not as confident as Christophe’s but he was not as shy as he pretended to be.

“Do you like getting fucked?” Rayne made no attempt to lower his voice. Across the aisle an elegantly dressed, middle aged woman peered over her reading glasses at him rather critically, bahis siteleri then returned to her book.

Thierry just nodded and Rayne sank back into his seat, observing the young Frenchman through narrowed, speculative eyes.

“I’d fuck you,” he said at last. “I’d like to fuck you right now.” He nodded towards Christophe, whose eyes were very bright and eager. “I think your boyfriend wants to watch me do it.”

Ant shifted in an attempt to alleviate the pressure of his tight pants on his poor, swollen cock. He too wanted to watch, and join in but it was well nigh impossible on this crowded train in the middle of the afternoon. Christophe was breathing heavily and clearly eager for the same thing. Rayne wiped the smile off his face by adding; “‘He’ll’ have to pay me… but I’ll do ‘your’ schoolboy arse for nothing, sweetheart.”

He picked up his magazine again and retreated behind it. Christophe exhaled a long, excited breath through his pursed lips and slid a hand beneath the table, wanking discreetly. Ant could take no more. Leaning towards Rayne he hissed; “Come to the lav with me.”

“Do it yourself,” the boy muttered without looking up at him. “You started it, you can finish it. You’re a big boy now.”

Finally, hard and frustrated, Ant did just that. For the second time that day he found himself in a toilet cubicle with both hands on his dick, beating his throbbing meat rapidly. He came almost at once and soothed himself by wetting his hand under the faucet and stroking a little soap up and down his shaft. When his hard-on did not ebb, he carried on masturbating his soapy cock for a little while longer, fantasising that he had Rayne and Thierry naked in here with him begging to take it first.

Back at the table Rayne ignored their travelling companions until Christophe had the gall to remark; “You treat your man like dirt. I think you need some discipline.”

“Not from you,” Rayne told him, without meeting his eyes.

At last, Christophe also gave up and pushed his way out into the aisle. He shot a look at Thierry who almost rose to follow him until the English youth’s sharp green stare flickered to his cherubic face. Rayne shook his head with a little sigh and curled up, pretending to read. To his amazement, Thierry sat down again and Christophe’s whispered urgings came to naught. Once the older man had vanished into the corridor, presumably to find a private space of his own, Rayne Wilde put down the magazine and looked frankly at Thierry.

“Why do you put up with that?” he asked disgustedly. “He’s a creep.”

“He is good to me,” Thierry said bashfully. “And I like it, most times.”

“Does he hit you with that?” Rayne looked distastefully at the crop with which Christophe was stroking Thierry’s creamy cheek in the foursome photograph.

“Not hard… he does not mark me,” Thierry whispered. “And sometimes it feels good. Pleasure and pain; a coin with two sides, non?”

“Whatever!” Rayne sighed and picked up the magazine again.

“Your friend… Ant… he seemed aroused by the pictures. I think he would like to tie you and make you submissive to him,” Thierry ventured nervously.

“In his dreams, perhaps.” Rayne managed a smile.

“I think he hopes that you will be like this with him and his friends at the Cap,” the French lad suggested.

His companion put down the magazine decisively. “Thierry. Ant knows nothing about me,” he exhaled. “He likes to think he does, but he knows nothing and he makes up what he doesn’t know. He thinks I’m a good boy gone wrong and that if he’s nice to me I’ll roll over and beg.”

“I think that he likes you a lot,” Thierry persisted.

“He likes screwing me,” Rayne retorted at once.

“You don’t?” the boy frowned.

Rayne opened his mouth to affirm this, then closed it again. For a moment he looked away, staring through the images that flashed past his window, suddenly uncertain. Ant had been indecently good to him… and fabulously indecent with him, it was true. The memory of his lover’s big cock thrusting hard inside him as they fucked on the bed yesterday morning was enough to make him uncomfortably aroused. Rayne shifted in his seat and when he looked back at Thierry the blond was staring at his straining crotch with a little smile on his face.

“That looks big. Do you still want to put it in me?” Thierry whispered.

He and Rayne were on their feet instantly. Thierry raced for the far end of the carriage and Rayne was hot on his heels ignoring the looks of disgust they got from their fellow passengers. The first cubicle was locked and the second disgusting. At the far end of the next car they found an empty berth that did not look or smell too unhygienic and tumbled into it, laughing and gasping. Rayne locked the door and Thierry began to unbutton the Englishman’s jeans at once. Rayne pulled the boy’s soft, wet mouth onto his and they kissed like starving creatures falling onto food. Rayne’s hands ripped open Thierry’s shirt and pants, letting bahis şirketleri his trousers fall to the floor and stroking his palm flat down the other lad’s hairless belly and into his snug briefs. Thierry’s fingers milked his cock and rubbed the oozing pre-cum from the tip right down to the base of his shaft as Rayne sucked on his tongue.

“Say your name back to me,” he huffed into the lad’s mouth as their lips parted wetly.

Thierry did so, breathless and confused. It sounded like ‘cherry’ the way he said it. Rayne told him that, in-between greedy kisses.

“Why is that funny?” Thierry protested, wanking his cock more urgently.

“It’s not funny, it sounds sexy. Are you still at school, Cherry?” he panted into the boy’s mouth.

“Uh-huh.” Thierry shook his head. “At college, I’m eighteen.”

“You look about fourteen,” Rayne kissed his neck and throat as Thierry pushed up his T-shirt to his armpits. “I thought Christophe must have abducted you or something.”

The youngster began to lick and suck Rayne’s nipples, pushing the other boy against the door and pressing Rayne’s erection down between his legs so that he could straddle and ride on it. The silky material of his briefs was already soaked with cum. It felt good rubbing his prick against Thierry’s balls through the wet silk.

“I thought you were only sixteen, even younger when you were asleep,” his mate was murmuring as his tongue flickered back and forth over Rayne’s sensitive nips. “You looked like a young girl. Christophe kept saying to me… ‘He’s going to lose his virginity this week… for sure!’ He was so excited thinking of you doing it for the first time with your boyfriend’s big cock in you. Christophe likes very young, innocent boys.”

“I’m nearly twenty one… cheeky bastard!” Rayne laughed breathlessly. “Ohhh…Cherry! If you keep on doing that I’m gonna cum.”

Roughly he turned Thierry around now and pushed him forward over the basin, pulling off his shirt and letting it drop then crouching quickly to pull down the boy’s tight blue briefs, exposing his silky, pink crack. He was so soft down there that he must have been waxed completely clean. The big balls that dropped from his underpants suggested that he certainly was no longer a schoolboy although his cock was smaller than Rayne’s. He was stiff and rose pink with a tight foreskin and firm, cleft glans that felt like two oiled marbles in a velvet bag. Rayne stroked the ball of his thumb over it, feeling Thierry squirm with pleasure as the Englishman’s tongue began to circle his anus, licking and caressing it wetly. The blond bucked in his hand and muttered something breathlessly in his own tongue.

“What do you want?” Rayne whispered against his arsehole, watching it yield and open slightly. He wormed his tongue into that tasty crevice. The boy was clean and delicious and Rayne wasted no time getting his tongue right up the lad’s hole, licking him out and nuzzling his tender crack.

“Ahhh… Oui! Fuck me! Fuck Meeeee!” Thierry pleaded eagerly. Rayne felt the boy’s stiff young penis begin to spurt in his hand as he kissed and lapped at that beautiful young hole. Rising slowly, he rubbed the boy’s spill over his cock, loving the way it mingled with his own hot pre-cum and left him feeling slippery and ready for action.

Stripping out of his shirt and T-shirt he pushed his jeans down and kissed his way seductively up Thierry’s naked back. The boy’s bleached blond hair was soft and downy at the nape of his neck and Rayne licked and kissed him there then tongued his left ear, whispering; “I’m going to fuck you so hard now, you little blond bitch. You’d better be ready for me.”

He rubbed his hard tool between Thierry’s silky cheeks and the little blond squirmed and moaned, thrusting his slim hips back to meet Rayne’s grinding crotch.

“Ohhhh… fuck me. Fuck me,” he panted. “Put your cock in me. Put it in me and fuck me with it. Please!”

Rayne caught the boy’s earlobe between his teeth, biting and sucking on it as he pressed the slippery head of his aching penis between Thierry’s sexy little buttocks, gripping the French boy’s hips and spreading his cheeks as he pulled the boy’s hot, tight arsehole onto his cock. He almost came then and there, Thierry felt so good and tight around him. Rayne held back, gasping until his throat hurt, listening to the other lad begging and moaning with desire.

“Ahhh…. Ahhhh… yessss…. Fuck me… Fuck my hole! Fuck that big cock in me!” Thierry bucked his hips back against Rayne and the horny young Englishman realised that he was entering Thierry without even having to move. The boy was mounting him, thrusting his hungry arsehole onto Rayne’s rock hard prick and riding him hard.

“Ohhhhh… ohhhh yeah!” Rayne moaned, leaning back against the cubicle door and grinding his hips steadily against Thierry’s smooth, white buttocks until he had worked the whole length of his seven and half inch prick into the randy teen. He gripped Thierry’s hips again, slamming his throbbing rod deeper and feeling the younger man coming back to meet him mid thrust. “Ohhhh…. Cherry! Yeah! Ride me, ride me like that. That’s so fuckin’ good. Ahhhh… you’re a fuckin’ angel. I’m gonna cum… gonna cum so hard!”

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