A Mom and Her Son: Naked Time

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(This is a short, short story, inspired by a woman I see around periodically. I don’t know if she fucks her son or even whether she has any children at all. But if I were her son, I’d surely want to fuck her! Because of the story’s brevity, the story will likely get killed in the voting.)


The mother is about 60 years old now, with curly grey shoulder length hair. She wears the sort of wire glasses you might expect a woman her age to wear. She’s gone through the suburban activist circuit on the PTA, the Lodge’s Ladies Auxiliary, and the Happy Homemakers.

At 60, she still has an attractive figure, an extra pound here and there. But she’s not fat by any means. She is pleasantly buxom, but not excessively.

She quilts, bakes cookies and keeps her house clean.

Oh, and she fucks her son. She fucks him sore. And he fucks his mother silly. They fuck often.

Sex with her son began slowly. It was an incremental process, one step at a time and no rush. When he was 18 years old, she walked in on him while he was masturbating. Taking pity on his embarrassment, she told him not to worry. Then, to reassure him that it was alright, canlı bahis she gave him a hand job. And she kept on giving him hand jobs. That went on every day when dad was not around.

After a month, she began to give him blow jobs. He could barely believe that his quilting, cookie baking, homemaking mom even knew how to suck cock. But she proved herself to be an expert. And she looked so delightful when his jizz was dripping off her face. She still does.

When he left for college, she visited him once a month for a weekend. His dad thought that she was being a helicopter mom. He thought she smothering the boy with her maternal affections. In the event, her son was sometimes playfully smothered by mom on top as he and she began to have sexual intercourse on those college visits. It happened simple enough in the motel near the college. She just grabbed him by his erect cock and dragged him by it to her bed. He came willingly. The first time his cock pushed into his mother’s cunt was indescribably exquisite for both. He wondered if there were other mothers and sons fucking in other motel rooms and thereby experiencing the same ecstasy.

She bahis siteleri was prim in demeanor, staid and soft spoken at community meetings. She was a screaming, lust-crazed bitch in bed with her son. It was her way of keeping him focused on his studies. It was her pleasure as well.

Mother and son enjoyed their sexual relationship for many years. Even when her son found a girl his own age to marry soon after college, he was still having fuckliscious sex with his mother. His father had died and he thought it was the least he could do for his mom. Besides which, he hated the idea of some geezer putting the moves on her and exploiting her good nature. Mom may be a first class cocksucker who’d suck every last drop out of her son and a rolling bitch in bed when she and her son really get it on. But she also had a naive side. He didn’t want any guy to get over on his mom, con her out of her money and otherwise freeloading off her. As far as the son was concerned, he wasn’t cheating on his wife as he was being a good son to his mother. It was okay with mom, even after she became a grandmother. She lived about a mile across town from her son and his bahis şirketleri family. So it was convenient, but with enough space not to be too risky that her daughter in law might barge in. Mother in law and daughter in law got along fine.

There is a lot of duty, love and protection in this mother and son incestuous relationship. But don’t get the wrong idea. It’s about the physical pleasure. Her son loves the wide eyed and flush look on mom’s face when she cums. She can’t remember it ever being this good with his father. Even after years of pounding his mother’s cunt, he still can’t get over how good it feels when her cunt grips his cock and he feels his jizz shooting into mom. Maybe it has to do with the taboo giving it that bit of extra zest.

In case you are wondering, the son’s sexual relationship with his wife is fine. He has noticed that his wife doesn’t the sexual appetite that she had in the early years. Especially since their son turned 18, she seems to be fretting over him more and more. She’s going up to visit him at college this weekend to make he’s keeping his grades up. She seems to have a way of communicating with him that her husband lacks. Okay then, he thinks. While the wife is away, he’ll be able to have what he and his mom have come to call their “naked time.” If he only knew that’s by coincidence what his wife and his son call their time together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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