A Session to Remember

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Alexis Ren

I found this place, I heard about it online. The concept of the place is simple, you choose the type of room you would like to enter, you pay a certain amount and then you have an hour to have the time of your life.

I choose an all female dark room, which meant there would only be females in the room and the room would be pitch black. This would be my first time having a not only a sexual lesbian experience but also my first time having sex with more than one person at a time and trust me I was ready for it.

I had never participated in one of these rooms before but I only heard amazing things about it, although I didn’t know exactly what to expect I couldn’t wait to have a bunch of girls make me cum.

I entered the pitch black room and I was already naked from top to bottom, they made us take all our clothes off and put them in a locker room before our session began. I was told that they’re were chair set up in a circle around the room and that we all had to find one and take a seat before the session could begin. They also told us that toys were placed on the floor all around the room. There were night vision cameras and workers would keep an eye on us during the session for safety purposes, they also gave us a safe world “red” so that others could be alerted if one canlı bahis of us needed to stop.

I was the first to enter the room, so finding a seat was pretty easy. I heard the door open and close 6 times afterward which meant that there were 6 other girls in the room with me. Soon after the last girl entered, they announced through the speakers that our session had now begun. This was my first time here and I didn’t know what to do exactly so I just stayed seated.

Not too far from me I could hear some girls moaning softly and suddenly, I felt someone touch my feet. Her hands went up my legs and spread them apart, she then stroked her finger up and down my now wet pussy. I sat on the edge of the chair as she started to lick my holes. Her tongue soon found its way to my clit and she started licking it faster and faster. I couldn’t believe what this girl was doing to me, I was about to cum already. My moans became louder and louder, she slid two fingers into me and that pushed me over the edge. With a very loud high pitched moan, I came all over her fingers.

I slid down from the chair and laid on top of the girl, I started kissing her neck, going down to her tits and sucking her nipples. The sounds of her moans made me get even wetter. I touched around on the floor to see if I could bahis siteleri find any toys nearby and to my luck there was a vibrator right next to us. I turned it on and placed it right on her clit. She was now moaning even louder. I slid two of my fingers in her pussy and started fingering her all while holding the vibrator on her clit. I felt another girl touch my legs, she soon found my dripping wet pussy and without warning slid a dildo inside me. This girl had clearly found a strap-on. She pounded me hard. I was still fingering the other girl and I asked her if she was close to cumming, she said yes. I started counting down from ten, I wanted her to cum with me. When I got to 4 I practically couldn’t take it anymore, that dildo was so big and was spreading me wider than I had ever been spread before. When I finally reached 1 I screamed loudly, I came all over that dildo and that girl squirted all over me.

We spread apart and I found another girl who had another girl siting on her face and was eating her out. The moans and screams in the room were so loud I could barely hear myself think.

I spread the girl’s legs apart and started licking her clit, she was wet and her pussy tasted amazing. I could hear the girl who was sitting on her face screaming “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna… bahis şirketleri aargghh, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” The girl got up and I believe she walked away although I really couldn’t see her. I was still licking this girl’s clit and she was dripping all over the place all while moaning loudly, but I wanted something good to finish her off, I felt around on the floor around me and I found a toy, but I couldn’t exactly make out what it was. It felt like two vibrators connected by a string I found a button and pushed it, the two vibrators immediately started vibrating, I slid one of the vibrators into the girl and the other into me, we were now connected by a string, I spread the girl’s legs even further apart and started rubbing my clit on her clit.

The girl started screaming “I can’t take it anymore, it’s too much, it’s too much.” But I wouldn’t stop. I knew she was liking it plus I wanted to cum one more time and I wanted her to cum with me. The vibrator was hitting my G spot just right and I started rubbing my clit on her clit even harder. Suddenly, I heard her scream “I’m cumming” followed by “RED” but there was no way I was gonna stop until I came, I started rubbing our clits together harder and faster, while she was screaming and fighting against me. Finally I felt it coming. ” I’m about to… Aaaarghhhh, I’m cumming” I started rubbing our clits together slower and slower until my orgasm stopped. I slid the vibrator out of my now swollen pussy, I got up, found the door and walked out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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