AAA it Ain’t

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I had two weeks of vacation and planned to enjoy my time off with a canoe trip through Minnesota’s Boundary Waters. My girlfriend couldn’t get away from work, so I was on my own. I loaded the truck with my fishing gear, tied the canoe on top and left Portland late Sunday night. By Monday afternoon, I was flying down State Highway 20 in the middle-of-fucking-nowhere, South Dakota, only six hours from my destination when my engine overheated.

Pulling to the shoulder, I cussed my rotten luck as I jacked open the hood. Shit! I had dropped a belt and I didn’t have a spare on me. Out here my cell phone was useless, so I hunkered down and waited for another vehicle to pass. On the desolate strip of black top, it took nearly an hour before an Eighteen-wheeler came barreling down the road.

I flagged the big truck down, noting the California plates on the rig. It was a moving van with one of those big trucker cabs that doubles as a rolling condo.

“What’s up buddy?” the driver enquired, staring down from his massive rig.

“Threw a belt,” I replied disgustedly. “Could you give me a ride to the next town?” I hate the idea of hitchhiking, especially with all the freaks around these days, but I was shit out of options.

“Sure, climb up.”

“My name’s Will,” I offered, extending my hand to the trucker.

“Dave,” responded the driver as his giant hand engulfed mine. He geared the big rig back up to speed, concentrating on the road ahead.

Dave was a big guy. He wore a wife-beater that showed his rippling biceps, covered with tattoos. His face was deeply lined and tanned, a bushy goatee framing his mouth. Hard to tell sitting, but he was probably 6’5″ and had to weigh 250 pounds, all of it muscle.

“Nice rig,” I offered.

“Thanks,” he replied. Not much of a talker, but who was I to argue.

I found a map in the overhead console and spread it open. “Looks like Bison is the next town, maybe 60 miles,” I noted.

“Yep,” Dave replied, as he drove on stoically.

Giving up on conversation, I was watching the parched prairie fly by when a new voice startled me, “Hey Dave, what do we have here? A fresh piece of meat?”

I turned to find a second guy’s head poked through the curtain that separated the cab from the condo. He was shirtless, looking disheveled as if he had just woken up. His breath smelled of stale beer and cigarettes, his eyes bloodshot, as he looked me up and down.

“Guy broke down,” Dave replied.

“That sucks dude,” the stranger whistled. “Out here in the middle of nowhere with nobody around to help.”

“I’m Will,” introducing myself to the new guy, a tinge of uncertainty in my voice.

“Willing to what?” the guy laughed. “I’m Dave’s driving partner, Carl.”

“So you guys split the driving?” I enquired.

“That among other things,” Carl chuckled. “Hey Davey, you thinking what I’m thinking?” Carl continued mischievously.

“Hell yes!” Dave replied, the first emotion I had noted in his deadpan delivery.

Carl threw back the curtain to the condo cab, revealing the dark interior. Carl was reclining on a large platform bed, clad only in a dirty jock strap and a pair of hiking boots, a large bulge forming in his pouch.

“Welcome to Casa Carl,” he joked as he rubbed his pecker through the jock’s material.

Carl was built like a Mack truck. His hairy chest was huge, tapering down to a slim waist. He was also well over 6 feet tall, muscled head to toe. His nipples were pierced and he had several days’ growth on his rough face. I didn’t at all like the way he was looking at me.

“Hey guys, maybe you can just drop me off here?” I stuttered.

Carl and Dave broke into deep laughter, “No, we are gonna take good care of you, little buddy,” Carl replied.

“But before we can help you, we need you to help us,” Dave interjected, becoming more animated.

“Yea, don’t you think one good turn deserves another?” Carl croaked wryly. “You didn’t think this was a free ride, didya? What do we look like, the Triple fucking A?”

This was fucked up. I wasn’t into any Deliverance style pig squealing. I was praying these guys were just jerking my chain. I am fairly athletic, but at 5’10” and 175 dripping wet, these guys outweighed me by 75 pounds each. Plus we were still barreling down the highway at 80 miles per hour.

“Why don’t you take off your shirt and relax?” Carl coaxed.

“No thanks, I’m fine….”

Carl leaned into the cab, cutting me off as he pulled a knife from the console placing it roughly against my neck. “I said take off your shirt and make yourself comfortable!”

Taking a deep breath, I pulled off my shirt, trying to remain calm.

“He’s cut, Davey,” Carl cooed. “Good scouting, partner.”

Carl leaned back on the cab’s bed and fiddled with some dials on a wall panel. Lights came on in the condo and two television screens blinked to life. Each screen showed different angles of the trucks condo, Carl spread out beneath the lights squeezing his dick through his jockstrap. canlı bahis şirketleri These fuckers had the condo wired for video production, their own rolling porn studio.

“I’m gonna enjoy reliving this ‘rescue’ in living color,” Carl barked. “If his ass is half as tight as his abs, I think we are in for a treat, Davey boy”

How the fuck was I gonna get out of this? It was a goddamn nightmare come true. These horny truck-driving perverts were planning to rape my virgin ass and for posterity, capture it on video.

“Look guys…” I began.

“Shut the fuck up, city boy,” Carl ordered. “You be a good little piece of ass and you won’t get hurt; well we won’t hurt you too bad. Now take off those shorts and shoes.”

I thought about jumping from the truck, but even if I survived the fall, I was still stranded out here in the middle of nowhere, these two turds hot on my tail.

“Now!” Carl commanded, brandishing the knife again.

I slowly removed my shoes and socks. Rising out of the seat, I peeled my shorts off, amazed to find my dick semi-erect.

“Lookee there partner,” Carl chuckled, “His mind says no but his dick is thinking otherwise. I think this little faggot’s gonna enjoy this.”

Dave reached over and picked up my t-shirt and shorts, throwing them out the open window, “You’re ours now boy, don’t get no funny ideas.”

As I reached too late for my discarded clothes, Dave grabbed me roughly by the wrist. With one hand still on the steering wheel, he forced my hand down to his crotch, guiding me to the giant bulge in his Levis.

“That’s for you, pumpkin,” Dave snarled as my hand closed around the lead pipe running down the inside of his thigh. Holy fucking shit, I thought! That cock can’t be real. It felt like a damn baseball bat.

Wrestling my hand free, I looked up at Dave, a look of fear and confusion on my face.

Reading my mind he grinned, “It’s real alright; and it’s got your name all over it.”

My mind was spinning. These two thugs meant business and the business they were in was not good for my health.

“Why don’t you crawl back her, Willy?” Carl began, “I got something to show you.” He yanked his jock aside, his growing erection springing into view.

“Oh shit,” I exclaimed, as his big cock was freed. It was already 9-inches long and still growing. Dark like its owner, the head was still partially hidden beneath his uncut foreskin. His balls were extremely hairy, and hung very low. He slowly jerked his hardening tool, revealing a big red plum-sized knob, a silver ring pierced through his piss slit.

“I think he likes it,” Dave cackled as he slowed the rig, turning off on a small dirt road heading into the gently rolling hills.

“Get back here, boy,” Carl ordered, “And bury your head in my lap.”

With the highway disappearing over the horizon behind us, I was helpless. I was going to have to make the most of this, praying these dirt bags were just rapist and not murderers.

Nude, I crawled into the condo, watching my naked body appear on the two TV screens.

“I gotta tell you boy,” Carl began, “I prefer little fillies to faggot boys, but a mouth is a mouth. You be a good little cocksucking bitch, and I might even use some lube before I rape your tight man-cunt.”

The idea of taking his dirty cock in my mouth was disgusting. But the thought of his huge missile raping my virgin ass was horrifying.

“You have sucked dick before, haven’t you, you little queer?” Carl questioned.

“No way!” I answered. “I’ve got a girlfriend and I’m straight.”

As he presented his cock to my lips he advised, “Well just imagine you are your girlfriend and I am you. I know it’s a stretch, my cock being so much bigger than yours, but you get the idea.”

He was right. I have a respectable seven-inch cock, more than most girls can throat, but his cock was a marvel of manhood. Fully erect now, it had to be ten-inches long, not much thicker than my shaft but with a bulbous, angry head teetering viciously on the end of his tool.

The air brakes screeched as the rig came to a stop. As I hesitated, my mouth just inches from Carl’s dick, he took full control.

Smack! He spanked my face hard with his stiff dick, “Suck it bitch, what are you waiting for?”

I licked the tip of his dick, getting my first taste of cock, a generous dribble of pre-cum coating my tongue. Swallowing, I wasn’t repulsed by the salty sweetness of his jizz and bravely took the knob of his monster in my mouth.

“That’s it bitch,” Carl murmured, “I’ll teach you to suck cock.”

I firmly grabbed his turgid member, stroking his tool as I knelt over his crotch. Saliva from my mouth mixed with his pre-cum to lube his piston, as I jerked his nasty cock.

Viciously, the trucker thrust his hips up, forcing several inches of his cock down my untrained throat. I immediately gagged trying to lift my head off his impaling boner. Carl firmly grasped my head, not allowing me to extricate his shaft from my throat. canlı kaçak iddaa I thought I was going to choke to death as my eyes watered and I fought back the urge to puke.

Letting go of my head, Carl laughed loudly as I spit his dick from my throat, coughing and gagging, “Not bad, faggot. You got about two-thirds of it down there. But I think you can do better. And watch those fucking teeth!”

Strangely, I thought I could do better too. I had seen chicks in pornos throat dicks this big. Why couldn’t I? Maybe if I could please him with my mouth, he would spare my virgin ass.

As I struggled to regain my breathing, I licked up and down his big ice cream cone, lubing the entire shaft with my saliva, eager not to piss this big fucker off. I was going to need all the lube I could to work his monster back down my throat.

“Don’t forget my balls, Sally,” Carl ordered.

Tentatively, I squeezed his large nuts, feeling the hot boiling jizz gurgling inside his sack.

“Suck them,” he commanded.

I took each ball in my mouth, his sweat tasting salty and dirty. I nibbled each nut as I continued to stroke his towering cock.

“Suck my cock, again,” he continued.

As I lowered my mouth back down on his treacherous shaft, I felt a pair of hands grasp my exposed butt. Dave spread my cheeks and I felt his tongue rimming my puckered hole. I had once talked a drunken girlfriend into rimming my ass. She thought it was gross and we broke-up shortly there after. But I had loved every minute of it.

As I fought my gag reflex, I worked my throat down on Carl’s swollen member, getting another inch beyond my previous high water mark, the pierced ring of his knob rubbing against the back of my stretched throat.

Dave continued to eat my ass, his talented tongue fucking my sphincter, causing waves of never before felt pleasure to radiate through my body. The picture on the video screen of that big ugly trucker burying his tongue up my ass made me sick to my stomach, but my ass was twitching and loving every minute of it. I could see Dave had stripped down as well, but with Carl’s cock buried down my throat, I couldn’t maneuver to see Dave’s package.

“This fucker’s got some talent,” Carl whistled. “A couple more tries and I’ll be tickling his nose with my pubes.”

Pulling his cock from my mouth he asked, “You like sucking that big cock, don’t you bitch?”

Slow to respond, Carl slapped my face repeatedly with his dick. “I can’t hear you?”

“Yes sir,” I responded. “I like sucking your big dick.”

“Tell me more, faggot!” Carl ordered.

I didn’t really know what to say. I feared for my life, raped by two huge truckers, stranded in the middle of nowhere, without hope of rescue.

Slapping my face with his angry dick, Carl bellowed, “Beg for my dick, cocksucker!”

Dave reached between my legs and squeezed my exposed balls tightly, a sickening feeling racing through my body, “Beg for it douche bag.”

“I wanna suck your huge cock,” I grunted. “Please fuck my face with your giant boner.”

“That’s better, sissy,” Carl moaned as he pushed my head back down on his erection. As I worked his tool down my throat, he thrust up violently, forcing another couple inches down my throat, only an inch of his fat shaft still exposed. My eyes bulged as I struggled to breath through my nose, his cock blocking my windpipe.

“That’s it bitch, suck my cock,” Carl groaned. “Hey Dave, I think I can get my whole rod down this fucker’s pie hole, but not in this position.”

Withdrawing his dick from my aching mouth, Carl ordered me back into the front seat, “Lay down across the front bench, with your head hanging off the seat, out the open door. Cross your arms behind your back.”

As I followed his orders, Carl climbed out on the running boards, his voracious cock glistening in the afternoon sun. “Lean your head back and open your throat,” he commanded, “I’m gonna fuck that hot throat of yours like a pussy.”

As I tilted my head back, I noticed Dave had grabbed a hand-held video camera and was shooting the new scene. Carl grabbed the trucks roof and thrust his boner towards my open mouth. I jacked open my jaw, relaxed my throat, and tilted my head way back, creating a long straight path down my throat for Carl’s horny pipe.

Almost immediately, I felt his sweaty nutsack against my forehead, his cock stuffed fully down my open hole, “Hey Davey, check it out. This little faggot is deep throating my whole dick. And look how hard his little dick is!”

Carl withdrew his pecker and started to fuck my face with deep, powerful strokes, his nuts bouncing off my forehead, “Keep my cock lubed with your tongue, I’d hate to get it stuck down your throat,” Carl chuckled.

As Carl assaulted my face, I felt Dave lift my ass off the front bench and place a pillow under me. With my ass raised off the seat, he raised my legs up on his broad shoulders, pinning them to his chest with his strong arm, my puckered hole open for his inspection.

I canlı kaçak bahis felt a large solid object press against my recently rimmed bunghole, but with Carl buried down my throat, my arms pinned beneath me, and Dave’s strong grip on my legs, I was helpless.

“You’re in for a treat now,” Carl bellowed as he relentlessly pounded my sore throat. “Women go nuts for Dave’s big fuckstick.”

I struggled, squirming my ass from side to side as Dave leaned his weight against my virgin sphincter.

“Relax fuckbucket,” Dave ordered as he squeezed my swollen nuts, “You ain’t goin’ nowhere. The more you struggle, the more its gonna hurt.”

With an audible pop, his dickhead speared my cherry. The pain was searing. It felt like I was passing a kidney stone, only the fucker was working its way upstream.

“Damn that’s a tight hole,” Dave sighed. “You better relax your sphincter or I’m gonna do some permanent damage.”

Realizing the futility of my struggles, I tried to relax, accepting the inevitable. Dave continued feeding his trucker dick up my ass, inch by painful inch. I was starting to wish I had jumped from the speeding truck, at least it would have been over quickly. Every couple of inches he stopped, my prayers that he had run out of cock eventually shattered as he inched his way forward again.

I tried to scream, but my throat was stuffed with Carl’s smelly dick. He was keeping several inches rammed down my throat as he fucked me with short, slow strokes. Carl reached inside the cab, pinching my exposed nipples roughly, adding further to my discomfort.

I was nothing but a rag doll, suspended between two horny boners as they had their way with my poor body. At last, I felt Dave’s balls against my tender ass, his endless cock buried to the hilt in my backdoor.

“Damn, Carl,” Dave moaned, “He took my entire cock us his virgin shitter. This guy does have some talent.”

“You like Dave’s big rod buried up your butt, don’t you faggot,” Carl snarled. Reaching down, he roughly jerked my hard dick, thumping my sensitive head abusively.

Unable to answer, I tried to nod my head yes, fearful of any further reprisals.

Dave slowly withdrew his cock from my ass, a loud hiss escaping as he uncorked my stuffed rear. Before the burning could subside, he again positioned his knob at my hole, this time penetrating my newly stretched ass with one deep, powerful stroke. He repeated this several times, my ass only slowly acclimating to his huge tool, the pain subsiding minutely with each violation.

As my hole adjusted to his girth, Dave picked up the pace, fucking me with long deep strokes, his balls bouncing off my ass, his knob no longer uncorking my hole with each withdrawal.

Carl finally pulled his shiny cock from my raw throat. Expecting a scream, I was surprised when a long sigh escaped my mouth, “Ohhhhhhhhhhh.”

“You did it partner,” Carl cackled, “You converted another one.”

I was confused. I was being brutally raped, and though my mind was repulsed, my body had taken over; and was loving it. Free of Carl’s grip, I actually found my body leaning into each of Dave’s powerful strokes, wanting to feel his balls slapping my ass.

“Fuck my virgin butt,” I moaned, unable to control my own mouth. “Rip me open with your big, powerful cock. Oh my god, it hurts so fucking good.”

Carl let out a loud, “Yee-fucking-haw,” as he reinserted his boner back down my throat.

The men found a violent rhythm and fucked my abused body with a reckless passion. The pain slowly disappeared, and I felt a hunger for these massive pieces of man-meat. As Carl leaked pre-cum down my throat, I thirsted to taste his salty jizz.

“I wanna ride this piece of man-pussy from behind,” Dave snarled, his balls thumping off my butt. He slowed his pace and withdrew his fudge packer.

As my ass attempted to adjust, I longed for his pole to be planted back in my hole.

“Don’t stop,” I begged, “I need your fat cock buried in my shitter.” What the hell was happening to me?

Both truckers laughed as they climbed down off the truck. “Then get your ass down here, on your fucking hands and knees,” Dave ordered.

As I crawled between the two truckers, I got my first good look at Dave’s dick. It was huge; maybe an inch longer than Carl’s, and considerably thicker. It was milky white in color, contrasted against his deeply tanned skin, with a slight upward curve as it snaked from his ripped body. He wore a large steel cock ring, his pubes shaved clean. I reached up to touch his magnificent wand, my fingers not closing around his massive girth.

“Go ahead faggot, taste your own ass juice on my butt spear,” Dave teased.

I couldn’t resist, I opened my mouth and swallowed a few inches of his turd burglar. His cock pulsed in my mouth.

“Down on all fours, queerbate,” Dave ordered. “I intend to pop my load down your shitter.”

Reluctantly, I released my hold on his impressive member, dropping onto all fours, the rocks and dirt biting into my exposed knees.

“Grab that video camera, Carl,” Dave motioned, “I want to film my dick splitting this fucker in two.”

Carl manned the video as he positioned himself at my face, his ten-inches poised to finish fucking my tender throat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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