Becoming a Pet Ch. 02

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Part 2 of the story, it continues at a slow pace, however part 3 will be more about the evolving relationship between the two main characters. I was surprised when it was pointed out that I had posted part 1 over a year ago. However after the next two stories I will post part 3.


Once in the bedroom Kelda sat on the bed and pointed to the floor in front of her. Alexandra hesitated momentarily before complying. Kelda’s lips tightened briefly but then she spoke.

“Kiss your mistress’ feet, now.” Alexandra was taken aback by the harshness of Kelda’s tone, but she obeyed, giving each foot a quick peck before looking up at Kelda, who looked increasingly tense. “Up on my lap.” This time Alexandra complied quickly and lay across Kelda’s lap. Kelda brought a hand down hard on Alexandra’s ass. Alexandra moaned, but otherwise did not react. The spankings kept coming and soon Alexandra was struggling and moaning loudly. However Kelda continued the spanking without pause, although now she was emphasizing the spanking with speech.

“I send you flowers and you throw them away. I offer to take you out and you refuse me. Now that stops.” Finally Kelda stopped panting heavily. When her breathing returned to normal she patted Alexandra signaling her to get up. Alexandra slowly climbed off Kelda’s lap, stunned as she rubbed her sore reddened ass. Kelda rose to her feet and grabbed Alexandra’s head as she turned around. Kelda pulled Alexandra to her rear as she spoke.

“Lick my ass, Lexi.” She hesitated, but Kelda pulled her in harder. “Do it. Now.” Alexandra was still uncertain, but began licking tentatively. In of itself licking wasn’t too bad, but the problem was that she was being held tightly in place and her neck was becoming sore. Kelda moaned loudly as she continued to rub her ass against Alexandra’s face. Soon Kelda tired of this and released Alexandra, who promptly collapsed back onto the floor. Kelda sat on the bed spreading her legs.

“Start licking and don’t stop until I cum.” Alexandra dipped her head to begin licking, quickly losing enthusiasm as she increasingly became interested in making Kelda cum, if only to get it over with. Kelda held on tightly as Alexandra licked and sucked. However even as Kelda’s moaning increased it seemed like it would still be some time before she would cum. Alexandra quickly licked her fingers and pushed two into Kelda’s pussy and one into her ass. The response was a sharp intake of breath and Alexandra began thrusting hard, desperate to get Kelda off.

“That is so good, Lexi.” Alexandra desperately thrust and sucked trying to bring Kelda to orgasm. Kelda came with a near scream. She released Alexandra and lounged as she laid back on the bed. A short time later she looked down at Alexandra who was looking up pleadingly.

“Hmm, does Lexi want me to play with her pussy?”

“Yes please…mistress.” Kelda shook her head.

“Not now, I think I’ll take a nap. In one, no two hours I expect you to crawl between my legs and get me off again. I think I might use my strapon later.” With this statement she curled up on the bed and was unresponsive to Alexandra. Alexandra felt like screaming, but did not want to deal with Kelda if she woke her up. She stood up and walked to the living the room. When she didn’t see Arushi she sat on the couch as she thought about leaving as she couldn’t stand to see further abuse from Kelda. On some level she had seriously considered seeing where the relationship could go, but now she just saw Kelda as a spoiled brat who only saw her as another possession. Alexandra burst into tears, not noticing when Arushi entered. She continued to be ignorant of the older woman’s arrival until she felt Arushi sit down and embrace her.

“What is it Lexi, what happened?” Alexandra was hesitant, but as she rested her head on Arushi’s shoulder the whole story spilled out. Arushi waited patiently, but Alexandra could feel her tensing up. When she finished she felt her head raised so that she met Arushi’s eyes.

“I’m sorry, I wanted to make her birthday special, so I left you alone, that was obviously a mistake. Kelda has played games with other girls, but you are her first true pet.” Arushi kissed Alexandra’s forehead and patted her reassuringly before rising to canlı bahis her feet. Alexandra watched momentarily stumped as she saw Arushi walked to the bedroom. However this did not last long as she quickly stood and followed. She arrived just in time to see Arushi shaking Kelda.

“Kelda, wake up. This behavior is unacceptable.” Kelda slowly came awake, groaning and looking around in confusion. When saw her aunt she came fully awake, eyes wide and lip trembling.

“Auntie? What is it? Lexi gave me such a wonderful orgasm that I just needed a little nap.” Arushi pulled Kelda to a sitting position.

“Except that was after you beat her ass mercilessly and left her wet and needy. Kelda when I agreed to train a pet for you it was not to give you excuse to be a sadistic bitch to her. How did you think this was okay? I have taught you about the proper behavior of a mistress.” With this she pulled Kelda off the bed and lowered her to the floor.

“I’m sorry auntie. I was just frustrated at the times she rejected me.” She might have continued, but Arushi put a finger to her lips silencing her.

“Why are you apologizing to me?” Kelda turned to the door, noticing Alexandra for the first time bowing her head for a moment before speaking.

“I’m sorry Alexandra, I-I was hurt when you rejected me, and I wanted to make you pay.”

“That’s a start. Alexandra sit on the bed and spread your legs. Kelda you will apologize with your lips, tongue and fingers, don’t forget her ass, until she stops you.” Kelda looked at her aunt, but didn’t say anything before lowering her head between Alexandra’s legs to begin licking. Alexandra moaned as she softly rested her hands on Kelda’s head. Kelda licked with enthusiasm exploring Alexandra’s pussy as if trying to fully understand every contour of it. Kelda switched to long licks from Alexandra’s ass up to her clit, eliciting further moans. Arushi began undressing as she watched the two beautiful women before her. Kelda switched to sucking Alexandra’s clit while penetrating her pussy with two fingers and pressing against her ass with a thumb. Alexandra squirmed and moaned louder as her hold on Kelda’s head turned to a tight grip. A sudden sound caused Alexandra to open her eyes to see Arushi using a paddle on Kelda’s ass. The sight of Kelda’s reddening ass pushed Alexandra over the edge. She collapsed back on the bed as her orgasm subsided. She was enjoying the afterglow when she realized that Kelda was still licking and Alexandra quickly pushed Kelda away. Alexandra pulled her legs onto the bed and curled up looking at Kelda. Arushi stopped her spanking when she saw a little color had come into her niece’s ass.

“Now girls, the two of you have really turned me on. So, how about you help me now.” The two nodded. “Good, Alexandra lay down, I will ride your face. Kelda you will use your tongue on my ass.” Kelda looked like she might object, but Arushi held her gaze. “Remember there is always someone more dominant.” Kelda nodded and waited while her aunt climbed onto Alexandra, who wasted no time in licking her. “Hmm, good girl. Come on Kelda, start licking.” Kelda approached the bed on her knees where Alexandra had both hands on Arushi’s ass as she licked her pussy.

Kelda placed her hands on Arushi’s ass and spread her cheeks exposing the tight hole between. Again Kelda was hesitant, but she soon extended a tongue to begin licking. Arushi moaned softly as she rocked back and forth on Alexandra’s mouth and into Kelda’s tongue. Alexandra struggled to keep up with the wetness of Arushi’s sopping pussy, although she was no longer worrying about using her tongue as merely extending it while Arushi moved rapidly on top of her. “Oh, you…have such wonderful tongues. Ohh.” Arushi moaned loudly as she gasped out praise for the two younger women pleasuring her. Kelda soon found herself growing stiff as she struggled to keep her tongue in position as it was mainly Arushi fucking herself on the extended tongue. At last the buildup came to an end and Arushi shuddered on them before collapsing to the side of Alexandra. She lay there languishing in the afterglow for some time before she slowly sat up.

“Up on the bed Kelda, lie down on one side of me and Alexandra the other.” The two did as directed as she pulled them each to a nipple and they sucked softly as she patted their heads.

Later bahis siteleri Arushi stirred with a smile on her face. The other two woke slowly as she rose. Arushi began walking to the door as Alexandra spoke.


“Don’t worry little one, I’m just going to the kitchen. We could all use some food as it is getting late.” Kelda sat up as well.

“Would you like some help, auntie?” Arushi smiled.

“Of course, come on my lovely girls.” The two younger women rose to follow her to the kitchen, none bothering to get dressed. Arushi directed them to prepare the ingredients to make a paneer masala. Once the ingredients were simmering on the stove, they sat at the table while Arushi rose periodically to check the dish was cooking properly.

“Now Kelda, do you understand why I disciplined you?” Kelda nodded and seemed on the verge of tears as she turned to Alexandra.

“I am so sorry Alexandra. Are you okay?”

“Yes, but I’m not sure if I want to pursue this relationship.” Kelda looked hurt and appeared as if she would really cry, before turning back to Arushi. “You both put trust in me and I…broke that trust.” Arushi nodded.

“Before you make any decisions Alexandra, I suggest you wait till next weekend and go out on a date with Kelda, however anything further will be up to you. Kelda, I will be spending the week training you, and regardless of what Alexandra decides this weekend, you will need my permission to cum. Are we clear?” Kelda’s eyes shot open.

“What, auntie? I can’t even touch myself?” She lowered her eyes when she saw the look in Arushi’s. “Fine. Whatever you say, auntie?”

“Remember Kelda, you have never succeeded at lying to me.” Kelda nodded as her eyes remained lowered. “Now before we begin this week, you two up for more?” The two nodded as Arushi began serving the meal. The three of them ate, it was of course delicious. Once the dishes were dealt with the three moved back to the living room where Kelda and Alexandra bent over the couch. Arushi briefly left the room before returning with a few things from her bedroom, including the paddle that she used on both of them. With Kelda this continued to be harder, however with Alexandra care was taken as to where and how hard she smacked. The end result was that both were soon moaning and dripping.

“Well now that you two are all warmed up, let’s get started.” She walked around the couch where they saw that she was wearing a strapon at about the height of their mouths. “Mouths girls.” The two quickly complied and were soon taking it between them, taking turns taking it in their mouths and allowing it to slide past their lips. This continued for a short time before she stepped back. Arushi smiled as she saw the matching looks of disappointment on their faces. She leaned into Alexandra, pressing her lips to hers. Alexandra closed her eyes as she parted her lips, moaning as Arushi’s tongue passed her parted lips, making contact with her own tongue. However Arushi soon pulled back, prompting Alexandra to open her eyes and whimper. Arushi patted her head before turning to Kelda to kiss her as well, whose moans matched Alexandra’s.

Arushi straightened up and walked around the couch. Alexandra tensed somewhat as she felt Arushi’s hands on her hips, however she relaxed as she felt the head of the dildo lining up preparing to penetrate. Without further hesitation Arushi slowly pushed forward as Alexandra’s breathing increased steadily until at last Arushi’s hips met hers as the dildo bottomed out. Pausing momentarily to squeeze Alexandra’s ass, prompting a gasp, Arushi soon began moving in and out with increasing speed. Kelda looked over, her lower lip sticking out in a clear pout, but Arushi rested her left hand on Kelda’s rear. As she continued to pump the dildo in and out of Alexandra, Arushi ran her hand up and down Kelda’s rear between the cheeks. Kelda moaned as her aunt penetrated her with her fingers. Pumping away at both younger women, Arushi occasionally smacked Alexandra’s hips as she gauged how close both were to cumming. The younger women were moaning loudly and were obviously quite wet, but Arushi knew that despite her skill the two would need a little more time. Not missing a beat with Kelda, Arushi shifted to pinching Alexandra’s right nipple, causing a near shriek of a moan.

“Now remember both of you, no cumming bahis şirketleri will I give you permission, ask first.” Arushi leaned into give a kiss to Alexandra’s neck.

“Please, mistress.” Arushi hesitated a moment as she considered whether to correct or give permission. Deciding that giving permission to Alexandra would be instructive to Kelda, Arushi spoke.

“Alright Lexi cum, sing out your pleasure.” Moments later Alexandra moaned loudly and collapsed onto the couch as she came. Arushi slowed her thrusts until Alexandra quieted and became still with occasional whimpers. Arushi slowed the thrusts of her fingers into Kelda, who whimpered her complaint. Arushi ignored her niece as she moved behind Kelda, lining up the dildo with her pussy. Arushi penetrated in one sudden thrust as Kelda’s eyes shot wide and she shrieked her surprise. However instead of working up to speed, Arushi maintained a steady pace to the annoyance of Kelda, who turned her head towards her aunt.

“Please auntie…don’t tease, I can’t…cum if you go slowly.” Arushi swiftly spanked Kelda with several quick smacks.

“Kelda, I will speed up when I feel like it, not before.” However Arushi was starting to breathe harder and her skin was glistening with sweat. Finally she stopped and pulled out with Kelda’s whimpered disappointment. Arushi sat down between them and patted Alexandra, who was curled up on the couch, but not sleeping.

“Lexi, would you hand me the lube from the end table?” Alexandra blinked a few times as she looked at the end table by her head. Upon spotting the bottle she picked it up and handed it to Arushi. Arushi used the lube to loosen up Kelda’ ass, although she knew that her niece was no stranger to anal sex as they had discussed it in the past. Kelda’s reaction was to look annoyed but she didn’t object. Once she was satisfied Arushi tapped Kelda’ ass. “Now climb on Kelda.” Kelda nodded as she had clearly given up on arguing with her aunt. Arushi held the dildo in place as Kelda lowered herself until it was at the entrance of her ass. The dildo slipped inside without too much trouble and Kelda moaned as she sank slowly until it was all the way in and she rested in Arushi’s lap. Arushi gave Kelda a moment before patting her ass. Kelda groaned as she began moving up and down with increasing speed. Alexandra watched with fascination as she idly pressed a hand between her legs, feeling herself moisten all over again. Kelda’s breathing increased and sweat began to drip down her brow. Alexandra watched in rapt fascination as a drop of sweat continued down Kelda’s face, further to her neck and she found herself moaning as it ran between Kelda’s breasts, before sliding over her stomach to disappear between her legs.

“P-please…auntie…can I cum?” Arushi grinned as she gripped Kelda’s ass and thrust upward to meet the younger woman on her downward thrusts, but didn’t say anything. This continued as Kelda’s pleas became increasingly incoherent. Ultimately Alexandra spoke up.

“Mistress, please let her cum. I’m willing to forgive her.” Arushi looked over and nodded.

“Alright little girl, you may cum, thank Lexi.” Kelda practically screamed as she came, writhing up and down quickly. When she finally stopped Kelda collapsed into Arushi’s arms, panting heavily. Arushi held Kelda and softly kissed her neck as the younger woman’s breathing returned to normal. Once her breathing calmed Kelda turned to Alexandra.

“Thank you, Lexi.” Alexandra nodded and hesitated a moment before leaning into kiss Kelda. Kelda hesitated briefly, but soon returned the kiss and closed her eyes as she moaned softly. They kissed for several moments before Arushi patted both of them.

“Okay, girls up. Lexi needs a proper night’s sleep for her job and Kelda, I have things I need to do today. Tomorrow, your training continues, Kelda.” The looks on their faces were matched expressions of disappointment, but they both nodded and Kelda got unsteadily to her feet with Alexandra’s help. The two silently got dressed to leave. Arushi insisted that she drive Alexandra home to Kelda’s disappointment. Just before getting out of the car Alexandra kissed Arushi, who returned her affection. Arushi spoke moments later when she broke the kiss.

“Remember, call me if you have any problems with Kelda. I promise we’ll play more, but I probably won’t have time until next week.” Alexandra nodded, but it was clear she was disappointed, but she quickly entered her home. After checking her e-mail she sat in the living room thinking about her coming date with Kelda.

End of ch. 2

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