Bindu and Theresa Ch. 04

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Note: if you haven’t already, read Bindu & Theresa Ch. 01-03, which are prequels to this story.


There was absolutely no question that I could not have asked for a better winter break from college given the amount of sex I was getting, mainly from Theresa but also from Bindu. There was nothing that either of them wasn’t willing to do, one or the other was almost always available, they were both seriously interested in sex and they both came easily and intensely. There was no reason that I would need think sexual thoughts about anyone else but, what can I say, I’m a guy. It wasn’t that two girls were not enough and I started pursuing someone else for additional sex but there was somebody I just couldn’t seem to stop thinking about. My intent was to just make an effort to see her naked; it was ridiculous to even consider anything more than that. I figured if I could see her naked, that would be enough to keep me happy and maybe I wouldn’t be thinking about her so much. The woman who I couldn’t stop thinking about was Bindu’s mom.

I think the idea to try to see her naked really came about after Rob and I had been talking about the layout of Bindu’s house being exactly the same as that of our friend Jim’s. Because I knew the layout of Jim’s house, I didn’t even have to see the upstairs of Bindu’s to know where the master bedroom was and that the windows over the garage roof looked into the master bedroom and the master bath. All I had to do was figure out how and when to get up on the garage roof then I could peek in the window and hopefully catch Bindu’s mom getting undressed. Of course I couldn’t just start fishing for information about her mom’s bedtime schedule without raising suspicions, and I certainly didn’t want to jeopardize anything with Bindu just to see her mom naked, so I had to bide my time until the moment was right, if it ever was.

The perfect opportunity presented itself within a week of the day I’d first met her at the mall. Bindu had plans with her dad to go see a Broadway play, which was a post-holiday tradition for just the two of them to go together. I was careful not to make any jokes about stopping by to visit her mom or even make a comment about her mom being a hot MILF so it wouldn’t look suspicious when I wasn’t around for part of the night that she was gone with her dad. I didn’t initiate it, or really do more than listen, but there was some discussion about her mom being so cliché that she planned to sit in a bubble bath with a glass of wine and read magazines. This sounded better to me than her spending the night cleaning the house while the two of them were gone. I did manage to determine when they’d be leaving the house then considered when it would be completely dark so I could sneak up onto the roof unnoticed. I still wasn’t sure how I was going to manage that but the desire was strong enough that I wasn’t worried about not being able to figure something out.

When that night finally arrived, I’d made an excuse with Rob and Theresa but suggested that I’d be around later since I was expecting to be completely fired up from seeing Bindu’s mom naked and in need of some relief with Theresa. I parked my car away from the house as I was accustomed to doing anyway then slipped into the driveway and behind the attached garage, noting that both the master bedroom and master bath had lights on. I was hoping that she was getting the tub filled but hadn’t undressed yet but seeing the lights inspired me to work quickly. The condenser for the central air conditioning was near the garage but not tall enough to get me on the roof. Fortunately, there was a stack of patio chairs nearby that I was able to easily move next to the condenser. I climbed up onto the condenser then onto the stack of patio chairs then onto the roof. The window into the master bath was closest so I looked into it first and was dismayed to see that Bindu’s mom was already submerged in the tub with suds completely hiding her from my sight. I’d missed her getting undressed and I’d missed her walking directly toward the window, presumably naked, before stepping into the tub. She was looking through a magazine with her back to me and a glass of red wine beside her.

I needed a minute to gather my thoughts so, after glancing around to make sure there was no possibility of anyone noticing me lurking up there, I sat down on the shingles. I had missed exactly what I’d hoped to see but she still had to get out of the bath and dry off, which would still give me an opportunity to see her naked. The big question was how long she would be in there so how long I would be out there on the roof, waiting. I glanced in again and saw that she was well into her magazine and her glass of wine so it looked like she had not wasted a moment after Bindu and her dad had left. I would have been nervous about showing up earlier than I had in case they’d had to come back for some reason. I never considered that there would be any kind of urgency to getting into the bath. I finally got escort izmit my mind settled and accepted that I couldn’t do anything about what I’d missed but I could make the most of the opportunity that remained. Seeing her naked was the goal and it was still a realistic one.

There was no way I wanted to miss her getting out of the tub so I stayed close to the window while I was waiting. Fortunately, it was a mild night for January, though still cold but I’d expected to be outside for a bit so I’d bundled up and worn dark clothing. It ended up being about thirty minutes of hanging around on the roof before she was apparently thoroughly relaxed. Most of the suds were gone by then so, when she sat up and turned to flip the drain lever, I got a good look at her incredible tits. They were actually bigger than Bindu’s, though she was a bit taller and curvier than Bindu anyway, but her areolas and nipples were similarly dark and large. My cock was instantly rigid as I gazed at them then she turned and stood, her bare ass aimed in my direction. I was considering whipping out my cock and stroking off while she was still naked but, despite it being mild for January, it was still just too cold.

She reached for a towel nearby as the water continued to drain and was drying herself off with her back to me, which I lamented because I wanted to see more of her tits and get a glimpse of her pussy. Fortunately, when she stepped out of the tub, she first bent over to dry her feet and lower legs, which gave me a glimpse of her pussy between her legs from behind. Then, once she’d straightened up, she turned back toward the tub to see how much of it had drained and continued drying the front side of herself, which gave me a nice view of her tits and her bush. She definitely didn’t groom the same way that Bindu did but her black bush was still well-groomed so I was committing her nakedness to memory for future stroking off. She spent plenty of time drying off then hung up her towel before pulling on a thin, short robe and heading into her bedroom. I followed her, figuring watching her get dressed would be almost as good as watching her get undressed.

When I reached the other window, I was surprised to see that she was crawling onto the bed rather than grabbing clothes from the dresser or the closet. She lay on her back in the middle of the bed on top of the bedspread then untied her robe and let it fall open. Lying essentially naked in the middle of the bed, she began to run her hands over her body, up over her hips to her ribs then to her tits, which she caressed. She pulled on her nipples and ran her hands over her entire tits before sliding them back down between her legs. I thought my cock might burst out of my jeans as she slipped a couple of fingers into her pussy while using a couple from the other hand to caress her clit. As she was rocking her hips and her tits were squeezed between her arms, I was on the verge of whipping out my cock despite the cold when I had a better idea.

I managed to tear myself away from the window and carefully climbed back down off of the roof, even taking the time to return the stack of patio chairs to where I’d found it. I then headed around to the front of the house and rang the doorbell. While I was waiting, assuming she wouldn’t answer on the first ring, I was debating internally whether this was a stupid idea but decided that, even if it didn’t work, I had to take a shot. I rang the doorbell a second time and it was just a couple minutes longer before I heard the door unlock and suddenly it swung open. She had pulled her robe closed but hadn’t put anything else on as far as I could tell. There was still a storm door between us but the look on her face went from annoyed to confused as she realized who I was standing there.

“I’m sorry,” she said, her accent sounding absolutely lyrical to me, “but Bindu isn’t home.”

“I know,” I said, “but I actually have a question for you. Can I come in for a second?”

She unlocked the storm door so I opened it and stepped inside, finding the foyer blissfully warm after being out on the roof.

“What can I do for you?” she asked, fortunately for me not appearing to feel threatened at all by my presence, despite her lack of clothing.

“I was just wondering,” I said, reaching out and taking her hand, “whether you’d be interested in having me eat your pussy.”

I brought her hand up to my nose and inhaled, smelling the scent of her pussy on her fingers, then I slipped her fingers into my mouth to try to suck the flavor off.

“Eat my…I, uh,” she stammered, clearly not expecting my proposition or my actions, “I don’t know if that’s a good idea.”

“No one has to know,” I assured her, slipping her fingers out of my mouth while continuing to try to remain nonthreatening, “In fact, I’m sure no one would believe me even if I did try to brag about it.”

“Brag about it?” she asked, still trying to wrap her head around what was happening.

“I just haven’t been able to izmit escort stop thinking about running my tongue along your pussy, tasting your juices and licking your clit,” I said, “since that day at the mall.”

Hearing me describe what I wanted to do before I went back to sucking her fingers must have broken her resolve because she acquiesced.

“I can’t believe I’m agreeing to this,” she finally said, “but my husband is an OB/GYN so he has no interest in even looking at my pussy much less licking it after seeing them all day long. It has been longer than I can even remember since someone wanted to lick me there.”

She locked the storm door then closed the interior door and locked that, too. She took my hand and led me down a hallway to the kitchen then off to the side where there was a family room. Standing in front of the couch, she started to untie her robe but I stopped her so that I could do it myself. I finished untying it then opened it, flabbergasted that I was seeing her naked body directly in front of me. I slipped her robe down her arms behind her and tossed it onto the couch then had her sit down and, after shedding my coat, knelt in front of her. I didn’t try to kiss her but I did lick each of her nipples on my way down toward her pussy. She spread her legs and I gazed at her dark bush before kissing her inner thighs and her lower abdomen. She moaned softly and writhed just a bit but, when I ran my tongue along her slit, she let out a long, loud and guttural moan. This, of course, inspired me even further so I lapped at her pussy enthusiastically, slurping up her flowing juices.

Her ass was on the edge of the couch and she was leaned all the way back so, as I was licking her pussy, I glanced up and could admire her succulent tits. This was absolutely more than I could ever have imagined but that’s the way this winter break seemed to be going for me. I certainly appreciated this opportunity that had been presented to me and was not thinking beyond it at that point. I was enjoying the opportunity to lick her pussy and see her naked and, if that was all that happened, I’d have been perfectly fine with that. When I slipped a finger into her, she obviously was not as snug as Bindu and Theresa were, though she was definitely as wet. I easily slipped a second finger into her and was sliding them in and out while licking and sucking her clit. It didn’t take long for her to be moaning loudly and freely so she must have had no concerns with anyone interrupting us.

The longer I was eating her, the louder she was getting and she ended up reaching down to hold onto my head while she was rocking her hips. When I glanced up then, her tits were squeezed between her arms and I nearly moaned as I thought how nice it would be to fuck them. It was at that point that I started to think about the possibility of blowing a load myself in some way before I had to leave. Figuring that, the more sexually satisfied that she was, the more likely she’d be to get me off, I resolved to not only make her cum, but to make her cum multiple times. I didn’t really change anything about my technique as a result of that decision, especially since it not only seemed to be working quite well, but also because it was the same technique I always used with consistent results. What I did do, though, was throw in an occasional murmured comment about how much I loved eating her pussy and how yummy it was and how grateful I was that she was letting me eat her. I figured that, if she knew I was enjoying eating her pussy and she was enjoying it herself, there was more likelihood that I’d have additional opportunities.

I didn’t know for sure if she’d had time to cum before I’d started ringing her doorbell but, whether she had or not, she seemed to be building up to an orgasm pretty quickly with me licking and sucking her clit while sliding my fingers in and out of her pussy. My goal, of course, was not a quick orgasm but a highly satisfying one but, if she came quickly, that was fine as long as it was intensely pleasurable, too. She started to tense up, her back arching, as she held my head even tighter while her pussy was becoming even hotter and wetter. I continued what I was doing and she soon went limp and let out a cry as she started shaking. Even as she was cumming, I didn’t change my technique at all and just kept devouring her right through that orgasm and on to the next. She didn’t try to stop me when she’d finished cumming and, as she was trying to catch her breath, she was continuously moaning. I remained where I was, licking and sucking her clit while fingering her hot, wet pussy, and managed to get her to cum two more times before she did end up stopping me.

“If you keep going,” she gasped, “my head might explode and that would be difficult to explain when my family returned home.”

“Well I appreciate you giving me this opportunity,” I said, “It was everything I’d hoped it would be.”

“I don’t think we’re finished,” she replied, “unless you’re izmit kendi evi olan escort in a hurry to get somewhere.”

“No, absolutely not,” I assured her, “I’d stay here all night if you let me.”

“I don’t see that happening,” she replied, “but stand up for me.”

I stood and she sat up, massaging the bulge in my jeans and feeling my throbbing cock. She opened my jeans and worked them down along with my underwear, freeing my tool, which stood straight out. She stroked it then licked the head before engulfing it in her hot mouth. I moaned as she briefly sucked my cock but she wanted a bit more than just a thick, hard cock in her mouth. She helped me completely out of my underwear and jeans, as well as my shoes, then had me sit beside her on the couch. She pulled my shirt up over my head and tossed it aside, then straddled me, grasping my cock and guiding it toward her pussy. My hands went right to her awesome tits and I savored the feel of the soft, smooth flesh as she lowered herself onto my cock, causing both of us to moan. She sat still on my lap with my cock embedded in her for a moment as I fondled her tits before slowly beginning to move up and down.

I would have actually been just fine playing with her tits as she was riding my cock but she surprised me by bringing her lips to mine and kissing me. Of course, I responded and kissed her back so we then progressed to making out, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths. I was still fondling her tits and she was still riding my cock as we were making out and somehow I didn’t blow my load into her within the first minute. Naturally, she was not as snug as Bindu and Theresa but just the idea that I was fucking a MILF could have potentially made me cum sooner. On top of that, my only hope for that night had been to see her naked and now, not only had I seen her naked and masturbating, my cock was now sliding in and out of her hot, wet pussy as I fondled her luscious tits and her tongue explored my mouth. The only possible explanation for why I hadn’t already shot off was that I had to have been in shock.

The fact that I’d not only witnessed her beginning to masturbate after her bath but that she’d allowed me, who she’d barely met, to eat her to multiple orgasms suggested that Indira (which I learned later was her first name) was more than just a little pent up sexually. Add the orgasms I’d already provided to her being pent up and it was no surprise that, although I was surprisingly not on the verge of cumming, she was there pretty quickly herself. As she was riding me harder and faster, she ended up pulling her mouth away from mine so that she could moan freely. I leaned back a little and could see her big titties bouncing so I moved my hands around to caress her ass while watching them. I ran my hands over her curves and along her thighs, too, because I was absolutely expecting this to be a one-time occurrence so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t focused on just one part of her. This might not only be a one-time occurrence but a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, as well.

Even as her pussy was becoming hotter and wetter the closer she got to cumming, somehow I still wasn’t getting close myself, despite the level of pleasure that I was feeling. It didn’t even cross my mind that she might cum then have an attack of conscience and not see things all the way through until I came as well. I suppose if that had happened, I’d have picked up Theresa and had her help me deal with the resulting sexual frustration but, fortunately, it didn’t come to that. Indira dropped down on my lap and just sat there for a moment, holding her breath, then let out a cry and her entire body was shaking. Since they’d stopped bouncing, I was back to fondling her luscious tits again as she was cumming. It appeared to be another highly pleasurable orgasm for her which, while I’d normally think this would be conducive to getting a return invitation, I was thinking this time that it was more conducive to her wanting to return the favor before sending me on my way.

When she finished cumming, she remained seated on my cock as she was catching her breath but, once she’d apparently recovered, she got up, my cock slipping out of her, and knelt on the floor in front of me. Taking my cock in her hand, she pumped it briefly before lowering her head and engulfing it in her mouth. I moaned as she began to suck me off and it was clear pretty quickly that, for as long as I’d been able to go without cumming up to that point, that time would be coming to an end. I’d thoroughly enjoyed the blowjobs I’d received from Theresa and Bindu, as well as those from a few girls at school, but this one immediately put all the rest to shame. I wouldn’t necessarily say that I would be ruined for blowjobs for the rest of my days due to Indira’s skill but, damn, could she suck a cock! Not only that, but she paused at one point and brought a tit to each side of my cock, sliding them up and down before going back to sucking. She did this a couple more times but mostly she was blowing me as my orgasm continued to build with a great deal of pleasure accompanying it. As much as I would like to have savored this blowjob for significantly longer, there was just no way to hold off the building orgasm.

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