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Sarah worked as a maid at a hotel in New York City. Sarah’s work keeping the rooms clean didn’t bring her into close contact with the guests often, but on occasion she would get the chance to interact with some of them. Jason and Shawn, at least those were the names they put in the guest register, had been regular guests at the hotel for about a year now. They were both high profile professional athletes, Shawn was a defensive back for the Giants and, Jason an outfielder for the Mets. They would always arrive at the hotel separately, check in, and invariably wind up in each other’s room.

It only took Sarah about two weeks to figure out what was going on, and even though Jason and Shawn had spared no expense to carefully conceal their clandestine meetings, at least one person knew about them. Sarah could go places in the hotel that most people couldn’t so when she discovered that she could peek into their room through an air duct in one of the utility closets, her mind went to the same places as anyone else. If word of this got out it would be a huge fucking scandal. There would be all kinds of people who might offer big bucks to an eye witness, and if there were pictures, she could really cash in. That thought only stayed with Sarah for about a minute, then she started to watch.

“Daaaamn,” Sarah thought to herself. These guys weren’t just hot they were super gorgeous. As Sarah watched the two men engaged in their illicit sexual congress, she couldn’t get over what spectacular specimens of sexuality they were. Both men’s bodies were completely shaved, making their hard perfectly toned muscles even more defined. They were both very well endowed, at least seven inches from what Sarah could tell, and the fact they had no pubic hair made them look even bigger. They both had amazing abs, hard firm six packs that looked so hot as they were contracting during each sexual thrust. They both had firm toned butts, long sexy legs, rock hard pecs, and Jason especially had a gorgeous dick. Shawn was no slouch but Jason’s cock was a work of art. It was long and straight, no curve at all, with veins bulging along the length, and a huge mushroom head that Sarah thought would make a delicious lollipop.

As much as Sarah enjoyed just looking at these two guys naked, it was even hotter watching them have sex. Sarah really didn’t think she would like watching two guys at first, but it wasn’t long before she changed her mind. Shawn was the top, and it was so hot the way he would be so rough with Jason. Sometimes he would just slam Jason over a table or bed, and pound his asshole while standing up. Shawn’s leg and ass muscles would be so tight and firm as he was thrusting in and out. It was even hotter how Jason’s dick would be so hard as he was taking Shawn’s massive member. Shawn would occasionally reach between Jason’s thighs and pull his swollen tool until the tip was pointed at the floor and massage it as he was fucking. This would cause Jason to ejaculate massive amounts of sperm, but it was even hotter when Shawn would finish, he would always manage to pull out at just the right time to erupt on the small of his friends back.

Watching this was hot but Sarah’s favorite was when Shawn would put Jason on his back with his legs in the air, and fuck him missionary. This would allow Jason to masturbate as Shawn was fucking him. Sarah’s favorite thing in the world was watching Jason masturbate. His long smooth completely shaven cock, slick with lube, being slowly massaged, until the cum would explode from the tip of his dick splattering all over his toned sexy abs. Sarah didn’t even need to play with herself as she watched these encounters. She could almost cum from just watching. Shawn and Jason would show up at the hotel once a week, sometimes twice, they would always get the same rooms so Sarah had been able to watch this for a while.

Neither of them had any idea they were being watched, Sarah made sure of that because she would certainly lose her job if anyone found out she esenyurt escort was invading a guests privacy. Sarah had always fantasized about being the meat in a Shawn and Jason sandwich, but she knew that would be extremely difficult to turn into a reality, and most likely impossible. Sarah would see Shawn and Jason around the hotel frequently and she had become friendly with both of them, but since they would always arrive separately neither knew that Sarah was friendly with the other. Both Shawn and Jason would flirt with the cute little hotel maid every time they saw her, but Sarah knew they were just pretending to make themselves look straight to whoever happened to be around.

Sarah knew there was no way she was going to seduce these guys, much hotter girls than her tried everyday. She thought that she might be able to blackmail them into bed, she had been filming them with her phone for months, but her better judgment told her that was dangerous. These guys were superstar athletes, multimillionaires, with high powered lawyers, agents, and people looking out for them. Sarah was a hotel maid who was lucky she could pay her cellphone bill every month. She knew she probably wasn’t the first girl to try blackmail to get the guys in bed either, so Sarah decided to keep her secret footage for her alone time with her box of toys, she needed a different approach. Even if she could blackmail them with her film, Sarah didn’t want to have sex with anybody while she was holding a gun to their head, she wanted them to want her to.

How could Sarah make two gay guys, who have the most beautiful women in the world throwing themselves at them every day even notice her? Sarah might not have been a supermodel, but she was gorgeous. She had long dark silky hair, she was maybe 5’5″ 110lbs, with long gorgeous legs, perky B-cup breasts, and a flawlessly smooth sexy body. The only problem is that hotel maids don’t wear the little French outfits you see in the movies. The drab colorless outfit Sarah had to wear every day made her look anything but sexy, and keeping her hair up in a bun all the time certainly didn’t help. One thing Sarah had working for her was that these guys were gay. Prancing around in high heels, with her cleavage exploding everywhere probably wasn’t going to impress these guys.

Sarah had an idea that she thought might have an outside shot at working. Sarah was friendly with both Shawn and Jason, and she figured that at some time in the past year it had probably come up between them that they both knew the cute little maid, what they didn’t know was that Sarah knew that they knew each other, Sarah thought she might be able to exploit that little piece of information. One day Sarah came to work wearing a Mets hat. Jason would always show up first, and get a room. Shawn would show up an hour or two later and get another room, this made it look like, even though they were in the same hotel, they were not together. Both Shawn and Jason went out of their way to cultivate their public image.

They were always seen out with hot women, there were always stories in the paper about one or the other of them being slapped with a paternity suit that would always get settled quietly. As far as the world was concerned these guys were a couple of major pussy hounds, and that’s what Sarah was counting on. As usual when Shawn arrived he started flirting with Sarah a little.

“Hey cutie, I thought I was your favorite player,” said Shawn.

“Oh you are sweetie, you’re my favorite football player, my favorite baseball player gave me this,” Sarah replied.

“Oh your favorite baseball player huh, so which do you like better baby, football or baseball?” Shawn asked.

“Well, I might just have to let you two fight it out over me,” Sarah giggled and explained to Shawn that Jason had given her the hat.

“Hey do you guys know each other?” Sarah asked.

Shawn stammered a little before answering, “No I never met istanbul escort him.”

Sarah had just sprung her trap, “Oh I thought all you big time ball players hung with each other….Hey do you want to meet him?”

Shawn was babbling even worse now, “Well you know…I…uh.”

Sarah grabbed his hand, pulled him toward the elevator, and said, “Oh c’mon, he’s really cool, I bet you guys would be friends.”

Shawn’s mind was racing but, he figured that it probably wouldn’t do too much damage to have this random hotel maid introduce him to Jason. He thought that when Jason opened the door he might be shocked, but he should figure out pretty quickly to just play along and they could get through this.

When they got to the door Sarah knocked and when Jason opened it he did a good job of not completely jumping out of his skin, but he was surprised. Sarah went on with the introductions, and Shawn and Jason faked chatting like strangers for a while. Sarah saw an opportunity to work these two men deeper into her plan, and suddenly asked, “Hey, which one of you guys has better abs?”

Shawn and Jason mumbled uncomfortably, “You know…I Uh…”

Sarah started giggling, “C’mon you guys are going to have to fight it out to be my favorite player.” Sarah playfully tugged at both of their shirt-tails until they both finally removed them.

“Oh my God,” Sarah traced the tip of her fingertip up and down both of their bare chests.

“I just can’t decide,” Sarah said as she walked around behind them and ran her fingertip along their spines, they were both trembling as she touched them.

Sarah walked over to the door to the room, shut and locked it behind her. She took out the pin holding her long silky hair in a bun, and undid the top two buttons on her maid uniform.

“Oooooh, I just don’t know what I’m going to do, I’m all alone in a hotel room with two big…strong …men, why you could just take advantage of me,” Sarah said seductively as she walked around behind them and ran her fingertips along their spines again, making them tremble.

“Mmmmm, a tiny little girl like me would be helpless,” Sarah whispered as she walked over to the bed and hopped in. She undid the rest of the buttons on her blouse exposing her push-up bra, and said, “You boys could do unspeakable things to me and…mmmm there’d be nothing I could do to stop you.”

Sarah looked at the two men seductively as she kicked her pants and shoes off, exposing her sexy red thong. Jason and Shawn’s minds were racing, they didn’t run into this situation as much as most people might think. Professional sports teams have so much security these days that random girls showing up at a players hotel room and throwing themselves at them is almost impossible unless the player wants that to happen. Most of the girls that Jason and Shawn were seen out with were escorts, well paid to keep their mouths shut as to why the deal didn’t get closed at the end of the evening.

Jason tried to talk his way out of the situation, “Hey…you’re our friend..we’d never…”

Sarah took off her bra and threw it across the room. “Oh I read the papers, I know all about you two…you like having you way with poor helpless girls.”

Jason and Shawn knew they were in a bit of a pickle. They could probably blow Sarah off, why would superstars like them bother with some hotel maid, but they also knew that they had both carefully crafted their public images. This girl wouldn’t have to go to the press. In a town like New York everybody who’s anybody hangs out in the same places, if she just told one of the other maids that they weren’t the pussy hounds they were made out to be, rumors could start flying, and rumors can be more dangerous than the truth. They had to play along. Shawn and Jason walked over to the bed and sat down on either side of Sarah. Sarah grabbed both of their hands and slapped them onto each of her bare breasts.

“Ooooh beylikdüzü escort my goodness, I just don’t know what I’m going to do, how can I stop you from…mmmm taking advantage of me,” Sarah said seductively

Jason started to stammer, “Well we uh…”

Sarah sat up, threw both of their hands off her breasts and said, “Maybe you boys couldn’t take advantage of me.”

Jason and Shawn looked at each other and thought, maybe we pissed her off and she’ll storm out. Sarah stood up on the bed and slipped off her thong, She was now standing naked on the bed between Shawn and Jason. Sarah sat down between them and rubbed both of their crotches.

Sarah leaned towards Jason, gave him a soft kiss on the lips and said, “Mmmmm maybe I’ll take advantage of you.” Sarah gave Jason another gentle kiss on the lips and whispered in his ear, “You scared little boy….of all the naughty things mommy wants to do to you?”

At this point Sarah was thinking these guys weren’t exactly jumping her bones, but they weren’t exactly fighting her off either, so she took it a little further. Sarah unzipped Jason’s trousers and pulled out his cock. Jason was still flaccid so she turned to Shawn and said, “Let’s see what you’re working with big boy.”

Sarah unzipped Shawn’s pants, pulled his flaccid penis out and observed, “Well, it seems like I have a couple of limp dicks here, I’m going to have to do something about that.”

Sarah started to gently massage both of their cocks. It took a minute before the guys started to get hard. “Oooooh,” Sarah said out loud, “Such big strong boys.”

Sarah could tell they were both starting to enjoy her handjob, so she let them both take their pants off. Sarah was so excited now, the two hot guys she had been spying on for a year were both naked and in bed with her now.

She resumed her handjob, once Sarah saw the guys were really enjoying getting their cocks massaged she leaned over to Jason and asked, “So which one of you am I going to take advantage of today?”

Sarah leaned over to Shawn, kissed him on the lips and whispered, “I think you’re the naughty boy.”

She leaned over to Jason and whispered, “and you’re the good little boy…..Mommy likes good little boys.”

Sarah climbed on top of Jason, guided his penis inside of her, turned to Shawn and said seductively, “does that make you mad naughty boy….Mommy likes him better….I bet you want to punish mommy don’t you….Huh, naughty boy,you wanna punish mommy… you wanna stick your big hard cock up mommy’s ass….fuck her hard and fast…mmmm come punish mommy baby.”

Shawn said to himself, “fuck it I’ll play along.”

He got up, positioned himself over Jason and Sarah, and slid his cock in Sarah’s ass. Sarah was no quiet little nerd, she got around. She had been DP’ed before, but these guys had megacocks, she’d never had this much man inside her at once.

Jason and Shawn had both been with women before, but they for whatever reason just preferred men. Today however Sarah could tell they were having a good time. Shawn was pulling her hair, and piston fucking her like a wild man, Jason was kissing her neck, and sucking her tits, as he was sliding in and out of her cunt. All Sarah had to do was enjoy.

Having both of her body cavities filled at the same time like this was almost too much for Sarah to handle. When the orgasm hit her it was so much more intense, and it came much quicker than usual too. The sensation of anal and vaginal penetration at the same time by two such well endowed men sent waves of pleasure all over her body. Her toes curled so much she caught a cramp.

The guys orgasms didn’t come too long after hers, she’d never felt so much sperm inside her body. when they both pulled out of her, all three were soaked in sweat, and cum was dripping all over Sarah.

“God, you guys stink,” Sarah said playfully as she rolled over between them and started to giggle.

“So which one of us is your favorite player sweetie?” Shawn asked.

Sarah sat up and softly kissed Shawn, and then Jason on the lips, “I just can’t decide fellas, I think you two are just going to have to keep fighting over me.”

Sarah got up, gathered her clothes and said, “See you next week boys.” Sarah waved at them and headed back downstairs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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