Clean Up Your Mess

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Amber Gibbs was without a doubt one of the hottest women in the neighborhood. She was thirty-nine years of age even though nobody typically believed her when she told them. Her hair a straight golden blonde that she kept long. Her eyes a deep green and her beautiful lips were full, and her smile could melt the coldest of hearts. She was the personification of a MILF.

Amber kept her perfect body in shape by going to the gym daily. She worked incredibly hard to keep her body for two reasons. She loved the attention she got from younger men and it helped with her job as a model for clothing companies. She grew up during the seventies with flower child parents, which caused her to develop quite the wild side at an early age.

Tony her son was born when Amber was only eighteen years old. She was never even really sure who the father was and was not all that interested in finding out. Amber left home shortly after Tony was born and while things were rough for them as they basically grew up together Amber made it work. The mother and son were very close; their relationship always was more intimate then any of the other parents in the neighborhood. Tony was twenty-one years old and still lived at home while attending college, since his eighteenth birthday their relationship had become more unconventional.

Amber was never one to be shy, but when her son was a minor, she at least kept things private from her son. It was practically the very day of his eighteenth birthday when she decided it was time to completely drop the motherly façade that never really worked for anyway. She enjoyed nudity and started showing off her body around the house more often. Tony did not complain, but at the same time, it made certain parts of his day much harder.

It was late on a Friday night in July the air was thick and humid and the air conditioning in the home was barely keeping up with the heat. Tony laid in bed with a few beads of sweat rolling off his forehead as he stared at the ceiling. He glanced at the clock and let out a long angry sigh as he saw it displayed two in the morning. He could not sleep he had been trying for several hours, but having no luck. “What the fuck can I do I just want to sleep!” He spoke aloud into the empty room. “Well why not?” He said as he slowly rolled his boxer shorts down. He was feeling a little horny, and he knew that it would make him sleepy if he could just cum. He let his hand creep down his body to his cock where his sizeable hand curled around it and he began to slowly stroke himself. He believed it was about the best thing he could do for himself on a night like this.

Tony’s bedroom door was slightly open something he rarely done, but it allowed more of air-conditioned air to flow inside his room. The horny young man was enjoying his session with his long thick cock. He used images of his own naked mother to fuel his lustful habit. As he stroked the sound of his hand, slapping against his body was interrupted as he thought he could hear moaning coming from the next room. He paused momentarily as he listened to the sound. Tony was not sure that his mom was home from her date, but he knew she could be the only other person in the house who slept in the room next to his so he knew it could only be her.

Tony laid there still holding his cock, which was growing even harder, the sounds of his mother’s moaning, was incredibly erotic to him. He started wondering if she was having one of her erotic dreams, he often enjoyed listening to his mother’s moans as she often had wildly erotic wet dreams. The moaning tonight though started getting louder and more intense than her typical nightly noises. Tony’s curiosity grew as the sound with of his mother increased. He continued stroking his cock harder and harder, but he could not achieve the satisfaction he was desperately craving. Tony stroked a little while longer his hand working from the head to the base, his grip tight around the shaft. He tried to focus on what he was doing but the sound was to intriguing he wanted to see what was fueling his mom’s lustful noises as he rolled off his bed to investigate.

Tony started to worry as he walked down the hall hearing the moaning increasing in intensity as he neared, maybe this was not a wet dream maybe there was something wrong. The now concerned son reached the door noticing his mother’s was also ajar. He relaxed a little as he started to think that maybe the cracked open door was the reason he heard her so well. He never had issues with hearing her as she was very loud, but it had never been as it was tonight, he slowly eased the door open unsure as to what he would find behind the door.

Tony pushed her large wooden bedroom door open a little more just far enough to get a look into the room. He poked his head into her room to see if his mom was okay, he looked around the large room. The king sized bed which his mom slept on despite the fact she rarely let şişli escort any of her boyfriend’s spend more than a few hours at the house and never let them stay overnight dominated the bedroom. Tony’s eyes shot wide open as he was completely blown away at what he saw. She was not having a bad night in fact she was rather involved in pleasuring herself.

Amber’s bedside lamp was still on giving just enough light to allow her son quite the view of her activities. Tony was able to see she was on her bed all spread out. The son, could his mom was laying there completely naked reading what looked to be a porn magazine of some sort. Her eyes were half closed as she pumped her pussy with a large black vibrator. The toy was on high and he could hear it buzzing away as his mother slid it in and out making sure to use the full length of it on herself. Tony froze to the spot just outside the door unable to look away from her. Amber was moaning loudly and saying things that Tony could not understand as she thrust the vibrator in and out of herself, she laid down her magazine and started to pinch her nipples with her other hand, pulling hard on them.

“Oh yes, fuck yeah! Fuck that slutty cunt baby.” Were the only things Tony could make out from all her moaning and mumbling.

Tony’s cock was now throbbing hard the veins in his shaft pulsating and before he knew it; his hand was back on his cock jerking it harder than he was before as he gazed at his mother. His heart was beating a hundred miles an hour, his mouth was becoming as dry as sand. He had seen his mom naked before, since her switch to nudism on his eighteenth birthday it was no shock to see her nude, but to see her naked and pleasuring herself was a new experience. Tony jerked his cock hard his whole hand wrapped around it his thumb and middle finger tips barely touching one another as he abused his cock.

Tony was unsure if he made a noise or what, but his mom started to open her tightly clenched eyes and squinted over to where Tony was standing near the entrance to the bedroom. Amber squinted as she shifted her gaze his way trying to make out the figure in her doorway. Tony thought he could still possibly slip away undetected until his mother did a double take as she likely recognized the figure in her doorway.

Amber’s expression of pleasure switched quickly to one of shock she had never been caught in an act like this. Amber yelled out “Holy Shit!” as she tried to cover herself, she did not mind her son seeing her naked but this was a new frontier even for her. Tony was still rooted to the spot with no idea on what to do or say the situation. His cock was still throbbing, but his will power was returning as without a word Tony ran to his bedroom slamming the door behind him.

Tony laid there under the covers of his bed as a few minutes went by and his mom had not appeared yet. His heart pounded his mind raced as he stared at his bedroom door waiting for it to open any second. He tried to think of things he could say or do if she came in there mad, but soon he started just thinking about what he had seen and rather than contemplate excuses his hand found its way back to his cock. He was still throbbing hard even being seen and scared by his mother had not affected his hardness as he jerked on his cock. “Oh fuck.” He growled as he stroked.

Tony laid on his bed jerking his cock harder than he had in his life, as he saw his doorknob twist and the door crack open. The door opened up slowly the more it inched open the faster Tony’s heart pounded in his chest. The door was almost fully open Tony’s breath was fast and shallow beads of sweat rolled off his head, he squeezed his cock hard he was almost hurting himself with his self-inflicted abuse. The door finally opened completely and it was Amber standing there. She did not speak she just walked over and stood beside Tony, Amber had pulled on a short black silk nightie which did not hide very much. Her almost fully exposed breasts barely contained within the nightie. Tony tried not to look but he could not stop stroking his cock, he could not even pretend to be asleep. His mother’s tiny nightie left virtually nothing to the imagination and it was only fueling the lust Tony felt as he stroked his cock.

Tony finally broke the uncomfortable silence in the room as he spoke “Mom I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to spy on you like that.” Tony said, but still could not make himself turn loose of his cock as his mom leaned over him with her hair long blonde hair hanging down over Tony’s face and her breasts just inches away as he could smell her perfume.

Amber did not answer Tony’s plea for forgiveness and instead responded by pulling the covers off him. Tony’s hard cock now exposed to his mom for the first time, as he had not partaken in her newfound love of nudism. He turned loose of the cock he had been jerking with lustful rage and watched as his mom licked her mecidiyeköy escort lips, before biting her bottom lip. He could feel her eyes gazing over his twenty one year old athletic body. Amber’s eyes roamed all over but they paused and locked in on the young man’s sizeable cock.

“It’s okay sweetie.” She said as she took his hand off his cock and held it in hers. “I’m glad you saw that me, you just scared me I didn’t hear you. It’s actually flattering baby that your old mom could turn you on in such a way.” She spoke softly using a tone a mother typically uses for soothing a small child’s cut. She tugged hard on her son’s arm letting it be known that she wanted him to stand up.

“Come with me baby we are going to go back to my room.” She said as Tony stood up and followed her down the hall. His cock sticking straight ahead still hard as he stared at his mother’s ass, she swayed her hips back and forth as she stepped making it bear impossible to ignore. He enjoyed the view while having seen her naked before there was something about the black nightie and the way it looked on her beautifully round tan bottom.

Once they had returned to the bedroom Amber motioned for Tony to lay on the bed she crawled over him slowly and deliberately taking her time to allow her nipples to graze against her son. The flimsy nightie might as well not have been there as Tony could feel the rock hard nipples. Tony groaned as it felt like his dick grew and extra half inch with from his mother’s apparent teasing. Amber took a position in the bed beside her son. She slowly pulled off her nightie and dropped it by her bedside. She shook head back and forth allowing her long blonde locks to fall, perfectly framing her near angelic face.

Amber without a word put her hand behind her son’s head and guided his mouth to her melon like breasts with the other hand as she lifted her breast to his mouth. She stroked his hair back as she held her son there letting him suck her nipples as if he was nursing. She ran her hand up and down his chest and abs caressing him gently as her son pleasured his mother’s breast.

Tony squeezed one breast as he sucked the other. Amber squealed in delight as her son switched from one nipple to the other. He sucked them hard before starting to nibble on them. Amber’s breathing was becoming hard as her son pleasured her nipples.

“Let mommy watch you play with that nice hard cock of yours baby.” She said with a smile in between the moans her son was inducing in her.

Tony did as she asked and took hold of his swollen cock and began to stroke it up and down, slowly at first then he started to pick up the pace. He was soon beating it in a nice rhythm trying not to jerk it too fast, as he knew he would not last long before he finally shot his cum everywhere.
Amber moaned softly as Tony jerked while continuing to suck her nipples. She started kissing the top of his head as she kept her eyes locked on Tony’s throbbing hard cock. She had been with many men but something about this taboo moment was overcoming her. She had never felt so on fire she could feel she was near orgasm just from the attention her nipples were getting.

Amber slowly let her hand wander down her son’s hard body. Her hand finally reached his swollen balls she squeezed them gently in her small hands as Tony continued to jerk off for her. “That’s it baby mommy loves your cock it is so beautiful.” Amber spoke again with the soothing tone licking her full lips as she did.

“Mommy…I’m going to cum soon.” Tony moaned hard, the more loving his mom was being the more wild it was making him.

“Cum for me, please cum for mommy.” She said with her face so close to his that he could feel her warm breath on him. Tony wanted more than anything to just kiss his mother. Their faces so close it was almost as if she was teasing him.

A few seconds passed and soon Tony had the release he had been lusting for as cum shot out of his cock up into the air landing on his chest, and his mom’s. Amber finally leaned in and kissed her son’s lips almost simultaneously as his cum exploded from his cock. She placed her lips to his just as orgasm occurred, she snaked her tongue over his and twirled it around inside his mouth before breaking their kiss.

“It’s my turn now baby.” She whispered into her son’s ear breathlessly almost as if she herself just had the orgasm.

“You have to help me.” She pleaded with desperation in her voice, as she reached over to her nightstand grabbing her vibrator handing it to her son. “Please stuff this into mommy’s pussy. Please shove it deep in me.” She smiled as she lay on her back pulling him over her and putting his right hand on the vibrator. Amber guided her sons hand to her bald drenched pussy as she lined the toy up.

“Now fuck my pussy with it you naughty boy!” She commanded. Her voice switching from that of a soothing mother to a lust filled slut.

Tony moved closer his face inches from his mom’s pussy as he shoved the vibrator deep into her pussy in one go. His face was right above mom’s pussy as the smell of her juices filled his nostrils. He slowly worked the speed on the vibrator higher as he worked it in and out of her pussy fast, deep, and hard. Amber worked her clit with her fingers as her son pounded her pussy with the toy.

“That’s it baby, keep going and don’t fucking stop fucking mommy’s cunt!” She commanded again. “Oh fucking hell. Fuck my cunt you mother fucker…I’m cumming.” Amber cried out with more cussing then her son had ever heard her use. Her body went as rigid as a board as her orgasm violently ripped through her body like a thousand volts of electricity.

Tony slid the vibrator from his mother’s pussy he looked at the bed now coated wet with her juices. He took a few moments to turn off the toy as he opened his mouth and slid the toy into his own mouth. He deep throated his mom’s toy for a few moments enjoying the taste of her pussy.

“Oh you naughty boy that was so fucking hot baby.” Said Amber as she grasped her son’s hair and pulled him up to her lips. She grabbed him by the back of his neck and pulled him until they we were face to face. She kissed him hard on the lips as again her tongue found his and they intertwined with each other. She liked the taste of her pussy on her son’s tongue.

Tony laid on top of his mother kissing their tongues twisting. Amber finally broke the long messy kiss as she smiled at her son. “I can’t believe we did that. It was amazing.”

Tony’s cock lay against her bald pussy still hard as he looked into his mother’s eyes. “I know mom I loved it so I hope you’re not going to be upset when I do this.” Tony said with a bit of apprehension in his voice as without a warning he took his hard cock and pushed it into his mother’s pussy.

“Oh fuck no baby!” She cried out as her sons cock entered her. He was not as hard or as swollen as he was earlier but he was by far one of the largest cocks she ever had.

“I can’t help it I need it!” Said Tony as he filled his mother’s pussy.

Amber cried out as she was okay with the masturbation but was not sure if sex was something they should be doing. “Tony stop it I am your mother listen to me.”

“No mommy I want to fuck you!” Spoke Tony almost like a spoiled child wanting to get his way. He pulled his cock out almost the full length before slamming it back inside her wet hole. He was fucking his mother so hard the headboard was beating the wall.

“Tony!” Amber screamed out as she started to tell him again to stop, but before she could, another euphoric feeling washed over her body. “Tony fuck mommy, fuck mommy harder!” Her tone swapping from a negative to now wanting more of her son’s cock.

Tony’s balls beat against his mother as he grunted like a beast in heat. His cock was furiously pounding in and out his mother’s pussy as he pulled her legs up laying them over his shoulders. As Amber’s legs went higher so did her moans of pleasure. Tony was now hitting just the right spot with his vicious thrusts. He was fucking her without mercy. “I love the feel of your pussy!”

“Oh yes mommy loves your cock!” Amber even shocked herself at how she was talking to her son. “You can’t cum in mommy.” Said Amber as her nails dragged down her son’s back scratching him deeply as her hips bucked wildly with a massive orgasm ripping through her.

Tony’s mouth dropped open wide as he thrust no sound came out at first, but as few seconds passed, he was soon grunting as his cock exploded inside his mother. “I’m cumming in you mommy.” He managed to say in between the grunts and groans.

Tony rolled off his mother’s body and laid next to her breathing heavily. Amber let her fingers slide inside her pussy retrieving a large glob of her son’s thick white seed. She sucked her fingers clean as she looked to her breathless lover. “Now you mother fucker roll over here and eat mommy’s cream pie.”

Tony looked at his mother with a bit of shock. “I won’t eat my cum.” he said with a stern tone.

“Oh yes you will little boy! You will do as mommy says.”

Tony felt his cock jump as his mom corrected him. He looked at her as if he just had his hand slapped away from the cookie jar. Tony rolled over on top of his mother and slowly kissed his way down her body. He lifted her legs high as he slowly moved his mouth to her pussy. “Yes mommy I am sorry.” Tony licked the pussy slowly at first not enjoying the taste of his own cum. His tongue rubbed her clit making her squirm.

“Tongue your mommy’s hole clean it good you mother fucker.”

Tony breathed deep as he took his mother’s command and slid his tongue deep inside her pussy. He found a large deposit of his semen just inside her hole. He pulled the cum out with his tongue swallowing a large amount of the cum. He gagged on it a little as he did but still managed to swallow it.

“Good boy now get some more out of mommy. You came inside mommy without permission so now you need to clean up your mess.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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