Early Spring Surprise

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Damn! The sun’s gone behind the clouds again. Gee; it’s cold now. That wind cuts deep. Should’ve worn a jacket. It’s still only spring.

For heaven’s sake Lisa, what were you thinking?

Still some way from home. Even if I take the shortcut up the sand track it’s still 20 minutes.

Wind’s getting stronger now. It’s warmer if I hug my arms across the front of this cotton dress.

“Oww!” Sand in the face. That stings.

This is getting bloody unpleasant. Who would come for a walk on the beach in these conditions?

Oh dear; now my hair’s all across my face. Can’t see where I’m going. Push it aside, but now cold on my chest. I’m not going to win this battle with nature.

Get the sandals off so I can walk faster on the sand. Got to escape this bloody beach.

What’s that? A figure; off in the distance; through the sea spray.

Coming toward me… I think? Another fool lured to the water by the hint of early spring. At least I’m not the only person on the beach in this weather.

It’s a man. I can tell by the way he walks. Striding out. I’ll know him for sure. This village is too small.

Oh no, wind up the dress. Push it back in place and… Ohhh; another blast of sand in the face.

Jesus; that’s embarrassing. Underdressed and showing off too much leg; with some man striding toward me. Who is it anyway? Can’t tell through the sand and sea spray.

Oh know; it’s Maynard. Shit!

Maynard’s nice; but not him; not now. I need to look better. Don’t stutter and appear too shy. Make a good showing Lisa.

He’s waving and well dressed for the conditions. Walking shoes, pants and thick jacket.

Relax, smile. No problem here. He won’t notice.

“Hi Maynard.”

“Lisa; what are you doing out in this? You look like you’re off on a picnic.”

Walk quickly too him. He’s nice, he’ll protect me.

“You look like you’re struggling a bit Leese.”

“No; I’m all right. Not far to go now.”

Move to leeward of him; get protection from the elements.

“I don’t think you’re all right at all. You’re shivering. Are you going up the sand track? I could walk you there if you want.”

Oh nice. Maynard will walk me off the beach. Just the offer I’d expect, but can’t seem too pathetic.

“No I’ll be ok; really. Please; you must keep on. Don’t cut your walk short for my sake.”

“But I’m happy to cut it short for your sake Lisa. You look real cold. You’re so slender; no padding. Here let me…”

Hmmm; ‘slender’. Is that a compliment? Is slender good?

Reaching out and… Oh; rubbing my cold arms.

Oh my God; Maynard’s touching my arms.

“You’re freezing cold. I’ll tell you what; I must at the least lend you my jacket.”

“No, no, I’m OK; really.”

Just keep rubbing the arms. That’ll do just nicely thanks. I’m getting warmer.

Oh shit, too late; the jackets off. Now he’s standing there in his woollen shirt.

“Here you must take it. I’m walking to the Point with the wind at my back. When I get there I leave the beach and come back through the village. I’ll be fine; really.”

Oh you gallant man.

“Well, if you’re sure.”

“Absolutely! You take it and get off the beach as soon as you can. I’ll call by and pick it up on my way back.”

“Ok! Thanks Maynard. I’m lucky you came along.”

“Nah; you’d have made it OK. Just got a bit cold that’s all.”

More rubbing. Just one arm this time.

Mmm! That feels nice. Maybe we could just stay here a while; touching. Don’t put the jacket on too quickly.

“Hurry up; put it on. I’ll see you in about 40 minutes.”

“Ok, see you then. Thanks so much Maynard.”

Shut up you stupid woman. Thanking him too much; sounding like a drippy teenager.

He’s gone. Into the swirling sand and sea mist. Heading for the point at the end of the beach. My shelter’s gone. Wrap the jacket tight. Head down into the wind.

This is better. Warmer now. Where’s that bloody track? I can never find it. They should signpost it better.

It’s not easy to spot, but I’ve come this way before.

There it is. Just a little further.

That’s a relief. Now into the sand hills.

Mmm; that’s better; warmer. Thank goodness for that.

This jacket’s nice and warm. There’s the road. What’s that odour? It’s the smell of a male. Hoist it higher, up and over my nose.

Oh golly, that smells nice. A deep, earthy smell. A man’s smell. Maynard’s smell.

Deep breath; look around to check. It’s all a bit naughty really. Is anyone watching from that house? Watching me wrapped up in Maynard’s jacket. Inhaling his odour.

If they are watching I can’t see them. Stuff them anyway. Too many nosey parkers in the village.

Need to stop getting high on Maynard and walk quickly up the road. Now it’s too hot. I’m overdressed. Unbelievable; the difference between the beach and inland.

Hasten the pace. Maynard’s coming. I need to prepare. Clean up the house; put the coffee on. Feeling a bit nervous now.

How’s this going to play out? The last time he called in Ryan was home halo izle and he had his daughter with him. Today they’re in school. It’ll just be me and Maynard.

There’s the house. Up the hill. My cosy cottage. It’s tiny, but I love it.

All I can afford since the bastard left me 6 months ago. And he still lives in the village. With Charlotte; the bitch. That’s embarrassing. Carrying on for a year, maybe more and I didn’t know. Most others did.

She said she was sorry. That it ‘just happened’. Now they’re ‘soul mates’.

Oh my god ‘soul mates’; how corny. He was my husband and you slept with him. You bitch.

Forget about them Lisa. Maynard’s coming over. A man in the house. Drinking my coffee; making small talk. Dishing out compliments. Maynard’s always giving compliments.

Here we are at the blue gate. Check for Mrs Crabtree.

No sign of her watching. Thank goodness for that. A good neighbour; but what a gossip. Been here so long; knows everything about everyone. Noted Maynard’s visit the last time, when he’d come to return Ryan’s lost shoes.

Slip in the front door. Smell that log burner, still smouldering away; filling the house with welcoming warmth.

Good to be home safe, after that experience. What an adventure. Sandals off. Got to get ready quick, cause he can’t be far away.

Shed this beautiful smelly man jacket. Get the poker and stoke that fire up. Spread those coals about. Put in a log; stoke it some more.

Now the jug on, then get presentable. How’s this going to play out today. It’s mid-morning. Nothing happens mid-morning. Does it?

He’s been quite forward with some of his comments. A bit suggestive. Last time, while Ryan and Sophie played quietly, he spoke softly so the children couldn’t hear.

“…but you look absolutely radiant Lisa. You always do. I think about you a lot…”

He thinks about me a lot. That’s what he said. And now he’s coming over again. Has he still been thinking about me a lot?

Open the fire door and stoke it up again. Bit too much stoking. No need to do that.

Maynard finds me attractive. That’s flattering. I need a bit of flattery after all I’ve been through.

In the six months since Ryan’s father left I’ve not been feeling that great about myself. Quite the opposite really. A bit of an unattractive failure; full of self-doubt.

“…I love your dress sense and the way you’ve always got a ready smile…”

I don’t always have a ready smile. Only for some people. Always for Maynard. He’s easy to smile at. Friendly, good looking…married.

Oh bugger! The prick of guilt. Push it away Lisa. Get to the bathroom and brush the sand out of places where sand shouldn’t be.

Need a shower. Too late for that. He’s only be 10 minutes away.

“Fuck it…Sally. She’s so nice.”

Both involved with the school. Their girls and Ryan are a similar age. Some parents don’t talk much. Sally does. Always asking if everything’s all right with me and Ryan. Always concerned.

Does she suspect Maynard likes me? No, she couldn’t; could she? Maybe she does. Nothing to suspect really. Me and Maynard just chat together at school pick up, while she talks to others.

I’ve got to push Sally out of my thoughts. I don’t want her here in my house. Not right now. Not with her husband only a few minutes away. Coming for his jacket and to deliver more compliments. Maybe to touch my arm again. Maybe a little more than my arm. Would he? Hmmm; maybe?

Oh, you’re so naughty Lisa. Even thinking about that. He’s just said those things cause he feels sorry for you. To make you feel good. He won’t go further. Will he? He might. What then? What will I do? I’ll have to stop him. I’m no Charlotte. The bitch!

Breathing a bit too quickly now. Racing heart. Calm yourself.

Makeup! Not too much. Just some pale lipstick, but no more than that. He likes my complexion. He said that.

Oh dear, that’s getting a bit intimate; commending a woman’s complexion.

Tidy the bedroom and pull up the sheet and duvet on the bed.

Will we come in here? We might.

Oh gosh, my breasts are beginning to ache; just a little. They want to be touched.

Wish they were a little bit bigger. They’re not small, but not as big as Sally’s. Oh no; Sally again. Get out Sally. But I’m prettier than her. At least I think I am. Thinner, anyway.

He’s commented about my slimness the last time he was in the house and then again on the beach 35 minutes ago.

There’s the kettle whistling. Two cups. Black for him; dash of milk for me.

Knocking. Oh God; he’s here. That was quick. He must have walked fast.

Straighten the dress, check the face; push back the hair. Heart’s thumping now.

Settle down you scatty schoolgirl. Calm yourself. Big breaths; big breaths.

“It’s open.”

“Hi, how’d you go getting home? All Ok.”

He’s slipping off his sandy shoes and leaving them by the door. So considerate.

“Yeah; thanks so much for the coat Maynard, you’re a lifesaver. Here I made some coffee to warm you up.”

“I know; high rise invasion izle I smelt it 100 yards from the house. You’re looking much prettier than you were on the beach. Less like a seal; more like a mermaid.”

Here we go with the flattery. He’s keen. Mid-week; mid-morning; no one knows he’s here and he’s dishing out the compliments.

“Ha ha, I felt more like a seal.”

“No; you’re no seal, you’re a mermaid for sure.”

Oh my god; he’s touched my hair. Pushed it clear of my face.

Too much too soon. Step back; please step back.

Now I’m getting the quizzical look. But at least he’s stepped away and sipped his coffee. Whew!

“Nice coffee Lisa. Don’t you like me doing that?”

“Doing what?”

“Touching your hair like that.”

No I didn’t. It was too much, too quick. It shook me. It’s not appropriate. You’re married. I know your wife.

“No, it was ok; I liked it.”

That’s a weak reply Lisa, but at least everyone’s smiling now; tension released. He likes it that I like him touching my hair.

“Lisa I…,”

Oh no; extended eye contact. Now he’s looking real earnest. This is uncomfortable.

“I… you know we talk quite a bit at school and when I see you about in the village.”

“Yeah we do. I love our chats Maynard.”

Where the hell’s this going? Standing here; middle of the room; still a bit too close.

Oh; now he’s come closer.

“Well; look I don’t want to freak you out, but I’ve found myself thinking about you quite a bit… There I’ve said it.”

It’s not really that big a surprise to me Maynard.

“Thinking about me?”

“Since I left you on the beach. The whole walk. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you.”

“Well that’s probably cause I took off with your jacket. It’s over there by the way.”

“No; no. I wasn’t cold at all. You just filled my head. You often fill my head Lisa.”

“I do?”

“Yeah; you do. I like you a lot Lisa.”

Oh, settle down my racing heart. He’s just come right out and said it. Now don’t get carried away. Act demurely.

“Well I like you too Maynard. I like both you and Sally.”

That was clever Lisa. Let’s throw that one in there. See if it acts as a hand break.

“No; I don’t think you understand Leese… Here give me your coffee cup.”

Oh; there go the cups. No little barrier between us now.

“I like you a lot.”

‘A lot.’ Plenty of emphasis on the ‘a lot’ this time. Wish I had that cup to hide my face behind.

“Oh; I see.”

Here it comes. Drop the eyes. Pull him up now or it’s too late.

“Maynard I think…”

Oh dear; hand lightly on the chin; lifting. I know what happens now. Go with it; close the eyes. Just a peck.

Oh Maynard; that’s so nice. I like this. Breast’s hard up against firm chest. I knew you’d be a great kisser. You taste so good and smell like your jacket. Oh, and a little flick of tongue as well. Too quickly gone. My God, that was far too nice.

“I’m sorry; I just had to do that. Was it… alright.”

“Mmm, I loved it. Can we do that again?”

Oh dear, what a dumb question. He wants to go again alright. No hesitation at all. That tongue has decided it’s got an open invitation.

I’d better return this kiss with a passion. Too bad if he thinks I’m desperate. I am a bit desperate.

Oh; my whole body’s enjoying this.

One hand in the middle of my back the other resting on my shoulder. That’s nice, but not what’s asking to be touched. No touching for over six months. A woman has needs.

This kiss, his smell, his taste; it’s just so good. Come on Maynard; all clear to second base.

He won’t do it. Too polite; too nice. Move a fraction; take his hand.

Come on Maynard; let’s move our hands down to…here.

There now; on the breast, natural as anything. You like that; don’t you.

Oh Jesus; he’s massaging the breast. That’s upped the ante a bit quick; but it feels nice. Damn, I wish they were a bit bigger.

Hang on Lisa; you’re pashing in the middle of the living room. Set some rules.

“Maynard we need to move away… the windows… the curtains are open.”

That was hardly setting the rules. Now he’s got that hand in my hair again. He loves my hair. I wish I’d washed it.

How far is this going to go? Are we just kissing? That’d be nice. Just kissing and a little touching. Leave it there for now.

“Let’s go to the bedroom. I want to take you to bed.”

Oh my god, he wants to fuck me. He wants to push himself up into me. No one’s been there for so long. I’m not sure… Quick gather your thoughts.

“Um; Ok, it’s this way.”

Christ, too easy. What am I doing? Leading a married man down the hallway to my bed. At the first request. No hesitation.

Will he want me undressed? He might be a bit kinky. No; he won’t be. Not Maynard.

Oh dear; my nipples are tingling like crazy. They’re bursting out of my bra; and down at the bottom of my tummy…

“In here; sorry; it’s a bit of a mess. I hadn’t expected…”

That’s skymed izle a lie, you wanton woman. You thought about it when you made the bed just minutes ago. You wanted this and now it’s arrived.

“Can we lie a while?”

“Yeah I’d like that.”

Oh my god, are you going to say ‘No’ to anything? I need to still my heart. He’ll notice. Big breath. Relax. Oh, he kisses so nice.


A little moan; to let him know how nice that feels. Now the hands are back on the breast. Thank god for that. Oh that feels so nice. I wish they were bigger.

“Not very big, I’m sorry Maynard.”

“Let me be the judge of that. I need to see you.”

A watershed moment. Stop it now. Right now, or not at all. Once the breasts are out there will be no stopping this runaway train.

Kiss him again to buy time. Do you want this? Course you do. Well your body does anyway. It’s just so naughty; in bed; in the middle of the day.

Now he’s more urgent. Pulling at the straps. Let’s not rip anything.

“Here let me…”

Got to unzip and shrug down the dress. There, only in my bra. He’s looking all expectant; like a teenage boy.

Don’t hesitate or think about it. Just do it.

Damn I can’t unhook it. This bloody bra’s always been difficult.

“Let me do it…”

“No no; I can get it.”

There, got the damn thing. Now the grand unveiling.

Look down, not in the eye. Now he can see me. What’s he think. He needs to say something.

“Oh my God, you’re beautiful.”

Mmm; cupping the underside. That feels nice.

Woah! Now the lips. Straight to the nipple. And now the other one. Oh my god; they needed that. That’s real nice.

“Oh that’s so nice Maynard. Mmm, yes; oh yes, just there.”

Get those hands in his hair. Encourage him. Let him know how good it feels.

Tongue and lips. Lick, sip, suck. Hmm; nice! He knows what he’s doing.

I’ll need to do more than hands in the hair. Come on girl; it’s been a long time, but you’re not a virgin. Not too timid; not to forward. Pull the shirt up. Rub hands across his back.

Oh, he’s pulling his shirt over his head.

“You all Ok with this?”

Yes thank you I like that chest. Let me touch.

“Yes I love it. You?”

“I’m lovin it. I’m going to kick my pants off.”

Alright, that’s ok. What should I do then? Oh gosh the pants are off and there it is. Oh my god, he is enjoying this, isn’t he. No choice now, with it standing there. I’ll have to touch it. No choice at all really.

Don’t go straight too it. Ease a hand down across his chest and resume the kissing. Push the breasts into his chest. Oh yes; they like that.

Keep on kissing. That way no one’s looking. Just my fingertips on his skin.

Not too quick. Can’t appear desperate.

Down across his flank. Hmm; that’s nice and firm. He’s in good condition… I wonder how old he is? Gosh we’re kissing hard out now.

Down to the hip and then the main highway too…there it is.

Oh, that feels nice. Trail the fingers lightly down it then back up again. Don’t appear too greedy. God my nipples feel good on his chest.

Hmm; a man. A real man, with a real cock. Not just in my imagination. He’s growing harder; I like that. Now wrap the fingers around it.

I could do with a bit of lubrication. Golly, now he’s onto to my breasts again. Christ, I’m horny now. I’ll stroke him for a bit. I hope he doesn’t want me to put it in my mouth. I might if he asks, but I’d rather not. Just with my hand feels nice.

“You like that?”

“Yeah that feels real nice. Here let me…”

Oh, here we go; up under the hem of the dress. That’s ok. I need him to touch there. Part the legs for him Lisa; we’re way past playing hard to get now. Oh! He’s straight onto the crotch; sliding the panties across me. Christ I must be wet.

A man touching me through my cheap panties. First man since ‘the bastard’ left. Well look at me now Paul; you bastard. A new man with his lips on my nipples, hand on my panties. My hand stroking his cock.

“Oh that’s real nice. I love that Maynard.”

“I want to touch you.”

“Hmm, please. Yes please”

Oh; he’s slipped in the side. Fingers on my lips. Oh my god, that’s ramped things up for me.

“God, you’re so wet Leese.”

“It’s been a while.”

“Here lift up; I’ll get these out of the way. Then we’ll…can we?”

Can we fuck? He’s asking permission. How sweet. He’s wants to fuck me. This hard thing I’m holding in my hand will disappear inside me. Fill me.

“Yes; that’ll be nice.”

That’s it then. The green light. Proceed to home base Maynard.

Rise up so he can get those panties clear of my bottom. Oh that feels so sexy; sliding off, down my thighs. Take your time, I like this undressing bit.

The panties are gone, the dress rucked up high around my middle and now he’s on top. Jesus, he’s going to stick it in. Too quick, not just yet.

“Wait Maynard. Not yet. Let me… I’ll do it. Bring it here. Just here. Oh yeah, that feels sooo nice.”

Need to rub this thing up and around. Use it like a paint brush. Got to be nearly there before he goes in or I won’t get there. Take your time Lisa; relax. Let it build. That’s it; that’s the spot; here it comes. Feels good; real good.

Oh my god; he twitched.

“Lisa I…I need to go in…”

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