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Big Tits

Summer pulled him from a daze that autumn and winter had dropped him in. Aimlessly stuck in the small apartment in New York. Trying to bring his creative side out while working as a bartender at night. The snow that had covered the city was the worse and fell on him like a blanket suffocating his creativeness under warm comfort.

Work was great. Beautiful people every night. A bartender at one of the most exclusive nightclubs in the city, and pay and tips was not bad at all, but money did not bring creative flares or speak to the soul. Lately the endless line of one-night stands had become fruitless as well and there was no want in him to delph into the ‘darker’ side of sexual desires and adventures. All he really wanted was someone to love. To bring an emotional connection to his heart, mind and soul.


He saw her silhouette across the dance floor as she entered from outside and felt his eagerness jump. A small petite girl with long hair, small breasts, and perky butt. Just what he liked. He waited till she crossed the dancefloor to meet up with her laughing friends, hugging and kissing her arrival before pushing a cocktail into her hand. She almost got lost between the beauties around her was it not for the sensual way that she moved. She wore a tiny designer black cocktail dress that ended maybe a hand width under her butt, with thin straps over her bare shoulders and hugging her breasts upwards to present her cleavage. Soft natural color makeup allowed her red lips to pop. He watched her for a few minutes more while there was a lull at the bar as the DJ spun his decks and rocked the crowd, before getting called to the VIP lounge for some cocktail flaring entertainment.

He loved the environment in the VIP lounge. He played a part on the stage, entertaining the bachelorette parties with his skill as both a mixologist and a flare bartender. In the lounge all bets were off and exciting times were had. Tonight, a group of airhostesses was in. Twenty girls ranging from white, ebony to Asian and middle eastern. He let his drift over their scantly covered bodies. Flirting with their smiles as they came for more cocktails and kissing some deep, stroking their tongues with his as his hand stroked the napes of their necks. It was all part of the job and partly the reason he got to work in the VIP lounge so often The Club owner, a middle-aged blonde woman, kept her dirty secret to herself and so the all the patrons that booked out the VIP lounge.

At around midnight with most of the girls properly tipsy four of them came to the bar for some extra attention and cocktails. Two were blonde, long hair flowing in curls down to their shoulders framing glam makeup faces of models. Each wore a cocktail dress that was low cut, exposing their ample cleavage and he could see that if the material only shifted down two centimeters their nipples would be exposed to air and night. The third girl had hair as black as night, cut in a Chinese-bob style with dark makeup and lips that could suck the cum right out of man’s cock. She wore an almost see-through dress that hugged every curve and ended just below her ass. The fourth girl was Asian. North Korean with a tiny mouth and big eyes. She wore a loose blouse that hid much but tight jeans that accentuated her butt.

He quickly picked up their orders and continued to flare while making the cocktails. The owner appeared at the VIP door and strolled over in her figure-hugging knee-high dress. She came in behind the bar and stopped behind him brining his flaring to a stop and audible disappointment from the girls. She leaned in close, her lips on his ear and her hands crawling around his side and her fingers unbuttoning his shirt, ‘Give them what they want James.” As the last button slipped out, she pulled his short off exposing his ripped chest and abs. She left smiling at the girls ogling his naked torso and rippling of his muscles as he continued to make their drinks and pour it out.

The bob girl acted first. She used her finger to pull him closer to her and lifted herself slightly up onto the bar to bring her lips close to his. He knew that her ass would be exposed to the other girls behind her and he smiled slightly as he softly touched her cheek with his fingers and brushed her lips with his. Gently he slipped his tongue into her mouth, stroking hers with gentle but firm movements. He tasted the cranberry juice from her cosmo on her tongue and sucked gently, pulling her deeper into his mouth. A few moments later her felt another tongue on his slips and hers, pushing itself ataşehir escort bayan in between their kiss. The feeling of two tongues licking and stroking his jerked his cock alive in his jeans. He broke the kiss, allowing the blonde girl to tongue fuck her friend. Bet work will not be the same again for them. He looked the Asian and other blonde biting their lips and walked out from behind the bar to join them. He took their hands and lead them to a square flat sofa that stood in the middle of the lounge. Jerking his head at the other two that had briefly stop kissing to follow them.

Once at the sofa he guided the one blonde to kneel on the sofa and slipped his hands under her dress, hooking his fingers into her G-string and pulling them down, assisting her to move it around her knee, over her calves and over her high heels. Removed, he shoved the G-string into his pocket and spread her knees with firm gentle movements before bringing his palm up between her legs and cupping her pussy. By this time, the other girls of the group had formed a circle around them, some sitting and others standing. A female bartender entered the lounge and some girls proceeded to get more drinks as the night took an unexpected turn.

He felt her warm moisture coating the palm of his hand as he slipped his middle finger into her soaking pussy and grind her clit on the heel of his palm. She squirmed as he pushed his tongue into her mouth. While kissing he released her pussy and lifted her dress off over her head, leaving her naked in front of her colleagues and friends.

He pulled the other blonde and Asian girl closer, lifting their hands to cup her breasts and pushing the three into a tongue fest kiss. Leaving them to explore each other he turned to the black-haired girl and pulled her into his embrace, bringing their lips together and locking them in a deep penetrating kiss. His hands trailed down her spine to cup her butt and squeeze with his fingertips finding the edge of the dress and pulling it up, revealing her soft round ass. He felt for the string of her underwear and found none. Smiling in their kiss, he slipped his middle finger in between her ass cheeks, making tiny crawling motions as it slithered down to her puckered ass hole and wet open entrance of her pussy. He pushed his finger into her gaping hole, sucking at her tongue at the same time, tasting her sweet spit on his tongue.

Suddenly he felt her fingers on his thighs, stroking upwards towards his groin and as her fingers found his belt buckle, he pulled her dress off her body. He leaned back, watching her unbuckle his belt and unzipping his jeans, pulling it down while she knelt in front of him. The other three girls were completely naked and sucking and kissing each other from mouth, to tits to pussy. With his jeans and briefs finally off his legs she took his hard cock into her mouth. Her full lips slid down his hard cock while her tongue licked and lapped at the length of his shaft. Around him women were fingering their pussies, kissing each other and three couples were tribbing their exposed pussies. Not a bad night he thought.

While she sucked his cock he pulled the Asian girl closer to him, spreading her legs so he could gently rub her pussy with the palm of his hand. He kissed her deeply, enjoying the taste of her tongue and sucking on his cock and the warm moisture that coated his hand. He gently pushed the Asian girl down to her knees to share his cock. Their lips stroked up and down his shaft, one sucking at his shaved balls and the other pulling his cockhead into her mouth. He pulled the blonde girls closer, needing to do something with his mouth. He kissed them before settling on the one’s breasts, sucking her nipples into his mouth and flicking his tongue across her hard nipple.

Her breast was perfectly round and set high on her chest. Her nipple a tiny nub that stood erect in his mouth as he flicked his tongue across the hardness, using the flat part of his tongue to take long strokes across it before sucking hard on the nipple; pulling a moan from her tiny red mouth and he liked it. Equally so, he moaned on her nipple as the sweet Asian girl engulf his erect cock all the way to the base in her tight warm mouth, bringing about high-pitched shrieks and giggles from her colleagues who had now formed a ring around the five of them. He pulled away from suckling on the blonde’s tits to survey his surroundings.

The other blonde babe and bob haired girl was both on their backs, their mouths glued to the blonde and Asian’s pussies; escort kadıöy tongues flapping around, sucking on swollen pussy lips, and flicking over hypersensitive clits and licking up and down swollen wet lips. Both girls had their legs spread wide, inviting anyone to give attention to their waiting pussies, hard nipples and eager mouths and tongues. The Asian girl sucked his cock all the way down her throat again, swirling her tongue around the base, her throat closing around his cockhead and he could feel the cum building even more in his balls. As much as he would like to fill her throat with his cum, he wanted to spray all four of them with his warm white sperm.

He reluctantly pulled his cock free of the Asian’s tiny mouth and tight throat, planting a kiss on her lips, slipping his tongue deep inside her mouth and tasting himself. The taste, a mixture between his manhood and her sweet spit, made his cock throb even harder, his erect firm cock jumping up and down. He stepped away from her, walking around the ottoman, and stepping in between the bob girl’s spread legs, taking her ankles in his strong hands, and looking her body over. Her tits were perky round globes with lovely pink nipples and her pussy smoothly waxed. He loved it. She was skinny and her hip bones pronounced and her legs smooth as he slid his hands down her legs, from ankle to inner thigh, brushing his thumbs over her open pussy, her swollen wet lips opening easily and her hole beautifully open and ready. She quivered from his touch bringing a smile to his face as he took his hard cock in his hand, rubbing the swollen purple head across her lips sideways and then up and down, spreading her juices over his head and her pussy lips. Placing his cock head at her entrance; he slowly penetrated the tight confines of her womanhood, the muscles of her pussy tightening around his hardness. Fuck she was tight, he thought to himself and thrust his cock all the way inside her, his balls banging against her asshole and firm butt. The sudden fullness of her pussy made her gasp and moan into the pussy planted over her mouth. He slowly started pumping in and out her as he watched her eating the hairless pussy humping her mouth and chin.

Around him, girls were fingering their pussies, dresses pulled up above hips. Some were kneading their tits, biting their lips. All eyes were glued. He wondered what Monday back at work would be like for the lot of them. He settled into a good rhythm, and soon he could feel her pussy tightening even more around his hard cock. He knew she was going to cum so he placed his thumb squarely on her clit and began rubbing firmly and evenly. She released her mouth from the blonde’s pussy to breath hard as she came closer and closer. One colleague noticed and moved to stand over her head, her one foot planted on the floor and the other on the ottoman, her pussy right above her colleague’s face, vigorously rubbing her pussy only inches away. It made the bob girl even more excited. She felt the rush, the glow and rise of her orgasm. Building like a torrent river rushing downhill and bursting its banks. She squirted with a strong stream of juice, he kept pounding away at her, loving the feel of the warm liquid splashing against his stomach. The colleague burst open, her own inhibitions shattered, her pussy squirting all over the bob girls face. With the height dissipating, he thought they would move away but the colleague leaned over and started licking the bob girl’s juices of his stomach and off her legs, he gently escaped her quivering pussy and let the colleague lick up all the remaining juices coming from the bob girl’s pussy. The bob girl laid back, spent, enjoying the soft sucking, and licking of legs, stomach, and pussy.

He walked around to where the Asian girl had taken the place of the bob girl, busily sucking, and licking at the one blonde’s pussy. He gently pushed the blonde girl over, bending her forward and revealing her tight ass hole. His cock slick with juices, rubbed over her asshole making her look over her shoulder at him, biting her lip, and him locking his eyes with her as he penetrated her asshole. Her eyes never left his as he pulled out and pushed his cock back in. Slow deep strokes into her ass. The Asian girl alternated eating her pussy and sucking his balls. The other blonde girl, reaching a height of arousal, straddled the Asian girl, and pushed her open wet pussy against the Asian girl’s pussy. Slowly humping her. Their clits mashed together, their juices squelching loudly even above the music.

Still with maltepe escort eyes locked on the blonde’s perfect blue eyes, he started to increase his speed. Harder and deeper into her tight ass, holding onto her hips, her back long and smooth, inviting him to lean over, kissing, and licking her back and neck, driving her on. He pulled his cock out and pounded into her. Her eyes went big and her lips formed a perfect ‘O’. Harder and harder he started to fuck her while making love to her with his eyes. He could hear the two girls humping each other’s pussies harder and harder. Heavy breathing surrounded him. He caught a glimpse of the bob girl and her colleague with their legs entangled, juices squishing loudly.

He fucked harder, pulling the blonde against his chest, his hand around her throat, his lips sucking at her earlobe. She lost it. She came and came into the Asian girl’s mouth, her legs shaking. He slowed his fucking of her ass hole, slipping his tongue into her mouth, slowly and deeply kissing her. His cock was ready to explode.

He stepped away from her, her asshole still gaping with excitement. He gently pushed her down to lay next to her colleagues. The Asian girl and other blonde reached the climax at the same time, juices flying everywhere. They too fell, entangled, and spent, the three naked girls hugged and cuddled each other. Soon the bob girl and her colleague joined them. Now it was his turn.

He stood over them, his cock red and stone hard. He scanned the girls in the circle, looking for a suitable lady to stroke his cock and make him cum all over the four naked girls spread before him.

A red head stood out. She was dressed in a white low cut mini skirt that hugged her ample bosom and ass. He reached for her hand and pulled her behind him. He felt her tits pressed against his back, and placed both his hands on her ass, squeezing gently. Looking over his shoulder he placed his hand on the back of her neck and pulled her close. Their kiss was electric. They kissed and kissed, tongue and lips, he pushed his hand up under her skirt to find her panty-less. And gently started rubbing at her pussy. He took her hand and pulled it around to his front, placing it around his cock and she started stroking him slowly. Their kiss never broke or faded. It wasn’t rushed or overcome with lust. It was beautiful. Reaching deep into his heart. They sped up their rubbing and stroking. He slipped two fingers into her, she moaned into his mouth and she flicked her thumb across the head of his cock, making him moan into her wet hot mouth.. All eyes were on them.

She stoked him faster gripping his cock like a vice and he fingered her harder and deeper with long even strokes. He pushed a third finger into her soaked pussy, the digit slipping in easily and filling his thoughts with images of fisting her pussy. His palm rubbed her clit, cradling her mound like a fragile egg he needed to protect. Deeper and harder and they moved like lovers, still kissing. Never stopping. He felt his cum rise from his balls filling the length of his cock as he felt her tighten around his three fingers. Faster and faster. He could feel her body tense up against his, her tits, now pulled clear from her dress and pressing hard into his back. His cum was blinding him. Stars shooting in darkness as he tried to steady himself, to hold off and feel the build up of tension and erotic lust filling his core.

Stream after stream of white hot cum flew out of his cock and splashed over the four girls. Their tits, hair, faces and stomachs. The red head kept stroking hard. Pulling every ounce of cum from his balls. More and more cum fell on them, until the last drops were rub over his head by the red head. She came over his fingers. A rush of juices flowing down into his palm and pooling. He pressed and held her pussy firm, hugging her through her spend cunt, cuddling her at the most sensitive part of her body. She fell against him, her head on the back on his neck. Spend and thirsty as fuck, he turned around and took her face in his hands, his fingers coated white with her cum and looking deep into her eyes, he kissed her softly on the lips. Gently taking her hand and leading her out of the circle to the bar, suddenly very aware that he was butt naked in front of her.

He poured her a glass of champagne, reaching across the bar to get to the bottle. And poured a scotch for himself. He kept her held tight against him. The aroma of his cum and her juices mixing with the sweet bubbly and smoked scotch. He looked over at the group girls once, to see them licking and smearing his cum all over each other, but soon found himself drawn back to the red head and her green eyes with a gold halo around her pupil.

‘What’s your name?’ He asked, their lips close, breathing on each other.

‘Michelle.’ She whispered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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