Fall from Grace Ch. 03

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Falling in Love with Myself

I was making myself ready for the man I was ready for the man who I was willing to throw my perfect life away. Clay and I had been texting so much that I was always on my phone. We were talking dirty some of the time but mostly just talking. I was picturing what my life would be like with him. We saw each other everyday when I would take the kids to school. He would open my door and just look at me with that cocky half-smile. I would get dressed up just to take the kids to school so he could see me. It had been a week since our second encounter and he was coming over to do some handyman work. There was no school for teacher inservice and he told my husband he would fix our rusted gutters. I don’t know how he was able to get out of the inservice. I suspected he did whatever he wanted to around the school. I was suspicious that he was fucking the principal at the school as well as seeing me. I had the kids scheduled to go to my mom’s house and Brian would be at a pastor’s conference for the day. I was getting wet just thinking about him coming over.

I knew that I was a horrible person. I was married to a super nice man but all I could think about was how Clay carried himself. How confident and self assured he was; how in control of me and how big his cock was. He knew how to use his cock. He was the opposite of the man I married. I still felt very guilty at times and I cried often but I was talking myself into Clay’s life. I would send him pictures of me everyday. Not naked pictures but just pics of me, selfies. He would rave about how gorgeous I was. I didn’t hear that enough from my husband and I craved his attention.

I went out of town to the city to a lingere store and bought a white lace teddy. It was a see-through, white one piece. You could see my pink nipples and pussy lips through the material. When Clay arrived that morning, he came inside and went at me. I was wearing jogging pants and a T shirt when he got to the house. I held up my hands and said, “Now wait a sec, you have to do what you said you’d do first. Fix those gutters before we go play.”

He smirked, his half smirk and said, “Fuck that. I came here to fix you.”

He smiled that cock shit eating smile. He had me right where he wanted me. He knew he owned my married pussy. He leaned in and kissed me again, firm with so much passion. His hand came around and squeezed my ass hard. He broke the kiss and gave my ass a smack.

I pressed my body against him and kissed his lips. I sucked his bottom lip in my mouth and bit down. I looked at him with my big blue eyes and said, “No. Stop it. If you do your job, I promise I will make it worth your while.”

He stared at me hard. He had a new look in his eyes. He wasn’t smiling anymore. I didn’t know what had changed but I knew something was different. “I’ll be back in a few,” he said and walked outside.

I watched him work. He fixed the gutters and looks so damn good doing it. I knew he was finishing up and I went to the bedroom and changed into the teddy. I felt like such a bad girl. I felt like a slut. I had my make up done and my brown hair was down. I climbed on the bed and waited.

About five minutes later he walked in and stood in the door way, smiling. I was laying on the bed. I spread my legs and started rubbing my pussy through the see-through material. My other hand was rubbing my breasts. He reached down and started rubbing his cock through his jeans. God his cock was so big. I could see the outline through his pants.

My fingers traced the outline of my pussy and I whimpered softly as I teased myself. My other hand traced my nipples and pulled up on them gently. He watched me silently as I rubbed my pussy and electricity coursed through my entire body seeing his hungry eyes.

He undid his pants and they dropped to the floor. He was stroking his magnificent cock. It was so thick with huge veins. It was as thick as my forearm and seeing it maternal izle made me rub my little clit faster than before. He walked over to me his big cock swaying back and forth. He placed his hand over mine and controlled my motions slowing my rubbing fingers down. I gasped as he pressed his hand hard against mine grinding into my sensitive clit.

My other hand reached down and squeezed his cock making him groan. “Fuck Megan, I know you want to suck it. Why don’t you go ahead and do your job?”

I got down on my knees for him just like a good girl. I opened my mouth to swallow his cock right off. I wanted to make him proud. I needed to show him what a good cocksucker I was and take him deep in my throat. My mouth was ready for him this time opening wide and letting his salty cock slide along my tongue into my hot and wet married mouth. My lips stretched and ached as I opened wide. His rock hard cock slid down to my throat gagging me. I was ready for the size of his cock and didn’t stop until his balls touched my chin. He groaned again. “Oh what a good little girl you are. You suck cock so good.”

He wrapped his hand up in my hair and held me down on his cock until I started to gag. It didn’t take very long and he pulled back letting me take a breath before he forced his cock deep again. It cut off my air and he waited until I started gagging before pulling it out again. He kept control of my head by pulling my hair tight, making my scalp ache and burn. With his other hand, he roughly groped my breasts and pulled at my nipples making them hard before slapping my tits with his rough palm.

While his cock was deep in my throat, he yanked my head to the side and slowly pulled his cock back. I felt his huge head drag on the right side of my throat and it popped into my mouth painfully and pushed against my right cheek. I felt my right cheek force out as his cock pushed against it. My cheek ached and burned as he held my head there, his cock forcefully stretching my cheek until it finally popped out of my mouth.

His cock was covered in my spit and he slapped his heavy cock on my cheeks before sticking the head in my mouth again this time forcing it against my left cheek. He laughed at me as my eyes squeezed shut in pain. “What’s the matter bitch? You want me to go easy on you?” I pushed away from him his cock popping out of my mouth. My cheeks were aching from his cock.

With that he pushed me to the floor. “Bitch! What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

I laid there and started to cry. “I…I’m sorry. I’ll do better” I whimpered.

He stared at me as I cried on the floor. I expected pity from him but instead I got that smug grin. “Ok babe let’s try again.” He climbed into bed and laid down on his back. “Come up here. Now.”

I wiped the tears from my eyes and crawled to the bed. I pulled myself up and saw his hard body laying back in the bed. He was still smiling his cocky smile and his cock was still hard and wet standing straight up.

“What the fuck are you waiting for? Show me you can do better.” He said in a disgusted tone.

“Sorry. Im sorry.” Was all I could say and I opened my mouth and swallowed his cock again. I gagged as his cock filled my mouth then my throat. He grabbed my head and pushed me deeper.

“All the fucking way you dumb cunt.” He said as he held me down I could feel his cock twitching and throbbing as I choked. My eyes were squeezed shut and I was held there forever. He let me go finally and I came up and off his cock like a swimmer who went to deep and was in danger of drowning. I opened my tear-filled eyes and saw him staring at me with an evil glint in his eye.

“You think I’m going to come over here and work like your fucking servant and not fuck you like you deserve then you got another thing coming.” He grabbed my hair and pulled my face to his balls. “Lick them you fucking whore.”

Like an obedient whore, my tongue method izle came out and I licked his balls. First his left then his right, lifting his heavy balls up with my tongue. I felt the wrinkled skin against my tongue. My tongue was out and I didn’t expect it when he pushed my head down and my tongue hit his asshole. I don’t know what I expected but his hairy ass was on my tongue and almost as soon as it was there he yanked my hair up. “You dirty slutty whore, what are you doing licking my ass?” He pushed my head back down and said with a thick voice, “You better fucking lick it good.”

I was humiliated. My tongue pressed against his ass and moved up and down tickling his hole. “Oh fuck you are such a nasty whore.” He forced my tongue against him hard before dragging me up by my hair. “Are you going to make me wait to get to your pussy again?” he asked.

“I just wanted to do something nice for you.” I said with a shaky tearful voice.

He reached down and grabbed my face and squeezed. “You just do what I say. Always. Now get up here.” I saw he had lubricant in his hand and started rubbing it on his cock.

My head was spinning as I climbed up to him. He reached down and yanked the teddy to the side as I positioned my wet pussy over his hard cock. I lowered my pussy down and felt his head press against my pussy. With the lubricant it slid in easier than it ever had before. I felt my pussy stretch as I lowered my pussy down on his cock. My little lips opened up for his throbbing cock. I bit my lip as his cock filled me. He slapped my ass as I went as deep as I could. I shook as his cock hit my cervix. I raised my ass up and down on his cock. I started riding him but scared to put all my weight on him. I was afraid he would go too deep.

“Oh fuck…oh fuck oh fuck.” He moaned. “You’re so fucking tight.”

I should have known he would have all of me no matter what I wanted. He grabbed my hips and started thrusting up into me. I was moaning and saying “Clay oh god Clay” over and over as his cock went deeper and deeper in me. I felt his cock ramming into my cervix over and over as my pussy squeezed his cock. As his cock slid out of my wet pussy I felt so empty only to be quickly filled as he pushed back into my married body.

He reached up and grabbed two handfuls of my hair. “Now you ride my cock like you love it.”

I raised my ass up and slid down on his cock until my ass hit his legs. Then I began to grind my hips on his. He moaned so deep when I did that so I raised up and slammed my ass down and ground my hips again. Something in me gave way and my ass started bouncing as I came on his cock. Waves of pleasure washed over me. “Oh god I love you Clay.” I said. I heard him laugh at me but I knew it was true. Part of me loved him.

He picked me up and stood up still inside of me. I was amazed at how he could be so strong. He pulled out of me and turned me around and had me get on all fours on the floor. I heard him pull his belt out again but instead of spanking me he slid his cock into my willing pussy from behind. Again I was amazed at how my pussy had opened itself up to him and how much pleasure I felt when he was in me.

He leaned forward and slid the belt over my head and pulled it tight. He had made a loop from the belt and fashioned a choke leash with it. He cut off my air and whispered, “Who could ever love a whore like you.”

His hips crashed into me and his balls slapped my clit as he thrust deep into me.

“A wife who fucks other men” he growled with a powerful thrust still holding the belt tight.

“A mom who licks a man’s ass.” He pulled tighter making my pussy slid back on him.

He loosened his grip and I could breathe again. He placed both his hands on my hip as his cock pounded my pussy that tried so hard to hold him inside of it.

I was so close to cumming again. His cock slipping in and out of my bare, hot, wet, milf manor izle pussy driving me crazy. He stopped and I felt something cold and wet fall on my ass. I knew it was the lube. His thumb slid in my crack and started smearing it around my ass. I felt sweet pressure as his thumb slid in my ass while his cock was in me. I felt the pressure of his cock and and his thumb with a wall of tissue between them. “Now its your ass’s turn whore.”

My pussy ached as his cock slid out and he pulled his thumb free. I felt his monster head fall against my ass. He started sliding in back and forth in my crack before letting it rest against my hole. He yanked the belt tight again. “If you fight me I’m going to really yank on this.” He growled.

I felt immense pressure as he started to press his cock into my ass. I felt my ass stretch and stretch. I screamed as he pushed against my ass. I felt it explode in me with a pop and his head entered me. It felt like his cock was in me up to my throat but just the head had went in.

“God your angel ass is so fucking tight. God it almost hurts.” He said as I screamed again when he pushed forward more. I must have screamed too loud because he yanked the belt again cutting me off. Slowly he worked his cock deeper with short pushes. Then he started pumping back and forth. I was choking and not getting any air from the pain in my ass and the belt on my throat. He didn’t stop until it was half way in and then he let go of the belt and grabbed my hair. He yanked my head up as he thrust as hard as he could into me.

He yelled, “You’re going to give me that ass. I’m going to take all of that ass. I’m going to take me a wife and mom away from her family.” And with that he was all the way in and I was broken.

With his cock deep in my ass he leaned forward still holding my hair. “How are you going to look your family in the eye ever again?”

With those words he started thrusting, fucking my ass. His cock slid in and out of me. It was slow going and it hurt me but it was what I wanted. I wanted to give all of me to him and he took it. He took all of me. After several strokes his cock just popped out of my ass. He flipped me over and cum shot out of his cock onto my face and tits. I lay there panting and crying. He made a mess of me again. I pulled the belt off of me and I wondered if I could sink any lower than where I was now.

Clay looked at me almost disgusted and went to the shower. I heard him turn it on. I lay there for several minutes trying to figure out what to do. In my heart I knew what needed to be done. I got out of bed on trembling legs and shuffling I went to the shower. I opened the door and got in with Clay. I washed my face while he stood there watching me. Then I turned to him and kissed him deeply. He reached and grabbed my ass squeezing it.

We broke and I said, “I’m sorry baby. I should have never stopped you when you walked in. It won’t happen again.”

His cocky half smile came back and he lifted me up in his strong hands and pressed me against the wall of the shower. I felt his cock, hard again press against my pussy. Our mouths met and I opened mine. His tongue slid in my mouth as his cock slid up into me. I sucked on his tongue while his cock thrust deep in my hot pussy. My body tingled as the water hit us from the shower. He fucked me there standing against the wall. His firm thrusts were different. They seemed more loving as his cock slid in and out of me. When I came I said “I love you.” Over and over. I watched his face turn red and he groaned and he came inside of me hearing me say those words. He stood there panting against me still inside of me. My feet slid down to the shower floor as his cock slipped out of me. His seed ran down my thighs.

I finally understood how to love Clay and we started fucking all the time. I made plans to leave my husband and I would have except 4 months later, Clay got into a bar fight and seriously hurt another guy. He ended up doing time and I decided to use that time to get my life back in order. He is still doing another 9 months, his early release got pushed back when he got into another altercation in prison. He still writes but I don’t think I will see him again when he gets out. I’ve already moved on.

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