Guy Talk / Girl Talk

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Jason my grandson had a bad habit of talking too loud when he was with his friends down at the corner store. The three of them liked to gather there and talk about the girls they were banging of wanted to bang.

Sally March a friend of mine ever since high school told me that she was down at the diner sitting in the back booth when Jason and his friends came in. Sally is a small woman and the boys never saw her and after they started talking Sally slid even lower into the booth. She was so embarrassed and at the same time a little excited to learn that more than a few of the other women our age were having sex with these boys. Sally was so unnerved she sat there for twenty minutes after the boys left.

Sally called me right away and I told her to come on over. She sounded so upset I felt I had to do something to settle her down.

I was going to fix a pot of coffee but it was soon apparent that strong drink was needed. I broke out a bottle of my best whiskey.

Sally sat there jabbering like a magpie until she had a second drink. Finely I got her to talk coherently. “Silver” she said, “Your grandson Jason has a mouth on him like a drunker sailor. He and the Buzzy boys were down at the corner store and I happened to over hear them talking. Jason said he was having sex with two of our oldest friends. Silver; did you know this? Jason is going to bed with Stella Stark and Ruby Trubey.”

I had thought Jason was involved with an older lady but was not sure until now so I said “Sally are you sure you know what you’re talking about?”

Sally sipped her drink and said, “I can only tell you what I heard and the langue was… well it was.”

I said, “Sometimes boys just make up things to make themselves look good in the other boy’s eyes.”

Sally hiccupped smiled and looked at me with a kind of stupid

look on her face. She said “Silver; maybe I should not be the one to talk about such things but I could tell Jason was telling the truth. Remember back when we were kids and Stella got her leg hooked on that barbed wire fence. Well it left a scare … so my question is how did Jason know about the scare if he had not seen it up close and personal?”

I smiled and said, “Yes I remember. That scare was very close to her crotch. I think you’re right to know about that scare he would have to see if up close.”

Sally said “That’s’ what I’m telling you. If Jason and Stella were having sex he would have seen it so I guess what he told the Buzzy boys was true.”

I was getting a kick out Sally talking this way; normally she is such a prude. Therefore, I said, “Do you think maybe he had his head down there between her legs? I mean he would have to have been very close to see that little scare after all these years.”

Sally blinked and said, “I guess so.”

I said, “Well what do you think he was doing at the time he saw that little scare?”

Sally said, “My God Silver, He would have to been licking her to have been that close.”

I said, “I think so too. I wonder if Stella liked it? Would you like to be licked by one of those robust and excitable young men? I bet they really like to lick pussy don’t you think?”

Sally looked at me and said “God only knows Silver; it’s been long for me I’ve almost forgotten how it feel to have a man do it.”

I said “Well Sally; why don’t you talk to Jason and his friends and ask them if they would like to have sex with you. You’re still a healthy good-looking women and I think you’d like to have a man between your legs again. Just think how good it would feel. I bet they would even like it if you sucked on their cocks. You casino siteleri have sucked a cock before haven’t you?”

Sally looked blindly at me and said, “Well of course Donny Miller told me once I was the best cocksucker he knew.”

I laughed and said, “I bet he did. But when he joined the church he was already marred wasn’t he?”

Sally laughed and said somewhat shyly, “He was so good looking when he came over to paint my house … well we did have a payment plan worked out.” She laughed aloud.

I said “Sally you were marred at that time too. I knew it. I heard you were fooling around back then. I just did not know who with.”

Sally laughed and said, “Well Donny was not the only one. I was such a hellion back then. But my husband never knew.”

I heard the backdoor and Jason appeared in the doorway to the Den. “Hi Gram.” He looked at the bottle on the table and said “Little early to be drinking isn’t it?”

I said, “Sally was just so up set she had to have a few. My drink is still full.

Sally was telling me you and the Buzzy boys were down at the diner talking. Sally was a little up set because you boys were talking about older women you’ve some how managed to seduce. Sally was also wondering if you would like to bring her into the group.”

Jason looked at me and said “Will you be joining us too Gram?”

I smiled and said “Jason I’ve told you before I’m not into incest. So no I’ll not be part of this little party.”

Jason laughed and said, “I think Sally is a nice lady. You can watch Gram that’s’ not like incest.”

Just then, Jerry Buzzy came in and laughing said “Mrs. Fox we’re not related so if I were to have some of you it would not be incest.”

I said “No not at all. Come with me Jerry lets’ leave these two alone.”

Twenty minutes later, I was rolling over out of breath and Jerry was waiting to go again. I heard the shower in Jason’s room. I told Jerry I was going down stairs to check on Sally. He said, “I’ll be waiting.” He grabbed his wonderful cock shook it at me and said, “Hurry back.”

I found Sally half on the sofa and half on the floor naked with a large amount of fluid staining the seat and carpet. Sally was out like a light. I got my digital camera out and took a few pictures just in case Sally should ever have a morals problem.

I returned to my bedroom and took up with Jerry where we left off. That was in a numbered position. Some call it a sixty-nine. Jason popped in took a good long look and said, “Are you sure?” I did not answer, as Jerry was just about to fill my mouth with his youthful exuberance.

I got Sally up showered and on her way home. It was late and I did not feel like cooking so I drove down to the diner.

I was no sooner seated than Ruby Trubey came in I waved her over and asked her to join me.

She looked troubled and sat down with a wild glare in her eyes. It was apparent she had talked to Sally.

I said, “Sally called you?”

Ruby said “Yes and this is getting out of hand. What am I going to do?”

I said “Ruby; if I were you first off I would not worry about it. You made your choice and not one else knows about you and the boys except me and I’m not going to tell. Sally has joined your very elite club and she is not going to say anything to any one. So stop worrying.”

Ruby said “That all well and good for you. You’ve not had the three of them climb all over you. I mean Silver; how could I let all three have me. Christ what must have I been thinking.”

I said “Ruby it will pass. I know how these young boys are. They will move on to something canlı casino else very quickly.”

Ruby said, “That may be. However, two weeks ago after church Allen Buzzy asked me out for dinner. I put him off but he called again and wanted an answer. What am I going to tell him? Sorry Allen I cannot go to dinner with you because I’m screwing your two sons. Silver; listen to me. I think Allen Buzzy is serious. I think he likes me and the real problem is I like him too. What am I going to do?”

I almost laughed aloud. I was thinking I know some women that would love to a have a problem like that. However, what I said was “Maybe I can have a talk with Jason.

He might be able to get through to the boys that it would be nice to let you alone so their father will have a chance to be happy again. He’s’ been a widower as long as you’ve been a widow. I think that might work out for the both of you.”

Ruby smiled and said “Silver; that would be great. I’d be forever in your debt.”

I said, “Let’s order dinner.”

A week later, I met Ruby at the market and she pulled me aside and said, “I owe you so much. Allen and I are dating and the boys have not said a word. Thanks so much for talking to Jason.”

I said, “It seems they’ve shown a great interest in Sally and of course they are still having clandestine meeting with Stella. I wish you all the luck in the world and I hope it all works out well.”

I had not talked to Jason and I had no idea what had caused the Buzzy boys to back away and leave the door open for their father. I wondered if that just might have been some kind of ploy to get Ruby in the family so all three man could have her to themselves. I had to have a talk with Jason and find out what was going on.

Jason came home that evening and introduced me to a beautiful young lady named Wanda Curtis. She was a few years older than Jason was but not many. Jason had his birthday already and was now twenty-two. I thought Wanda looked to be in her late twenties.

After dinner, I went up to my room to relax, watch TV and leave the kids to here own vices. It was not long before I heard sounds coming from Jason’s room. I thought Jason would keep everything down stairs. But it seemed not to be the case. My bedside phone rang and it was Jerry Buzzy. He asked if he could come over.

I said “Jerry it late and Jason has a girl here. I really don’t want her to know I’m entertaining one of Jason’s friends.”

Jerry said “Okay then come down stairs and I’ll pick you up in my van and we can go for a ride.”

I thought it over and it had been a while since Jerry’s last visit so I said I’d meet him out back in the alley in ten minutes.

Jason and his friend never heard me leave the house. Jerry was waiting when I jumped in his van. It was a nice conversion van with a fold down bed in the back. I had only slipped on a t-shirt, shorts, and nothing else. I felt almost as naked as I was. Jerry pulled me over into the center and we kissed. I liked Jerry. He is a good kisser. He said, “Ruby is spending the night with Dad. Just the thought of her fucking Dad got me all hot so that is why we called you.”

I looked at him and said “We?”

He smiled and I heard his brother’s voice from the rear say “Silver; you don’t mind doubles do you?”

I said, “I knew you were up to something. But it sounds like fun. Where are we going?”

Jerry said, “Why don’t you jump in the back with Bud and get warmed up while I drive out by the lake. We still own a lot up on the hill about Ridge Trail we can park there in private.”

Doing doubles was not new to me kaçak casino but dong it with Bud was. I had heard stories about him. Jason had told me he was the real monster of the threesome. I moved to the rear and in total darkness I found out it was all true. Bud had me go down on him right away. He was already hard but the wanted me to suck his cock and so I was greeted with a mouth full of joy the size of a large candy bar. When he came, it was as sweet as candy too. Bud said “Gee’s Jerry she is a great cock sucker. Get this thing parked and come back here and join the fun.”

Over the next hour, I got a royal fucking and I got my mouth full of joy juice too. My ass was only played with; there was talk of next time. I did not agree or disagree. I did find out that the boys were going to pop in on Ruby and their Dad the next time Ruby slept over. I got the idea Allen was okay with this and he was the one that wanted the boys to join in for a foursome with Ruby as the center of attention. I wondered how she would take three cocks all at the same time.

It was well after mid-night when I slipped into my shower. I was giving myself a triple douche when Jason looked in and said, “How’d it go with the Buzzy boys?” I said, “I had a good time and they did too.” Then I asked, “Did you know their Dad was dating Ruby? From what they told me it was a set up so all three could have her in a foursome.”

Jason said “Yea. I knew. She is really into us younger guys. I think she had a thing for Bud. She always wants to suck him off. Even when I was part of the things, she always wanted to have Bud to herself. So Gram are you ever going to let me have some?”

I said “Not tonight. I’m bushed.”

I was on my second cup of coffee when Sally called and wanted to come over. I told her to come ahead.

She poured herself a cup and joined me on the porch. I sat there waiting for her to get her mind set on what she wanted to say. Finely she said “Silver; Stella is moving out of town. She said not to tell anyone because when she is ready to go she wants to sneak out and not let anyone know where she is.”

I said “She is an adult she can do want ever she wants I guess.”

Sally said, “You don’t understand. If she goes, I’ll be the only one left for the boys to play with and that will kill me. It’s already getting to be too much for me.”

I saw her point yet I teased and said, “I thought you liked the three of them.”

Sally looked down into her coffee cup and said “Well I did… or do but that Grandson of yours is getting too wild. He wants me to do some outlandish things some times.”

I let it pass but Sally went on. “Jason had me suck Jerry’s cock after it had been in Stella’s ass with out washing it first.”

I looked at her and said “You could always say no.”

Sally said “You know better than that. Once you’re all hot and turned by those boys it do it or else. Jason is so into ass fucking his cock is always up my butt. And that Jerry he’s the same way. The only one that is really nice is Bud.”

I said, “Why don’t you take a time out and go visit your sister over in Granite. If you run off for a week or two the boys will fine someone else to play with and by the time you get back they will have moved on to greener pastures.”

Sally looked almost relived and said “Do you really think so?”

I said “I know so. You go home, call your sister, and get the hell out of town. You’ll see. I’m right.”

Sally put down her cup and almost raced off the porch. I laughed. I wondered if she would welcome young Mr. Bud back into her bed when she got home. That would be interesting to watch.

I made a note to talk to Jason and see who he and the boys had on there radar as the next little pigeon.

In our little church, there must be fifteen widows or more.

A happy hunting ground for those boys.

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