Held Hostage Pt. 02

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Beautiful Girls

We cleaned up using a pot of warm water I hadn’t noticed the night before. There was also a chemical toilet for us to use. It was a bit embarrassing but what the heck, we’d all had sex together, what was a little pee? We got dressed and then went back to the big hall. Matt insisted on putting the cuffs back on me before exiting the teepee. I figured it was more to intimidate others than me so I didn’t offer any resistance. We walked through a few inches of snow and the fresh white covering made everything look clean and sparkling in the sun rise.

Matt took me straight to the kitchen and, while taking the cuffs off, directed me to make hard boiled eggs and pancakes. It took a while but I got 24 dozens of eggs to boil and made batch after batch of pancakes. David and Matt helped me by serving the food to each family who came in turn to the kitchen window. After everyone had been fed, I served the father and two sons and I the leftovers. Then, I went back to the kitchen and washed the dishes. When I was done, I went back to sit with the father.

We sat in silence for a while, watching the crowd. Then, the elder told me about the teepees. Spoke of their history and significance and how we’d stayed in the teepee that had been in his family for several generations. I felt honoured to have been allowed to visit and stay in it and told him so. He just nodded.

Soon, it was nearing noon and I got asked to prepare sandwiches for lunch. Matt was starting to trust me and wasn’t watching my every move anymore. When that lawyer and his wife came up to the window, the last people to do so, they asked “Are you okay? Did they rape you?”

I wasn’t about to tell perfect strangers that I’d thoroughly enjoyed having sex with all three men, that it had been a fantasy come true. To me, it had certainly had not been rape even if I’d had to wear handcuffs all night.

“I’m fine.”

“Are you sure? They seem to have made you into their slave.”

“I volunteered to do this. Keeping busy helps time go by faster. Don’t worry. I really am fine.”

Matt noticed that they were taking longer than needed and came to ask “Is everything okay?”

“Everything’s fine on my end.”

“Us too, we were just thanking her for preparing all this food for us.”

They walked away. David joined us with questions in his eyes. I grabbed our food and motioned for them to grab the last two plates and join us at the table. Once there, I said “They asked me if you had raped me. They believe you’ve made me your slave. I told them that it wasn’t the case and that I’m fine.”

The father said “But we have essentially made you our slave. In every way.”

“I am a willing slave if that’s the way you want to call it. I only told you to be totally honest with you. I don’t want to keep anything from you. I want us to be friends.”

“Is that what you really want or do you have some ulterior motive?”

“Matt, I know we haven’t known each other long but I am truly sincere. I’ve always been a friendly person. You, your brother and your father have treated me well and I see no reason to be hostile.”

“If you’re a friendly and sincere person, why did you lie to them?”

“I didn’t really lie. I truly am fine so that wasn’t a lie. But I wasn’t going to give them details and have them gossip either.”


When we were done eating, I went back to the kitchen and did the dishes. After that was done, once again we sat and watched the crowd in silence. The leaders arranged for some toys and board games to be distributed among the people and that at least gave them something to do. They also allowed parents with little ones to have an area where the wee ones could walk around and play more freely. It was nice to watch as four toddlers met and played together.

Late afternoon, they had me wrap potatoes in foil along with onions and vegetables. Then, they took all of this out the back and cooked them on large barbecues. They had me warm up the ovens in the kitchen so the potatoes and veggies could be put in them to keep warm once they were cooked. Then, they made various meats for us. Dinner was wonderful. David and I talked a lot while he helped me with dishes. While we talked mostly about our jobs, it was interesting to see that we had some of the same values when it came to work, similar work ethics and similar peeves in the workplace. We went back to the table and continued to exchange stories, making his dad laugh.

When it was late enough, Matt came to the table, put the handcuffs on me and led me out the back door, once again holding me by the hair. While it may have looked violent to others, it was actually quite gentle so I didn’t mind.

That poker oyna night, I was tasked with giving each of them a sponge bath and then please them with my mouth. It was a bit of a challenge to do so with the cuffs on but I managed to find a rhythm. I started with the father. I took my time, exploring each and every part of his body with the sponge and my hands. When I was done washing him, I gave him the oral pleasure he was seeking. His reactions were odd, like he was nervous. Almost like it was his first time. He hesitated when we was getting close but I only worked harder at giving him pleasure. When he had come, he told me that I should proceed with his eldest, Matt, which I did.

Again, I took my time, giving his body the attention it needed. When I was done cleansing him, he sat on the bench and put his hands in my hair to guide my movements as I took him into my mouth to pleasure him. He was never violent with me but he made sure that I knew he was the boss. I had no problem with that and showed him by doing exactly what he wanted when he wanted.

Then, it was David’s turn. Poor him, I think he’d been hard this whole time yet I took my time with him too. While I washed and caressed his various body parts, I rubbed his hard rod and brought him to the edge a few times before retreating and finish up the sponge bath. Then, I really gave him the best oral pleasure I could, licking and kissing and sucking, getting him close and relaxing to make the pleasure last longer. Then, I heard him beg “please”. That was all I needed and I focused on his pleasure until he erupted in my mouth.

After he’d caught his breath, they teamed up to cleanse me and make love to me. They too took their time with the sponge and made sure every part of me was caressed, kissed and caressed again. When they were ready, they focused on my nipples and core. Matt and his father each sucked on a nipple while David went down on me, licking and using his fingers to make me writhe in pleasure. The father said that at his age, once was all he could do but encouraged his sons to pleasure me. The two of them then took turns penetrating me and ensuring that I had two orgasms again that night. And again, I slept against the father whose name I still didn’t know.

The next day was a repeat of the previous day with eggs and pancakes for breakfast and then sandwiches for lunch. However, the people in the crowd were getting restless and impatient. The leader addressed them and told them that they’d be allowed, one person per family at a time, to go to their vehicles and get some items they needed. People came back with clothes, toys, games, etc. That gave them something to do.

David took me to my vehicle and I grabbed some fresh clothes. “I don’t want to have my dirty clothes to tote around so I think I’ll just quickly change here if that’s okay.”

“Out here?”

“Nobody else is around and you’ve already seen it all so why not?”

“Won’t you get cold?”

“A bit but I’ll hurry. Don’t worry, it’ll be fine.”

I started with the bottom, removing shoes and changing socks. Then, I removed jeans and underwear and put fresh ones on. After that, I changed the top and the bra and put some deodorant on too. I couldn’t help but be thankful for deodorant that lasted a long time. It would have been embarrassing to have strong body odour.

I put my dirty clothes in my suitcase. Then I said “Thank you. This feels nice.”

David pushed me against my vehicle and kissed me and I kissed him back. It was nice to be outside with him and being alone. But soon, we heard a whistle and David pulled away. “Big Brother is watching and thinks we’re taking too long.”

He rolled his eyes and motioned for us to go back. When we re-entered, Matt gave us the evil eye but we both just ignored him. The man who had addressed us the day before came back to the stage. A screen came down and we were shown a presentation. Throughout the presentation, Henry, as I found out the father’s name was, added comments for my ears only.

The presentation gave us information about what had happened to their community. They’d had doctors purposely prescribe opioids and get natives hooked on them. They’d had some of the addicted young men and women taken away only to later hear they’d died of overdoses. We were shown the impersonal letters some families had received to tell them about the death of their loved ones. It was sad.

Henry told me that David’s wife had died of an overdose after her doctor had pushed and pushed for her to use opioids for a broken leg and she’d gotten hooked. The presentation continued by saying that they had gotten together as a community to fight this issue and overcome canlı poker oyna it yet even when they refused prescriptions for opioids, the doctors still pushed them on their people. It had taken them months to finally find a doctor that would work with them and stop prescribing opioids. As a band, they had made vows to stop all use of any addictive substances, including alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. This pact had held now for three years and they were proud of it.

Then, in a switch of topics, they told us that they had had several women disappear over the years and never return. Some were found dead, some were never found. That is what had happened to Matt’s wife. She’d been taken, raped and beaten and then killed and even if the authorities knew who had done it – one of their own – they’d refused to prosecute. Matt still held a lot of anger over this, understandably so. And he wasn’t alone. So they’d taken a number of extra steps to ensure the protection of the women who were still part of their community, especially the younger ones.

Last but not least, the government had closed their community school and forced their young to go an hour each way to the next town. And two weeks prior, the straw that had broken the camel’s back. Following a misunderstanding over a young boy who had not enjoyed his first hunting expedition, the government had taken all their children away, stating that they were being abused. The people of the community had tried to explain and to get the authorities to listen to the children saying they wanted to go home but to no avail. Three mothers and four fathers had been arrested and held without even a bail hearing on charges of abuse. What they’d managed to gather was that authorities had felt that household chores and hunting and fishing were abusive. When they’d been allowed to speak to some of the children now in foster homes, the children had cried and cried, asking to come home. Yet the government would not return the children and would not even entertain the possibility of negotiations with the natives.

And that’s why we were being held hostage. We were pawns in their negotiations with the government. I couldn’t help but wonder if I’d somehow been thrown back in time a century! How could a government do that? How could it come down to this? I had tears in my eyes as I saw picture after picture of young kids missing from their homes. We also saw the letters the government had sent them to inform them of their decisions. They were condescending and insulting.

Henry saw the tears in my eyes and reached over to grab my hand. I gave his hand a squeeze “I’m so sorry for your losses.”

“It wasn’t your fault.”

“I can still feel empathy.”

“You are truly a nice person, Cassie. I’m glad we met.”

“Me too.”

The presentation had the hoped-for effect of quieting down the people. I quietly went to the kitchen to prepare the evening meal. David came to join me. “Think you can make macaroni for everyone? Matt said to use the ground beef, onions, peppers and cheese that are in the fridges. Is there anything I can do to help?”

“There’s plenty you could do to help. Cut up the onions and peppers, saute them, brown the beef, grate the cheese, cook the pasta. Your choice. What would you prefer?”

I looked at him and saw the look of surprise on his face. That was clearly not what he’d expected.

“You were really hoping I was going to let you off the hook, weren’t you?”

He gave me a half smile and then said “Kind of”

“Go. I’ll take care of it. But if anyone, including your brother, gets upset because it’s taking a while, you need to own up to it!”

He laughed and nodded. I waved him away and started getting dinner ready.

It was difficult to figure out how much to make to feed everyone without making too much and risking it go to waste. However, I did pretty good. I prepared pot after pot of pasta elbows and of meat mix. When one batch was ready, I’d mix them, cover it all up with cheese and then put that in the ovens to keep warm and melt the cheese. Then, when it was all ready, I gave Matt and David the sign and they got people to line up to get their food.

That evening, as I was washing the dishes with David, a movie was shown on the big screen. We talked and got to know each other better. We found that we have many things in common. I liked him, I really liked him but wondered if there could be more after this was all over. Would he and all the others get arrested for their part in this? The thought of that made my heart heavy. These people didn’t deserve more grief. They deserved peace.

We finished the dishes and then stood in the kitchen door to watch the end internet casino of the movie. David stood behind me and put his arms around me. I leaned my head back on his shoulder and enjoyed the intimacy of the moment. After the movie was over, the cots came out and people prepared for their third night in the community hall. When it was time, I went to stand in front of Matt and held out my hands for the handcuffs. He hesitated. “It’s okay.”

He put them loosely on my wrists and then led me out the side door. We were followed by David and Henry. We made our way to the teepee. Once there, I got on my knees and motioned for Henry to come to me. Without talking, I opened up his pants and pulled out his penis. At once, it started growing. I took it into my mouth and made it grow even more. He seemed more relaxed about it but not enough to touch my head and guide me. I focused and made sure I gave him maximum pleasure which I gauged on his breathing. He was getting close but pulled out and said “I prefer to be inside you. I also prefer you naked.”

He then turned to Matt and asked “Would you please take those cuffs off?”

Matt came and took my cuffs off but as soon as I had removed my sweater and bra, I held my wrists back up.

But Henry stopped Matt and turned to me “Not yet, I prefer you free, willing and able to touch me back.”


He pulled me down on the pelts and kissed me and caressed me. I caressed him and pulled him towards me. “Get on top of me.”

I did as I was told and guided his hard cock inside me as I lowered myself on him. Propping myself up on his chest, I moved my hips up and down his manhood. He reached up and started teasing my nipples. I moaned and sped up my movements. It was so good. I bent down to push my nipple into his mouth. He sucked on it, just like I wanted. I moaned loudly and moved faster, building up the tension in my pussy. He gently nibbled on my nipple and that was it, I exploded and so did he as evidenced by his hands pushing down on my hips and his head pulling back and his mouth moaning in pleasure.

We stayed un-moving for a moment, catching our breaths. But I had two other beautiful men to please. So I gently pulled off Henry’s softening cock and went to Matt and David. I held out my hands so Matt could put the cuffs back on but he didn’t. Instead, he pulled me to him and kissed me deeply, holding me by the head. Then, he spun me around and pushed me towards David. David held my face and kissed me. Behind me, Matt caressed my back side and slipped his hand between my legs and ran his finger around my hole and then up around my clit. His other hand reached between David and I and found my breast. He cupped my breast and caressed me but avoided my nipple. He was teasing me, getting me ready for more.

David pulled away and turned me to Matt and roles were reversed for a little while. Both men caressed me, setting me on fire. After a while, I lowered myself to my knees and took turns licking and sucking on the two beautiful cocks in front of me. How had I gotten so lucky?

The two men were getting close and I wasn’t sure whether they wanted to come like this or if they wanted to come inside me. They both answered that for me when they pulled away. Matt knelt behind me and pushed me down. He roughly grabbed my hips to pull me onto his cock. He pounded me, fast and furious and it was all I could do to stay on my hands and knees. Within moments, he came deep inside me. Then, he pushed me away. “She’s all yours.”

He went to his sleeping area, laid down and turned his back to us. David got down next to me and pulled me into his arms. “You okay?”

I nodded and reached up to kiss him. Then, I pulled him onto me, rubbing his cock before placing it in line with my pussy. He pushed in and slowly moved in and out. He kissed me and let his hands roam all over my body. Eventually, he got to where I really wanted him… my nipples. He pushed one of my breasts up so he could pull my nipple into his mouth. Heaven! He rolled us so I was on top and he started playing with both my nipples, sucking them in turn and rolling the other between his fingers and thumb. The sensations were amazing and I got lost in them, rocking back and forth on his hard cock. We made love for a long time, a few times stopping to look into each other’s eyes. Eventually, we got the the point where we had to come so we increased our tempo and our caresses and both sped to the culmination of our lovemaking. I came first and he soon followed and then we laid together, spent and happy.

David kept me close and had me sleep in his arms. The other two were already sleeping anyway. They had started snoring a while before. Waking up in David’s arms the next morning was pure joy. As much as I liked his dad, it was David I really liked and wanted to be with. I was starting to develop feelings for him and could sense that he was developing feelings for me.

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