Hot Voodoo Ch. 02

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Was I back at Jasmine’s place for dinner on Sunday? You bet I was. Didn’t think twice about missing the ball game. The Mets suck this year anyway.

It became a regular thing for me to get “Jazzed” on Sunday. At first, it was pretty much the same routine – a plate of her magical mystery hair pie at the dinner table followed by the real thing in the bedroom. It was the same thing, but a little better every time.

Jaz said it was because our bond was growing. That was sure true. The more I pressed my lips and tongue to her pussy, the more I could feel it in my own mouth as we literally came together thanks to the magic of her voodoo pie.

But it was more than that. It was also the cuddling and kissing afterwards, the holding and stroking, and even the pillow talk. That girl was a kick. I mean, she was a real motor-mouth who could talk forever about anything. She was so excited about just about everything that she was exciting. Mostly I was just along for the ride on a train that was moving way too fast for me to hop off. When she did let me talk, somehow I just wanted to tell her everything and the only reason I didn’t was because I liked hearing her talk even more. Yeah, she was a kick.

Anyway, one Sunday she was on the bed with her legs spread and I was moving in for dessert when she stopped me. “Let’s try something a little different today, cherie. Vive la différence, no? You just lie still a bit – and watch.”

OK, I can do that. The view was pretty good from where I was so I didn’t mind. Yeah, I watched as her hand slipped down to her crotch and her two middle fingers began stroking her pussy. What I didn’t expect, and will never forget, was how my own lips started buzzing with every stroke. Automatically they stretched into the vertical pucker to become as pussy-shaped as possible.

Her fingers were moving faster now, dancing over her lips and mine. My breathing started to get heavy, puffing through my puckered lips like the little engine that could. I had to close my eyes, not because I didn’t want to see anymore, but to concentrate on feeling her magic fingers. My lips were getting wet now, but I couldn’t tell if it was my saliva or if it was her wetness gushing through our voodoo bond.

Not sure when, but I noticed that my tongue had extended itself to touch my upper lip as she began working her clit. Sure enough, my clitongue started sending little bursts of she-pleasure deep into my mouth. Then came a string of high-pitched girly gasps. Were they coming from her or me? It didn’t matter cause I didn’t have a mouth anymore. It was all hers.

And then it was ours. Ourgasm. Her and me exploding into each other. And there was no doubt now as my head snapped back as far as it could and I screamed More More More even though I couldn’t say a fucking word. I guess I just screamed.

Then she let go. Even though I know she could have gone on and on, she took her hand away and let me fall back into myself. I could feel that I had drooled all over my face and had oozed a sticky mess into my underwear. When I opened my eyes, I couldn’t say a word, but just look up at her magnificent, magical pussy with her smiling face shining above it all. How could I have ever thought that wasn’t the most beautiful sight in the world? What a dope I had been.

Then she brought her legs together, as if to say show’s over. Not sure why, but I shifted my head a bit and planted a big kiss on her foot. All I wanted to do was to tell her how much I loved her and how happy she had made me and how grateful I was. That foot kiss seemed like the best way to say it, altogether just like that. It must have worked, because I could feel the sole of her other foot karabük escort on my cheek, stroking out “I know, baby, I know.”

With a soft push, she rolled me over on my back. “Look at you, coming everywhere. What a hot little slut I have. Still, mustn’t let baby catch cold. Take off those wet things and put on these.” Dangling from her uplifted big toe was the pair of red panties that she had just been wearing.

“Aw Jaz, I can’t wear those! They – they wouldn’t fit.”

“They’ll fit you just fine, darling. And if they are a bit snug in places, that’s OK. It will just remind you of me. You like to think about me, don’t you cherie?”

“All the time – you know that Jaz. It’s just, well, what if someone at work sees?”

“I guess you’ll just have to keep your pants on. You can do that for me, can’t you sweetie? And it’s not just something to remember me by. The more contact you have with my pussy, the stronger our bond becomes. My panties on your cock, day after day, will take the magic to the next level.”

Seeing I was still unsure, Jaz leaned in, grabbed my face and pinched my cheeks together with her left hand. “Make pussy face for me, baby.” Then raising her other hand, she began running her two middle fingers across my lips. I could smell and taste where they had been as my eyes rolled back in my head and my tongue stretched out for more. “You know you want it, cherie. You want to be my little pussy.”

I didn’t have to say anything and couldn’t anyway. Just smell and breath and tingle. She diddled me for a little longer, then tiring of the game she sent me home with a kiss and a bag of her dirty laundry.


And so I became my girlfriend’s panty boy. Each morning I dutifully put on a new pair of her old panties. Not sure there was any magic in them, but they definitely kept her on my mind. No matter how long I wore them, it seemed like I could never get used to them. Every time I moved, and sometimes even when I didn’t, I could feel them rubbing up against me, like a cat scent marking its territory. Or its prey.

So why didn’t I just be a man and stop wearing them? Because in the middle of all the weird rubbing and annoying clinging, the tingling would come back, all over my body. It was like I was back in bed with Jaz and she was holding me, everywhere. Sometimes I would have to clap my hand over my mouth to stop from going into “pussy face.” Was I just making myself crazy? Or was she doing this to me?

I got my answer on the Friday of the first week of this little panty raid. Curt was telling a good story about how he had gotten some bimbo so drunk last weekend that he was able to have his way with her about any which way he wanted, a scene that he painted for us in great detail. But the best part was, the bitch didn’t even seem to remember and actually called him to see what he was doing this Saturday!

Anyway, I was laughing along with the rest of the guys as Curt went into his “plans” for this weekend, when a funny feeling started coming over me. The tingle was back, this time real strong.

“Whatsa matter, Larry?” asked Curt. “You don’t look so hot.”

Actually, I was very hot and getting hotter. I tried to tell ’em I was OK, but could barely speak. My breath started coming in short gasps The little engine that could, chugging towards the cliff. I could feel my head falling backwards and – shit – here comes pussy face. I wanted to put my hands over my mouth, but it was like my arms were locked to my sides. I would have run away, but my legs were as stiff and useless as my cock. All I could do was gasp and drool and wait to go over the edge.

There was no mistaking it. Jaz was fingering karaman escort herself. Must be her break, and she was spending it breaking me. The high pitched moans were coming on fast and furious now, followed by a final scream of lust and pleasure that was straight out of a cheap porno. Having hit the summit, I fell off my chair, spent and exhausted.

At first, some of the boys thought it was a joke, like I was pretending to get all excited about Curt’s story. When I still didn’t move even after a couple steel-toed pokes and the offer of a medicinal beer, two of them picked me up and hauled my ass off to the company nurse. I didn’t have the breath to protest and was kinda glad to get out of there anyway. Who knows, maybe they would at least let me take the rest of the day off.

That thought revived me and I was just about to sit up on the couch where they had dumped me when Nurse Yi walked into the room. How do they put it in the personals? Petite Asian woman. She was also as tightly wound as the bun her black hair was pulled back in. Not unattractive, if you like china dolls, but not particularly inviting either. No nonsense, no fun.

Not that I hadn’t tried. I had come in to see her last year after I got a deep cut in my palm. She put in a couple of stitches and while she was busy bandaging up my one hand, my other got busy. She was not amused. But hey, I was just a healthy male. Didn’t the doc want to know that?

Anyway, I was torn between trying to play up my present situation into a sick day or just get the hell out of there now that Jaz had stopped playing with herself and me. The good nurse, however, went right to work.

“Can you sit up? Try it. Good. Extend your left arm. Pulse elevated but acceptable. Open your eyes wide. Pupils definitely dilated. Stand up and undress.”

“Aw doc. Is that really necessary? I’m feeling better.”

“I need to examine you. You may have had a seizure or a stroke. What happens to you or your coworkers if it hits you again while you are driving a forklift? I can’t let you go until we get to the bottom of this. That means a complete examination. Now strip!”

Petite Asian woman seeks willing male for medical experiments. I was just starting to pull down my pants when I remembered what I was wearing underneath. Shit! So I tried to slip both pants and panties off together hoping the doc wouldn’t notice.

“Good. Now spread your legs a bit and clasp your hands behind your head.”

Standing in front of me, she put her hands on my shoulders and slowly ran them up and down each of my arms. “Let’s see. Biceps well developed and defined. Triceps taut.” Her probing hands then moved down my chest.

“Flex for me, Larry. Hmm, yes, pectorals particularly prominent.”

“Ow!” The bitch had pinched my nipple.

“Sorry, but I needed to check for any nerve damage. Expected reaction.”

Her hands moved further down my naked body. “Abs OK, but definitely some excess fatty tissue around the midriff. You’ll need to watch that, Larry.”

Walking around behind me, she put both hands on my butt. “Now I want you to get up on your tiptoes, clench your buttocks, hold for three seconds and then go back down. Keep going until I say stop.”

“C’mon doc! Is this really necessary?”

“I need to test your balance Larry. You collapsed on the job. Or don’t you remember?”

“OK, but what’s with the hands?”

“To be ready to catch you if you fall. Now do it!”

Up hold three down up hold three down. The doc took my safety very seriously as she held on tight to my butt the whole time. So tight that I started to feel her nails dig into my skin.

“OK, enough kars escort for now. One more test.” Reaching between my legs, she grabbed my balls!

“What the fuck, doc?!”

“Larry, your coworkers told me that you obviously became sexually excited during your seizure. I need to check your testicles. Can you feel this?”

She gave me a hard squeeze and my gasp of shock told her that yes I could feel it.

Just then, in the most embarrassing moment of my life next to Mom catching me “reading” Penthouse, Jaz walks in. “Oh, Larry! I heard what happened. Are you alright?”

I would have answered that of course I was alright now the she had stopped diddling around and what the fuck was she doing playing with herself on the job anyway. Yes, I would have said those horrible, disrespectful things and more, but at that moment Nurse Yi gave my balls another sharp squeeze and yank, like she had finished her diagnosis and prescribed castration.

I’ve been hit in the groin playing football before, but this was far worse. That bitch knew what she was doing and I went down with a yell. And there I lay, naked at the feet of Nurse Yi and Jaz.

“You see,” Nurse Yi calmly explained to Jasmine, ignoring me, “the attacks seem to be triggered by overstimulation of the testicular region. I am going to have to study this further.”

“Is there anything we can do in the meantime?”

“No. I need to think about it and maybe get more data. Otherwise he seems to be quite healthy, just like you told me. Well, he could stand to lose a few pounds.”

“Hey, I have an idea!” exclaimed Jaz. “Maybe Larry should join our lunch group. That way we could keep an eye on his food intake and you could keep an eye on him. You know, gather more data.”

“Sounds like a plan, Jaz,” replied Nurse Yi, without waiting to hear my thoughts.

Then she turned to me. “I guess I’ll see you on Monday. Now pull up your panties and get back to work.”

Shit, she had noticed. After the nurse left, I turned to Jasmine, sputtering with I don’t know what. “Jaz – Jaz – how could you?”

“You mean the lunch group? Relax, it will do you good and the Munchies – that’s what we call ourselves – are all dying to meet you.”

“No! You know what I mean and you know what you did. C’mon now, have you no self-control?”

Jasmine got a very cool and collected look on her face, sorta like winter was coming and I’d better just bundle up and get used to it. “Yes Larry, I know what I did. What you don’t seem to realize is that we are developing a two-way connection. You can feel my excitement, but I can also feel yours now. You were getting aroused by something, I could sense it, but I also felt that it wasn’t in a good way. There was something mean and nasty in the mix. So I undertook an intervention.”

I thought back to Curt’s story, about what he had done and planned to do to that stupid bimbo. OK, maybe not very nice things, and maybe I shouldn’t have listened, but hey, sometimes nature just takes its course. What I was forgetting was that Jaz was a force of nature too.

She saw my embarrassment and just plowed on. “I see I did the right thing. You can’t even talk about it. Well know this, little man, Mama is always with you now, always watching, so you’d better be good!”

Putting a hand on each of my bare shoulders, she pressed down slowly but firmly, making me bend at the knees until my head was just below hers. Then she moved in for a deep kiss, ramming her tongue into my open, waiting mouth. She was eating me out, clitongue, pussy lips, and I know she was feeling it too as I rubbed my naked body up against her.

She pushed me away. Maybe she didn’t want to get her dress messed up with my spunk, which was on the ooze once again. Caught off balance, I fell back on my rear. Jaz had recovered her sunny spirits and playfully mussed my hair. “Now you heard what the nurse said. Pull up your panties and get back to work.”

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