Hotel Rendezvous

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I’m sitting at the bar of the Four Points Sheraton downtown. I’m still in my suit, relaxing with a drink after a business meeting when you come walking up to the bar. You’ve obviously had a couple of drinks at this point and you are looking incredibly hot and sexy in your low-cut black dress. Your sparkling necklace draws my eye right to your lithe body and perky round B-cups. You notice my gaze and laugh. I look up and smile. “Sorry…just enjoying the view. Could I buy you a drink?”

You move over close to me…your slight buzz is making you brave. “Ummm…no, that’s okay…I’m drinking champagne and that’s free.” I arch an eyebrow. “I’m a guest with that party over there.” You gesture towards one of the diningrooms where several guests are milling around and talking.

You move even closer to me. I can feel your hip pushing up against my leg. I chuckle, “well…free champagne…can’t argue with that.” I motion to the bartender and he refills your glass.

“Why, thank you! You are quite the gentleman.” You glance down at the tumbler I have in front of me. Your voice gets low and husky, “So…gentleman…what are you drinking?” Your face is inches from mine and it’s all I can do to keep from kissing your sexy mouth. I feel your hand on my thigh. Your fingers are teasing and stroking up and down my leg.

“Mmmmm…welll…I’m having a Manhattan.”

“I see…now what’s in that?”

“Well…mainly bourbon, and a little sweet vermouth.”

You smile and your eyes dance, “Bourbon? Is it true what I’ve heard about bourbon?”

“I don’t know…what have you heard?”

“Ummmm…,” you glance over your shoulder then press your lips up to my ear. “I’ve heard that bourbon makes a man’s cock huge.” You giggle and nibble my ear. Your pert, round, firm breasts are pressing up against my arm. Your words send tingles down my spine and I’m definitely getting very turned on. You giggle against my neck, “Is that true?”

I smile. “Well, I don’t know about huge…but it definitely seems to be making me very, very hard.”

You move to face me again with wide eyes, “really? Hmmm…that is VERY interesting.” You dip a finger in my drink and seductively lick your finger clean. “Ohhhh…wow…that bourbon is powerful stuff!”

“How so?”

“Just that little taste is making ME very wet.” Your hand slides on up my thigh and I feel your fingers close around my stiff shaft through my suit pants. “Mmmmm…and you weren’t kidding about it making you hard…my goodness…”

I turn so we’re facing each other. I tilt my head to kiss you. I feel your body press up against me. You move in close and straddle my leg. The bar stools are tall so Escort bayan I’m almost standing. The slight angle as I stay seated is perfect. I can feel you grinding your wet pussy on my thigh. I cup your hot ass with my hand and force you hard up against me. Our tongues are mingling and you are moaning into my mouth as you grind hard on me. I can feel the heat of your pussy and it’s making me want you like you wouldn’t believe.

You stop to look at me, breathless. “Mmmmm…so, Mr. Gentleman…what are your intentions here?” You continue to rub your hot pussy up against my leg. I’m holding you close with my hand on your firm ass.

“Mmmmm…you know…I’d really LOVE for you to meet my cock…without all of these clothes in the way.” You nod and make a sexy little noise that tells me you agree. “But I do think, if I were to whip him out right here, it might get one or both of us thrown out of the hotel.”

You gasp and keep grinding on me. “I do believe I’m about to cum just from riding your leg so I KNOW I would ALSO love to meet your cock. I’m guessing your cock will make me cum even more.”

I put my mouth close to your ear as you continue to grind against my leg. I whisper, “my cock inside you…my fingers inside you…my tongue, licking you…teasing you…I want to make you cum so many ways…and I really want you to cum right now…”

The dirty talk is just too much…it sends you over the edge just as I’d hoped it would. I feel your legs tense around my thigh. Your back arches. You face me, your mouth an “O”, your eyes rolling up into your head. Your whole body quivers. I circle my arm around your waist and practically pick you up off of the floor as your orgasm takes over your whole body. Your breathing is shallow. You pant and moan. I cover your mouth with mine, muffling your moans.

Once your orgasm has passed you look at me, flushed and excited. “Oh, WOW! More…now…I want more.” You are up off the chair and pulling me after you. I follow, laughing. I move past you and take the lead. I think I know just the place for us to get immediate relief. I also know there’s no way you’re going to let me take the time to book a room.

We turn down a hallway. I grab the handle of a door marked “storage” and whisper, “In here!” You push through past me into the small, dark room. I glance up and down the hallway before I enter, just to see if we are being watched…or followed. As soon as I’m inside, I feel your hand on my belt. You pull me towards you. You are obviously already on your knees. As my eyes adjust to the darkness, I can see you kneeling in front of me, undoing my belt and unbuttoning my pants. I put my hands Bayan Escort up like I’m being robbed. I love the feel of you wanting me so desperately and the intense way you are stripping me to get to my hard cock. You grab the waist of my pants and pull them down around my knees. My stiff shaft springs free and you immediately take me in your mouth.

That’s when I reach down. I run my fingers through your hair as you start to bob your head up and down on my fat prick. I love the feel of your mouth on my throbbing cock. I gently thrust between your lips. My fingers intertwine behind your head…pushing my cock deeper down your throat. Your moans vibrate my shaft as I fuck your mouth harder and deeper. We build to a frenzied rhythm, my cock thrusting deep then withdrawing until the head is sitting on the tip of your tongue. I feel your hands on my ass, steadying yourself and forcing my cock into your wanting mouth.

You suck me deep and hard for several minutes. I could let you do that all night…but now it’s my turn. I’ve known since I felt your hot pussy press up against my leg I had to have my tongue inside you. I stand you up in front of me. I slip your dress down over your shoulders and it falls to the floor. You are standing in front of me in a black bra, some scandalously tiny black panties and sexy low cut boots. I kiss down your neck and tease your nipples with my tongue as I push you back towards one of the barstools sitting there in the storage closet. As I suck your nipples I’m running my hand down along the edge of your panties and teasing your pussy with a finger or two. You are so wet!! I catch your clit with my thumb and swirl it around. You gasp as you sit down on the barstool.

I kneel in front of you and grab your legs behind the knees. You know exactly what I’m doing and put your legs up over my shoulders. I feel the heels of your boots grind into my back as I lean forward, pull your tiny little panties to one side and bury my tongue in the folds of your dripping wet pussy. I lick hard and fast, almost in the same rhythm that you were sucking my cock. I can feel you pushing down hard with the heels of your boots so you can increase the pressure on your pussy. I’m licking you deep, my fingers inside you along with my tongue, grinding my nose, then my tongue onto your clit. You grab the back of my head and push me deeper. Your breathing is shallow and you are panting. Under your breath I can hear you moaning, “oh, yes! Oh, FUCK, yes!! Lick my hot cunt!! YESSSSS!” One hand leaves my head and I glance up to see you pinching your hard nipples. The other hand continues to force my tongue deep inside your delicious twat.

“Oh, Escort fuck…oh, yessss…oh, you’re going to…oh, YESSSS!!” I can feel your juices wash over my tongue as you cum. Your hips buck and your body thrashes from side to side. I am cupping the cheeks of your ass in my hands with my face buried in your dripping cunt. I keep licking you, prolonging your hot orgasm for nearly a minute. When it’s over, I look up at you with a grin.

You are looking me right in the eye. I know what you’re wanting even before you say it: “Fuck me. Fill me up with that hard cock…fuck me NOW!”

You don’t have to tell me twice. I stand between your legs and slam my hard cock into you. I am so hard, and force myself into you so deeply, you gasp and give a little yelp. Then you reach around me and grab my ass, forcing my cock even deeper inside you. “That’s it, Mr. Gentleman…fuck my hot pussy. Fuck me NOW!!”

I start to pound you hard. I’m slamming into you so deep, my balls slapping up against your pussy lips on each thrust. You move both hands to your gorgeous tits and pinch and twist your nipples as I fuck you like a wild man. I’m hammering into you hard and you start to cum. I keep pounding you and you keep cumming. The sensation is incredible. You are so turned on from grinding on my leg, sucking my cock, me licking you…you can’t stop. I love the feel of your spasming cunt gripping my throbbing shaft. I know I won’t be able to hold out much longer.

You are also sensing my impending explosion. “On my tits…shoot your hot cum on my TITS!” I was hoping to fill your grasping cunt with my hot jizz. You have other plans. You slide down the seat of the barstool so you are kneeling in front of me. You grab my hard cock and pump it with your hand. I reach down and join you. Together, we stroke my hard shaft until my hot cum shoots all over your gorgeous perky round boobs. The sight of my hot jizz on your body makes me cum even harder. I blast streamer after streamer of white jizz across your chest and up under your chin. When my cock is drained, you take the head in your mouth and lick a drop or two of cum from the tip.

You stand and give me a little show as you rub my hot cum into your sexy tits and down across your tummy. “Mmmmm…that feels so good.”

I grab you and kiss you deeply. I’m wanting more, but you have to go. “Ah, ah, ah…not now, Mr. Gentleman…I’m at a fancy dinner party, remember?” You pull your dress up over your shoulders. I can see the tops of your sexy tits are still shiny with my cream. “But…if you’d maybe like to have a bit more bourbon out at the bar…I might CUM look you up after the dinner party is over.” You give me a sly grin and laugh, “if, that is, I don’t get any better offers during dinner. Deal?” I nod as you leave the closet.

I take my time putting my pants back on. Eventually I head back out to the bar ready to nurse a bourbon all night if I have to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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