I See Rayne

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I know this guy, Rayne; we’ve been fucking each other for about two years without really having a relationship. We’re almost friends with advantages, but not quite friends.

When I need him I’ll either text him during the day telling him I need to be fucked, or in the evening go to a bar I know he frequents. We’ll say a casual hello and continue chatting to other people, both of us knowing that we’ll be going to my house later. I have a few drinks and chat with friends ignoring him completely as this is all part of the excitement. I later receive a text telling me how horny he is and how he cannot wait to get home and fuck me. I tell him I am not yet ready to go, even though I am already wetting by the thought of him sliding his hard cock into my cunt.

More texts come through on my cell, he tells me how he loves how my lips wrap around his cock when I suck him and how he loves the way my pussy contracts around him when he fucks me till I cum.

I cannot wait to leave and say my goodbyes around the half-crowded bar leaving half my drink. I tell him to follow me home as I recently moved and he hasn’t been to my new house. I already know it will be a great night.

We do not bother with seduction, we both know we’re Escort bayan only here to fuck and that’s what makes our understanding so wonderful, there are no false promises of love or commitment; it’s solely for sexual gratification.

I take off my clothes leaving only my tanktop and sit on the bed while he takes of his shirt and then his pants, his cock already hard tenting his boxers. I pull him closer, pulling down his underwear at the same time, no longer able to wait until I can wrap my lips around his hard cock. I love sucking cock, I get off on the feel of a silky smooth slippery cock in my mouth. I nibble and rub my lips all over it, sucking and licking and rubbing. He gets on the bed and I continue sucking his cock, but now also licking and sucking on his balls as I know how much he likes me playing with his sac. As he pants he asks me to sit on his face so he can lick my pussy and finger me and I do it with pleasure thinking that he knows me so well, how I love it when he licks my pussy.

I grab some lube from the bedside table drawer and apply a fair amount to both my middle finger as well as Rayne’s ass, he loves the feeling of someone fingering his ass and as I am into a bit of anal action myself I definitely won’t deny Bayan Escort the man his pleasures. I slide my finger into his ass and feel how he starts licking my pussy faster.

He is licking my clit, dabbing and exciting me more and more. He slips two fingers into my cunt and start to pump, occasionally rubbing my g-spot making me even wetter than I was. He rubs some of the wetness from my pussy around my ass and I feel him slip one finger into me while two are pounding into my pussy. I am so fucking horny.

I need to be fucked and tell him he must fuck me right now. He gets behind me standing on the floor while I am on all fours on the bed telling him to fuck my pussy hard and deep like he knows I like it. He slides into me up to the hilt in one go and I feel his balls slap against me. Harder and harder he fucks me and I love it. I tell him to fingerfuck my ass while his cock is fucking my cunt and I start rubbing my clit. I want to cum right now.

The sensations of his cock fucking me, his finger in my ass and my clit swollen and sensitive being constantly rubbed send me into orgasm, cumming on his cock and letting him feel me spazming around him, exactly how he likes it.

He pulls out of me and moves over my chest Escort taking off my top and covering my tits in lotion, he wants to fuck them and come over my tits and my face. I push my tits together and he slides his cock between them fucking my tits like a man possessed. He pushes my tits closer together and I slide one of my fingers into his ass like before and this sends him over the edge and he cums all over me. I open my mouth catching the spurts of cum that his cock dumps on me.

I am not yet satisfied and ask him to fuck me with the sparkly orange vibrator I keep in my bedside table while he recovers from cumming. I lie on my back with my legs wide open displaying my pussy to him and he pushes the toy into me hard and then proceeds to eat my pussy while he fucks me with the toy, licking my cum out of me and tells me how he likes to eat my cum.

He is hard again and I ask him to fuck me with his cock again while he turns my toy on and puts it against my clit. The buzzing after him eating my pussy brings me over the edge and I cum hard. I don’t want him to stop fucking me and tell him not to stop as I want him to cum inside me this time. He pumps into me fucking me even harder for a few more minutes and then cums in me slamming into me so hard I move up on the bed and my head touches the headboard.

We’re both thoroughly fucked and exhausted and go to sleep happy and satisfied. I knew it was going to be great, he always is.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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