Journey with a Beautiful Lady Pt. 03

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Journey with a Beautiful Lady — part III SweetSudha26

Naresh and Vaishali they drifted into deep sleep after their brain washing fuck session; after their return from the marriage hall.

Naresh opened his eyes by feeling a suck of his penis. He looked at and found Vaishali bending over him and sucking his dick having it deep in her mouth. He looked at his watch. It is showing 1.30 AM (night). The soft touch of her tongue over his dick head caused tingles in him.

“Aaagrrgaah.. Vaishoo — you’re so good with your mouth” coming out of his sleep said.

“Why Anjali doesn’t suck you…?” she running her tongue over her lips seductively asked.

“Does.. but. Anjali is not as good as you are”

“With how many girls or women you said this…?”

“Promise; what I said is true… Anjali does but you see….” He stopped. She didn’t insist him what next is — and she resumed running her tongue again on his knob, then started licking his cock from the base to the tip. Once she even took his heavy balls in her mouth and sucked in.

“OOOmmmmmaaa…” he groaned with excitement and said “Oh, Vaishoo what a hot tongue you have.”

That compliment encouraged Vaishali to engulf his entire length in her mouth. This time she squeezed her cheeks to give him the suction feeling. He cried out in excitement and pleasure.

“Oh, my sweet… it is unbearable to contain my excitement ah…aha that feels so good — Vaishoo place your cunt over my face. I want to taste you and give you the same joy while you suck that cock of mine.”

Vaishali was too glad to oblige. Then they were in the 69 position with her head bobbing up and down on his raging shaft. Her pussy perched perfectly over his hungry mouth. She started groaning as his tongue and lips explored the depths of her pussy and tickled her Love Button.

She surprised that her pussy is aching for such fucks. She pressed her crotch on his moth and they carried on the mutual mouth serving of their genitals with immense pleasure. Feeling the warmth of Naresh’s cock in her mouth, his groans and appreciation of the taste of her pussy gave Vaishali immense joy.

And then something new happened. It was like an electric shock for Vaishali, as his tongue flickered her butt hole. She gasped and took her mouth away from his cock and could not help asking, “hey dear, what are you doing? Stop”

“Don’t stop me Vaishoo, you’ve got such a tasty ass.” He buried his tongue in the butt hole and started circling his tongue in and out making Vaishali shudder and tremble.

“Oh sweetie it is too much to bear what the hell are you doing?”

“Don’t tell me you have never had your ass eaten?”

“No never.”

“Why? Govind is fond of asses”

“Yes,, I know but I never allowed him to, because I had a doubt that he will shove his in me there.”

“Won’t you like butt fucking?”

I don’t know; as I didn’t get fucked there, where as Govind’s is monster, very big that will definitely tear me apart” Vaishali said.

“So keep sucking pendik escort bayan my cock and enjoy your ass eaten.” Naresh said leaned forward and pushed her head down on his cock and resumed the incredible ass eating session. They both shook in ecstasy and she experienced a fresh craving in her anus.

“Oh, what a tasty ass you have. It’s a shame Govind had never tasted it. By the way, has he ever fucked you in the ass.”

“No, I just told isn’t it.. I had a fear… of course he tried his best to shag my ass.”

“He tried isn’t it.. I know he is very fond of asses such as yours…”

“Well; once he tried his best, even forced me, but I was afraid it did not happen.”

“Vaishoo you are an Anal virgin then?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Oh, what a lucky fucker I am. Can I fuck you in your anus? Will you let me fuck your virgin ass?” Naresh pulled her, overturned and placed her over his chest keeping his looks deep into her eyes. For this question Vaishali feeling so shy that she had lowered her eyes.

“Come on Vaishoo, see in my eyes and tell me — will you let me fuck you in the ass?”

“Nresh I don’t know why I am liking you so much, I don’t want to say no, but I am afraid it will hurt me—after all you are also big, though not as big as Govind’s.”

“Don’t you worry about it, I promise you the moment it hurts I will stop. Trust me you are going to love it. See there are ways to do it. Trust me Vaishoo.”

“Okay I trust you but please be gentle.”Vaishali accepted still hesitating.

“I promise you dear, you might be asking for it again.”

“If you promise then OK”

Naresh searched the drawers for something which he could not find. “What are you searching for?” Vaishali asked.

“Some lubricant, do you have Vaseline or any other cream?”

“No, I have only face pack.”

He thought for while came to Vaishali made her on her stomach and put two pillows under her waist and crotch, with which her fine round buttocks raised up and her butt cheeks slightly opened. Then he spread his palm in front of her. Vaishali could not understand what he wanted and raised her eye brows as if what?

“Spit the maximum spit in my palm” and Vaishali spit a lot of spit on his palm. Naresh applied the same between her bum cheeks making the area lubricant and fingered his finger at the opening. Vaishli’s ass muscles tightened in the beginning and then slowly relaxed allowing his finger tip to enter inside the round hole.

Vaishali lay on her stomach enjoying his ministrations on her butt. She is in wonder that how she is allowing Naresh to do all these things where as even after a lot of request she didn’t allow Govind. “No I am doing a lot of injustice to Govind… this time I’ll allow him.” She thought.

By the time Naresh spit a lot of spit from his mouth applied the same on her ass and started massaging her anal passage as an expert. She squirmed when his finger entered in her. This time half of his middle finger had gone in. she was getting a kind of tingling maltepe escort sensation in her anus.

Within a few minutes Naresh’s spit coated finger was moving in and out of the narrow passage freely. Then he inserted another finger and Vaishali felt a pressure in rectum. When it was a bit tight Naresh spitted another round of spit in the ass and moving in and out. Now his two fingers were moving freely in her round orifice.

All the time he is asking Vaishali whether it hurts, and very honestly, she was feeling a peculiar sensation; she said the same to him.

He massaged her anus muscles with heavy spit lubricated fingers and said “Vaishoo now you are ready, now make me ready” he made her kneel in front of his twitching semi-hard dong right in front of her mouth. Like a real cock sucking slut, she shoved Naresh’s mouth watering lollypop in her hungry mouth. She started to give a tremendous blowjob.

Within no time he was fully erect, and she felt the fattening of his dick muscles inside her mouth. He made her apply a lot of saliva to coat his dick. Naresh’s obscene screams and shrieks of pleasure made her heart glow.

“Oh, Vaishoo what a cock sucker you are, feel like stuffing your mouth with my cock throughout. What a lucky guy I am to have the hottest wife of my friend. I envy Govind, my friend to have such a hot wife.” He said. Now he was ready to plough Vaishali’s virgin ass.

“Come Vaishoo on all fours now” said he and placed a pillow below her breasts to make it comfortable and so that her ass looked up at the ceiling. “Vaishoo” he said to her “I want to listen from your mouth all dirty.. will you please…” he squeezed her heavily hanging tits.

His request had tingled Vaishali and made her hornier, and thrilled. She said “mere sweet bhayya.. aaah… ab tak tum apni muhn boli bahe ko chod rahethe.. ab apni us bahen ki gaand bhi maro.. aur use poora apni chinal bahen banalo”.

“aao mere raja bhayya… apni is randi bahen ki gaand maro… tum kitne harami ho bhayyaa,, apni behn ko hi chodne lage… aao ab mat tarsao,,” she said all these and wondered herself that she said all these things.

Naresh walked behind her took his position, put his dick head at the opening and pressed. Vaishli felt the oozing warmth of his swollen eagerness as he placed the tip at her ass hole. With a gentle push, he embedded the whole dickhead inside her waiting anus. The entry was far from painful.

Due to the spit and saliva lubrication, it appeared to them they are going to have great fun. Naresh shoved gently again. Vaishli’s mouth opened wide with the amazement that half of his thickness easily accommodated in her back orifice. Involuntary moans of new found pleasure escaped her mouth.

The hot cock muscles created a tingling sensation all over her un-fucked rectal cells. Naresh shrieked out loud with Joy.

“Oh, Vaishoo, what a lovely ass you have. See how tight your ass is gripping my cock. Now I am going to bury my full cock in yours.”

Without further delay, kartal escort he gave a firm shove of his waist, and his total seven-inch hardness with a three-inch circumference got fully embedded in Vaishoo’s virgin ass hole. They both shrieked in immense, indescribable pleasure “aaaaahhhhhhhaaassssss….”

He pulled back slowly till the dick head and pushed it back till the hilt and continued the gentle back and forth movement for a few minutes. During this period he cried, rather yelled in utmost ecstasy.

“Oh, what a lucky guy I am. I never imagined that I can fuck my friend’s wife in her choot and her gaand in a single day. Vaishoo tumhe mazaa aa raha hai na, are enjoying isn’t it? Tell me you loved it.”

Vaishali’s heart was flying high. ‘To be honest, the sensation was exceptionally pleasurable and far from painful’ she thought .. ‘now when I go home I must allow Govind also..’.

She accepted the truth “Yes Naresh I love your cock in my ass. The way you are ramming me is creating new sensations in my ass. I may even get an orgasm. Now I am thinking that when I go home I’ll allow Govind to have this experience. Mmm… aaahahahah..Fuck my ass as it is a choot.”

The speed of his thrusts inside her lubricated ass increased almost ten folds. He was fucking her ass as an expert.

Within another minute, they both started trembling and shouting in tremendous pleasure. Naresh worked up a furious pace as he plowed her ass with wanton passion. Vaishali too, started experiencing volatile convulsions inside the depths of her pussy.

Vaishali was yelping and panting like never before. His shoves in and out of her ass, made her pussy quiver in a massive eruption of the day. She released gush of pussy juice as she reached her climax.

The pussy juice splash on his palm was too much for him. He yelled “Oh, Vaishoo I am going to cum deep inside your ass.”

Then he let out uncontrollable, unstoppable torrents of thick and hot cum splashing the inconceivable interiors of her ass, and with each splash, he yelled loudly.

“Oh, Vaishii I am filling your ass with my cum. And he pumped so much of his thick hot sperms in her freshly fucked asshole.

Naresh slumped over Vaishali’s back, and she lay on her stomach, letting him savor the post-orgasm pleasures. After countless moments of cuddling and extreme ecstasy, his flaccid cock slipped out of her ass.

Later, both were amazed to realize, what actually had happened. Then they had cleaned up and lay in each other’s arms like a pair of new lovers.

“Viashoo did you enjoyed my company?”

“Very much” and she kissed him.

“So now I can fuck your both holes whenever I can?”

“Why not; anyhow, now you have an opportunity meet your friend whenever you like. Now you have become my brother. Isn’t it?” and she winked naughty.

When they looked at the clock, the digital wall clock showing early hours of 3.30. “Now get some sleep. By 5.30 we must be at the bus station.” Said Naresh and they closed their eyes in satisfaction.

So what happened next? Did they meet again? What role did Govind and Anajai played all these things in the next episode.

Wait for the same. And give your comments if you liked the narration.

Sweet Sudha


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