Laurie’s First

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As many times as she had fantasized about it, Laurie had never seriously considered the possibility of being with another woman. Fantasizing and actually doing were two very different things. If she were being honest with herself, she would say that the reason for not exploring her fantasy was fear. She was confused about the dynamics of two women together. And what if she wasn’t good? She barely knew her way around her own body. With straight sex, at least, she was not only aware of, but comfortable with the roles each participant took. Her fantasies would have remained just that, if it hadn’t been for a boyfriend who was either brave, or careless…

She came home only a few minutes earlier than normal. When she heard the noises coming from the bedroom, she assumed it was Kevin. He had a key and was free to come and go at will. What she noticed first wasn’t Kevin, but the woman riding him. She should have yelled, made a scene. But the audacity of what she walked in on had her unable to react at all.

Kevin had a hold on the woman’s hips and was pulling her up and down on him. She braced her hands on his chest, her tits bouncing above his face. Judging by the sounds that he was making, he was enjoying whatever it was he thought he was doing. And on her bed.

“What…the fuck is this?”

She finally managed some indignation, even if it was more crass than she would have preferred.

The woman looked back at Laurie and smiled. Not a malicious smile, but one that was completely and inappropriately unfazed and friendly. Kevin’s reaction was only slightly more appropriate. He lightly smacked the woman’s ass, signaling her to let him up, which she did.

“I didn’t hear you come in.”

Laurie put her arms up, as if to silently reiterate her first question. As he pulled his pants back on, she couldn’t help noticing his cock, which was still very erect, and shining with the woman’s juices.

“Sorry.” He stood in front of her, looking only mildly concerned with her there.

She could smell the woman’s pussy on his breath.

“I…you don’t…what do you…” She decided to just stop asking questions. “Get out.”

He kissed her on the lips, quickly and lightly. It was just enough to give her the faintest idea of what the woman would taste like.

“OK,” he said. “I’ll be back in a little while.”

She would have protested silivri escort that last bit, but he was already closing the door behind him.

What had just happened? She remembered the woman. If uncomfortable were a tangible object, it would have taken up every inch of space in that room. The woman just sat there on the edge of her bed, legs crossed and eyebrows raised expectantly. And she was still smiling that easy smile. If it wasn’t so relaxed she would have thought the woman was a lunatic.

“Look, I, uh…” It became obvious instantly that Laurie had no idea what to say in this situation. There were no guidelines on what to say to the naked woman in your room who had just been screwing your boyfriend. She settled on shifting uncomfortably from foot to foot.

The woman laughed, and Laurie would have been enraged if it seemed anything other than friendly.

“My name is Karen.”

That the woman could introduce herself, after she had just been caught entertaining her boyfriend’s cock, amazed her.

“Right. Karen. I’m Laurie.”

“I know. Kevin told me about you.”

He had talked to this woman about her? Considering the act they had been caught in, she couldn’t imagine he had talked about anything except what she lacked in the bedroom. And what that was, she didn’t know. She liked him a lot, and worked her ass off to please him. She had thought they had a great sex life.

Karen uncrossed her legs and stood. Laurie backed up as she began walking toward her.

“Kevin told me a lot about you.” She said.

“Well, he forgot to mention you.” She felt bad when she heard the bitter edge of that statement. This woman didn’t owe her any allegiance.

“I can make it better.” She said.

I really doubt that, Laurie wanted to say. But as Karen approached, even though she had been naked the entire time, she finally began to notice her body. In fact, she decided to say nothing as she looked down at Karen’s tits. Which were perfect, as far as she could tell. But Laurie quickly became embarrassed, staring at her the way she had. She looked away.

“It’s alright.” She cupped her tits in her hands and skimmed the nipples with her thumbs “Do you like them?”

Laurie suddenly felt like there was a lot less air in the room. Karen was only a foot away from her, which she was very aware bakırköy escort then was touching distance. She tried to look away.

“Sure. They’re- they’re very nice.”

She could feel Karen’s eyes on her, could see from the corner of her eye that she was still doing a great job working her tits.

“Do you want to touch them?”

“No. I’m fine.”

“Kevin said you’d like them.”

He told her that? Why would he say that? Had she been too obvious, staring at the women in movies, on TV, or on the street? She decided she had been obvious.

“Here,” Karen took Laurie’s hand a placed it over one of her tits.

Her first reaction was to pull it away, to remove her hand from this strange woman’s tits, but she didn’t. It felt good, soft and warm, her nipple hardening against her palm. Laurie felt something building up inside her. She made a bold, uncharacteristic move then.

With her hand still on Karen’s tit, she leaned forward and kissed her neck. She smelled good, different than any of the men she had been with. She smelled warm and sweet, and she found herself wanting more. She moved her lips only inches from Karen’s, waiting for some signal that she was doing the right thing, something other than the need she felt throbbing through her body. When Karen wrapped her arms around her waist, Laurie had all the signals she needed.

With a hand on the back of her neck, she pulled Karen’s mouth into hers, kissing her softly at first. She began kneading her tits without reservation, and slid her tongue into her mouth. Karen moaned into her mouth, which only drove her on.

Laurie didn’t recognize herself, pawing at this woman who was a stranger to her. She had forgotten about what Kevin had been doing with her only minutes earlier. In fact, she had forgotten about Kevin altogether.

Karen had begun unbuttoning Laurie’s shirt and, while she continued mauling her tits and exploring her mouth, Karen unfastened the front of her bra, freeing her tits. She had Laurie backed against the door, a position she took advantage of. She dropped to her knees, kissing her stomach as she unzipped her skirt. Everything Karen did felt different, they way she moved slower, her touch gentler.

As much as she was enjoying the sight of her on her knees, as much as she liked where the position was leading, there şirinevler escort was something she wanted much more. Something she had fantasized about countless times.

“Stand up.”

To Laurie’s surprise, she did. She couldn’t imagine her voice carrying any authority.

She pushed Karen back onto the bed and took a moment to appreciate what was happening. Whatever invisible bonds had been holding her back before were broken. She felt different, aggressive almost, like she was more than just a passive receiver. Laurie crawled onto the bed next to her, bent her head to suck a hard, pink nipple into her mouth. Her hand found it’s own path to the warmth between Karen’s legs. Seeing this woman’s soft body writhe under her touch was making her pussy throb with need.

Laurie kissed and licked her way down Karen’s stomach, smelling her pussy before she reached it. She had wasted years on fantasizing, and now that she had this woman’s body under her, she wasn’t planning on wasting any more time.

She moved herself between Karen’s open legs and, without hesitating, parted her pussy’s lips with her tongue. She licked and sucked her swelling clit, holding her hips as she bucked against her mouth. Laurie lapped up the juices that were flowing freely from her. Letting Karen grind against her mouth, she reached up and squeezed her full, round tits.

Laurie could feel her own pussy growing hot and wet. If she touched herself, she knew she would explode right then. Karen was moaning louder and pulling Laurie’s head harder into her. Laurie knew she was going to come, and so sucked and licked harder and faster.

Laurie reached down and started stroking her own neglected pussy. She was soaked, her hand slipping around uncontrollably. She rubbed small, tight circles around her clit, fingering herself while she worked Karen with her mouth. And, as Karen lost control, so did she.

Laurie moaned against her pussy as she came, throwing Karen over the edge with her, both women crying out as they came together. Laurie’s face was wet with Karen’s juices, her hand slick with her own. She collapsed, her head resting on Karen’s stomach. Laurie panted, exhausted, as the woman played with her hair.

She wished she had taken her time exploring Karen’s body, which was now damp with sweat. But there was still time for that.

She wondered if Kevin had originally brought Karen there just for her and become sidetracked, or if he had been planning on trying her first. Either way, she completely sympathized with his inability to keep himself out of this woman. And now they were even. She hoped his unfaithfulness would be a continuing problem.

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