Lena and Cole

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“I look good”, Lena thought as she admired herself that evening in the gilded full-length mirror in her room. She smoothed her hands over the soft fabric of her buttercup yellow slinky sundress and turned this way and that in the mirror, checking every angle. Yellow was the right choice. Her skin had become a beautiful bronze that summer that complimented the creamy yellow color of the dress very well. Lena’s sun kissed skin plus her glossy chestnut hair gave her a dark and exotic look. She smiled at herself in the mirror, “Cole is going to be turned on” she thought. And just in case her natural beauty didn’t do the job, the dress she had chosen flowed just high enough along her thighs to make any man ache to see more. Cole was one of those incredibly handsome men with looks so striking it made Lena’s insides ache with longing whenever she spent time with him. She met Cole before she left for the summer and every interaction with him and been flirtatious and promising but ultimately leading to nowhere. She hoped, however, that the house party she and her roommates were throwing this evening before school began would be the perfect opportunity to begin something new with Cole. She thought of him now and wondered how good he must look after the summer. Perhaps his hair was a little blonder and his skin more tan. She hoped his eyes still matched the sky. Lena had never wanted some one quite as much as she wanted Cole. She thought of his arms around her, holding her, touching her. She wanted him on top of her, inside of her, pressing into her….

Lena realized she was biting her lip and shook her head trying to shake out the thought of Cole. She tossed her loosely curled hair behind her shoulders, slipped on her heels, and headed down stairs to help her house mates get ready for the guests.

The guests rolled in, in groups and couples laughing and talking. They hugged one another and chatted about their summer. The only real rule for throwing a college party is heavy on the booze, light on everything else. Lena poured drinks for herself and friends from the large assortment of different sized bottles of liquor and mixes that sat clustered on the kitchen counter. She glanced impatiently at the clock in the kitchen, when would he come? Despite being preoccupied with the thought of Cole she laughed easily and talked with friends she hadn’t seen all summer while music played in the background. She was enjoying herself in spite of anxiously awaiting the arrival of Cole. She mingled with friends here and there chatting and joking with them while sipping her drink. Life swirled around her and she was beginning to feel the fuzzy affects of her margarita when her vision suddenly snapped into focus on a figure standing in the entrance way of the room. Cole. He was there, he came, and, god, he looked good. Their eyes met across the room and a wide grin spread across his face when he saw her and he nodded in her direction. Lena felt the return of that familiar ache in the core of her body at the sight of him and she knew she had to have him. He wore only a white T-shirt and ripped faded jeans that hung loose on his frame. The summer had been good to him. His tousled hair was a dirty blonde and his skin was a glowing golden tan. Even from the across the room of people his blue eyes seemed to penetrate her. As Lena sauntered over to him she was reminded of Apollo, the sun god.

He wrapped his strong arms illegal bahis around her for a hug. She put her arms around him and explored the broadness of his back. She imagined what it would be like to run her nails down his back in a moment of ecstasy. His body was muscular and firm. Lena lost herself in him for a moment when he gently squeezed her into his chest and then released her. Still holding her arms,

“How are you?” he asked. Lena gazed up to him. God, he was beautiful. His features where perfectly chiseled– high cheekbones, and sharp brow and perfect plump lips. Those lips…. Lena thought.

“What are you smiling at?” he asked.

Lena blinked and realized she hadn’t answered his first question. “Nothing,” she smiled, trying to play it off “Um, I’m good, how are you?”

Cole paused a moment, “Better, now that I’m here.”

Lena felt her cheeks turn hot; she glanced away, slightly embarrassed, but thrilled.

“Lets get you a drink”, she smiled.

As Lena slid between the people in the crowded room she pulled her long hair forward over one shoulder to show off the back of her dress which exposed her tan bare back. Cole bit his lower lip at the sight of her smooth naked skin and followed her through the crowd to the kitchen counter.

Lena poured him a drink and they chatted amiably at the counter about their summers. Cole said he had worked construction and Lena envisioned his body gleaming with sweat under the hot sun. She imagined his biceps rippling under his smooth skin and the muscles of his back flexing and pulling with the strain of lifting cement bags. Cole leaned back on the counter and rested his hands on the edge. Lena studied his strong forearms. She traced the hint of a vein up his lean forearm and examined how his arm broadened into solid muscle after the elbow. His white T-shirt was tight and she could just make out his developed chest muscles underneath. He was standing so close that his cologne filled her nostrils and fueled her yearning for his body even more. She wondered if he could feel the sexual heat between them as well.

Cole leaned forward, placed a hand on her back and whispered in her ear; “You look incredible.” His voice was low and gruff and Lena’s knees went a little weak at the sound of it. And when Cole leaned back he let his hand linger on the small of her back just long enough to be considered overtly sexual. At that moment, Lena knew she had him. He wanted her just as much and she wanted him. “Thank you,” she smiled back. She knew she had this beautiful man in the palm of her hand. Lena decided to make her move.

“You know,” she began, “I painted this really great mural in the upstairs bath room. Would you like to see it?”, she smiled innocently.

“Oh really?”, he asked?

“Mmhmm” she murmured back.

“I’d love to see that.”

Lena smiled at him and took his hand loosely in his. She led him through the maze of people and motioned for him to head up the stairs. The truth of the matter was, there was no mural upstairs in the bathroom. To be perfectly honest there was nothing of very much interest upstairs at all, but Cole didn’t know that. She had to come up with an excuse to get him away from everyone else. She wanted him alone. Lena couldn’t help but smirk at her own cunning. As she mounted the stairs after Cole, she also couldn’t help but notice the way his tight ass moved as he walked illegal bahis siteleri up the stairs.

They reached the top and Lena walked past him down the narrow corridor toward the bathroom. The loud hum of voices and thump of music fell away as they walked in the hushed upstairs. Lena reached the bathroom, reached inside flicked on the light and motioned for him to enter. Cole walked past her into the bathroom and Lena followed. Lena quietly shut the door behind her and turned to face Cole. He glanced around the spacious bathroom and a confused smile crossed his face.

“Where’s the mural?” his inquired.

Lena smiled playfully and leaned against the door, “There is no mural.”

“Oh really?” he replied. Lena thought he seemed pleased. “I wonder why we’re here then.” he teased.

Lena stepped close to him and placed her hands softly on his chest. “I have no idea,” she replied, smiling coyly. They were face to face and an incredible heat rose between them. Lena’s head was spinning; it was all she could do to stand before this ruggedly handsome man. Her heart was pounding as she gazed into his eyes and tilted her head upwards to kiss his lips. Their lips met and her whole body ignited. She was on fire and could barely restrain herself but Cole didn’t move at all. He hardly kissed her back. Had she been mistaken? Had she miscalculated, misinterpreted? Did he want her at all? She pulled away from him and looked into his eyes. Cole stared at her from under hooded eyes and just when she thought she was completely wrong about the whole thing Cole suddenly took her fiercely in his arms and pressed his wert mouth against hers, exploring every inch of her mouth. His kiss tore passionately into her soul and she received him willingly. She wrapped her arms around him as he pressed her into the wall. His kisses became soft and moved down her neck to her chest, and cleavage. A moan escaped from Lena’s lips. She tilted her head back and let him ravage her.

Cole’s passion was fueled by the fantastic noises that escaped her lips. His hands slip up from her hips to cup her firm breasts. He kissed her mouth fiercely and pressed his hips into hers. Lena felt his member harden in his jeans and she longed to feel him inside her. She lifted is shirt over his head and threw it aside. She took a moment to admire his naked chest. She ran her hands along his flat stomach teasing him by running her fingers just along the inside of his jeans. Cole placed his hands on the wall behind Lena, bracing himself, begging her with his eyes to explore lower on his body. Lena taunted his mouth with her tongue while her hand slipped lower and lower into his jeans. She unzipped his jeans and slipped her hands under his briefs. Finally, she wrapped her hands around his hot, throbbing member. Cole moaned as Lena stocked and massaged his large penis. Lena couldn’t hold off any more, she wanted his perfect cock in her mouth. She slide down against the wall and fell on her knees. Cole positioned himself above her and she pulled down his boxer brief to expose his hard member. His cock was beautiful. It gleamed with sweat in the florescent light. She took his huge cock in her mouth and ran her tongue over his smooth throbbing head. She enjoyed every moment sucking his cock. She licked up and down his shaft, her only goal to give Cole unbelievable pleasure.

He stopped her suddenly, pulling her up by her by her canlı bahis siteleri arms. She was breathless with excitement. Cole pushed her over to the bathroom sink and lifted her up onto the vanity and positioned himself between her legs. Between passionate frantic kissing Cole snaked his hands up her thighs and grasped her lace panties. She arched her back to lift her but off the counter as he pulled her underwear down and Cole kissed the top of her thighs and knees and he slipped the black lace panties off her legs completely. Lena moaned with delight and threw her head back. She couldn’t believe she was finally going to have him.

Cole stood and pressed his hard cock against her thigh. Lena tightened her grip around his arms.

“You want me don’t you?” he breathed, ” You want me to slip my hard cock into your hot wet slit?”

Lena’s entire body flamed with his dirty talk and a whimper escaped her wet lips as he gripped her ass.

“Yes,” she moaned “Oh god yes, you’d feel so amazing inside of me.”

Cole reached up and slipped her spaghetti strap off her golden tan shoulder exposing her firm and supple breasts. He rubbed her breast and embraced her hard nipple with his wet tongue. Lena writhed with please on the bathroom vanity she could barley contain her passion. She gripped his hips and pulled him closer to her. Cole pulled her to the very edge of the counter and lifted her skirt higher. He took his hard member and rubbed Lena’s clit. She groaned with pleasure. He rubbed his throbbing cock all over her wet pussy. Finally, he entered her. He slipped his sleek long cock into her hot wet pussy. Lena sighed and groaned at the sweet sensation of Cole finally being inside her. She wrapped her legs tightly around him to encourage him to thrust deep. Cole grunted as he thrusted and pushed into Lena’s soft wet inside. Sweat ran down his flexing back as he rocked in motion with her body. Lena clung to him as he entered over an over again sending her into dizzying pleasure. She kissed his hot mouth and licked the salty sweat that ran down his chest. She ran her hand through his hair and when his pumping quickened, she let out along groan and clawed her nails down his back. He arched his back with the sweet pleasure/pain of Lena’s nails and her primal noises only encouraged his hard thrusting. Lena’s body ached with pleasure. She couldn’t believe the unbelievable ecstasy Cole’s body was giving her. She had longed for this kind of release for so long. She felt her body reaching a climax and she sighed his name and begged him to keep going. Cole kept pumping and Lena felt and incredible force build inside of her. She was on the edge of ecstasy and a tingling sensation spread along her thighs up into her lower abdomen. Cole pressed his hips deeper and deeper into her, his pelvis all the while grazing and rubbing her clit the center of her pleasure until finally, Lena’s body released and climaxed. She gasped as her orgasm tore through her body and convulsed with pleasure in his arms. Her muscles contracted and tighten around him and he moaned as his own body released inside of her. They clung breathlessly on to each other as their body’s shivered with ecstasy.

Lena was blissfully content in that moment. She softly kissed his smooth chest and laid her head it the crook of his shoulder. Maybe she moved to fast, maybe she should have waited, but in that moment Lena didn’t care about anyone or anything. In that moment together they were simply two imperfect people who were looking for their missing piece within the other. She had experienced this beautiful man, and if that was wrong, Lena decidedly, did not want to be right.

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