Love Affair Ch. 02

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It had been a few weeks since Charlie had Alexa on his lap in his living room, and he was dying to get another taste of her. She made him so hot he couldn’t think of anything else.

He drove over to her house one afternoon when he knew her husband wouldn’t be home; his job sometimes kept him out late, and even out overnight. He pulled into the driveway and left the pickup truck running as he ran up to her door. Ringing the doorbell, he waited for her to appear. Seconds later, she appeared at the door in a tight white shirt with pink cotton shorts. She looked amazing, Charlie thought.

“Hey!” Alexa smiled at him as she stepped out to the porch. “What’s up?”

He took his eyes from her body to look at her face. “Yeah, well, I thought maybe you would like to go for a ride with me in my truck? It’s a nice day and all,” he finished.

She looked at the pickup and back into the house. Her mind was screaming YES! but she wasn’t sure. “Where is your wife?”

“She’s at work tonight.” He smiled.

She could feel her skin getting hot. She missed playing around with him. “Okay,” she answered calmly.

Alexa slipped on a pair of shoes and crawled into the passenger seat of the single cab pickup. The bench seat allowed her to sit as close to him as he could take, but also gave them space. She sat leaning her arm on the door as he pulled out of the driveway.

He drove out of town and down the highway, engaging her in small talk with the radio playing music on low volume. At one point along the drive, Charlie asked her what she thought of his pickup truck.

“It’s nice,” Alexa replied as she glanced around the cab. “I love how loud the engine is! Wow, tuzla escort you know I love the sound of a big motor,” she teased as she turned her body to face him.

“Oh, yeah?” he asked. “How much do you love it?”

“Oh my God,” she moaned, “this much.” She reached down between her legs and smiled as he stared wide-eyed at her while she moved her cotton shorts and panties aside to rub her clit. “Oh, wow, this makes me so hot!” She closed her eyed and moved her hips against her fingers as she slid them inside her wet pussy.

Charlie could barely breathe, let alone keep his eyes on the road. He couldn’t believe she was pleasuring herself in front of him! His cock hardened quickly and pushed against his zipper. “Wow, don’t stop, baby,” he whispered to her. He pulled off the highway onto a dirt road and slowed his speed so he could watch her better, getting his cock out and rubbing it calmly.

Alexa flicked her thumb over her clit as she plunged two fingers deeper inside her hole. She watched with interest as Charlie stroked himself in front of her, then closed her eyes again as she climaxed. Her moans grew louder and deeper as she came, a small scream escaping her lips. She relaxed her legs as he pulled the pickup into some trees and parked, killing the engine.

“May I lick your fingers?” Charlie asked, still wide-eyed.

“Umm, sure,” Alexa replied, leaning over with her hand in his face. He sucked on her fingers and licked her juices off of them and he sighed. Suddenly Alexa had an idea. “Are you hard?” she breathed, his cock clearly visible.

“Very,” he groaned.

She smiled her devilish grin and bit her lower lip, making Charlie groan again. She tuzla escort bayan got up on her knees across the bench seat and crawled to him until her face was inches from his. She kissed him hungrily and he thrust his tongue in her mouth to taste her. After a few moments she pulled back and took his cock in her hand. “Beg,” she commanded.

He opened his mouth in slight shock. “Excuse me?”

“Beg,” she repeated, “Beg for me to suck your cock!”

Charlie took a couple breaths as he considered her. His need was growing by the second. What the hell? he thought. She wants it, so I’ll give it to her.

“Please, baby,” he pleaded calmly, “Please put my cock in your mouth.”

Alexa did as he asked, taking him in about halfway and closing her lips around the shaft. But she didn’t move. She waited.

Charlie looked down at her and groaned. “Please suck on my cock. Please,” he begged as she began moving her head slowly up and down on his hard cock. He gripped his hands around the steering wheel as she teased him for several minutes, never changing the pace. He loved every sensation as she moved her tongue around the head inside her mouth. He moved his hips up to thrust into her mouth a few times but she put her hands firmly on his legs for him to stop. He groaned louder as her teasing mouth drove him crazy. He threaded his fingers through her smooth brown hair and tried to move her faster, but Alexa tightened her neck muscles and squeezed her lips around his cock, even letting her front teeth graze his shaft as a threat if he pushed any more.

Once he let go, she pulled his cock out of her mouth and ran her tongue up the shaft and sucked on the tip. “You have escort tuzla to beg, Charlie,” she moaned softly. “Say my name and beg me to make you come, and I’ll swallow every drop.”

“Oh my God, yes! Yes!” he said quickly. “Anything, please don’t stop!”

Alexa smiled her devilish grin for a second before taking him into her mouth again.

“Oh, Alexa! Please make me come in your mouth! I need you!”

She moaned on his cock and he felt the wonderful vibrations as she quickened her pace and slid his cock deeper and deeper into her throat. It wouldn’t be long now, she knew. She had him primed and ready to go.

He fought back a scream and held onto the steering wheel as his come spurted into her throat. She swallowed his juices and pulled his cock out slowly, licking the remaining come off the tip. He shuddered.

Alexa sat back up on her knees and wiped her bottom lip with her thumb as he stared amazed at her, his mouth hanging open slightly. She grinned and sat back against the pickup door.

“Wow,” Charlie exhaled.

“You’re telling me,” Alexa said. “You taste so good, Charlie.” She rubbed her hands down her legs and back up to rub her pussy under her shorts. “But, it’s getting late; the sun has almost gone down. Thanks for the drive and all, but you better take me home.”

Charlie frowned at her; her change of attitude confused him. He straightened his clothes and started the pickup, turning it around to get back on the highway.

Alexa sat quietly on her side of the cab for the remainder of the ride back into town. She acted like she wanted him, he thought, but then she could brush off their sexual encounters so easily. And he knew he wanted her badly—wanted to taste her sweet pussy, wanted to fuck her all night long. But no matter, he said to himself. He would take her home all right, but she wouldn’t be going in alone. He wasn’t done with her yet!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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