Lunch Hour Lust

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Finally… lunch time! I wonder if he’s on-line, she thought, smiling as she buzzed the executive secretary in the outer office.

“Hold my calls, will you? I don’t want to be bothered for awhile,” she said in the phone’s intercom. Maybe a little hot and bothered, she smiled again.

She launched her messenger… Yes! He’s showing ‘available’! Her excitement suddenly spilled into a lustful grin as she remembered their last lunch hour IM chat. She had to leave early that day… she doesn’t keep any toys in her desk at work.

HER: Knock-knock! Are you there Sweetheart?

HIM: Sweetie! I was just going to buzz you!

HER: Awww… I miss you!

HIM: Ditto!

HER: brb… need to close the blinds! Lol

She quickly crossed to the other side of her office and twisted the rod that turned the mini-blinds into a solid panel blocking the window washer’s leering gaze.

“Eat your heart out, asshole!” she quipped as she skipped back to her desk, kicking her heeled shoes off when she sat down. Her fingers felt tingly as she resumed her ‘conversation’ with her man.

HER: I’m back… did ya miss me?

HIM: Really much so!

HER: Mmmm… I’ve got an hour… 60 minutes just for you! Lol

HIM: Still thinking about that one blog post of mine, eh?

HER: Yeppers! Remember what you said though…

HIM: uh-huh… I get a 30-second break after the first 60 minutes and then we start a new 60 minutes!

HER: How many breaks do you think you’d need in a day??? Lol

HIM: canlı bahis Well, at some point we’d need to cuddle awhile, don’t ya think?

HER: Definitely!

HIM: I tried to catch you last night… I know you stay “invisible”

HER: I’m sorry… went to dinner with my parents, didn’t get home til late. I’m not doing anything tonight though!

HIM: That’s good! I’ll be on-line around 10pm… I’ll show up “available” for you!

HER: Mmmm… can’t wait! I gotta tell you… I was so worked up the other day I had to go home early… I don’t keep toys at work! Lol

HIM: Maybe you should! Ya never know when I might surprise you!

HER: Fingers work just fine! They’re doing a good job right now!

HIM: REALLY?!? And just what is that you’re doing right now???

HER: If I had a cam here at work I could show you! Lol

The sudden “Invite to view Todd’s webcam” startled her, and excited her at the same time. She clicked on the “accept” button and there he was in all his naked glory… all for her… showing his chest, arms as he typed on the keyboard, and just a hint of his pubic hair; just like his “trademark” profile picture.

“Aw, Gaaawd…” she moaned as she watched him reach under his desk… touching himself where she wished she could be touching.

HER: Oh Baby, this is a nice surprise!

HIM: The first of many, my Dear!

HER: Woo-hoo! and it’s not even my birthday! Lol.

HIM: (heh-heh) this is just a preview of ‘cumming’ attractions. I’m bahis siteleri trying not to cum now cuz I want to save it til tonight when I can see you doing it too!

HER: LOL… oh you don’t have to save it that long! Besides, by tonight you’ll be ready to cum again, won’t you?

HIM: Hmmm… maybe! with the right amount of inspiration…

HER: Don’t you worry about that Sweetheart… I’ll give you plenty of inspiration! Lol

HER: You just have no idea how wet you just made me!

HIM: Really?

HER: Oh yeah, really!!! If you don’t mind, I think I’ll just watch you… my hands are going to be otherwise occupied and I won’t be able to type! Lol

His “hug” smiley made her smile as she slipped off her panties and pantyhose past her feet, then tossed them under her desk on top of her shoes. She unbuttoned the top half of her blouse and liberated her tits from her front-snap bra, and with one hand fondling her nipples and the other rubbing her pussy, she stared at the computer screen in front of her. She sighed, thinking how nice it would be if it were her hands brushing his chest hair instead of his hands; how fantastic it would be if it were his hands fondling her instead of her hands.

HIM: You still there Sweetie?

HER: Mmmm… just making myself more comfortable Hon!

HIM: Wish we could be comfortable together…

HER: me too… wish I had a cam at work! Lol

HIM: Oh Baby so do I … you’ll have to pardon me now… my hands are about to become… how’d you bahis şirketleri say that… “otherwise occupied” …

HER: Go right ahead… I can’t type anymore either!

A sudden shiver energized her when her view suddenly changed to a close-up of his hard-on. She could see the distended veins along the shaft while he rolled his balls in his hands. He stroked himself slowly, oh so slowly… stopping every few seconds to rub the pre-cum around the tip of his cock with his thumb. She moaned softly and licked her fingers and wished it was her tongue licking his pre-cum. Her nipples were like bits of rock to her touch, and each finger squeeze on them set bolts of lightning through her body. Her other hand frantically rubbed her pussy faster. She pinched her clit, sending more electricity through her core, then inserted first one finger deep inside her, then another while her thumb rubbed her clit to the rhythm of his stroking.

“OH MY GOOODDD!!!” she shrieked, when, after several more minutes that seemed timeless, she saw his thick white load shoot from his cock and spill all over his hand.

Her own orgasm squirted all over her seat and oozed into the crack of her ass. She watched him slowly catch his breath while she caught hers. She felt a warm rush surge over her skin as she smiled, wishing he could see the expression of total joy on her face… wishing she could see the expression of delight on his.

And then suddenly, as if he had read her mind, the cam view changed and there he was smiling at her! She stared into his eyes… and knew again that he indeed had a beautiful soul.

HER: Only 6 hours over the turnpike, eh? I think I’m going to take the rest of the day off… we won’t be needing the cams tonight!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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