Lynn’s Alley Ch. 09

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“I want to surprise Mark,” Jenna was saying to me as we sat on her patio, sharing coffee and bagels. I really wasn’t hungry but Jenna insisted so I nibbled enough to be polite as she talked.

“He’s been wanting me to do something like this for quite a while,” Jenna went on to say, “and since I’m not getting any younger, I thought I’d better do this now while my boobs were still on my chest,” laughing at her self-depreciating humor.

Healthy boobs, they indeed were, surely no less than a D-cup, I thought when I saw her that first time, at the gallery. Today, she was wearing a simple blouse, the buttons of which were stretched to their limit by the breasts.

Jenna was thirty-eight but looked younger; five-six, maybe a hundred and twenty pounds, sixty of which had to be her boobs. She later told me, when I asked, that she was a 34-D, outgrowing her training bra when she was eleven.

Her body was slender, the weight in her muscular, but not overly so, legs and buttocks. She worked out a couple of hours a day, she had told me, and she and Mark were joggers on top of that.

“What specifically did you have in mind,” I finally asked, having long since lost hope that she’d get to the point.

“Well, I’d like a tasteful nude body shot, I think,” she mused, her face scrunched up a bit, “but I don’t think I want my face recognizable, something like you showed at your gallery opening,” she finally said, the point having been reached. Yea!

“But,” she quickly added, “I’d like it done here, somewhere in our house, you know, to have a familiarity within the photo itself.”

“I think that can be done, though my recommendation would be to do a mono-chromatic background, with maybe a throw pillow or two in the shot, the background not distracting from you, from your nakedness,” I suggested, adding, “I mean, you really don’t want it to look like above-average amateur porn, do you?”

“Oh God, no,” she gasped, “I want this to be an artistic photo.”

“Then, why don’t you trust me on how we do this; we’ll use some props from your home, just so that you have that bit of familiarity you spoke of.”

“Okay, you’re the expert,” she said, beaming a bright smile.


Sharon’s Halloween party was behind us and it wouldn’t be long, before Thanksgiving had its moment in the national spotlight. I thought back to last year’s Thanksgiving at my parents’, when I had ‘outed’ myself, smiling at the memory as I drove back to the gallery after the meeting with Jenna.

Lots of water under the bridge since last year, I thought as I downshifted to third gear, speeding to beat a traffic light.

Great! Another fucking ticket, just what I needed.

“S’matter, baby?” Ali asked when I trudged into the gallery, about ten minutes later.

I told her of my latest interaction with the NOPD.

She laughed.

“Did you try to flirt your way out of this one too?” She finally asked when her laughter almost stopped.

“Hell, no, and the officer was a chick, too!” I said, shaking my head in exasperation.

“How many is that now, Lynn?”

“Just my third,” I answered indignantly.

“Maybe we need to ‘ground’ you, you naughty little girl,” Ali joked.

“If you want to punish me,” I said, feeling a bit impish, and truthfully, a bit aroused at being around Jenna, “I dare you to make me eat pussy,” smiling suggestively at her.

“Want to grab a ‘nooner’ at the apartment, when the girls come in for their shift?” Ali asked, her eyes betraying a hint of arousal as well.

I had found that Ali became quickly aroused whenever the thought of sex passed between us, not a bad thing, mind you.

“Sounds delicious, sweetie,” I said, licking my lips slowly, but feeling wetness in my crotch more than on my lips.

“As many times as we’ve made love to each other,” Ali said softly, laying in my arms, “I never tire of your touch, of your kisses; each time seems like the first time,” reaching up and kissing me.

My mouth was sticky with her juices, her scent on my lips, and I was dying to get off. I took her into my arms and rolled her on top of me, kissing her as I did. Then slowly, I pushed her down my body, my legs spreading to make room for her. Grinning at me, Ali began kissing my body, snaking her tongue over my skin, flicking across my clit when she got down there, teasing me.

She teased me unmercifully for several minutes but slipping her fingers into me, she began fucking me as she sucked on my little man. I held off not even two minutes after she started doing that to me, pulling her mouth to my pussy when I orgasmed, my body shaking from the jolt of pleasure.

“Don’t know what got your motor running,” Ali said as we dried from our after-sex shower, “but I’m glad I reaped the benefits,” smiling at me.

I told her of my meeting with Jenna, of Jenna’s deliciously large boobs, casino oyna and I guessed it affected me more than I thought, I said.

“That’s fine, baby, I get to reap the benefits anyway, like I said,” kissing me sweetly as we started to dress, her hand finding and fondling my breast.

We had to take another shower before we finally returned to the gallery.


“Feel like a little fun tonight?” Ali asked after she had hung up from her phone call.

We were working in our office, at home, having both returned from running errands that morning. The gallery was closed on Sundays and Mondays, opened from Tuesday through Saturday.

“What kind of fun?” I asked, looking over my glasses as I worked at my computer.

“That was Sami on the phone,” Ali said, a mischievous smile creeping across her beautiful mouth, “and she’d like to bring one of her dorm-mates over tonight to swim, use the hot tub with us and to have a ‘girls’ night’,” Ali explained.

Stopping my work on the keyboard, I waited for her to further explain.

“Seems like one of Sami’s late-night visitors to her bed, one of the girls that comes by for some girl/girl play when horny, expressed a desire to Sami that she’d like to explore a bit more,” Ali said; “Sami said that this girl has become a rather frequent visitor at night and casually mentioned to Sami that she wouldn’t mind trying a threesome sometime.”

A ding from Ali’s computer signaled that she had just received an email.

Smiling, after she opened it, she told me to come and see what Sami had just sent to her.

Walking around to look over Ali’s shoulder, a photo that Sami had taken with her cell-phone showed a young, attractive gal, naked as a newborn, lying on a bed, her pubes glistening with moisture.

She, the girl in the picture, couldn’t have been more than nineteen, I thought, as I admired her body in the photo, admired her young, round full breasts and slim hips.

“Sami said that she’s lots of fun in bed, and open to trying new things,” Ali commented further, looking up at me, smiling.

“She’s young,” I remarked, looking down to Ali.

“Yeah, she is,” Ali agreed, her eyes showing more than a little interest in the thought of bedding her.

“Could be fun,” I offered as a thought.

“I like fun,” Ali agreed.

“Sure, why not,” I said, nodding my head a bit, and giving in to the impulsive urge that just gripped me, I reached into Ali’s low-cut top and began fondling her breasts.

“You know,” Ali said after a few moments of enjoying my hand feeling her up, “this is only going to wind up with me between your legs, don’t you?”

“Works for me, sweetie,” I said, unzipping my shorts and dropping them to the floor.


“Guys, this is Brenda,” Sami said as she and Brenda climbed into the back seat of Ali’s ‘big car’. It was Sunday afternoon, and since neither of the girls had a car, we opted to pick them up, grab a quick bite, then head to the house.

“Glad to meet you, Brenda,” Ali and I said at the same time, laughing about it afterwards.

Neither had an early class on Monday, so we told them to plan on spending the night and we’d drop them back at the dorm in the morning, on our way to the gallery.

“I’m very happy to meet ya’ll too,” Brenda replied, a smile on her face.

It was a cute face, I thought, as I turned to face them while Ali drove. Brenda, it turned out, was ‘just’ nineteen, a few weeks ago; can I spot ’em or what?

She was curvy, five-six’ish, and probably one-twenty-five or so, I quickly opined, to myself. Fairly average looking young woman but with an aura of sexiness about her; maybe it was because I knew she played with Sami that I just assumed I sensed that, but whatever the reason, I did sense it.

“You guys want to go to Mother’s for po-boys?” Ali asked after she stopped for a light; Mother’s was a well-known eatery of N’awlins, a staple in the epicurean jambalaya that New Orleans provided.

“Good choice!” Brenda said, “I love their po-boys,” Sami jumping in and agreeing with the suggestion. Ali didn’t have to ask me; she knew I was always up for a trip to Mother’s.

And, as is always the case, Mother’s didn’t disappoint.

We were able to gain a little insight into Ms. Brenda over our sandwiches. She knew that we knew of her and Sami’s late-night trysts; Sami told her she had told us that, and that Brenda wouldn’t be opposed to a little exploration.

Brenda didn’t appear uncomfortable knowing what we knew, and seemed okay with it. She has a boyfriend, back home, and likes boys and likes having sex with boys, she said very matter-of-factly, scrunching her face up, as if in deep thought.

She started girl-play a couple of years ago, when she was sixteen or so, with a friend of hers during sleepovers at each other’s houses.

“You know,” Brenda said between canlı casino bites of her sandwich, “Lisa and I started out just kissing each other, goofing off, acting crazy,” pausing to sip her cola.

“But that didn’t last long,” Brenda resumed, “after a couple of months-and we slept over with each other almost every weekend-one night, while she was kissing me, she started feeling me up,” stopping, and looking at us with that ‘you know’ look.

“So, what’d you do?” Sami asked.

Laughing a bit, Brenda said, with a smirk, “I felt her back, and it was off to the races into our panties,” laughing aloud now at the memory.

We laughed with her, all of us knowing exactly how she felt; that first time that girl-play got serious for each of us.


The ride to the house from Mother’s was rather quiet, the four of seemingly lost in our thoughts. There was also an overbidding sense or sexual tension in the air, I thought at the time and, later, Ali said she had felt it too.

We all knew that there would be lots of sex in our house tonight; we knew it, but said nothing of it, the knowledge alone was enough for us all.

We gave Brenda the quick nickel tour of the place, getting their things settled into the connecting bedroom to ours. Brenda remarked on the ‘convenience of the connecting rooms, smiling wickedly when she said it.

“Let’s go downstairs to the den, and enjoy a bit of smoke,” I suggested, “relaxing us,” I hinted. And get us horny, I thought, or hornier, I should say.

Being around Sami and Justine, and the kids that worked for us, was a turn-on for both Ali and I. We shamefully, but truthfully, admitted that we both liked younger pussy; not illegal, just a bit younger.

Since Ali and I were in our mid-thirties, I supposed that we could be considered cougars preying on young kittens; not an untruth, I suppose.

We used the hookah-styled pipe, the ice and wine providing a nice, cool smoke for us, the smoothness encouraging us to partake very freely. It did the job very nicely, putting us all into a stoned state.

“I think I’m going to forgo the swim, and just hit the hot tub, Brenda,” Ali said, slowly, very stoned, “care to join me?” adding, “Lynn and Sami will join us in a bit, after they’ve fucked.”

Smiling, Brenda stood up and taking Ali’s offered hand, walked off behind her, saying to us, over her shoulder, “have fun you guys.”

Sami and I were sitting on the floor, hookah hoses in our hands, both of us watching them as they walked towards the aquatic room, their arms now around each other’s waist.

“You heard the lady,” I said to Sami, taking her head between my hands, drawing her mouth to mine, our tongues familiar with their roles, by now. Sami had become my favorite lover, not including Ali of course, outside of my relationship with Ali; that was different, that was not connected to our frequent trips to recreational-sex land.

I took her to the floor, still kissing her while my hands were busy taking off her clothes, the feel of her young, naked skin searing hot to my fingers. I tried mightily to explore her throat with my tongue as my hands cupped her small, hard breasts, the nipples poking my palms.

Taking her nipples in my mouth, one at a time, I clenched onto them with my teeth, the slight pain causing her to moan her approval, asking me to bite harder, her voice, a whisper of panting breath.

As I increased the biting, her pelvis was gyrating under me with increasing pressure and speed, her wetness reaching through her panties to my shorts, then to my thigh.

Rolling off her, I kept my mouth to a breast and moved my hand to rip her panties from her, her leg kicking them somewhere else when her toe hooked them. Slipping two fingers into her, I bit even harder, causing her to cry out but holding my head in place with her hands.

I made her climax very quickly, a body-shuddering climax that lasted a while. Standing, I stared down at her nakedness as I rip my clothes off of me, my need to get off yelling loudly at me.

I stood over her, then kneeling over her head, I lowered myself until I could feel the tip of her tongue tracing my pussy’s lips. I teased myself for several minutes in this manner, hovering my love-box just close enough for the tip of her tongue to tease me.

And when I could hold off no longer, I pushed my pussy into her open mouth as her hands dug into my ass-cheeks, her nails providing a pleasurable pain as her tongue fucked me.

My orgasm exploded, my hips grinding into Sami’s young, talented mouth, my voice crying out loudly in joy.

We cuddled a while, playing kissy-face with each other, both of us clearly happy with our sexuality with each other. Sitting, I relit the hookah, took a hit and offered it to Sami. Smiling she took the pipe-hose, and looking into my eyes, she slipped the pipe into my pussy, kaçak casino fucking me with it a few times; taking it from my pussy, she put it into her mouth and drew deeply, the smoke slipping from the corners of her mouth.

“Delicious,” she smilingly said, after expelling the residual smoke from her mouth.

“Glad I could be of service,” I jokingly said to her.

We joined Ali and Brenda in the hot tub, only they weren’t in it.

We passed them as we climbed into the tub; Brenda was lying on the chaise lounge with Ali between her legs eating her with relish, it appeared. Ali’s hands were busy fondling and feeling Brenda’s abundant breasts, pinch-marks visible on the skin, near the areola, and Brenda was moaning her contentment at what Ali was doing to her.

Sami and I sat next to each other, enjoying the warm water, enjoying the porn show that Ali and Brenda were providing. Sami couldn’t keep her hands off her me, or her lips; she’d feel me, touch me, all the while kissing my ear, my neck, nibbling at me, making me feel just peachy-keen.

“Kinda surprising to me that Brenda doesn’t appear to have a problem with Ali and I being as old as we are,” I remarked to Sami as she sucked my tits, “or you either, for that matter,” I concluded.

“Older women are fucking hot!” Sami said, lifting her mouth from my breast, “older women know what to do, what they want, and don’t play any fucking games,” she concluded, returning her attention to my hard nipples.

Lifting her head from my breast again, Sami had a smirk on her face, clearly enjoying a memory, it seemed to me.

“When I was a freshman in high school, and this was a few years after I had started playing with my cousin,” Sami said sort of wistfully, “my art teacher was in her forties and looked great, making me have fantasies about her when I jacked-off.”

“And?” I prompted.

“And, I made it a mission to get into her bed; she was single and rumors of her being gay had been around for a while,” Sami explained further, “and I did, just before the Christmas Holidays and Lynn? The things that woman knew to do with a young girl were amazing,” her smile even grander at the memory.

“Did your fling last very long?” I asked as she played with my swollen clit with her fingers.

“The whole four years of high school,” she said, somewhat proudly, I thought.

“Ahhhh, DAMN, holy fuck, fuck, fuck!!” Brenda’s screaming proclamation of reaching her orgasm, shocking us out of our conversation.

“Looks like she achieved liftoff,” I commented dryly to Sami as she crawled between my legs, her hands lifting my ass and pussy from under the water to her mouth.

“Tighten your seat belt hon, you’re next,” Sami said as she lowered her mouth to me.

I was.


We lounged about, joked and teased each other with crude sexual innuendoes, and smoked some more weed. A couple of hours of this teasing served the purpose of getting the four of us hornier and more aroused.

“C’mon Sami, it’s time for me to fuck you, babygirl,” Ali said, pulling Sami from the couch and from her embrace with Brenda, and taking Sami with her, Ali led them up the stairs to our bedroom.

“Does that mean you and me get to play?” Brenda asked, her eyes smoldering with arousal.

Taking her hand in mine, I led us towards the stairs; “Yes, it does and that means right now,” her hand rubbing my pubes from behind as I walked in front of her on the stairway.

Brenda just turned nineteen but her cunnilingual abilities would have her age at forty! She brought me to orgasm several times before she took a break, allowing me to finally get a taste of her trimmed bush.

We were in the connecting bedroom to Ali and I’s room, the door between them opened, the sounds of sexual joy freely floating from one room to another. Ali’s moans indicated that Sami was between her legs.

Brenda was a vocal lover it turned out, her cries of pleasure easily escaping her lips, both of our bodies glistening with sex-sweat.

The sound of the shower is what woke me up, that and the smell of coffee from the upstairs coffee maker in the bathroom. I padded into the bathroom, telling Ali good morning as I sat and peed.

“Okay if I join you?” I asked, “Remember, we still have to drop the girls off at the dorm.”

“Sure, its okay, baby; it’s always okay,” she said back to me.

“Had fun last night, sweetie?” Ali asked as she soaped my back.

“Yeah, I did, how ’bout you?” I replied.

“Really liking that young pussy, girlfriend,” Ali said matter-of-factly.

“What’s not to like?” I joked.

“Does that make us perverts?” She seriously asked, turning me to ‘do’ my front.

“No, not as long as we don’t cross the age line, but Brenda is as close to illegal as we’ve had,” I replied, adding, “Now, taking one of the ‘T-Girls’ home from the strip club to fuck and suck,” I said, “Now, that would be perverted,” laughing afterwards.

After a few moments, Ali said, “Still, that’s something to think about,” she said seriously.

She wasn’t kidding, it turned out.

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