Magda’s Visit

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Tyler came out of his room to find Ariel and her mother, sitting at the kitchen table having a cup of tea.

‘Cuppa Mr Gordon?’ Veronica said as she stood up and reached for another cup and poured it for him welcoming him to join them.

‘Thank you Veronica. Hello Ariel, How’s your ankle feeling?’

‘I’m ready to return to work. I called in at work today and I was just telling mum we’re training a girl for three weeks starting next week,’ Ariel answered

‘Let me guess. Your boss has offered to give her the training and you will be the one doing all the work. Am I right?’

‘Yes something like that.’

‘Good luck with that,’ He turned to her mother, noticing her dressed to meet friends and said, ‘Are you expecting visitors Veronica?

‘No. Ariel and I are meeting friends for dinner. You can fend for yourself tonight Tyler. There’s leftovers in the fridge from last night. Best use it tonight or I’ll have to throw it out.’

‘Thanks. I will.’

As Ariel and Veronica, her mother left to meet friends for a meal in town, Tyler made himself comfortable in a lounge chair with a book he had been intending to start reading for some time.


About 3 pages into the book he heard rain outside and a few minutes later, there was a knock at the door. He answered the door and a girl of about 19 years old was stood outside the door. He thought she must have been a friend of Ariel’s but more than likely, the new trainee she mentioned over tea that afternoon. In any event, he thought she must have been hoping to see Ariel.

‘Hello. Can I help you,’ Tyler asked.

‘I was hoping to talk to Ariel. I am going to be doing some training with her at work,’ she said.

‘Come in out of the cold,’ he suggested, holding the door open for her.

She brushed past him wearing an overcoat, removing a rain hat and shaking her dark brown hair loose. As she passed him, he noticed how tall she was. At about one meter seventy seven centimeters, (Five feet nine inches) she was about seven centimeters shorter than him.

‘Ariel is out with her mother and friends for dinner. They haven’t been gone for too long so I wouldn’t expect her back for some time. I’ll help any way I can but if you call tomorrow she should be here,’ he said.

Just then, there was a loud clap of thunder, and a serious storm began to gush loudly on to the iron roof.

‘Wow! That sounds like a storm,’ she said shuddering.

Tyler said, ‘You should wait until the rain passes. Sit down and I’ll make a cup of tea,’ he said.

She sat in the middle of the divan as Tyler left the room and returned a few moments later with a teapot and cups and some biscuits on a tray.

He placed it on the coffee table, turned on the heater and said, ‘Would you like me to take your coat? You could be here for a while yet. The rain seems to be setting in.’

She stood up and removed her coat and he hung it on the coat rack inside the front door. As he returned, he noticed she had a slim figure, but she appeared to be shapeless underneath her white and purple thick knitted pullover. He wanted to see what she looked like beneath that thick pullover. He stopped near the divan and switched on the central heating and within minutes the room increased its temperature.

Sitting on the divan next to her, he said, ‘My name’s Tyler Gordon. I rent a room here. What’s your name?’

‘Magda. I’ll be doing a short work experience at the hardware store as part of a training course. Apparently I will be working with Ariel for three weeks. I hope she likes me. I wanted to introduce myself to her before training to find out what she expects of me.’

‘I think you’ll like her. She’s friendly and was helpful when I moved in here,’ he answered.

They chatted while they drank their tea.

As the room warmed, he removed his pullover, folded it and placed it on the chair and said, ‘This room’s getting a bit warm. Should I turn the heater down? Is it too hot for you in here Magda?’

‘No. It’s nice at the moment. Leave it on. It will probably do me good,’ she answered rubbing her neck.

‘How’s that?’ he asked.

‘I seem to get a mild neck ache in the cold weather and will probably need to see the doctor for pain relief if this weather continues into next week.’

‘Does it affect you turning your head or is it mainly an ache at the back?’

‘Turning my head hurts when it gets bad. It was beginning to get like that before I called here. I don’t want it to affect my training.’

‘Let me try something. I had that same thing a few months ago and the chiropractor showed me what to do,’ I said. ‘Just swivel away from me a little and pull the neck down on your pullover for me.’

‘This polo neck might get in the way. Shall I take it off Mr Gordon?’

She felt safe in the presence of an older man, probably twice her age and unlikely to have any carnal interest in her.

He answered, ‘Yes. Certainly, as long as you’re dressed underneath. By all means’.

She removed her tight thick canlı bahis white jumper and he watched as it stretched past her small round breasts, revealing a mauve top. He took her polo-neck pullover from her and placed it over his on the other chair.

She resumed her position facing away from him on the couch and he gradually pressed the heel of one hand on the back of her neck and held her steady with his other hand above her sternum. He held it for a few seconds without any real pressure and told her to breathe deeply for about one minute. After that he used both hands holding her still with his fingers over her shoulders.

Then her asked her to lace her hands behind her head and he concentrated on her shoulders.

‘Turn and face me for a moment please Magda,’ he instructed.

She obediently swiveled around facing him and he looked at her for a moment, fighting the impulse to touch her beautiful round breasts.

‘Leave your hands behind your head please,’ he instructed and he watched her tits separate and raise up as she raised he arms again.

He put his hands on her shoulders with his thumbs in front and rolled his hands forward as he lightly brushed under her arms with his thumbs.

‘Magda, Your shoulders are a bit tight, probably from hunching them against the cold.’

She could feel a small measure of arousal from his light touch and shuddered a little. Mr Gordon noticed this and made no comment.

He released her and stepped back and instructed her to stand. He noticed she was doing everything her asked her and the thought gave him the beginning of arousal that her could feel the weight of his penis increasing.

‘Stand in your normal position and let me see. Drop your hands by your side. Drop your head down.’

She did so and he looked closely at her breasts.

‘Now up. Sometimes where you look affects your posture, but apart from a slight lift of your shoulders, they don’t usually change through your head position. Try and drop your shoulders a little. That’s good. Hold them back. Lovely. You might benefit from trying to form a habit of relaxed walking with your shoulders back a little and down. Wear enough clothes so you don’t need to fight against the cold.’

‘Yes. That sounds like a good idea. Thank you Mr Gordon.’

‘Lie on the couch and let me give you a neck massage. Just something light and tell me if it helps in any way,’ he said.

She took up a position on the couch, but it was too short to stretch her legs out comfortably.

‘I have a better idea Magda. We’ll put an exercise mat on the floor and you can lie out straight. OK?’

He left and returned with an exercise mat, a thick beach towel, a candle and a small bottle of massage oil.

‘I’ve learned some remedial massage and I think I might be able to help. At least it won’t do any harm. Lie on the towel on your stomach. Would you mind removing your top please Magda? I will need access to your shoulder blades.’

‘Are you sure it’s necessary?’ ‘

‘Yes, but it’s entirely up to you. Positioning your back and neck are a more complete solution to dealing with neck pain. But you’re in no way obliged. Maybe I can make a difference by guessing where your skeletal points are.’

Magda looked at Mr Gordon very suspiciously, but consoled her-self with the knowledge that they were in Ariel’s house and she could be home at any time so he could not go too far with all this. She could certainly use the relief if his remedial touch was effective.

‘No! You’re right. It’s no trouble really.’

She removed her mauve top and left it to one side, knelt on the mat, then on her hands and knees, she lowered herself to a prone position and waited for Tyler to begin. He was in a kneeling position beside her and began a light massage of her neck and the lower part of her scalp.

Just moving her hair around was relaxing and his touch was beginning to affect her in a way that triggered very pleasant feelings. She began to relax her whole body. He moved from her neck, down to her shoulders and her upper back spreading his hands to the sides and under her arms.

‘Let me loosen this,’ he said, un-clipping her bra.

She hardly heard a word he said, She was unaware of her bra un-clipping at the back and loosening, but she was becoming more relaxed as he plied his touch to her increasingly relaxed body.

He worked down towards her lower back and used all the techniques he could think of that might relax her, but he kept her awake by slightly rolling her body left to right, a technique he devised after sleeping on a bus on an interstate trip and waking when the bus slowed or turned and his body weight shifted, waking him every time.

He listened closely to her breathing and when he knew she was quite relaxed, he would ask her to move slightly, maybe her arms position, or perhaps bend a knee, and with each instruction, she became more obedient to his instructions.

He moved down to a position beside her legs and holding her feet, he said, ‘Just move your feet out bahis siteleri a little for me please,’ in a soft but firm voice. To his astonishment, her legs separated as far as her skirt would allow. He massaged her feet for a few moments, then began trailing his hands lightly up along her legs.

When he reached her knees, he said, ‘Let’s make this a full body massage. You will need to get up on your hands and knees for a moment Magda. Thank you.’

She reluctantly elevated herself up on all fours and he lifted her skirt up and pulled her nickers down to her knees, revealing the diamond shaped recess to the tight little cunt with a wisp of light brown pubic hair. He looked at it for a moment and could feel his cock swelling up and hardening in his pants. He returned his attention to her bra lying on the towel around her hands, removed it and placed it under the corner of the towel.

‘You can put your top back on. I can massage under it quite easily, and with your skirt still in place, you can retain your modesty,’ he said reassuringly.

Then with her skirt still rolled up, exposing her round buttocks, he said, ‘That’s good. You can lie down again now.’

She returned to a prone position and had become highly aroused and felt very sexy with her underwear removed and her arse exposed.

In order to maintain her non-compliance, she said, ‘Do I have to keep my skirt up there? Shouldn’t it cover my bottom?’

‘You’re right Magda. We’ll move it back down as soon as I’ve finished your legs.’

She was hoping he would leave her arse exposed, but there was some tension present that Ariel and her mother could return at any time. Mr Gordon had cleverly told her to leave her top and skirt in place to allow her to cover up and look dressed if they returned at an awkward moment.

He continued to work on her legs and pulled the skin outwards starting from her ankles, moving upwards over her calves, behind her knees along the back of her thighs He slowed the pace as he reached the smooth valleys between her legs and her buttocks, then spread her buttocks exposing the tight little pink/brown rose of her anus. She sighed heavily as he spread her buttocks wide open repeating this movement two more times.

He repeated the process starting from her ankles again and moved upwards along her legs. As her arousal intensified, she waited for him to reach her buttocks. She moaned softly as he spread her apart again.

He said, ‘Magda, you have very sexy legs and a beautiful arse. Leave your feet apart and relax. Just one more thing before you turn over for a front massage.’

He poured a few drops of massage oil into his hand and ran the finger of his other hand through the oil. Then he trailed his finger down her spine and into the cleavage of her buttocks and stopped just short of her tasty little rose.

She gasped a little, then she said, ‘You shouldn’t touch me there. It’s very bad to touch someone there. You must stop Mr Gordon,’ she protested.

He repeated this very slowly but with four fingers, beginning with his last finger, this time running his fingers over her tight little hole and finishing with his index finger, which he rested on the center of her arse hole, revolving it in small circles and this time she moaned loudly. She raised her gorgeous little round derriere to meet his highly arousing touch.

He resisted the temptation to penetrate her and continued up to the small of her back as if it was all a part of a normal massage. He performed this with one hand while he silently loosened his clothes and undressed with his other hand. By the time he finished massaging her back, he was naked.

He said ‘That’s all for your back. Do you feel any better, Magda?’

‘Yes I do. Thank you Mr Gordon. It feels much better.’

‘That’s good to hear. Now roll over and let me do your front,’ he said expecting her to object.

She remained in a lying position as she answered, ‘You’ve been too kind to me already. You hardly know me Mr Gordon. I should get dressed again and go.’

‘Nonsense. It’s still raining outside and it would be my pleasure to finish a full body massage now we’ve come this far.’

Magda was still wearing her skirt and top, so she was still relatively modest and Mr Gordon was being insistent, so she reluctantly agreed.

When she turned over she saw him naked. She was shocked.

She sat up and said, ‘Mr Gordon, you haven’t got your clothes on. OH MY LORD. Look at the size of your thing,’ she said staring at his throbbing thick erection, now fully extended to it’s full length of 20 centimeters.

‘Oh, you mean my cock. It’s been like this since I lifted your skirt. It’s OK Magda. I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do. Let me just finish massaging the front of your legs and we can get dressed again. What do you say?’

‘I’m very uncomfortable with you naked Mr Gordon.’

‘Don’t worry Magda. I get naked all the time when I have the chance. It seems very normal to me.’

She felt helpless to stop him and she had heard that bahis şirketleri a man with a stiff cock couldn’t think straight. She needed some reassurance that she would be safe.

She said, ‘Are you sure Mr Gordon?’

She felt it was a feeble attempt to ensure her virtue.

‘I’ll be honest with you Magda. I would love to fuck you. You are a very desirable woman. But as I said, I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do. Just let me finish massaging your legs.’

She resumed her position on the mat lying on her back. He began massaging her feet one at a time. Bending her knees, he massaged the sides of her calves one at a time, followed by her knees, simultaneously.

He pushed her skirt up to the top of her thighs and began massaging the outside of her thighs moving his hands lightly to the top of her legs, then the front of her thighs, simultaneously,

He said, ‘Just move your knees out a little and I can massage the inside of your thighs. This part should feel very nice. Close your eyes and relax.’

‘I can’t possibly relax while you’re touching me like that Mr Gordon.’

‘That’s OK. Just try and see how it feels.’

She moved her knees apart a few inches and he put his hands on the inside of her knees massaging her in tight circles. He insistently pushed her knees wide apart. He ran his hands firmly from her knees, along her inner thighs to the point where they met her pubic area. He had a clear view of her light brown wispy hair.

He began concentrating his attention on the uppermost portion of her legs, this time, moving her knees back. Her cunt was fully exposed and his cock was oozing clear pre-cum.

Raising her feet from the mat, he said ‘Just hold your knees out here for a moment while I finish you off. That’s right.’

She was holding her knees wide apart, displaying her vagina to this man she hardly knew, who had a huge throbbing erection, but somehow she still thought he would stop short of sexual penetration.

Still with her eyes closed she felt his hands take a firm hold at the top of her thighs and felt her cunt lips spread wide open she felt something wet smear her from her perineum ploughing up through her vagina opening, upwards between her open labia and over her clitoris which sent violent electric shocks through her nether region.

‘My Lord Mr Gordon, what are you doing to me?’

He didn’t answer her. He just slowly licked her again. The third time, darted his tongue as deeply as he could into the core of her vagina, then licking her slowly between her labia again, he circled his tongue in small circles around her clitoris and penetrated her vagina with his finger rubbing the front of her cunt, alternating between his tongue on her clitoris outside and his finger on her ‘G’ spot inside. Then he worked on both parts together until he thought her climax was building.

‘Mr Gordon, Mr Gordon, Mr Gordon. Everything down there is twitching and flushing. Something unbelievable is happening to me.’

‘It’s your first climax Magda. But don’t worry. I wouldn’t do anything unless you wanted me to.’

‘I don’t mind if you do it to me Mr Gordon.’

‘I’m sorry Magda. I can’t do it to you unless you really want me to.’

‘Then if I have to say it, I want you to Mr Gordon. You must fuck me. I’m desperate. I’m begging.’

She began whimpering uncontrollably and Tyler held her lips wide apart with one hand, put his other hand beside her head and placed the hardened drenched head of his swollen cock at the entrance of her wet open vagina.

With his swollen cock jammed up against her, he kept hard pressure on her openly displayed cunt. Holding his cock in his free hand, he revolved his cock in small circles trying to dilate the size of the access through her stretched opening and into the inside of her dripping vagina. As her tight little entry gave way, she cried out a loud high pitched squeal as he forced the first 3 centimeters of his cock through her tight opening.

Hovering above her he watched as he slowly pushed his cock further and further into her, watching it disappear another 7 centimeters. She began crying as the unfamiliar presence of an obscenely large cock raided her compliant body.

Then he pulled it back out until just the head was inside her then pushed his straining cock slowly into her, still short of the half way point.

Releasing her knees she hugged him with her arms around his neck, she hooked her feet behind his knees began rutting violently, swiveling her hips at him to goad him into filling her opening with his pulsing hardened vein streaked cock. He held back leaving 5 centimeters inside her. As her orgasm subsided, her twitching cunt triggered his climax beyond his control. He gushed 6 hard squirts of semen into her before he plunged his full 20 centimeters onto her for the last thrusts of his orgasm and a few more aftershocks.

She shrieked at the shock of his vigorous thrust, but there was some kind of satisfaction, knowing she’d been thoroughly fucked by this older man. They lay in silence for some time before he began sliding his cock back out. It took him 10 seconds to finally withdraw it leaving her cunt relieved as she was able to relax her tortured cunt back to something normal.

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