Meagan Ch. 04 – Queen and Her Pauper

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As ordered, I followed Lois’s big white SUV. She led me to the gated community with its huge masonry monstrosities and perfectly landscaped lawns. Cruising up the steep drive, she parked in the garage while I parked out in front. What was I doing there and what was I expecting?

Lois had stopped me after my workout right before I had time to disappear into the men’s locker room where normally I would have showered and put on clean clothing. But she said she was leaving, not to worry about it when I pointed a finger toward the entrance to the showers. ‘Just follow me’, she had protested, promising that he didn’t live far away.

Still dressed in gym attire, except for the clean loose fitting polo shirt I had thrown on over my sweat soaked sleeveless t-shirt, I had barely had turned off my engine before Lois appeared at the back of her big white SUV, beckoning to me to join her in the garage. Quickly I locked my economy car and scrambled the drive to meet her. “Follow me,” she again ordered as the garage door closed behind us.

Lois’ attire of the day was black and lime green yoga pants, a sleeveless white tank top under which a lime green elastic gathered halter top lay. She was her nearly flat chested normalcy today so I imagined whatever a minimizer was, it lay underneath the halter top. Stepping up out of the garage and into the mud room, I stared at Lois’ painted on yoga pants from close behind. There was no panty line evidenced. Beyond the mud room was the kitchen where Lois stopped and dropped her stuff at the island before turning back toward me.

“So…” she sighed. “I can make it spicy or bland. Which do you prefer?”

I cannot account for why I didn’t reply to her question. I just stood there looking at her with her hip pushed out and her right hand resting on it.

“What are we doing here?” I heard myself question. “I presume your daughter is at school and your husband is at work.” I paused to let the question settle in. “Do you really feel comfortable having a strange man here in the house while everyone is away?” I watched as Lois made a quarter turn and place both hands on the island. Her lips puckered and her head gave one of those barely noticeable sideways ticks before answering as she looked down at the floor.

“I know you probably think I’m a bad person for asking you here.”

“No,” I quickly answered her. “I’m the bad one here. I’m the one who agreed to come here hoping beyond hope that more than eggs and bruschetta were on the menu.” A silence grew up between us in that big silent house. Her breathing was filled the room.

“To be honest with you, Wayne, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t know what to expect. I’m going to be completely honest with you. Is that okay?”

Whenever someone asked you that, they are never really expected you to reply. I just remained where I was and stared at her.

“Yes, I was hoping for more than eggs and bruschetta. Do you want the whole story or the short version.”

Now it was my turn to give one quick click of my head and answer, “Your call.”

“Right. Brian and I had been going to counseling before we flew off to England. Long story short, the counselor told me that Brian had confessed that his interest in me, sexually, wasn’t what it use to be -his words. That he had cheated on every girlfriend he ever been with and that our marriage was no different. So, I guess his thing is that he loves having sex with strangers. In our last session I told him that for Meagan’s sake, I didn’t want a divorce. I told him I would try to be more provocative in our sex life if he would just try to give it a go and to continue the counseling. He agreed. The first week on that boat wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t honeymoon night or anything wild. But it was ok. I guess being in a strange place made up for me not being a stranger. But before the end of the first week, it was back to normal. Truthfully I didn’t think it was going to be any different. People don’t change. Not really. So I had already warned my sisters that I might need some company. eryaman orospu numaraları We share just about everything. Brian got a phone call and used it as an excuse. Some work emergency and he had to fly back home. Not here home. But Boston, or New York. He met me at the airport in New York and we flew home together. Other than holding my hand and giving me a kiss on the cheek when he greeted me and my sisters as I got off the plane, he hasn’t touched me since. And this morning he flew off for god knows where for god knows how long with heaven knows who with. That’s the short version of my story. And I won’t blame you if you want to turn tail and run.”

The air-conditioning clicked on, breaking the silence.

“You should have let me shower at the gym. I’m a sweaty mess.” was how I considered best in responding to her confessed situation. I winked at her and smiled.

Lois stood back up in that well studied regal posture, turning back toward me. Walking over to me, she extended her hand. Once again she commanded, “Follow me.”

Walking on through the large, well equipped kitchen we turned toward the back of the house and down a small flight of stairs to the back door and then turning down another short flight of stairs into the basement. Lights came on automatically revealing a wide screen tv and a large white leather sectional on the right. There was a foose ball table between us and the back of the couch and a large, regulation size billiards table to the left of then. Lois explained all that came with the house. The previous owner had owned the town pool hall and had one of his tables lowered into the basement before the rest of the house was finished above it.

On our left were three doors. Apparently the first door housed the furnace and such what. The third room was an unused room that could be used a guest bedroom if need be. The middle door, which she opened and led me into had a shower/bath, toilet and two bowl sink. Closing and locking the door behind us, Lois turned back to me and without asking, started pulling my polo shirt up over my head. Then came off my t-shirt, then after kneeling down and removing my shoes and socks, she pulled down my trunks. Hard as a rock when she finally removed my athletic shorts, my manhood sprung up out at her, eye level.

Lois didn’t comment. She didn’t even look up. She merely took hold of it and slipped the dancing head in her mouth. Her tongue began swirls around then tip before beginning to lick the underside. Now I suppose it needs be noted that when one works out regularly and sweats as heavily as I do, there is little to no pungent odor to any of it. But I am sure what she was mouthing had salty to taste to it.

This was no virginal teenage girl. Lois was a woman who was experienced at having a man in her mouth. Married faithfully, I presumed, for twenty years, I wondered what experience she had had prior to Brian coming along. I wondered if Brian was one of those husbands who eventually only wanted to be sucked when the urge hit him without regards to then satisfying his own wife’s needs and desires afterwards. Whatever that story was, Lois was proficient at her trade and all too quickly I nudged her backwards before reaching down and lifting her up to her feet.

Lois stood silent while I returned the favor of undressing her. I started with the shoes and the tiny, little nude colored foot coverings. Then I stood up and removed her sleeveless top. The elastic halter top was next. I then gathered it at the hem and drew up over her up raised arms. Her eyes remained fixed on my eyes. Leaving the minimizer untouched, I then, with some help from Lois, worked the tight yoga pants down over her firm buttocks where, one leg at a time, we extruded each. Only a sheer white g-string remained, under which I observed close up an exclamation mark of hair. I leaned in and kissed her naked skin just to the side of the delicate garment. She quivered and touched the back of my head gently with her right hand. Thanks to Meagan, I knew what the ankara escort touch was hoping for.

Standing back up, I slid my hands in under her arms and sat her down on the counter next those two marble sinks. Gently I leaned her against the wall as her feet automatically rose up to rest her heels on the edge, spreading her legs wide open for me in the process.

My wife’s breasts in their natural state weren’t any bigger than Lois’ in their captured minimization. Lois, without asking, drew the six inch wide thick rubber band off her breasts and up over her head, throwing the black glittering on top the rest of our discarded clothing.

At their revealing, I gasped at the unexpected. I looking up at Lois as her mouth was beginning to form words, quickly I placed a hand over it and shushed her. Her breasts were unique to say the least. They were not SNL “big American breasts” by any stretch of the imagination. But neither were they training bra sized breasts which I had encountered on honeymoon night. “Sheikah” I breathed out loud.

Years before I had met a Jewish woman from Turkey whose name was, Sheikah. Not a terribly attractive woman physically. She was, however, quite brilliant in physics and genetics. I always enjoyed her company when she poked her head into my office inquiring if I was busy. She was short with what I would term as a generously thick body. She had unkept wiry hair which was always quite fitting for her mad scientist motif. She had a very Jewish nose and teeth that was in dire need of both cleaning and straightening. But she was jovial, enthusiastic and talked to us lowly technicians as if we were her favorite group of people at the lab.

Sheikah, who always dressed in drab, dowdy dresses, once granted me an unguarded view when she leaned over to pickup a pen that she had inadvertently knocked off the desk. Rising her head up before normally raising herself back up in the chair, she caught me looking down her loose fitting dress top. She smiled at me and then asked me if I knew what her name meant. Of course I stammered and confessed I did not. With a mischievous smile she leaned in closer to me and whispered to me, “twin glories!” She then winked at me. A minimizer would never have worked on her for her breasts were, indeed, two gloriously huge mountain tops.

Lois’s breasts were no such thing size wise, not like Sheikah’s who’s left breast would have escaped me even if held with both hands. Lois’ breasts, however, were different in that there was little to no sag to them. They were decidedly conical and standing quite apart from one another like two oversized ice cream cones pasted on her narrow, slender torso. At the tips of each were acorn like nipples, dark auburn in color. One could almost describe them as oversized milk chocolate candy kisses. I could see why she was about to comment on them as I had stood there gawking at them at their initial revealing.

Without hesitation, I caressed one while I inhaled the other. The experience of having such glories in my mouth was without experiential equal. Once again, Lois placed her hand behind my head as she sighed a deep breath and gently nudged me in against her chest. Though not completely, I was able to manage just about the entirety of her right breast into my mouth. But it was the nipples that I wanted to suck on. They were rubbery in texture and not resistant at all to me gnawing on them gently with my teeth. There was no ordinary pea sized extensions to them. Her nipples were the entire auburn acorn glued on the end of each erect breast.

While enjoying myself, Lois slowly changed the direction of my head, gently pushing me down between her legs. I removed my glasses and set them beside her. Mostly blind without them close up, my mouth had to inform my brain what she had in store for me in the neither regions. The g-string fabric was nylon mesh. The wetness of my mouth easily penetrated it as I slobbered down across it like salivating Jabba the Hutt. A single string proceeded from the tiny white elvankent escort triangle down between her legs. Quickly and easily my tongue was able to push it in between her two sizable labia; inner labia that soon dangled freely to either side of that nylon string. I must have done something right as Lois reached down and tugged hard enough on the garment to separate the tiny triangle from the string. Her other hand drove me back in-between her wide spread legs.

As with me, it didn’t take long before Lois’s legs began to quiver and she began to shout out to god. Sucking on each lip individually before vacuuming them both into my mouth, I gleefully chewed on their length while seeking to stretch them ever further and further outward away from her apex. That was about the time when her legs would at time draw closed on my head while her hand continued to force me deeper into her itch. Slithering its way northward between the compressed lips till finally reaching her small, erect clit, my tongue struck pay dirt. There was no mistaking it for what it was. A small hood of flesh surrounded it. Tugging on her little landing strip of pubic hair, Lois raised her clit to attention for my tongue to flicker to and fro over and over again.

I didn’t see it evolving so quickly. Without warning, Lois’s legs clamped tightly around my head as her whole body began to shake and convulse. Something of a sadist, my tongue continued in its torment of her clit. “Stop! Stop!” Lois demanded without relaxing her legs as they continued to crush my head and her hand driving me deeper and deeper into her climax. Suddenly all life left her as she relaxed and slid down, exhausted, on the counter top, leaving her legs and buttocks to dangle precariously over the edge. Gasping for air she demanded me, “Wait. Just wait. Let me catch my breath,” as her body’s after shocks continued to quiver.

I never much cared for the woman who’s orgasm went unrecognized. No man ever gained any sense of accomplishment when having to ask, “Did you come yet?” I could divine that sort of question never having to be asked of Lois. And I loved her all the more for it.

Eventually we made it into the shower. I had to help Lois as her laughed at her rubbery legs, all the while incessant in her thanking me for making them that way. We enjoyed playing drop the soap as we lathered each other beyond the necessary. Rinsing off, with the water still running, Lois went back down on me.

I always thought of my manhood being at best, no more than average in length and girth. Usually I estimated myself on the short side of average. That was until a couple of my own sex-with-strangers experiences. There I was surprisingly complimented as to having the perfect sized cock. Not too big. Not too short. They had stated. Seven inches long and acceptably thick, it seemed to be just right for Lois as well. For she did her best to deep throat its entirety. Gaging a couple of times, she ended me off by rapidly stroking me while she sucked and licked the head. I sang my own praises to god when she took my entire load into her mouth, swallowing it without so much as a whisper of complaint. Rather, with hungered slurping, she continued to suck and lick it even after the greater part of my erection had left me.

Lois raced upstairs after I toweled her off, retrieving something to wear for herself before retrieving my gym bag from the car so that I might put on a fresh pair of shorts underneath my polo shirt. With eggs stains and bruschetta crumbs left on our plates, she walked me to the front door. Her eyes told me the whole story as she grabbed hold of my unbuttoned v-neck and pulled me down into her kiss. “We need to do this again,” she offered me. “Now go, before Meagan comes home. I returned the favor. Gently cradling her face in my hands, I kissed her with eyes closed once again, only longer and deeper. “Definitely,” I answered her plea. “Most definitely.”

As I drove down the street before having to turn around and head back out the front gate, a school bus stopped all traffic in or out. There I spotted Meagan carrying her books. There Meagan spotted me as I pulled on out and headed my way home. I wondered what thoughts were racing through her head when she got home and found two dirty plates sitting on top of the kitchen counter.

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