Momma Melba Ch. 03

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Work was a blur that day but at least I had got the reporting done last night so I was not that busy. It seemed like I was floating on a cloud and was very satisfied when Momma Melba gave me a knowing wink during the day.

At four thirty I got a text from Momma Melba telling me that we were going shopping after work and that I should follow in my car.

When work was over, I followed not too close, behind Mamma Melba, when she left.

Fifteen minutes later we pulled into an adult toy shop. I followed Momma Melba into the store and was really relieved that we were the only ones in there. Momma Melba made me get a basket and we walked back to the bondage section. Momma Melba tossed a thick black collar, with D-rings on it into the basket, telling me that I would not have to share with the dog anymore.

Half an hour later the basket was filled with the collar, anal plugs, nipple clamps, lingerie, leather wrist and ankle cuffs, A spreader bar, a French maid’s uniform, an anal hook and other devious stuff. Momma Melba made me pay with my credit card and I thought I was going to die from humiliation as the sales clerk rang up the order smirking at me.

When we left the store Momma Melba had me load the purchases into her car. She then told me to go and get what I needed from my apartment and to come right over to her house.

I drove back to my place and packed a few sets of power suits, that I love to wear to work, underwear, my make-up and toiletries. Without dallying I dragged my suitcase down to my car and went directly to Momma Melba’s house.

When she let me in, she made me put on the frilly French maid uniform, plugged my ass and instructed me to place my suitcase in her bedroom and then to clean the house.

I spent three hours, dusting, vacuuming, mopping and cleaning up. Momma Melba watched sitcoms the whole time and I could hear her laughing as the anal plug churned and made me pendik escort a hot mess. When the house was spotless, I reported to her.

“Very good Princess.” She praised my work. “Since I still have another episode to watch I am going to restrain you until it is time for you to please me. Remove your anal plug.”

I removed my plug and felt empty but not for long. Momma Melba inserted the anal hook into my ass, tied a rope to the eyelet end and put it through a hook in the ceiling. She pulled the rope tight causing the hook to pull me up to the balls of my feet. She tied the end of the rope off and put the leather wrist cuffs on to me clipping them together behind my back. Next, she pulled my tits out of the skimpy maid outfit and attached the nipple clamps. They were attached to each other by a chain. Onto this chain the hooked a Clorox bleach spray bottle. This caused the clamps to really pull on my poor nips. Then she took another piece for rope and tied it to the front D ring on my new collar. The other end of the rope, she wrapped around the sofa leg and pulled taught pulling my head and torso forward. She then kicked apart my legs and attached the ankle cuffs and the spreader bar.

I was now hooked by my ass to the ceiling, standing on the balls of my spread feet bent over at the torso with my head down because my neck was tied off to the sofa! This was such a humiliating position to be in and I burned in shame. I am sure my cheeks were flushed red but my juices were soaking my exposed pussy and soon they would even begin to run down my inner thigh.

Momma Melba plopped her fat black ass back down on the sofa in front of me and watched another episode of her sitcom. Half an hour later she got up and walked around the house. When she returned to me, she had a riding crop in her hand and told me that I did not mop behind the toilet. I then heard a swish through the air, felt a crack and then the most intense tuzla escort burning pain ever on my left but cheek.

Momma Melba then pointed out that the laundry was still in the washing machine. This time I felt the searing burn on my right ass cheek. Tears were streaming down my cheeks as I cried like never before, but yet, I had even more juice running down my inner thighs!

I was helpless to do anything in my position except to wiggle some and accept the intense humiliating pain each time Momma Melba pointed out a task that I had missed, punctuated by the riding crop making its painful point on one of my ass cheeks.

I took 13 swats of Momma Melba’s Ridding crop that evening before she left me and went into her bedroom. A few minutes later she came waddling out naked. This was the first time that I really saw her totally naked in the light and was she a sight to behold! Rolls and rolls of fat rippled with cellulite pock marks and varicose veins all over her legs! I could not see her crotch because her huge gut hung down over it! He humungous ass was so round and jutted out from her back. She was a black goddess of fertility and my pussy burned and watered at the sight of her disgusting but yet magnificent body!

Momma Melba now released me from my binds and said to me, “Your ass gets the crop, my ass gets your loving attention. You better please me or else you get the crop again.”

Momma Melba then laid down over the arm of the sofa with her huge ass sticking up in the air. She reached around and spread her huge cellulite dimpled ass cheeks and I could see her rosette.

I stared in fascination at how truly large her ass was. The skin was all rippled from cellulite, kind of like the sand on the beach, where the waves wash back and forth. Her bush extended up and between her huge ass cheeks and her pucker was all herniated and looked as if it was trying to escape from her! It was the size kartal escort of a large orange.

“Hurry up now! And you better be good.” Momma melba commanded, “Or you will get a much more intense cropping of that pert white ass!”

I went down to my knees and buried my head between her cheeks. I licked her herniated asshole feeling all the lumps of bursting flesh separated by clefts. My shame was complete. If only my colleagues, friends and family could see me now! I was almost sick to my stomach with humiliation but my pussy was burning and I knew that I had found the place where I belonged!

It was only right that I a beautiful, young, smart, sexy and privileged white girl with so much in life, serve this uneducated, old fat black cleaning lady. I put everything I had into pleasing my Momma. I licked her asshole all over taking long swipes. I worked my tongue into each of her herniated clefts and lovingly sucked on each of the protruding lumps of herniated flesh.

Momma Melba moaned and relaxed her hold on her massive glutes. I felt them, pinch my ears. I was now encased in her huge ass and my whole world was her rippled asshole! I renewed my efforts of pleasing her and stabbed my tongue into the center of her hole. A few minutes ago, I would have been revolted by what I was now doing and would have imagined the taste and smell to be disgusting, but now I knew that I was doing what I was meant to do, and the taste and smell of her ass turned me on! It was the musky, earthy, scent and taste of the inside of the woman that I was now going to devote my life too!

I felt Momma Melba clenching her ass around my tongue and soon my head was almost being crushed between her huge mounds of ass fat. I too started cumming and it was the best orgasm of my life. I must have passed out because when I opened my eyes, I was being rocked in Momma Melba’s fat arms.

“You did good my little princess and I will take care of you.” I heard her soothing me, “I will be strict with you, but my punishments will make you into a better servant. I dozed back off in a peaceful bliss of knowing that I was now owned by the most amazing woman ever!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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