My Daddy, My Slave

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This is a work of fiction. All characters are over eighteen years of age.

Hi, I’m Brigid! I’m here to tell you all about the fun and games I have with my slave, Daddy!

Let’s see, I’m twenty three, strawberry blonde, blue eyes. I’m only five two and I have pretty big knockers. People always assume I’m an airhead because I’m a good natured, happy person, and I’ll usually go along with the crowd. That’s fine with me, I like being underestimated. I’m both smarter and stronger than I look.

Now my Daddy on the other hand, he’s a big guy. Six two, built like a brick outhouse, but he’s a real pussycat. I have him wrapped around my little finger, just the way I want.

In public it looks like you would think; Daddy puts up resistance at first but I bat my eyelashes and he gives in. In private, well, that’s another matter.

See, two years ago I caught my father masturbating with a pair of my panties. He broke down, told me he’d been fantasizing over his daughter for years now. He begged me not to tell anyone. And I… was interested.

Men don’t seem to date me for long, they all say I’m too aggressive sexually. Ha. What they mean is that they don’t want a woman with a sex drive higher than theirs. I rarely got all the sex I wanted. So I had an idea.

I told Daddy that I’d keep his naughty secret, and go one better, I’d fuck him. But only on my terms. Oh, you should have seen the look on his face, hope shining like a beacon. Maybe he thought once I’d fucked him I’d fall for him or something dumb like that. Not a chance.

I told my father that he could fuck me. All he had to do in return, was be my personal slave. He’d take over all the housework, in private he was to dress as I instructed, obey all my sexual commands, and whatever else I felt like. Otherwise his love of my dirty panties was going public.

He agreed right away. He really had no idea what a strong woman his daughter was before all this, poor guy. Oh but don’t worry, I’m a good Mistress to my slave.

Take yesterday. I got home from work to see the house clean and dinner smelling wonderful. Daddy greeted me at the door in his apron and slippers and nothing else, as instructed. I gave him a passionate kiss to get his cock hard and gave it a big squeeze with a half-twist. Daddy’s got a decent sized cock at least, seven inches and a bit.

He took my briefcase and shoes, I went up to change. Last night I wore a babydoll nightie, pink with little hearts, and no panties, just to tease my slave. After dinner, I had a whiskey while Daddy did the dishes; I liked staring at his butt as he stood at the sink. Once clean up was done I let Daddy have a drink as well while we watched a movie, Daddy rubbing my feet on the couch.

Once the movie got boring I started rubbing my feet over Daddy’s cock, getting him hard. I had him keep watching the movie while I slid my soles over his hard-on. Daddy knows better by now than to cum before I tell him to, I love to tease him.

Once I got him to the boiling point I backed off and watched Daddy suffer for a bit, really wanting to cum but without permission to even touch himself. I made him face front and watch the television while I watched his cock jerk and twitch in his lap.

I’d made Daddy get a prescription for Cialis, he takes one every night to keep his cock hard for me. So once I get him hard I don’t have to work too much to keep him that way, it’s fun for me and sweet torture for him.

So while Daddy watched the TV, dick hard in his lap, I stretched my arms over my head to bring my breasts up. I spread my legs open as well, baring my shaved kitty. Daddy was trying so hard to get a good look without turning away from the TV, I almost felt sorry for him.

Languidly I lifted the hem of the babydoll and pinched a nipple. Mmm, delicious. With the other hand I stroked my inner thighs, coming closer and closer to my cunt. I never took my eyes off Daddy, making sure he was obedient.

I hefted my tit and squeezed, the sensations made my hips roll and my kitty gush. I brought a tit to my mouth, sucked my hard nipple through my nightie. God that felt great. Daddy’s face was all red, his head was facing the TV but he was watching me out of the corner of his eye.

“Slave. Look at me.” I smiled at how fast Daddy obeyed that one. His dick was still iron hard, starting to ooze precum. Once I had his attention I shoved two fingers into my wet kitty, moaning and spreading my legs even further.

“Slave. What are you?” I was playing with my tits again, looking at Daddy’s hard-on.

“I’m a cock for yalova escort your pleasure, Mistress,” answered my slave. “A mouth for your cunt. An ass for you to peg. Mistress may I please touch myself?” Daddy got all the answers right but he knows better than to ask that yet, it’s far too early in the game.

“No, bad slave.” I kept stirring my honeypot, Daddy’s eyes riveted to my pussy. I was about to cum, first of the night, first of many. “Now watch me cum, slave Daddy!” I gasped. My nips crinkled tight and my kitty sucked at my fingers, I was hunching my hips up, putting on a show.

Daddy’s hand was white where he grabbed the arm of the couch, he was almost panting. I knew he loved it, loved being teased and disciplined by his adult daughter in exchange for sex. His cock-head was almost purple, it was shiny with precum, pulsing in his lap.

I came quickly and brought my fingers to my lips, licking them clean of my juices as Daddy watched helplessly. Then I stood. I got right in front of Daddy, so my kitty was bumping his nose. I looked down at the top of Daddy’s head and asked him, “Would my slave like to lick my kitty?”

Daddy moaned his affirmative. “No slave, answer me out loud, use your words.” I wanted to hear him say it.

“May I please lick your kitty, Mistress?” Daddy said, his voice strained. He was trying so hard not to cum, the poor thing. I might have given him a quick suck or fondle had he not talked back earlier.

“Do you think you deserve it, slave Daddy? Asking permission to touch yourself so early in the night? I think you’re a naughty Daddy.” I shoved my cunt into his face, I was hot, juicy. I grabbed the back of his head and shoved him into my crotch. I could feel his hot moist breath tickle my clit as he tried to remain motionless.

“Tell me,” I panted,”are you a naughty Daddy?” I was grinding myself against his face, rubbing my clit on his nose. I knew he was dying to taste me, lick my sweetness, that would come later.

His voice was muffled as he answered, “Yes, I’m a naughty Daddy.” I humped his nose with my clit once, twice, and I came again, mashing Daddy’s head against me until he almost suffocated, getting weak in the knees, throwing my head back, mmm, it was even better this time.

I got my breath back and made myself another drink. Daddy didn’t deserve another one. “Let’s go, slave, if you want to fuck me tonight, better hurry!” I said as I led the way to the master bedroom.

Daddy beat me there, throwing open the doors so I didn’t even have to break stride as I walked in. Hm, okay, bonus point for that. The bed was turned down, lighting low, a pleasant incense perfumed the air.

I shed my babydoll, leaving it for Daddy to pick up, and climbed onto the bed. “Well slave Daddy, get your tongue over here. If you want an orgasm tonight that is.” I always ended up fucking Daddy, he’s got a really nice cock, but why tell him that?

Slave Daddy was between my legs in a flash, holding my thighs open and licking my taint, that always got me going and I think Daddy was starting to realize it. Whatever, when my father ran his tongue between my asshole and my cunt I got the shivers.

“Mmm, good Daddy,” I purred, “yes, lick your hot daughter’s kitty. You incestuous Daddy, wanting to fuck his little girl oh god, yes, right there, oh god.” Daddy knows his daughter’s cunt very well by now, he licks me every night.

When Daddy shoves his thick tongue in me, god, it really makes me go into orbit. I was riding my third cum of the night in no time, while Daddy sucked my clit and licked my anus. “Oh, you naughty Daddy!” I exclaimed, “oh, I love it, yes!”

Just then my phone chimed. It was the text I was expecting. I smiled to myself. “Okay Daddy, get your apron back on and go answer the door.”

Daddy’s eye’s got so round, but he obeyed. And soon he was ushering in Marta, my best friend. Once I’d brought her into my confidence about Daddy she’d asked if she could join in! Of course I said yes.

Marta and I met in high school, we bonded over our unusual Nordic names. We went to the same college, we’re sometimes lovers as well as best friends. She’s taller than me, five eight, with a slender frame and dark coloration, she could pass for Native American, Asian, Pacific Islander, that kind of look.

Daddy followed her in holding a stack of her clothes, Marta had stripped once inside. She came to me on the bed and gave me a passionate kiss. “Little one, I see you weren’t exaggerating!”

She’d had trouble believing Daddy liked obeying me as he does. I can see why, her yalova escort bayan own Dad’s a tyrant. But the last few times we’d made love she’d asked about the relationship Daddy and I have. All I know is it works for us, and that’s enough.

I finally gave in and invited her over for a play session. That was another reason poor Daddy hadn’t cum yet; I was saving him until Marta got here.

“So, Marta, what would you like Daddy to do for you first? He just ate me to an excellent orgasm before you got here. I’m satisfied for the moment darling, he’s yours for now.” I lay back against the headboard to watch.

“Hmm, let me think,” said Marta. She got out of bed and walked in a circle around Daddy, giving his still hard cock a playful spank. She sat on the edge of the bed and commanded, “Alright, slave, lick my feet.”

Daddy sunk to his knees and crawled over to Marta on all fours. When he got there he began gently licking her feet, picking them up and tonguing between her toes, cradling her heels and massaging the arches. Marta leaned back and smiled at me.

“Wow, he’s really good at this!” she said. I frowned at her and shook my head; we don’t want Daddy to get a big head.

“Try having him eat your pussy,” I suggested. I had my legs open and was idly stroking my kitty, keeping myself revved up. I couldn’t wait to see my Daddy-slave and my best friend get it on.

“Oh wait, I think I know!” Marta exclaimed. “Do you have that double headed strap-on handy? You said your slave takes it up the ass, right?” She had a wicked look on her face.

Oh my, I would not want to be Daddy tonight. Marta’s dad is a real piece of work as I may have mentioned; if she was going to take her aggression for him out on my Daddy’s ass well, yikes.

“You know where it is, slave, fetch. And lube, we’ll let you have lube today.” I had a feeling slave Daddy was going to need it tonight. I hoped Marta wouldn’t get too out of hand.

Daddy handed it to me, the projecting dildo is a good nine inches. I wanted to help Marta get into it, I’ll take any excuse to get sexy with her. I lubed her end first and looked at Marta, she was kneeling on the bed, ready for me to slide her plastic dong into place.

I kissed her first, I couldn’t help it, damn she turns me on! I got right up next to her so I could help her with the straps, she smelled wonderful. She took my hand and together we guided the fake cock into her, she moaned and bit my shoulder. I fastened the straps around her waist, and then she had to push me away, I would have shoved her down right there and climbed on that other dildo myself and she knew it.

When it was secure I commanded Daddy to kneel for Marta. As I said before Daddy’s a large man, seeing my slender young girlfriend about to fuck his ass was turning me on no end. I scrambled back up to the headboard to watch.

Marta had poured lube over the fake cock until it glistened, she fisted it and grinned at me as if she was jacking her own nine inch black tool. Daddy’s face was in the mattress, his incredibly still hard dick pointing up along his belly.

“Here it comes,” Marta said and shoved her hips forward. Daddy’s sphincter resisted for a moment then she was past it, sinking a good four inches deep in the first thrust. Daddy moaned in surprise and arousal, his cock throbbed under him as Marta railed his bum.

She grabbed his hips as she slammed her crotch forward and back, her tits jiggling enticingly. The second shaft would be pounding Marta’s pussy as she fucked slave Daddy, I rubbed my kitty and grabbed a heavy tit as I watched.

Slave Daddy was taking the pounding Marta was dishing out but it was costing him, he looked at me with that expression your dog gets just before they shit on the carpet. It meant he thought he was going to cum without permission. Poor Daddy. I took pity on him. “You may cum slave, but you must stay hard, understand?”

“Oh thank you Mistress!” Daddy yelled as his cock jerked and spewed his cum against his hairy belly. Well, it couldn’t be helped, he’s only human. Taking an ass fucking like that from Marta couldn’t be easy.

Marta was still going to town on Daddy’s ass, her face was getting flushed, I knew she was close. I went to her and kissed the back of her neck and reached around to grab and twist a nipple. Marta’s orgasm hit, it literally shook her, she was vibrating like a tuning fork, still trying to fuck Daddy, to keep that stimulation going in her own pussy.

Once she was into the aftershocks I took over, pulling the dildo out of Daddy and helping Marta escort yalova onto her back. The look on her face was priceless, I know I’d never seen her cum like that before and we’d been playing for years. She was realizing what a treasure I had here.

I left Marta for a second and went to slave Daddy, examining his anus; she’d really pounded him but there was no broken skin. “You’ll be okay, slave, you did well.” I gave him a kiss on the cheek. Slave Daddy’s cock was down, that was no good. I’d be needing my own fuck pretty soon.

I told slave Daddy to sit and watch, no touching, and went to my best girl Marta. She was starting to recover from her massive cum, I crawled on top of her and began making out with her.

We kissed, tongues wrestling with each other. Marta took the initiative for once and rolled on top of me, licking a trail down to my wet kitty. I couldn’t wait, Marta loves eating my cunt and knows just how I like it, she’s better than slave Daddy!

“Are you watching, slave Daddy? See if you can learn anything from Marta, mmm, yes!” I wanted slave Daddy focused on our lesbian frolic so he’d get it up again. I grabbed a tit and sucked the nipple, sending jolts of joy to my pussy.

Marta massaged my labia while she was sucking my clit in pulses, it felt better than fantastic. I was just about to cum again when she stuck her pinkie in my ass and pumped, I went over the moon! My orgasm swelled over me and broke like the surf, leaving my whole body tingling. I grabbed both tits and cried out in ecstasy as Marta continued her oral assault, leaving me shaken and breathless.

Once I’d recovered it was time for a fuck, finally! Slave Daddy was hard again from seeing his daughter eaten out by her best friend. I thought for a moment about letting Marta have his cock first but hell, he’s my slave Daddy!

“Slave,” I panted, “on your back. You are not to cum until I tell you to!” God I was worked up. Must have been having Marta there, the sexiness wasn’t multiplied, it was squared, cubed. I was more desperate for slave Daddy’s cock that I’d been in a while, that was certain.

I climbed onto my slave’s seven inches, letting myself down onto his cock slowly, wanting to savor the sensations. Once I was firmly seated on slave Daddy’s prick I told Marta, “Sit on his face, watch us fuck, I want you to watch darling.”

In no time Marta was on my father’s face, his tongue was slithering up her cunt. She leaned forward to kiss me, we locked hands and made out as my slave Daddy pleasured us both.

I could feel the Big One building. My body was on fire, Marta’s kisses were trailing down my neck now, I could feel slave Daddy’s prick throbbing inside me. I got my legs under me and started pile-driving that hard cock into my kitty over and over. Soon I was sobbing with need, telling slave Daddy to damn sure stay hard, raising and dropping my hips onto him in a blur, getting closer and closer to the big O.

I hadn’t noticed Marta getting up, moving across the mattress I was so focused on my impending orgasm. Suddenly I felt a hot soft tongue probing my puckered ass, Marta was rimming me! Oh GOD did I cum!

“Oh Marta, you! Yes, god yes!” My eyes rolled back in my head, I was bucking and shaking on slave Daddy’s cock, Marta was still rimming me and kneading my ass cheeks, it was glorious! I just needed one more thing.

“Cum for me now, slave Daddy!” I cried. I felt Daddy’s cock swell and throb inside me and I spiraled up into greater heights of orgasmic bliss! My cunt was milking my slave for all he was worth, I was rippling along Daddy’s wonderful cock, it was heavenly!

Marta came up from behind me as I rode my father’s organ, she reached around to fondle my tits, pressed her tits into my back. I leaned my head back and we kissed passionately. Slave Daddy gave a last throb in my kitty and he started shrinking and sliding out of me.

“See? What did I tell you?” I asked Marta as the three of us lay sweating on the bed. For once I was orgasmed out, I could barely move.

“Mister Anderson, I gotta say you make a good slave,” Marta said. I gave her a pass on that one, she’d grown up calling slave Daddy that.

“May I be released for the night, Mistress?” slave Daddy asked.

“Sure, why not, I think we’re done here,” I said with a laugh. Being released for the night meant slave Daddy was now just Dad, he got in the middle of us on the bed and hugged us, one on each side.

“Marta, it’s so good to see you, I mean see you, you know.” Daddy’s had a little thing for my best girl for ages, getting to finally fuck her was a special gift from me to him.

What a wonderful night! My best friend and my father, both at once. I let the two of them catch up as I drifted off to sleep, safe in the arms of my slave Daddy.

The End

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