My New Boss is My Older Brother Ch. 01

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Big Dicks

This story includes: Excessive Cum, Incest, Public Play, Exaggerated Emotions, and more.

As always, my stories are fictional and I highly encourage and appreciate any feedback. Feel free to let me know what kind of stories you’d like to see, what I can do better on, if you’d like another chapter, or anything else.

This story is in third-person unlike my usual stories which are written in first-person and will be written in a different style as well.


Yin walked back and forth between her closet and the large mirror that hung on her wall in her room. She was a rollercoaster of emotions as she ran back and forth both excited and nervous. Quickly, Yin would throw off her clothes to the ground, change into the new outfit that she would pick out and examine herself in the mirror only to shake her head in disapproval and repeat the process over and over again. Finally, Yin found an outfit she seemed to approve of. She admired herself with a little smile as she looked herself up and down, twisting her body to look at all sides of her.

“This one’s perfect.” Yin said to herself.

She wore a tight white button up that hugged the curves of her torso and showed off her 32-C perky tits but still provided a taste of professionalism. A pair of black dress pants that told everyone just how long her legs are and showed off just how much she had been working on herself in the gym. Underneath the outfit, she had slipped on a matching pair of black laced lingerie that would make any man who got to see them wanting for more. Tying it all together was a pair of black flats that allowed her to comfortably move around.

Yin examined herself once more in the mirror that hung in her apartment entryway and combed her hair. She looked at herself closely to make sure none of her makeup looked out of place. Yin didn’t wear much makeup in the first place and knew that she was a natural beauty. With the final assessment of herself completed, she headed out to go to her new job at a popular company as a secretary directly working under the CEO. Who just happened to be her older brother.


Yang Industries. Seated at a large glass table in the center of the conference room were many professional and important-looking people who wore suits and dresses. All of their attention seemed to be focused between the man standing in front of everyone at one end of the table and another man who was seated at the other end of the table.

“Last point of our meeting. As the fiscal year ends, our statistics show that our traffic online has been decreasing at a steady pace. We need to figure out a solution that will jump our company to new heights.” said the man that stood in front of everyone.

Minutes passed as the group of people in the conference room debated on ideas back and forth to create a solution to what was brought up. Finally, the meeting was called to an end and everyone, except the man who sat at the head of the table, swiftly got up and headed out the large double doors that led to the rest of the company. The man watched as the other members of the meeting left out the door and let out an audible sigh of relief as the door closed behind the last person who left. Seconds after the door had just closed, it opened once again and the man looked up to see who had come in.

“Hey big brother,” Yin said, standing at the entrance of the doors with her hands held behind her back. “Or should I call you Mr.Yang?” she said with a smirk.

“You’re late,” Mr.Yang said with a firm tone. “I wanted you to be here during the meeting so I could introduce you to the other board members of the company and so that you could get a grasp of what we do here.” He said while tapping a finger on the table rhythmically.

“Sorry, it took me forever to find an outfit that was right and don’t even get me started on parking,” Yin said with a pleading face as she walked towards her older brother. She knew that her brother had a habit of tapping his finger on the table when he was the slightest bit annoyed at something, or someone.

“Speaking of my outfit, how do I look?” She said with a smile and gave a little twirl to show her outfit off to her brother, expecting to be praised for how good she looked.

“First off, there’s no traffic right now. I can easily see the highway.” he said as he pointed out the window.

Yin looked out the window to where her brother pointed and realized that he really could see the highway from where they were, in fact they could see half the city from how high up they were in the large skyscraper.

“Second off, there’s a uniform for secretaries,” He said as he directed his pointed finger to her yalova escort instead. “So pretty much both reasons you were late for were invalidated.”

With a look of defeat on her face, Yin apologized to her brother again. “Sorry, John.”

“Oh and don’t call me John, I’m your boss here. It’s Mr.Yang.” He added in.

“Yes…Master…” Yin mocked in a fake robot voice to joke with her brother.

“Master works too.” John said back to her with a straight face which caused Yin’s face to become flustered at the thought of calling her older brother that.

“I’m messing with you,” John said as he stood up from the desk. “At least not in public. Now follow me.”

John led Yin out of the conference room and up the elevator which brought them to his personal office space. It was a large room at the top of the skyscraper and was completely surrounded by windows that viewed the entire city. In the center of the room was a large wooden black desk that had papers and a computer on top. In front of the desk was a glass coffee table and black leather sofa that in addition made the entire room look luxurious and fancy.

“Worthy of the CEO.” Yin said as she looked around in awe of the beautiful room.

“Glad you like it, you’ll be coming in here a lot.” John said as he closed the door behind her.

He walked toward his desk with Yin following him. He opened one of the drawers and pulled out a black box and handed it to her.

“This is your uniform, you’re only allowed to wear this,” He said as she took the box from his hands.

Yin opened the box and unfolded the outfit in her hands, looking at the clothes as she held them up in front of her. It was nearly the same outfit as she was wearing but instead it was a black skirt and a pair of heels.

“Is this what you’re into?” Yin jokingly said toward her brother as she held up the heels and skirt in separate hands.

“It is.” He replied quickly.

The sudden response once again flustered Yin and ran her thoughts in circles. Her mind wandered to what her brother was possibly thinking and caused her in turn to think about it too. Yin thought of the typical boss and secretary cliche and applied herself and her brother into the scenario. She couldn’t believe what she was thinking of, bent over on his large desk, with her skirt flipped over her waist, and her older brother thrusting behind her. The only thing Yin could not imagine was what her brother’s cock looked like.

Yin snapped back to reality and regained her focus. She looked at her brother and casually looked at him up and down. She examined his body and locked her eyes to his crotch area. All Yin felt was a desire and curiosity to know the answer to what she was missing.

“Are you looking for something?” Her older brother said, still standing there in front of her.

“Uh… No,” She said and turned her eyes back to him with a flustered red face.

“Then get changed.” He said sternly to her.

“Right.” Yin said quickly, still flustered. She looked around the room to see where the bathroom was so she could change.

“Change right here.” John said to her.

At that moment, Yin felt a tingle that shot up her body that originated from her lower half. She wasn’t sure if what her brother just said was real or not or if she had just imagined it. Regardless, Yin could tell that she had become wet from the thought.

“You heard me. I said change right here.” He repeated.

He confirmed her thoughts as if he could read her mind. Yin wondered why on earth her older brother would want her to change in front of him but she didn’t care, she wanted him.

Yin started to undress herself slowly. As she began to unbutton her pants, her brother pulled his chair out from the desk and sat down. Their eyes were locked onto each other as she continued to undress herself, once the button came undone she zipped it down and kicked her shoes off, then slipped her pants off. She stood back up and continued by unbuttoning her top. In reality, Yin knew that she didn’t have to change her shirt since it was the same as the uniform but something inside of her wanted her older brother to see what was underneath and she knew that her older brother wanted to see too.

Once the last button came undone she pulled the two sides of her top off and let it fall to the floor, leaving her with just her black lingerie on in front of him. She reached in front of her and was about to grab the skirt on the desk when her brother stopped her.

“Stop,” He said. His finger tapped at the desk once again showing that something she did was wrong. “I said that whatever’s in this box is the uniform and that you’re only allowed yalova escort bayan to wear the uniform.”

Yin wondered what he meant and how she did that wrong then suddenly with a moment of realization became flustered again and blushed. Her hand retreated and instead went behind her back and unclasped her bra from her chest. She slipped it off her shoulders and dropped them to the floor where the rest of her outfit was.

She could feel the cool breeze now from the air conditioner blow against her chest and it would have caused her nipples to poke out but they were already hard from her arousal. Her brother’s eyes at this moment shifted from hers to her chest and she continued to watch his gaze. Yin wanted him to see more and she wanted him to keep looking.

Her hands slipped into the sides of the waistband on her underwear and she slowly pulled them down, a streak of her wetness webbed between her underwear and her clean shaved slit, once it reached past her thighs she let go and let them fall to the floor and she stepped out of them. Yin stood back up straight and noticed that her brother had a tent in his pants.

“It’s big.” She thought to herself silently.

Finally naked, Yin resumed and reached her hands out in front of her and picked up the skirt. This time her brother did not make any remarks and only continued to sit in front of her and watch. His gaze felt like a spotlight to her and continued to turn her on. Yin unzipped the side of the skirt and slipped her legs through it then pulled it up to her waist and zipped it back up, it was a perfect fit. The skirt was pretty short and cut off halfway down Yin’s thighs, only a couple inches off from completely exposing her bare and tight slit.

After Yin adjusted the skirt to fit comfortably, she grabbed the white button up off the table and slipped her arms through it. She felt the soft fabric run across her nipples which sent a little shock through her body. As Yin buttoned up the shirt from the bottom first, she looked at her brother again and saw that his hand had moved onto his crotch and his thumb was gently rubbing over his manhood.

Yin bit her lip at the sight and felt a desire inside of her to just jump at him and pull it out herself. Once she completed buttoning up the shirt, she took the heels off the desk and turned away from her older brother to head toward the sofa to sit and put the heels on but immediately began to hear the familiar tapping sound on the desk. She turned back around and confirmed that he was once again tapping on the desk with his finger, she knew that she was doing something wrong.

She thought about what she was doing and realized that she might have found the answer and slowly walked around the table toward him. As she walked to him he retracted his hand off the table which confirmed to Yin that she was on the right path. Once Yin reached her older brother, he rolled his chair further back to give her room and opened his legs.

Yin turned her back toward her brother once again but this time she sat down and landed on his lap between his legs. His hard cock pushed against her slit and she whimpered out a soft moan that she couldn’t hold in. The warmth of his cock could be felt through his pants and radiated heat onto her wet slit. She leaned forward and felt the skirt ride up from how short it was and knew her behind was exposed to him. His cock throbbed at that moment and she felt it on her slit, sending a wave of pleasure through her, she knew that he liked what he saw.

Yin continued to put on her heels and slipped them on. She sat back up straight once she finished and admired the large member that was pushing against her. She closed her eyes and gently rocked her hips back and forth to try and get a better picture in her head of how large it really is.

“If you want it so bad then beg,” Her older brother whispered into her ear. “Show me how much you want it.”

His deep voice alone sent chills through her body. Yin wanted her older brother so badly as if she was an animal in heat. Her reasoning at this point became numb and hazed and all she could think about was the thought she had earlier, her brother ramming into her while she’s bent over the table next to her.

Yin stood up and leaned over her brother’s table. Her bare ass poked out from under her skirt directly in front of her brother and she wiggled it seductively.

“Joh…- I mean… Mr.Yang,” She said, catching her words. “Please…” She moaned.

As she was bent over his table, wiggling her ass, her older brother could see just how badly she wanted him. The glisten of her pussy was near dripping in front of him.

“Please escort yalova what?” He asked in his usual controlling voice.

“Please… take your huge… cock and… fuck me…” She said shyly and hesitantly.

At this moment, John stood up behind her and began to unbuckle his belt. Yin continued to only look forward and not back at him, she could hear what he was doing and felt excited at the mess that her big brother was going to make of her. Suddenly, she felt the familiar warmth that she felt earlier push up against her tight slit. A moan escaped from Yin’s mouth.

John only teased her and rubbed the tip of his hard cock up and down the entrance of her pussy and coated his tip with her juices.

“You showed up late, in the wrong uniform, and now you’re here begging for my cock.” John said with a low and seductive voice.

“Punish me,” Yin moaned out. Her hips continued to shake back and forth against his tip as if it was begging for more of his cock. “I’m a bad girl. Please punish me and make a mess of me, Master.”

With the last word out of her mouth, as if it had been the key to what her older brother had been waiting for, he placed one hand on her hip and thrusted forward into her. His entire cock disappeared inside of her easily with how wet his little sister was. At that moment, Yin let out a loud moan and her hands gripped the edge of the table to brace herself. Without a pause, Yin’s older brother gripped both sides of her hips and began to thrust violently in and out of her.

“Fuck!!! Yes!!!” Yin moaned out in sync with his thrusts.

A loud slap echoed in the large office after every thrust as his cock buried deep inside of his younger sister. Thrust after thrust, his grip around her hips got tighter and John began to thrust harder and faster. Yin’s eyes rolled up to the back of her head and her moans continued to echo in the room as well.

After minutes like that, John slowed down and then suddenly came to a stop. Yin wondered what had happened and thought that he was close to cumming. She was about to beg for more when suddenly her brother grabbed her by the arms and pulled them behind her which caused her to lay on her face against the table. Suddenly, John began to thrust even harder, using her arms to pull her back against his large and thick cock, he resumed fucking his little sister.

“You’re my little cock sleeve sister from now on.” He grunted out as he continued to ram into her.

“Yes… I’m all yours, Master.” She moaned out between his thrusts. “Use me… how you want to.”

Yin began to feel her climax building up inside of her, as if a large wave was building up and would soon crash onto her. Her brother continued to thrusting and felt her begin to tighten up around his cock and knew she was going to cum soon. John thrusted harder and faster in response to this.

Yin couldn’t think straight, all she could think about was the feeling of her big brother’s cock invading her deepest parts. Her tight pussy tightened around her older brother’s penis as her climax came near and moans became louder and louder. Suddenly, her brother’s cock began throbbing and let out something warm inside of Yin. Yin’s eyes rolled back at the sudden warmth that added to her pleasure and sent her over. Near simultaneously, both siblings climaxed together and Yin’s tight slit milked out every drop of cum in her older brother’s cock and John’s throbbing cock went as deep as it could and continued to fuck her hard.

After a minute after their climax, John pulled his cock out and let go of Yin’s arms. His cock still throbbed and came over her pussy’s entrance and bare ass, coating it in his warm cum. Yin laid against the table and held the edge of it with her hands as her legs gave out from under her. Her climax slowly subsided and cum began to leak out of her slit and dripped down onto the floor. Both siblings were still, only their heavy breathing could be heard in the room.

After a couple of minutes passed, Yin regained strength in her legs and stood up. Yin turned around and leaned against the table behind her and looked at John. He had sat down in his chair with his cock still throbbing and hard, it had leaked a bit of cum at the tip. Without any words, Yin and John were just looking at each other when suddenly Yin pushed herself on top of the table and sat on it. Yin held her upper half up with her arms and picked her legs up onto the table and opened them in full view of her older brother.

“I think I’m still a bad girl,” Yin said seductively and bit her lip. “I still need some punishment, Mr.Yang.”

For the first time, her big brother smiled slightly and stood up. His cock still stood tall and she finally got to really see the massive size of it. John stepped forward with one hand on his cock and angled the tip of it against the entrance of her pussy and rubbed it up and down.

“Beg.” He said.

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