“Not” a Fag Boy Ch. 01

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“Say it!” ‘Thwack!’ “Never! I’ll never give in!” ‘Thwack!’ “Oh my god!”

The pain was raw, I could feel it searing on my back. I knew the words he wanted, but I couldn’t do it, I just couldn’t. I wasn’t like that. I wasn’t one of them. I’m not gay!

I felt like screaming it in his face, but I knew it wouldn’t help. He’d just make it worse, and I doubted I could handle that. Worst of all, he knew it.

I couldn’t believe the position I was in. I knew what he was going to do, until I told him what he wanted to hear, he’d make it true, so I could no longer deny it. He’d make me his bitch, until I told him what I was.

“If that’s your final decision, I’ll simply have to take you downstairs, and… Persuade you otherwise.” With an arrogant smile, he studied my face, smirking as he saw the fear in my eyes, then he simply wheeled me down the stairs, before lifting my helpless body from the gurney and positioning me against the wall.

He left the room, canlı bahis and as i stood alone, I began to think on how I got here. He was a mysterious loner in the bar, with dark hair, black jeans and a cocky smile, and after a few hours failing to hook up, despite all the hot pieces in that night, and I was happy for the conversation. He never pretended to be straight, and after a few more hours of drinking, I jokingly suggested I’d let him suck me off, an idea he instantly jumped on.

He had his arm round my shoulder as we staggered into the alley. I didn’t think he’d actually do it, and only realised it was happening half way through. His hands fumbled , as he yanked at my jeans, trying to get them open. He eventually had my fly open, my jeans slid down and he started rubbing it over my snug little boxers. I had quite a lot of pent up tension after a night of blue balls, and had started groaning instantly. He’d smiled, then leaned in, and purred “very nice” moaning bahis siteleri his words to me “you’ll make a good little fag boy”

At that, my head jerked up “whaaat?” Before I could protest, I’d been handcuffed, then the world fell away from me…

He finally got back to the room, which I was glad of, since the scarf like restraints were starting to burn my skin. He was as naked as I was, and I felt a shiver of fear, and perhaps something else run down my spine.

He stood there, looking at me, watching me, sizing me up. I felt a twitch down below, much to my annoyance, and I struggled to control it. He smirked, seeing my discomfort, and simply stood, watching. “Get an erection.”

It was a simple instruction, and it terrified me. He laughed, seeing the obvious wave of emotion on my face. “Now. And just be glad that’s the area I’m going for, I’ll give you until tomorrow to have a virgin man pussy”

I felt sick. I’d known it would be bad, but… Not bahis şirketleri that. I visibly shuddered. He had a predatory look in his eye. “Unless you’d like me to break your cunt in right away?”

It was then he told me what to do, in order to postpone my agonising fate. “Look at me, look at my body. Let that whoring little mind of yours take it all in.” I raised my gaze. “That’s it, take it in. Mmm, such a good whore, watch me flex, ooh you like that!” My gaze followed his instructions. “You like it don’t you, Mmm yeah. How’s that dick of yours? Can you feel it throb? Look down now, you like my pecs, don’t you? It must be nice to see some real pecs, unlike those perky little titties of yours, I bet you can’t wait for me to play with them. Ooh, good boy! Already got that tiny little pecker of yours to half mast, god it must be less that seven inches full!”

He laughed at me, still eyeing me up. “Okay my little manslut, look down, see a real manhood!” I saw a 9 inch, veiny muscle, with throbbing veins and a neatly trimmed bush staring at me. I gulped. He laughed. Looking down I saw, all seven inches of my seemingly inadequate tool, standing to attention.

He simply laughed…

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