October Rust

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It was a beautiful October day. The sun was shining and there was a cloudless blue hue in the sky.

We walked through the crackling leaves breathing in the crisp fall air. The trees were stark naked for the coming winter and a solitude Cardinal cried from a scraggly Pine answering the Blue Jay’s scolding. I am enamored by the cold which always has a profound effect on my libido.

It was Saturday and we had decided to take a break from school for the day. Ross and Brad had invited me to accompany then on a impromptu hike into the wilderness surrounding the university campus.

Ross and Brad are good classmates of mine. We have chummed around since the beginning of the school year.

Ross is a Chemistry major, a big clumsy oaf with a heart of gold. Brad is the suave one. A handsome star player on the school’s football team he fancies himself to be a lady’s man.

We are dressed in blue jeans for our expedition into nature’s playground. I am hardly a fashion plate in my hip-huggers and woolen sweater that Aunt Shirley had knitted for me.

There was something intoxicating about the crisp clean air and the absence of civilization. I felt as if we had entered another world, one where “things” didn’t matter and it was all about experiencing wonderful new sensations.

The guys were in a lighthearted mood and I honestly didn’t believe they had any intent on seducing me and in fact it was I who initiated what was to follow.

I was a good thousand yards ahead of the guys and out of their sight. Impulsively I pulled off Aunt halkalı escort Shirley’s sweater and dropped it on the trail to be discovered by the guys when they came along.

With only my bra for cover my perky young breasts tighten up I the cool air.

Another five hundred feet I stepped out of my jeans. I giggled to myself picturing the guys when they found them

Next it was my bra and panties to go. The chilly air immediately stiffens my nipples as it caressed my naked body. I am a natural girl with a luxurious pelt of curly pubic hair covering my beaver.

I hasten my pace to maintain my lead on the guys who I imagine have come upon my discarded sweater by now.

I never considered what I would do if I happen to meet someone while walking nude thought the woods. I imagined I would just have to act indifferent as if there was nothing out of the ordinary.

Suddenly as I entered a small clearing confronting a doe deer startled me. No more than fifteen feet from me she stood with her big brown eyes locked on me. For an endless moment we stood frozen, two vulnerable free spirits alone in our world. Eventually she indifferently bounded off into the surrounding bushes not detecting any threat to her safety.

Figured I better stop and wait for the guys to catch up. It was time for the showdown. I found a nice grassy glade and set myself down on the cold ground. I positioned myself so the guys would get an eyeful when they emerged from the bush.

Ross taksim escort was the first to see me. He was looking right between my open legs.

“Holy crap!” he exclaimed eyes popping out of his head.

Brad was right behind his carrying the rest of my clothes.

It’s about time.” I greeted them, “I’m freezing!”

“We can see that.” Brad said staring at my stiff nipples.

“Well, c’mon, get your duds off.” I boldly ordered.

The guys looked at each other bewildered knowing they would be physically challenged in the cold air.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep them warm for you.” I promised.

They gaze at my breasts, my belly and my own little furry forest. I envision their desires as they check out my cute little rounded ass. The temptation is too great.

Ross begins peeling off three layers of sweaters revealing his hairy chest. I watch mesmerized as he unfastens his belt and unbuttons his jeans. Slowly he tugs his jeans and shirt down together allowing his semi-aroused cock to flop out. I am impressed, he is wielding at least ten inches of grade “A” cockmeat.

Brad was not far behind Ross. He had already freed his erection from its denim prison. His cock was different than Ross’s, not so long but with a pronounced curvature. Both appeared to be circumcised.

I could see the guys were struggling against the frigid air. They were both stroking their members in a valiant attempt to maintain their size. I had promised to help them against the cold.

I do not have a lot to şişli escort offer in the breast department but I invited Ross to shelter his cock in the valley between my 36B tits. I lay back in the grass and allowed him to straddle me. With his cock in place I squeezed my mounds together forming a warm sanctuary for his sensitive meat. Ross begin tit-fucking me as I felt the helmet of Brad’s cock press against my lips.

Opening my mouth I took Brad into my head while Ross’s cock slid back and forth between my soft fleshy mammary glands. I sucked hungrily expecting to be rewarded with a double portion of salty sperm.

Ross ejaculated first spurting strings of milky white liquid onto my neck adorning it like an elegant pearl necklace. Brad followed filling my mouth with an abundance of his pungent cum.

Greedily I swallowed Brad’s issue and with my fingers I squeegee Ross’s sperm into my mouth making a heady cocktail of their jism.

Having serviced the guys they turned their attention to me. I felt Ross’s mouth close over my open pussy. A shiver shot up my spine as his tongue contacted my clitoris. My hips involuntarily bucked upwards pressing my wet flesh into his face.

Brad was occupied caressing my sensitive breasts with his tongue. Swirling around my erect nipples he playfully nipped them between his lips and gently tugged on them. His tongue must have detected the residual from Ross’s cock’s recent presence?

My orgasm was manifold, stimulated by both tongues lashing my nerve endings. I moaned softly as I yielded my nectar to Ross’s sucking lips.

Without needing to be asked the guys respected my desire not to take their cocks into my love tunnel. We all had been satisfied without the need to be fucked.

For the remainder of the year we remained good friends. I routinely performed fellatio on the guys as they performed cunningness on me.

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