Off At College Ch. 06

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Chapter 6 – Studying Together

Wednesdays were my worst day for classes. I had my three morning classes and then after lunch I had my Geology lab. The lab was scheduled from 1:00 to 4:00, but the first couple of weeks I found it necessary to stay in the lab past 4:00 in order to get the weekly assignment done. The one redeeming feature about the lab was that Bruce managed to become my lab partner the second week.

One of the main reasons that the lab ran so long was that the instructor spent too much time explaining the theory behind the laboratory assignments we had. I am sure that this time would have been well spent if I was going to be a geology major or even a science major, but for prospective social science majors like Bruce and I, the theories behind the assignments were not something that either one of us was interested in.

Although we worked steadily on the assignment, by 4:25 we had just finished with the basic laboratory work. We still had to write up our notes to complete the assignment. Thankfully, the instructor gave the students until Friday noon to finish the report and turn it in to him. As we finished putting away the specimens, I asked Bruce, “When do you want to get together to write the report?”

“Jen, do you want to get a bite to eat and then write it up?”

“The cafeteria doesn’t open for a half hour,” I answered him glancing at the clock.

“That’s ok. We can go by the union or down to Mickey D’s.”

Bending over to pick up my backpack I said, “Sorry, I’m on full meal plan and I can’t afford to eat elsewhere.”

As we walked out the door he answered, “Well, by the time that we get to the cafeteria we won’t have to wait long. By the way, how is your English paper coming for Friday?”

“I haven’t even started on it yet. I still have to read 50 or so pages for my seminar tomorrow afternoon before I do. But it probably would be a good idea to get this damn lab paper done tonight while everything is fresh. Do you want to come over to Smith and work on it? We can use my computer.”

“I hate to intrude on your roommate.”

“Don’t worry about it. My roomie wasn’t there last Wednesday night and she said something about not being there tonight until late when I stopped by the room to change clothes before lab,” I responded as we left the science building.

“In that case since you also have something else to do, why don’t I run back to my room and get my laptop. We can make an evening of it. Get the lab report done, you work on your seminar readings and I’ll write my comp paper. If I get it done, maybe you can review it since you want to be a writer.”

“Why don’t I go with you and by then we’ll be able to get a bit to eat. I appreciate your confidence in me, but my writing sucks in my humble opinion.” With that we turned at headed to Bruce’s dorm.

After picking up Bruce’s laptop and his comp notes, we headed over to the dining hall. We got our food and found a table to eat our dinners. We chatted over dinner and as we neared the end of our dinner, my normal eating companions, Sandy, Meg and Jane, came by.

“Skipping out on us for a guy,” Meg, one of my suitemates kidded me.

“Hey guys, Bruce and I have a lab report to do so he and I are going to work together this evening.” Sandy gave me a knowing look to which I responded, “And it isn’t biology.”

Bruce chirped in, “There’s room at the table ladies if you would like to join us.”

“Why thanks.” Sandy replied. “You are a gentleman, even if our friend is not a lady.”

The five of us chatted about various topics until Bruce and I were done eating. Then he pushed his chair back, stood up, picked up his tray and said, “Jen, we better get going. I enjoyed talking with you Sandy.” Then turning to Meg and Jane he added, “I’ll be seeing you around.” With that we both took our trays back to the dish line and headed out to my dorm.

After we got out of the dining hall Bruce took my hand in his. We walked this way back to Smith Hall chatting about what we needed to do that evening. We decided to tackle the Geology lab report first, if for no other reason than to silence my friends. After we completed that project, my first project was to finish my reading for tomorrow and Bruce wanted to work on his English Composition paper. When we got back to the dorm, we walked up to my room and I let us in. However, once we were in the door, I turned and locked the door which brought a perplexed look to Bruce’s face.

“I usually study with the door locked so that I am not disturbed,” I remonstrated setting my backpack down.

“I believe you, Jen,” he replied with a smile on his face. Then he added, “Where should I put my laptop?”

Pointing to my roommate’s desk I replied, “Why don’t you set it up on Julie’s desk over there.” Then turning towards my desk, I pulled out my chair and said, “However, since my computer is online, why don’t we use it for the report. The format is supposed to be available on the Geo Department web page. We can just kadıköy escort use that and go from there.” As I powered up my computer, I suggested, “Pull over Julie’s chair to my desk and we can work together.”

“Good idea.” With that Bruce pushed Julie’s desk chair over next to my desk. As the format popped up on my screen, Bruce rummaged through his backpack for our lab notes. “Here are the notes we took this afternoon. I hope that everything we need is in them.”

“Sweetie, for the amount of notes we took, I just hope that we that (a) understand them, and (b) can incorporate them into the report.” As I was speaking, I gave his hand a gentle squeeze.

After studying the report format and our notes for a little while, we figured out what needed to be included in the report. As I was getting ready to start keyboarding, Bruce said, “Jen, since you have an extra subject to prep for, why don’t you let me write the damn thing and you get to your reading. Maybe then you can help me with my damn comp paper.”

“OK. It’s a deal!” I got up from my desk chair and gave Bruce a peck on the cheek. Picking up my seminar reading, I mouthed, “Thanks, sweetie.”

Sitting down on my bed, I took off my tennies and socks before delving into the material for the next day. “Make yourself comfortable, I’m going to.” With that I saw Bruce kick off his shoes.

Occasionally I looked up and would catch Bruce glancing my way. After a half hour or so, Bruce announced, “I think that I have this done. Do you want to check it over?”

“I will in a little while. I should be done with this assignment shortly.”

“That’s ok. I’ll just work on my comp piece,” Bruce said as he got up from my desk and pushed Julie’s chair back to her desk. Before sitting down, he plugged his laptop into the wall and booted it up.

Before he could sit down, I asked him, “Would you like a drink?” Before he could say anything I added, “I mean, we have Coke, diet and some orange juice in the frig. I don’t drink booze and study at the same time. First one and then the other. I would like a diet.” While he walked over to the refrigerator I leaned forwarded and reached under my t-shirt to unclasp my bra. Bruce smiled as he pulled the drinks out of the refrigerator and brought the diet over to me. “Thanks.”

Bruce sat down and began working on his paper. I finished my pop and my reading at about the same time. I got off the bed and tip toed over behind Bruce. Leaning over him I planted a dry kiss on the nape of his neck. “You done?” he asked.

“Yep. I’ll look at the lab report for us.” I sat down and scrolled through the work that Bruce had done. “Great job. Glad you switched with Jeremy and became my lab partner. Only one question though.” With that Bruce came over and stood behind me placing his hands on my shoulders.

“What is it?”

“I don’t recall this point,” I said pointing at the classification section of the report.

Leaning over me to get our notes Bruce brushed one hand against one of my t-shirt covered breasts. “It’s right here Jen.”

“You’re right,” was all I could say. “Thanks for doing the heavy work on this.”

“That’s all right. I know that you would have done it if the situation were reversed.” Bruce stood back up drawing his arm back across my breast. His action caused my one nipple to begin to harden and it got me thinking about what I might like to happen later in the evening.

I printed the report and hit the save as button. “You have a floppy that I can save this to for you?”

“No I don’t. I guess if I need a copy I’ll just get it from you, partner.” With that Bruce sat back down at Julie’s desk to work on his paper. I quickly wrote up some notes on my just completed reading before clearing the screen to begin work on my comp paper.

As this was our second writing assignment of the semester I had some idea of what I thought the professor wanted. The assignment was really just a major revision of our first assignment, an autobiographical incident. This time we had to write about the same incident in the regular third person rather than the autobiographical first person.

For the next couple of hours we both worked steadily on our respective papers without much discussion. Each of us only took one break. After about an hour Bruce got up and announced, “I gotta take a piss. Any problem with my using your john?”

“I don’t have any. Just make sure that Meg or Jane aren’t on the pot or in the shower before you barge in. Especially Janie, she would have a fit.” As Bruce knocked on the door, I added, “Be sure and put the seat down when you are done. I don’t need the hassle about how guys pee.”

While he was in the bathroom, I decided to take the opportunity to get my bra completely off. I eased my t-shirt over my head and pulled the bra straps off my shoulders and down my arms. As I was doing this, Bruce came back into the room and saw my snow-white tits in all their proud glory. I could tell by the üsküdar escort look on his face that he was getting turned on. “Like what you see, stud.” Then with a wink I stage whispered, “Later. Maybe.”

About an hour later, I was done with my first revision. I decided to sleep on it and rework it either in the morning when I did not have class or tomorrow night. Anyway, I got up and snuck up behind Bruce and began rubbing his shoulders. “How are you coming?”

“Slow. Would you like to read it?”

“Sure.” With that I leaned over his shoulder and let my bottoms of my tits rub against his shoulder. “Looks interesting. How close are you to getting the draft done?”

“I’ve probably got about another 15 minutes.”

“OK. Why don’t I take a quick shower. Then we can sit down and look at it.”

“Sounds good to me.” Then he added, “What about your nosey neighbors? Won’t they think it is funny the shower is running with a guy in your room? Especially after you told them that we were just going to study.”

Walking towards the bathroom, I started to pull my t-shirt over my head. “Well it is after eleven o’clock and they will probably figure that you have already left. Beyond that I really don’t care. Janey is a prude and Meg would only be jealous.” I tossed my t-shirt into my closet and unzipped my jeans. Looking at Bruce over my shoulder I could tell that I was causing his mind to wander from his work. I slid my jeans down my legs revealing my non-sexy brief clad ass cheeks to him.

“God damn, Jenny, you look like a fox. I just want to fuck you silly.”

“Hold that thought while I take my shower. I just might take you up on it.” With that I grabbed my soap, shampoo and towel and disappeared into the bathroom. For good measure after I took my old panties off, I opened the bathroom door and threw them back into the room.

I climbed into the warm shower and let the water flow over me for a few moments. Before soaping up my body, I glanced down my front over my jutting mammaries, past my belly and its slightly indented button to my mat of now wet brown hair at what was becoming the center of my non-academic life. I thought back over the past two weeks and contemplated Bruce’s tongue and cock as I washed my mound and my ass. After shampooing my hair for the first time since Monday morning, I rinsed off and stepped out of the shower. Toweling off, I wrapped the towel around me and tucked it into my cleavage just before stepping back into my room.

Bruce looked up from his keyboarding as the bathroom door clicked shut. I could tell from the look in his eyes that he wanted to stop working and start playing. “Bruce, would you like something a little stiffer to relax?”

“I guess I’m done for the night. Why not. What are you serving?”

“Well, rum and Coke or diet, and let me see…” standing on my tiptoes to see if Julie had brought anything new to the cabinet. This caused my towel to ride up my ass giving Bruce an unobstructed view of my sparkling clean derrière. “I see there is some vodka now. Would you like a screwdriver?”

“No, I would rather screw you.” I felt myself blush and then he added, “Seriously, I’ll take a rum and Coke.”

I pulled the rum bottle off the shelf and poured some into two glasses before reaching into the refrigerator to get a Coke. “Two stiff ones in celebration of one stiff one,” I came back and brought the full glasses over to my bed. “Do you want me to read what you have written?”

Standing up, Bruce replied, “Maybe later. Right now I just want to relax with you.” Stepping over to my bed he unbuckled his belt and let his jeans drop to the floor. As he stepped out of them, he pulled his shirt off leaving him in only his grey briefs and socks. At this point it was apparent that Bruce’s mind had not been just rewriting his paper. Taking the proffered glass he asked, “Mind if I join you?”

Sitting with my back against the headboard I cooed, “I would mind if you didn’t get those cute buns over here.” With that I eased myself over closer to the wall so that there was space for Bruce to sit next to me.

Sitting down next to me, he stroked the top of my bare thigh with his empty hand and raised his glass with the other. “A toast to the sexiest girl on campus.” I just blushed and took a long drink from my glass. Bruce also took a long drink and then leaned over to plant an exploratory kiss on my waiting lips. Breaking our kiss, we both drained our glasses and he set the glasses on the floor next to the bed.

Bruce leaned over and our lips met again, this time there was a deeper eagerness to our kiss. As we mutually probed each others mouths, we both eased ourselves down into a prone position on the bed on our sides. My hands started playing with his hair and the back of his neck while his one hand managed to slither under my towel to grope my top ass cheek. Bruce continued to fondle my ass as we necked and I soon felt a finger rubbing against my rear door. Reacting I broke tuzla escort the kiss and said, “Bruce, please stop!”

Like a lost puppy, he replied, “Did I do something I shouldn’t have?”

“I’m sorry; I don’t like anyone trying to stick anything up my anus. Reminds me of the enemas that my mother used to give me.”

With the spell broken, we stopped our smooching and rolled over on our backs next to each other. “Do you want me to leave?”

“No. I’m sorry that I probably over reacted, but I’ve always heard that guys want to fuck girls up the ass. I just don’t like the idea although I’m not real sure why.” The towel I had wrapped around my body had worked itself loose and one of my breasts was peeking out. “Come here, sweetie,” I said, pulling Bruce’s face over to my exposed tit. “Would you like to kiss it?”

“Yes, who wouldn’t,” he replied tonguing the exposed snow colored flesh. “Jenny, you’ve got great boobs.” He completely circled my upright mound before nipping at my areola which caused my nipple to become engorged and erect. With his other hand, he pulled my towel from my front revealing not only my other breast but also my freshly scrubbed hairy mons.

As Bruce continued to work his mouth and tongue over my tits, my pussy started to lubricate. “That’s it, sweetie, suck my tits. God, you sure can turn me on….”

Mumbling through his stuffed mouth, he tweaked the mound that was not in his mouth. Switching breasts he began stretching my swollen nipple making my ass squirm on the bed. I involuntarily spread my thighs in anticipation of getting some attention to my pussy. I slipped my hand under his body and found his cock straining to get out of his briefs. I traced the outline as far as I could reach and then eased my fingers under his waistband to play with his very stiff cock.

At that point in my life all I wanted was Bruce’s cock buried in my pussy. Sensing my need, he stopped his assault on my tits and commenced kissing his way down my breast and my abdomen to my belly button. As he devoured my belly button, I started to murmur, “That’s it, sweetie. Just a little lower.” Then as he resumed his travels down my torso, I continued, “Yes. Don’t stop. Sweetie, keep going. You’re almost there.” Then as his lips explored my bush and his hands fooled around with my tits, I added, “Ple – ase! Just a little to the right. Do me, ple-ase do me.” However, he just kept on nibbling through my mons and down my leg to my knee.

As he started back up my inner thigh, he stopped and coolly asked, “Jenny, should I stop?” I replied by spreading my legs as far as I could on the bed and bucking my pelvis upward. “I need a verbal answer, Jen.”

“Yessssss. I’m mean NO. Oh, fuck I mean I want you.” With that he resumed nibbling up my thigh until he reached the juncture of my leg and pelvis. By then I was starting to grow a little impatient with his teasing. Removing his hands from my breasts, he grabbed my buns and kneaded them as he carefully kissed around the engorged lips guarding my pussy and clitoris and down toward my other leg. “Brucie, I – I ne-ed to have you in – in me. Ple – ase fuck my pussy.”

Suddenly, with just a little change of direction, his tongue stroked the length of my slit, gently prying my lower lips apart. As he buried his tongue in my pussy, I moaned, “Oh, shit! Yessss. That’s the spot.” Using the tip of his tongue like a little cock he started to tongue fuck me. This merely increased the tension that was building in my groin and I thrust my hips upward to force more of his magical tongue into my hole. Switching gears, he eased his tongue out of my sex channel and returned to stroking my entire slit. I lifted my head to peer between my upright tits at Bruce’s tongue and lips working my pussy over when his mouth left my pussy and attached itself to the center of my sexual universe. As he sucked and nibbled on my clit, he pushed two fingers into my cross lubricated pussy.

This pushed me over the top and I began moaning unintelligible gibberish. I grabbed Bruce’s head with both hands and pulled his face tight against my mound as I sought to prolong the ecstasy that he was causing my body. Eventually, my orgasm subsided and I released my grip on Bruce’s head. As I caught my breathe and Bruce came up for air, I cooed, “Sweetie that was fantastic. I’ve never cum so hard. Come up…” Bruce quickly crawled up my body and gave me a full open mouth kiss. The taste of my cum juice on his lips and in his mouth was one of the most delectable tastes I have ever had.

Then I sensed a stiff appendage pressing into my leg. As we continued to smooch I mumbled, “Looks like we’ve got a problem and Jenny here knows how to fix it.” I guided Bruce between my splayed legs and then whispered, “Sweetie, let’s get those shorts off you so I can really feel that cock of yours.” Bruce did not need a second message as he reached down and pulled his briefs off with lightning speed springing his male organ free.

The tip of his cock brushed against my inner thigh leaving a slightly sticky trail of pre-cum along its path. As he knelt over me, he managed to lick my breasts keeping my nipples stiff. Just as I thought he was going to push into my vacant female slit, he asked the politically correct question, “Are you sure you want this?”

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