Our New Friend

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On the couch, she’s sitting there, her head turned slightly towards me, and listening. We’ve been talking for over an hour, her and me and Emma. Emma’s in the kitchen, fetching refills for the gin and tonics that have slowly moved our moods, together, from a nervous awkwardness into something more intimate, more pleasurable, closer.

A moment later, Emma re-enters the room, her arrival heralded by the clink of ice in crystal glasses, which seems in that moment to be the most erotic sound one could imagine, but our friend does not take her eyes from mine. Emma joins us on the couch, sitting behind her, sets the three drinks down on the low coffee table, and her hands now being free, places them on our friend’s shoulders. I shift my gaze to her, and she smiles.

“You both seem to be having a lovely time, what could you two be talking about?”

“You,” I reply, smiling too.

“Really? I’d rather talk about our new friend here.”

She leans forwards slightly and kisses her on the curve of her bare shoulder.

“She’s lovely, don’t you think?”

She kisses her shoulder again, and our friend tilts her head a little to one side, and sighs softly and opens her mouth, slightly. Emma’s hand moves gently down our friend’s body, brushing against the side of her breasts, and coming to rest across her stomach.

“God, your body is beautiful,” says Emma, her fingers gently stroking her, just below the curve of her breasts, “and you’re not wearing a bra,” she looks at me now; “See?” she says.

She reaches up, and pulls down the v-neck of the thin jumper that’s the only thing between me and our friend’s lovely breasts, past the point at which a bra would have become visible. Her now hard nipples push against the fabric of the jumper.

“I don’t think I’ll be getting around to that drink.” I say, and lean forwards, helping Emma to pull the jumper down further still, and one hard nipple, her left one, tilts as the seam passes it, and then pops out, pointing towards me. I lean further forward and down, and she arches her back a little, rising up to meet me, making it easier to take that hard nub between my lips. She draws her breath in a slow intake, and twists around, towards her right, closing her eyes and kissing Emma deeply — a movement that has the added effect of pushing her nipple against my mouth. I suck a little harder on it, and slip my hand around her arched back, pulling her closer still.

We stay like this for a little while, her hard nipple in my mouth, while she kisses Emma, eyes still closed, twisting around to reach her lips. Then, I straighten up, and watch as our friend leans back further, and twists around more, her kiss with Emma deepening and her v-neck jumper lifting back up, to cover her rock-hard nipple again. It’s clearly visible — from the side now — through the fabric, even without the top being pulled tight against it, and I reach out to touch it, feeling its hardness through the soft material of the jumper, and lifting a little the weight of her breast, cupping and caressing, enjoying its shape and its curve.

The moment lasts for a long time, I’m gazing at a sight more beautiful and erotic than any I thought I’d ever see, as my love, Emma, and our lovely new friend, kiss passionately on the couch. I remember meeting her, at a party, a long time ago, and Emma and I had both been smitten. Later that evening, as Emma and I had lain together in bed, kissing and touching and getting ready to fuck, she’d surprised me by saying out loud exactly what had been on my mind since we’d come home.

“I think I want to fuck her,” she had said, “I think I want to kiss her while you watch, and play with her nice, round, soft breasts.”

“Go on,” I had replied, and she’d spent the next half an hour, as we played, and fucked, and came, telling me in detailed, filthy language, exactly what she wanted to do to her, what she wanted me to do to both of us, and what they’d both to do me.

These words are on my mind, as I reach down, and lift the jumper over our friend’s head. She breaks away from the kiss, and turns back to me, opening her eyes and then raising her arms so I can continue undressing her. Her eyes are shining, and her smile wide. She’s proud of her lovely body, and once the jumper is free of her upraised arms, she lowers them and pushes her breasts a little towards me, squeezing them from beneath, showing herself off to me.

After that first night, Emma and I hadn’t mentioned it to each other again, how we’d lain together, breathless and happy, and had fallen asleep together, thoughts of another woman’s body on both our minds. It’s no exaggeration to say that Emma was the love of my life, that finding, and falling in love with her had been nothing short of an inexplicable miracle, and that she’d saved me from life in a bedsit, small-time drug dealing, a dead-end dull job, and a future of weekend blow-outs that would eventually probably have landed me in jail — or possibly even worse. Sex with Emma was always wonderful, and filled with love for each other, but always I’d wondered if those few times in my past had gone during which I’d been offered illegal bahis a chance with two women had gone differently, if I hadn’t been so shy… Well, I’d just wondered how it might have worked out.

And until that night, almost two years ago now, I’d thought those fantasies were mine alone.

Emma leans forward, picks up her gin, ice tinkling in the glass. She says, leaning back against one of the big round pillows, “It’s your turn, I think I want to drink this drink, and watch you guys for a little while.”

She grins, cheekily, sips daintily from the glass, and settles back, with her free hand resting across her thigh. She’s wearing the black dress that I’ve often named as my favourite of hers, we’d picked it out together for tonight, a couple of evenings ago, during a very enjoyable dress-up session, which had ended up with us predictably both naked and happy. The dress wraps around a little, and is held together with a single brass buckle on the elasticated belt that helps the top half of the dress hug Emma’s beautiful breasts.

And so, it’s my turn. Our friend stands up now, and I sit forward on the couch, her belly button level now with my face. I kiss her belly softly, and reach my hands around behind her. She’s wearing a pale orange skirt, that goes rather perfectly with the white jumper that’s now lying on the floor, her legs are bare, and long, and I can’t feel any underwear under that skirt. I lift it with my fingers as I kiss her belly more firmly, and I find she’s wearing the tiniest thong, one that surely fails even to function as an item of underwear, and I want to see what she looks like, wearing just that. Wearing just the thong, without the skirt, but maybe I’m still unsure, and I keep just kissing and licking around the top of the skirt, around her belly button, caressing the slightly soft flesh of her belly with my tongue.

“That’s so nice,” she says, sighing.

“No, I can’t help it,” says Emma, “if he’s not going to take that skirt off you, I’m going to have to.” Emma moves off the couch, kneels behind her, and slowly pulls the skirt down.

“Both of you,” our friend says, “mmmm…”

She pushes her hips towards my face, and my lips are level now with the tiny scrap of underwear that I’d been so eager to witness. Its fabric is sleek, and shiny, with a slight patch of wetness from her pussy, the outline of which I could clearly see. She was shaved too, her skin pale and soft, and I kiss her right thigh, where her leg curves away, just under her pussy. And then again, this time on that dark patch, tasting her for the first time. I sit back slightly, and Emma’s hands, in a perfectly timed moment, appear at each side of her hips, and pull down the thin straps that hold that triangle of fabric in place, revealing shining lips and, when she lifts her leg a little to allow Emma to remove the underwear and skirt entirely, an alluring glimpse of her clit and the rest of her pussy. She places her leg back down on the floor, shifts slightly for balance, and raises it again, this time higher, into the couch that’s at my left. With her thighs now apart, and with Emma now to my right, gazing lasciviously at this image of decadence, I bury my face between her legs.

He taste is overpowering, her nude pussy so delicious, I reach my tongue out as far as I can, licking long sweeps between her lips, up over her clit, trying to give it a flick with the tip of my tongue, something I’m not especially good at, and with which Emma has never been very impressed, but she likes it. She twitches her hips slightly each time I change direction, and grinds her them a little, and lets out slight grunts, and whimpers, and I hear Emma say;

“I think she likes that…,” and then to our friend. “You like that don’t you?”, a groan from above, and then, to me; “Here, come here, I want to taste her, I want to taste her on you.”

And I turn to my right, where Emma’s kneeling, still wearing her black dress, but with the brass buckle undone, and the elastic belt hanging down, and the dress open slightly, the tops of her naked breasts visible. She’s not wearing a bra either, and I wonder idly, as Emma kisses me, as her tongue slips into my mouth and we share the taste of the pussy I’d been licking seconds ago, whether or not she’s wearing any knickers under that dress.

Emma holds my face in her hands as she kisses me, and our new beautiful friend kneels down on the carpet to join us.

“That was fucking gorgeous,” she says, “and this looks lovely too.”

She moves behind Emma, and unwraps her, the black dress opening to first reveal Emma’s fabulously beautiful breasts, unwinding the dress and removing it, Emma lifting herself slightly to free it from between her heels and her bottom. She’s kneeling with her legs apart, and I watch the blonde hair of her pussy as she settles back down again. I’ve broken away from the kiss, I didn’t want to miss the sight of Emma being undressed by her.

“Right,” our friend says to me, “I think it’s your turn.”

And she stands again, naked, beautiful, slender and proud of her body, and she reaches down and lifts me up. “You still have illegal bahis siteleri all your clothes on, and we’re both naked,” she says.

She slips her arm around Emma’s waist, who’s rising to join her.

Emma says, “I think it’s time we fixed that, it’s going to be difficult for us to both suck his cock until he comes in your mouth, if he’s still got his pants on.”

She’s laughing as she pushes me back on the couch, and then they both stand there and kiss, seemingly forgetting me momentarily, as I take the opportunity to undo my belt, and struggle out of my jeans, which is never an elegant operation, my hard cock makes it more difficult even than usual. They break their kiss, look down at me, and grin.

“Come on then,” Emma says to her.

And Emma kneels between my legs, pulls the jeans I’m still half-wearing down, frees my feet from them, and moves my knees apart. She looks up at me, with a cheeky and debauched look on her face, moves forward and licks my cock from its base, slowly all the way up, tilts her head forwards, and takes its length into her mouth. Our friend, still standing, steps to the couch, kneels next to me, and bends down for a slow kiss, her tongue moving into my mouth, moving out and licking my cheek and then starting to talk;

“We’ve got this all planned you know, I like to get the come swallowing out of the way at the start, but don’t worry, you’ll still get to fuck one or both of us, and while you’re recovering from filling my mouth with your come, I’m going to lick Emma’s pussy and clit until she comes.

“She’s said she’s going to need your mouth on her tits, because she’s not sure I’ll be able to do it, so when you’re ready, that’ll be your job.” She kisses me again.

While she’s saying this, Emma’s giving me her complete attention, my cock sliding in and out of her mouth, her hand on its shaft, the pleasure building, and then;

“Now, it’s time for you to lick my pussy again,” she says.

And she swings a leg over my chest, and shimmies up the couch, pushing her bald and delicious pussy into my face. I grab her arse with both hands, and pull her towards me, leaning my head against the cushion behind me. I try to match the rhythm of the licks I start giving her hole and her clit to the long strokes that Emma’s delivering onto my cock. I move a hand further around her arse cheek, keeping the pressure up with the other, still pushing her into my face while I lick, and reaching from behind into the wetness of her pussy, lifting those juices up to her arsehole, experimentally moving in small circles around its tight, closed entrance. She wiggles her bum in response, pushing back against my finger.

“Oh, mmmmm, Emma said you liked to do that, and I told her you can do anything you fucking well want, and you could especially do that. I want you to push that long wet finger as far up my tight little arsehole as you can get it…” Her voice is slow and deliberate, as though she wants to enjoy the feel of every word she’s saying, the shape of them in her mouth… ‘tight’ and ‘fucking’ and ‘arsehole’.

And so I do, and she squeals a little, and I push harder, with my cock in my beautiful Emma’s warm mouth, and my tongue inside our beautiful friend’s pussy, I take a chance and slide a second finger next to the first, which takes a bit of dipping it in and out of her to get it as wet as her tight arse needs it to be. But then it’s there and I’m lost in sensation, the taste of her, my two fingers held tight inside her, my other hand still pushing her onto my face, and my cock receiving the blowjob of its life, an intensity building in my chest, and tendrils of pleasure moving down my body until I realise that if Emma doesn’t stop sucking me soon, I’ll start to come, and there won’t be any stopping it.

But Emma doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of slowing down, and I know that she’s very good at sucking me until I’m sure I’m past the point of no return, stopping, and climbing back up me to kiss me, with the taste of my cock on her lips and tongue — so I concentrate on our friends pussy, licking it as hard as I can, flicking her clit at the top, and pushing into her pussy at the bottom, and that’s when I feel myself start to come, the sensation of the fluid pumping up my cock such an intense pleasure that I cry out, muffled, and I feel Emma push my cock right back into her throat, and I feel her swallow, and swallow, and suck every drop from me, until she lets me go, and falls back onto the soft carpet.

“Oh my god,” says our friend, “did you make him come? You said you never did that,” she’s impressed, and with a mock scold in her voice says, “I wanted that come in my mouth, now I’ll have to come over there and taste it myself.”

She climbs off me, my fingers leaving her arse, my tongue no longer in her pussy, she kisses me while my eyes are still closed in a delirious exhausted haze of pleasure and happiness. “That was lovely,” she says, “you just relax there for a bit, and think of all the bad things you still want to do to us,” I feel her moving away, back towards Emma, “but don’t be too long,” she adds.

I lift my canlı bahis siteleri legs up on the couch, collapse sideways against a cushion, and open my eyes to see Emma sitting up again, her naked breasts swaying a little as she leans over to the coffee table. She takes a long drink from her almost-forgotten gin and tonic, the ice cubes falling forwards in the glass against her upper lip.

Our friend crawls over to her, “I can’t believe you swallowed him,” she says, kissing her softly on the cheek while she drinks.

“I know, I can’t believe it either,” says Emma, putting down the glass, “I don’t think I’ll make a habit of it though,” she adds, “it’s kind of yuk.” She makes a face, sticking out her tongue.

“I love it,” our friend tells her, “but I guess it’s an acquired taste…”

“You’re a freak.” Emma laughs, and they kiss again, on the lips this time. Emma lies back, “Come here, freak,” she says, smiling a broad and beautiful smile, her naked body welcoming, her breasts lying soft and round against her chest, her nipples hard.

Our friend leans over Emma, on her hands and knees, kisses her once on the lips again, before continuing those kisses in a path down her body, over her breasts, one kiss on each nipple, and then in a straight line over her belly, crawling backwards, and stopping once her lips reach Emma’s pussy.

Emma reaches down to our friend’s head, as her pussy starts to receive long, slow, deep licks. Emma’s hands caress her neck, stroke her hair, and I can hear Emma’s breaths deepening to the long sighs I know are a sign of her pleasure. She’s enjoying the thorough licking her pussy’s receiving, and I lie there for a few moments, listening to her pleasure build, to the erotic sound of her long breaths, and watching our friend’s arse move forward and back, as she delivers those licks, and remembering;

I’d first walked in on them about a week ago, she’d been coming over regularly, and was often around when I got in from work. After that first time we’d met, and that first time in bed that Emma had breathlessly told me of her fantasies, she’d become a good friend to both of us. There had been no repeat of that night, Emma hadn’t mentioned it again, and I hadn’t asked. Perhaps I’d just hoped that if she became our friend, something might just happen naturally, and in any case, I didn’t want to derail what was a lovely friendship between the three of us. Emma and her were learning guitar together, something Emma had always wanted to do, but something to which she’d never quite put her efforts. Our friend though, during one of the many evenings we’d spent after dinner together, talking over the remains of the wine and the desert, had equalled Emma’s unmet ambition, and announced that together they would do exactly that.

And so, Emma and her would spend the couple of hours on the Thursdays that Emma’s job finished early, and mine late, sitting opposite each other on chairs, performing cruel and unnecessary acts upon poor defenceless guitar chords. Later, their cruelty expanded to murdering songs, but together, over months, they found that the songs weren’t quite finished off by their efforts, and eventually, they even began to sound quite good.

Most of those Thursdays I’d hear their gradually improving playing through the window of our lounge, as I walked up to the door, and I’d hear them stop once they heard me enter, since they were a little uncomfortable with an audience even of one, and then they’d normally pour me a drink while I put by bag and jacket away, and we’d talk a while until she left. This time though, I’d heard no music, just silence, and instinctively had made my entrance quieter too. As I had walked into the room, I’d caught the briefest glimpse of them sharing a passionate kiss, their hands on each other’s bodies, before they’d sprung apart, and our friend had suddenly stood, made an excuse, and fled. Emma, mortified, had followed her out, but returned alone and silent. I’d told her I didn’t mind, that I knew she loved me, and that I loved her, and that I could easily share her with another, and after we’d talked, and sent our friend a few text messages, and a few days had passed, she’d returned. She had arrived carrying a bottle of gin, in her blue denim jacket, a thin white jumper, her breasts clearly outlined and unrestrained by anything so inelegant as a bra, and her slender legs more revealed than covered by a pale, pleated, orange skirt. She looked a little shy, but had said, with a cheeky tilt of her lovely head; “Are you ready, then?”

With the memory of her arrival dressed so beautifully, and the image before me of her naked, licking Emma’s pussy so expertly, so deliberately, and sometimes moaning a little between licks, I leave the safety of the couch, and move over the carpet on my hands and knees to join them on the floor. I lie next to Emma, she turns her head towards me, and we kiss deeply, tongues slipping and rolling past each other. I move my hand down her body, over her breasts, towards the blonde hair of her pussy, and further, to where our friend’s tongue is slipping up and down, from clit to hole and back again. I start to massage her clit from above, and I move my kiss from her mouth down to her breast, searching for her nipple with my eyes closed. I pull it into my mouth, giving it nibbles and sucks, in the way that through the years together, I’d learned that she loved.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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