Rain Ch. 02

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Blue hung up the phone and lay back down beside Phil. It had been a long time since she had had a man over to the house. Much less experienced all that passion that they had shared last night and into the early hours of this morning. She grabbed his hand and traced around the fingers, knowing that she wanted to feel them on her body again. Glancing over at him, she could see a halfhearted smile across his lips, leaned over, and kissed his supple lips. Phil reached up and pulled her on top of him.

“Now are you sure you want to kiss me like that,” he asked.

“Why do you have a problem with the way I kiss,” she responded.

“Not in the least bit, but my cock is growing and needs to be taken care of,” he said as he took her hand and placed it on his throbbing member.

She glanced down at his manhood and gasped. “Well I guess I need to take care of that. Follow me,” she replied.

Doing as she asked, Phil got up and followed Blu over to the sawhorse. She patted the saddle as if to motion for him to sit. Climbing on to the saddle, Phil’s hand brushed against Blu’s breast. She could feel the electricity of his touch. Once on the saddle, Blu moved in closer, like an eagle targeting its prey. She pulled her hair back and leaned over his engorged member. Her tongue teased the tip for a minute or two, tasting the pre-cum juice that had already escaped. Remembering last night’s escapades, she hungrily engulfed his cock.

She had to have him as much as she could and as often too. She knew that it wouldn’t take Stan long to get the truck back running and then Phil would be off to Florida. Her hand grabbed his balls and began to massage them. She could feel him tense up and ease off some with each squeeze. Blu knew that she could get him to explode with a couple more squeezes, but she didn’t want to. Phil looked down at her and let out a little moan, dayum that girl knew how to give head, he thought.

Her mouth was sliding up and down his cock in a rhythm that he had never felt before. Blu sucked hard on the pulsating member that she had in her mouth. Her lips slid up to the tip and tongue traced his tip again. Licking the head and shaft, she made her way down to the 2 sacs. Taking one in her hand, she began licking and sucking on it. In one swift motion, her mouth had encased one of his balls. She could hear him moan in delight. Blu sucked on one then the other, as her hand slid up and down the shaft.
She knew what she wanted to do, but she wasn’t sure how he would respond. Standing up and releasing her suction on his balls, she grabbed her breast, tweaked the nipples a little, and brought them down close to Phil’s swollen cock. Her hand reached out, took his member, and placed them between her heavy breasts. Pushing on each sides of her breast, she slid up and down Phil’s cock. His tip would touch her bottom lip ever now and then, so she stuck out her tongue to tease it. Phil’s legs tense up and he was so ready to blow his load, but was holding back, because he was so enjoying her treatment.

She knew he was close, so she readied herself for his release. She çankaya escort slid down his cock with her breast’s just enough for the tip to be exposed. He looked down at her as she opened her mouth, he couldn’t hold back any longer, his release was long and hard, and she took in every drop. After it was done, Blu licked her lips and let out a little giggle.

Both tired and well filled looked at each other relaxing and trying to catch their breath.

“Why don’t we get something to eat?” Phil suggested. “I’m sure you have something good in that fabulous kitchen of yours.”

Phil followed her to the kitchen admiring her sexy naked ass swaying back and forth. It took all his control to heel his wanting erection from invading her again. They walked into the kitchen and again he marveled at its simple elegance. The counters wrapped around three sides and were a shining European marble. All the appliances were a gleaming stainless steel from the refrigerator to the little toaster sitting in the corner. The ceiling boasted a series of recessed lighting, and over the center island hung an ornate pot rack made of fallen timbers most likely found locally. Shining stainless steel Clad cookware shimmered the light in a dazzling display making an array of spotlight areas in the room.

The cupboards and molding was a light stained mahogany with gold trimmed accents. Close to the entrance was an antique table with six high arched back chairs. None matched exactly to any other one, but it added a sense of unique antiquity to the room. Two windows connected the outside world to the kitchen. Above the three basin sink sat a small six-pain window. The view was of a narrow line of trees and a small stream that trickles softly down the rocky hillside. The other was at the end of the table and was a larger bay window with a seat.

Through it filtered light shone out onto an open yard filled with an array of hummingbird feeders and squirrels. Phil watched as a pair of them scurried around a picnic table in the distance. Each taking turns following the other.

Phil turned just in time to see Blu open the fridge. A cold flow of air floated up her naked body and perked her nipples. Both stood out in their glory tightening and darkening the aurora that surrounded them. Phil smiled as he walked over behind her. He coiled his arm around her and gently tugged on her right nipple. The full sensation ripple through her still overly sensitive body. She recoiled back into him as his other arm surrounded her. He kept her close covering both nipples from the cool air as they looked at what little she actually had in the refrigerator.

Phil was amazed that a woman would have less in her fridge then he ever did. Sitting on the shelves were three blueberry bagels in a bag, some cream cheese, half a dozen eggs, part of a half-gallon of milk, Strawberries, 10 or 11 Corona’s and a bottle of Martini & Rossi champagne.

“Quite the gourmet I see.” He said laughing. “I see bagels in our future.”

Blu backed herself against his hardened cock. She slowly tightened her butt around it.

“There escort etlik are other things we could have for breakfast.”

She pulled out the bagels and moved towards the toaster on the counter. Phil followed almost directly behind her never letting completely go with his hands. She placed two of the bagels in the toaster and pushed the lever down, then turned around facing him.

“Is this all about little ole me?” she said with an exaggerated southern accent while stroking his hard on. “It’s seemed so perky around me since I meet you. Almost like a divining rod when it’s found water.”

Her hand gripped him from underneath so that her fingers could glide down along his ball. She delicately slid in-between them bouncing them from side to side. She massaged gently up and down making sure to tug slightly on the tip. Each upward motion easing out another bit of warm pre-cum. She never looked down as she fondled him only directly up into his eyes. They were locked into each other’s gaze mesmerized by each other’s touch.

Phil stood still as he could thrusting into her motions as he ran his fingers through her hair. One hand cupped just behind her head the other stroking from her cheek to the ends of her blonde locks. He pushed his body against hers making her back against the counter. He caught her hand in-between them still holding the tip of his cock. She slowly rubbed her thumb up and down across the tip covering it in a thin layer of pre-cum.

Phil leaned forward for a kiss as the bagels popped up startling them both. Blu jumped up landing slightly on the edge of the counter as Phil grabbed a hold of her. They sat and laughed for a second as a devilish thought crept across Phil’s smile.

Phil hoisted Blu up the rest of the way on the counter and slid her into the corner. She gasped not knowing what he was up to.

“I think the bagels are ready?…” She said as she lost her grip on him as he lifted her legs up and onto the adjoining counters.

Her eyes widened as he spread her legs and leaned her back. Holding her feet firmly against the counter Phil began to kiss softly along her inner thighs. Each kiss grew closer to her ever-dampening heat. Blue looked down in astonishment. She had never made love in the kitchen more less on the counter. Phil’s touches excited her. She could feel his warm breath steaming across her ever-hardening clit. She was almost embarrassed at how wet such a simple touch was making her.

“I take it you were in the mood for something else besides bagels?” She queried inside of a light moan as he moved closer to the center of her passions.

Phil kissed up both thighs and stopped just short of Blu’s soaked mound. Blu yearned for him to drive his tongue or fingers deep inside of her. She reached for him and tried to force his head into position, but every attempt she made was resisted. Instead Phil ran his tongue softly along the outside of her subtle lips tasting her dripping juices wanting them all, but wanting something else first. Phil suckled on her soft lips pulling in one at a time. His tongue ankara demetevler escort slide across her wet slit tempting but never plunging in. For five minutes he repeatedly taunted her.

She couldn’t take it she wanted to go and she wanted it all over his face. She wanted to be able to taste it in his mustache when she kissed him and she wanted it now. With each passing second her thrill grew. She pawed and tugged at his hair to no avail. He was going to do this at his pace weather she wanted to or not.

Without warning Phil seized her clit between his teeth sucking it in biting down easily on it and flicking what was inside with his tongue. She screamed and gripped the counter palms flat as a sudden intense orgasm ripped through her body. Phil continues to suckle her clit as he drove his middle and index finger deep inside of her. He felt along the top wall of her locating the slightly rough folds of her G-spot. He pressed into it running his fingers in tiny circles all the while lapping her hardened clit.

Blu’s body shivered as waves of pleasure shot through her. Each one a tiny orgasm building inside of her focused around Phil’s persistent fingers. Phil felt a mass of warm and wet surrounding his fingers and knew that she was close. A sudden intense glow filled Blu’s body focused on her connection with Phil. Every muscle in her body tensed. Phil felt her body go ridged and her already tight pussy clinch his fingers. He knew she was where he wanted her and he wasn’t going to stop now.

Quickly he pulled his fingers out hard across her G-spot. He drove is tongue hard into her clit relentlessly circling it and flicking it. With each touch Blu’s body shook with the strain of need and desire.

Knowing she couldn’t handle anymore Phil bit down on her clit wrapping his tongue one last time around it. Blu almost fainted as one of the most intense orgasm she had had ripped through her body. As it did she spurted out into Phil’s waiting mouth. She gasped as her pussy contracted pushing out more and more fluid. Phil greedily lapped up every bit coving his mustache and goatee in her sweet juices. Blu’s body collapsed under the final orgasm, but Phil continued to tease and taunt her pussy. He gorged himself on her, ravishingly lapping up all her tender juices.

Blu’s hands gravitated to the top of his head stroking his hair as he finished cleaning the mess he had made on her. She slipped her hands under his chin and pulled him up to her lips. She slowly rolled her tongue around his lips and suckled on his mustache tasting her mixed with him. They locked in a kiss.

Phil felt across Blu’s relaxed body pulling her legs tight against his side. She could feel the cool touch of the tip of his cock on her leg. As it rubbed against it a trail of cool moisture slid behind it. He was embarrassed that he couldn’t contain his excitement of eating her tender pussy.

Blu eased herself forward on the counter tightening her thighs around Phil’s waist. He felt his solid hard on slid up along her soaking heat. She shivered as the tip of his cock rubbed across her clit and forcing her to clinch down around his waist. Phil glided himself along her Feeling his excitement grow even stronger with each pass across her swollen clit. Using her legs Blu forced him down further and as Phil moved up he slide easily deep inside of her.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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