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It seems almost surreal, sitting here with you in the bar. It feels like it’s only been a few months but I know it’s been years. I’m feeling confident tonight. I was hoping you would come, but I’m surprised to see you. I want to sit down next to you but I make sure there’s an empty seat between us. Just being that close is enough. Dangerous. That’s the word I think of around you. I haven’t seen you since high school, but you still have the same aura of easy going, confident sex appeal. Tonight I want to let go. I want to make you feel what you made me feel all through high school. I want to make you ache for me.

I’ve missed you since I left for college. Each day I saw you was significant. Walking in to see your smile made my day. And now, sitting with all my college buddies, you smile at me and I can feel my body respond. I’ve missed that feeling. How can you make me feel so breathless with just a look? I try to act like I can’t feel my body responding to you. Not in front of these people. They don’t know how we flirted for years, how I never had the nerve to take it beyond friendly joking. Nothing would ever come of it. But I’m not the innocent girl I was four years ago, and I find myself feeling free. I almost want to tell you I wasn’t just joking. I almost want to blurt out that all that flirting was true for me. It’s not just an attraction, it’s like you touch me with your eyes. When I walked by, I would catch the scent of you. When I got home from school, I had to change my panties. I got wet in class thinking about you.

A few beers later and we’re all standing up, sitting back down, going back and forth to the bar and to the jukebox. As I come back to the table, you pull out the chair next to you and tell me you want me next to you. I can feel warmth between my thighs when you say that. I know it’s a bad idea, but I take the seat. And when I sit down, I make sure my knee touches yours beneath the table. Such a bad idea, but I’m so tired of being good, of telling myself not to act out what I’m thinking. Just for tonight, I want to feel your body next to mine. I notice you seem surprised, you sit up straight. Are you wondering if it was accidental? I scoot my chair a little closer and slip my knee underneath yours. Now you know. That’s no accident. I wonder how you’ll react. You don’t move away. My right thigh is warm against yours.

And it goes like this, for an hour, or maybe two. I’m drinking too much, more than I should. I feel myself passing from tipsy to drunk, and I order another beer anyway. My leg has been touching yours for so long now. My nipples are hard. My skin feels super sensitive. With every movement I feel my clothes against my skin. I’m having trouble following the conversation at the table, but it’s not because of the beer. It’s because your hand is on my knee. I tell myself that no one at the table will notice. My hands are both on top of the table. I make sure they stay there. I don’t want my buddies gossiping about this later. Your hand traces just a little bit up my thigh, and I can feel my legs spreading apart in response. Now I’m thinking we shouldn’t go this far. I don’t etimesgut escort think I can act cool and normal with your hand on my thigh, sliding up. My hand goes under the table to meet yours. I feel a gentle squeeze, and you take my hand over to your thigh.

Well, two can play that game. Let’s see if you can be calm with my hand on YOUR thigh. But as I’m stroking your thigh, your hand meets mine again and draws it up, up to the place I’ve been thinking about all along. I can feel you firm and warm through your jeans, and for just a moment I freeze. I have wanted so much to touch you there but I almost don’t dare. My hand stays for a moment before I decide. What the hell. This is what I want. What I have wanted for so long. I explore you with my fingertips, lightly pressing against your jeans. I find the tip curled to the side and stroke more firmly. You feel so hard and the jeans are so tight, it must be uncomfortable. I wrap my hand around you as much as I can and rub up and down the length of your cock. I’m thinking about how much I want to unzip your pants and watch you spring up, released. I’m thinking about my mouth stroking you instead of my hand. I stop before I get carried away. My hands back up on the table, I take a steadying swig of beer. My breath is coming too fast; I can feel the flush on my cheeks. Your eyes find mine and I can feel myself blush a bit, but I meet your eyes and try to put into them what I’m thinking. That might have been nice, but I want to do more.

It’s not long before your hand is back down on my leg. But now you’re more aggressive, and I feel your hand slide up and one finger strokes lightly down between my thighs. I almost writhe in my chair. You have no idea how much that light touch made me feel. You do it again and I can’t handle it. I can’t control myself or my face, and I jump up and go back to the bar to close my tab. God, I can feel how wet my pussy is. I feel hot and swollen. I want to feel you so badly I ache inside. I have to get out of here before I make a fool of myself. I remind myself that I’m in a public place, that I’m sitting in a bar with people I have to see tomorrow. I have to get a grip. When I get back to the table, I tell my friends that I have to go. It’s late, and I have to work tomorrow. You offer to walk me to my car, and I smile.

When we get to my car, I turn around. You’re standing a couple feet away, and you seem less confident. Suddenly I am, too. You start to tell me that I’ll probably never see you again, and I nod. I know. You’re only in town for a week. You ask if you can kiss me goodbye. Yes, yes. I think maybe the kiss will be soft, erotic, but instead your mouth meets mine and so does your body. It’s almost too much, feeling you pressed against me, your open mouth meeting mine and it’s the most heated kiss I’ve ever experienced. My mind is reeling and I feel your hands cup my breasts beneath my shirt, not gentle but passionate, demanding. Your hand slides under my shirt by the time I realize you have me pressed against the car, your hips pressed against mine, and I can feel you hard against me and it’s almost too much. sincan escort You pull back a little, still kissing, and before I know it my belt is undone, my zipper is lowered, and you’re sliding your hand down the front of my pants, your hand cupping my pussy and feeling the wetness that has soaked through my panties. I moan into your mouth and you pull back. One hand is under my shirt, you’ve moved my bra to the side and you’re cupping my breast, your fingers pinching the nipple so hard it almost hurts it feels so good. Your other hand is where I want it, one finger tracing lightly like before, this time with only my panties between your finger and my pussy. You ask me, do I want you here, like this? Oh God yes. Will you let me fuck you? Yes. Here against the car? Yes. Now. Here.

Your hands pull down my pants and I’m left standing in my panties. You cup my ass and pull me against you. I can feel you lift me and I find myself sitting on the hood of the car. Your mouth is hot and wet against mine and I feel your hands sliding my panties down my thighs. Your hands go back up, cup my face, trace down my neck, curve around my breasts, and down to my thighs. You spread me wide and your mouth moves from my lips to my neck, and lower, biting my nipples through my shirt, your fingers gently parting my warm folds. I can’t seem to help pushing my hips up against your hand, and it makes a finger slide inside me. I moan again and you slide your finger in and out, still biting at my breasts through the shirt. God I want you so bad. I can feel my heart beating down between my thighs, a deep hot throbbing. I want to savor this moment but I feel like I have no self control. I find myself begging you to fuck me. I want to feel you inside me. I want to feel your cock slide inside me. I want you to fuck me, please baby, I need it so bad.

And then you’re there, ready for me and pushing in where I need you. I feel you slide deep inside me, and deeper, and I grab helplessly at your shoulders, trying hard not to leave nail marks on your skin. You slide in and out a few times, spreading my wetness all over your cock, making me moan with pleasure. You start to go faster and I find myself struggling not to moan too loud. Soon you’re pumping in and out so hard and so fast that I can’t keep quiet. In spite of myself I know I’m making too much noise. We’re in a public parking lot and the idea that someone could see us makes me nervous but it’s also a huge turn on. Your hands reach up and I feel my nipples twisting between your fingers, and it’s almost too much. I can feel myself starting to tighten up around you, and I don’t try to hold anything back. I feel myself come around you, in tight spasms as your cock fucks me. You slow down but don’t pull out. When I can think again I realize that you didn’t come. I ask you why. You kiss me and your mouth finds my ear. Your cock still buried inside me, you whisper that you want to feel my lips around your cock. You didn’t wait this long to get one quick fuck in a parking lot. Hot as it was, you want more. You tell me that you want me to lick your dick clean. Will I do that? Yes.

You pull escort etimesgut out, still hard, coated with the wetness from my pussy. Your pants are down around your ankles and for a moment I take a quick look around. Has anyone noticed that there are two people at the far end of the parking lot with nothing on below the waist? I feel your hand pushing down on my shoulder and you tell me you want to feel my mouth. I kneel down, the pants I was wearing earlier acting as a pad to kneel on, and cup your balls with one hand. My tongue finds the tip of your cock, and I start to lick all around the head, sucking you into my mouth, the taste of my pussy all over you. Your hand finds my hair, pulling it back for me, and I let your hand guide my head back and forth across your cock. I pull back for a moment so that I can lick up and down the length of you, removing all traces of my pussy, leaving you. Now I can taste only you, your skin so soft over the hardness of your erection. I lick up and down, slide my hand around the base of your cock and pull you up, so that I can lick my way across your balls. You taste salty, and instead of the smooth texture of your cock I feel the rough texture of pubic hair against my tongue. I open my mouth wide, sucking in as much of your balls as I can fit, feeling my teeth press lightly against your skin. You moan and I pull back, my mouth returning to the tip of your cock.

With one hand I continue to caress your balls, my other hand around the base of your cock, stroking back and forth. I slide the tip of your cock into my mouth, sucking you in and out, and make a quick circle around the tip with my tongue. You moan and I taste a small spurt of your own wetness. I do it again and you reward me with another moan. I probe the underside of the head of your cock with my tongue, feeling that line that leads up to the small opening, probing with my tongue, asking you to give me more. You groan, asking me if you can come in my mouth. To answer, I suck you deeper in, stroking harder with my hand, rubbing my tongue along your length. I feel you getting close and your hand tightens on my hair, pushing my face harder between your legs. You pump your hips in and out, and I relax, letting you fuck my mouth like you did my pussy. You start to come with a jerk, and I feel your warm saltiness spurt into my mouth. I moan to encourage you as you shoot your load into my mouth. A little trickles down my throat but I don’t let any escape my lips. As you finish, I swallow your load and lick again at the tip, getting the last drop off your skin. I feel you start to relax, but I feel reluctant to move away from you. I rest my cheek against your inner thigh, my lips still barely touching your cock.

You laugh softly and pull me to my feet. You kiss me, deep and probing like before, but with satisfaction instead of urgency. I know you can taste yourself on my lips, but it doesn’t seem to bother you. You ask me if I know of any hotels nearby. I thought you were staying with someone? You say you are, but you want to find a more private place to continue this. Ah… I thought I was never going to see you again? You look serious for a moment. You’re leaving town in a week. And once you do, it’s unlikely we’ll ever meet again. But in the meantime, you want to enjoy what you can. I smile. I always fantasized about you taking me from behind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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