Revenge on Kyrhan Ch. 02

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Chapter 02

Nazneen enters Kyrhan’s harem

Dedicated to real life Nazneen and to Jill who together inspired this story hoping they will like it.


One of my readers pointed out I should give a small summary of the previous adventures of prince Kyrhan and his beloved Kira. Kyrhan is a modern days Indian prince and politician. He is strong, large and sex addicted. He seduced a tourist woman named Kira and befriended her French husband Dan, introducing both of them to a life of sexual adventures. Their encounter is narrated in the series Good morning India… Kyrhan married Kira in the traditional Indian fashion under a makeshift identity he forged for her. Kira is a mature, pretty woman with guts for anything from managing an International class Hotel in India to receiving the VIP guests of her Indian husband or fucking a guy on the lawn in front of twenty friends. A group of Indian Dalits are totally devoted to her…

Nazneen had tried to murder Kyrhan to avenge her uncle who had been killed in an engagement during a war between India and Pakistan when the Prince was a commando officer at the border. Nazneen had been gradually convinced by Kira to relinquish her feud and accept to consider the death of her uncle as a war casualty. When she left, Kira had told her that she could come back anytime if she wanted to become included into Kyrhan’s harem, the group of girls gravitating around the Prince at any time. Nazneen was a deep rooted dominatrix and submitting to Kyrhan’s desires had been a terrible effort for her! Kira had been almost certain she would never hear of this unusual girl anymore…

The present story takes place a few months after Nazneen’s return to her hometown in Pakistan.

_ _ _

Kira walked through the lobby of the hotel on the way to her office when she was hailed by one of the customers. That was so unusual that she stopped in her tracks : she was wearing a stunning but simple aqua blue silk saree showing off the mouth watering expanse of her nice belly and her wide swaying hips that would give regrets to an eunuch! No one but close friends had ever dared to call her by her name. She turned her head toward the boor. When her scornful gaze met the man, she had difficulties recognizing him : it was Gupta, the Birmingham greengrocer who had enslaved her friend Leena and her husband Peter, the man who was a lusty janitor at the Demeanor school she had attended a few years before.

Falling into his clutches had been the constant fear of all the girls there. Kira had to admit it was an important part of the thrill for them, perhaps even more than the perspective of having to wear a naughty school girl uniform in public at any time and of being sternly punished by the horrible Mr Gupta for any peccadillo! Kira hadn’t seen him now for more than ten months and, frankly, she didn’t miss him!

Gupta was wearing an immaculate Dhoti that must have been issued by a good local tailor. He looked like any businessman who was a guest in the hotel. Kira should have studied more closely the list of the new guests! She swiftly glanced around but Leena wasn’t anywhere around. She would certainly have contacted Kira to announce her arrival. Half hidden by the massive body of Gupta, there was a slender figure with very pale skin : a pretty blonde girl with freckles. She was most probably English and she looked ill at ease in her brand new saree.

How a simple greengrocer like Gupta had gathered the money to book a room in the hotel? But her professional instinct took over and she smiled to her visitor :

– Mr Gupta! How nice to meet you here!

– A pleasure to see you, Princess! I had never visited your hotel! Now that my little shop is now an important chain in England, I may become a regular guest! May I present you Susan : she is in charge of a supermarket in my chain and I decided to give her a bonus for her assiduous work in the last months : a two weeks stay in your hotel!

– Hello, Susan! I wish you’ll enjoy your stay in India!

Curiously, Susan had blushed beet root and kept gazing at her toes. Kira should investigate : there was some mystery there! Susan was wearing a richly embroidered purple wedding saree with a veil covering her head completely out of place in the hotel lobby unless she was a bride but Gupta hadn’t presented her as his wife. She was far too young for that! A bride, why not but not to that lecherous old fart!

– Have you already checked in, Mr Gupta?

– Yes. I’ve booked the nuptial suite!

– Ahemmm! May I congratulate you! Your young bride seems delicious!

– Don’t misunderstand me! Susan is married to one of my employees. She isn’t my wife, of course! I took her with me just for the pleasure of breeding her in a Maharajah’s bed. Her hubbie will take care of the baby! I’m not very interested by diapers!

– I should have thought that you keep to your nasty old tricks, Gupta!

– Tut, Tut, Princess! I’m a paying guest and you must address to me in the most polite way! ankara escort I would have liked to come with Leena, too so that I would be like your husband with my little harem but she had already left with Dina and Peter to Rio de Janeiro! Now I’m rich, too and you have to pay consideration to me, slut!

– Do you want me to call for my Dalits team, bastard. They would be quite eager to offer you for lunch to a tiger. We have one in the forest nearby.

Susan listened to the exchange terrified of discovering someone was ready to confront her almighty boss! She was thrilled to discover that a woman was that bold!

Gupta decided to bow away and led Susan by the hand to their suite. He wanted to wipe out his frustration by owning Susan. Kira would fume but she couldn’t do anything openly. He had enjoyed defying her!

He ordered Susan to lie on the king size bed and part her legs. He moved forward on his knees toward his victim, freeing his cock from the confines of his dhoti. Susan was totally tamed as she made not the slightest move of rebellion when he crudely pushed his fingers under the hem of her saree. He had a sardonic smile when he found that her pussy was gaping open and dripping wet, ready to accommodate him! Yes he had done a good job at transforming her into a complete submissive. She now relished abandoning her body to her Master!

A moment later, her thighs were glistening with perspiration, squeezing his waist, and locking his body against hers. Her pussy was pulsating on his fingers, she looked up searching for his eyes and she captured them….pleading for release, already unable to even mouth the words of submission, just whimpering helplessly as she offered herself completely to his lust…

He grabbed her ass cheeks in his hands and lifted them up, aligning his cock with her hole. She hadn’t still ovulated : so there was no need to dump his seed into her pussy. Susan was quite aware that her master intended to breed her in the coming days and have her husband bear the shame of having to take care of a colored baby that couldn’t be his! But she couldn’t imagine herself facing Mr Gupta as this woman, Kira had done. Gupta really enjoyed fucking such a beautiful married woman but he was dreaming of inflicting the same fate to Kira. Susan was his prey but he didn’t really care for her. He wanted to make Kira into his willing slave, nothing less!

Susan’s ass was so tight, her lust so wanton, her passion so arousing but he dreamed of something else as he entered her hole with no caution. Susan’s back passage had been copiously reamed in the recent months and she didn’t need any undue care, did she? He thrust faster, deeper…taking her really! She had locked her ankles tightly behind his back, her heels pulling him deep into her… She was in need for him now…, begging him to fuck her ass hard! She was unable to control herself any longer : Mr Gupta had really trained her to the perfection. He was taking her, enjoying her, groaning with each stroke, completely captivated by how incredible she felt, how she sounded as he ploughed merciless into her ass hole with her pussy left idle and unused.

Gupta stopped his relentless pounding : he wanted to tease Susan a bit before fucking her again.

– Susan, you are really a cock hungry slut! Don’t you agree with me?

– I’m what my Master wants me to be, nothing else, Master!

– Good, wench! Now tell me when you should ovulate?

– Theoretically in two days, Master! My period is quite regular!

– Perfect! I inform you that I’ve taken the ultimate decision : You’ll be bred tomorrow evening!

– My Master’s wishes are my orders, Master!

– Then when your husband will come back from his training in Brazil, you’ll have a bulging tummy!

– Yes, Master, I’ll be pregnant by nearly eight months! I’ll have a really huge belly and he will immediately know that our Master has knocked me up!

– Yes. There will be no doubt for him as he has left two months ago… How will you feel carrying my baby?

– Proud of it, Master. I just hope he or she will be as dark skinned as you are! I know it is what you want!

– True, Susan! Tomorrow, I’ll have a photograph of us taken in your wedding saree and you’ll replace your wedding photograph with it, as soon as we are back home! You’ll discard all the pictures of your marriage with John before he comes back home!

– Yes, Master!

The perspective of the ultimate humiliation for John tremendously excited Gupta. He resumed fucking Susan to her intense relief. His hips rocked back and forth in tune with her writhing… His breath was now ragged and primal… his desire was now totally unleashed as he grabbed her hips, pulling her against him… Kira and John were now forgotten for some time! Gupta needed to fully own this little female! Her shrieks of ecstasy were now exuberant, joyful in the knowledge that soon… pretty soon she would cum…, that her master would cum into her ass hole, that in two days, he would etimesgut escort cum in her pussy at last! She couldn’t wait for it! Her main duty was to please Mr Gupta or his friends : her own wishes had no more significance!

Susan’s head tossed back and side to side… Her hair was strewn about… The pillows and sheets were wet with their unbridled lust…Her hand was torn between grasping the sheets and squeezing her nipples…Her other hand was a fleeting blur on her clit as she wanked herself eagerly… Mr Gupta had repeatedly explained her he didn’t want her to keep something back. She had to enjoy everything he did to her and try not to cum when other men fucked her. She didn’t always succeeded… Mr Gupta gasped helplessly :

– Yes… Yes, my pretty little pussy! Your sweet ass feels sooo good!!!

He mercilessly pounded in and out of her buttocks… Hunger, thirst, insatiable desire to be with her…to be inside her…to fuse with her… He was a beast unleashed… He roared as he sunk deeper into her…

– Now!! I’m coming! I’m filling your tight bum with my cum, my sweet naughty English Rose!

Her screams reverberated all around the room as she cummed… Her hips thrust hard upward and onto him… Her head arched back, the only contact she had with the sheets as her hips were lifted in the air by his powerful arms… Her feet were beating a tattoo on his buttocks. Her mouth was now gaping open in a silent scream… Her body was quivering over and over again… Her ass cheeks were milking him completely of his sperm as he held himself fully embedded into her… His head was thrown back, his cock was spasming madly as he filled her bowels with his cum. Still in the throes of a deep common ecstasy, they collapsed in each other’s arms. Still breathing rapidly, her hard nipples were pressed into his chest. Lost in the moment, neither of them was willing to part.

Kira had walked silently in front of the door of the nuptial suite. From the revealing noises permeating through the door, there was no doubt about what Gupta and this little Susan were doing. Susan seemed to really enjoy being the fuck toy of Gupta and she couldn’t see a way to thwart Gupta’s plans. Kira had just returned to her office when her cell phone buzzed. She answered automatically. She recognized immediately the warm voice of Nazneen. Kira was quite surprised but it was a pleasant surprise!

– Hello, Nazneen, a pleasure to hear from you!

– Good morning, Kira!

– Good morning to you, too! How can I help you?

– You… You told me that I could come back any time I wanted. You specified I should inform you so that you would fetch me at the airport!

– Yes, dear!

– Then I should arrive on the plane from Teheran at 12h15 tomorrow! I will come with my husband!

– Good! May I ask you whether it’s just a courtesy visit or are you planning something more official!

– You told me that to become a full member of Kyrhan’s harem, I should get knocked up by him with my husband watching the deed!

– That’s true! Did you tell him about it!

– Of course and, since then, he had been pestering me to organize it. In fact, he wanted babies since our marriage and I wasn’t as eager as he was. I’m a DOME and I would never have a baby from a lowly submissive, even from him! He had realized he would never father my progeny but Kyrhan is obviously a DOME too. I had no qualms considering him although he is much older than I am!

– I can testify his virility is quite sufficient for your requirements! Just a point : I proposed you to have your husband siring a baby with a girl of your choice for him not to get jealous.

– Yes and you offered yourself if I wanted. Are you still ready for it?

– Of course!

– That proves you are truthful but I consider you to be also a Dome and I don’t want any part in such a misalliance. Don’t you have some lowly servant girl that could do the job?

– Uuhh. I have two or three at hand but two of them are already pregnant and the last one is in Europe… Abortion is out of question but…

– But?

– You told me you were arriving tomorrow?

– Yes!

– Then I may have a solution here but your husband will have to obey me without question!

– Needless to say, Kira! I’ll tell him to do so!

At the first opportunity, Kira presented her apologies to Gupta who was coming back from the photography session with Susan. He would have a dozen of pictures to show his friends. He had ordered a photo book especially for John, just to show him who Susan’s mate was now! Gupta seemed surprised and quite elated when she invited him to meet Prince Kyrhan on the next day public hearing. His vanity was so deeply ingrained in his mind that being considered as worthy to be a counsel for Kyrhan seemed to him a simple recognition of his improved rank. He was just distraught by the idea of leaving Susan alone for the evening. Kira told him that she was receiving a Pakistani female friend and Susan could join ankara etimesgut escort them. Gupta seemed relieved and, on the next day, he hurried to Kyrhan’s side, looking down to the spectators with evident haughtiness.

Kira received Nazneen and Susan in her own apartments in the harem. She encouraged Nazneen to develop her ideas about the coupling of submissive and dominatrix people. Nazneen who had been previously informed of Susan’s situation by Kira asked quite genuinely :

– And you, Susan, do you consider yourself as a dome or a submissive?

– Oh I must recognize that I’m at heart a submissive! But my boss doesn’t share your opinion : he is a dome and he wants to knock me up tonight! If there’s nothing wrong, I must have ovulated or will be today! My Master will claim me as soon as he comes back from the meeting with prince Kyrhan and there will be no question about it!

– And do you agree with it?

– No your point of view seems much more interesting : dome male should fuck dome females and submissive males should fuck submissive females.

– Then if I offered you to a submissive male, you would allow him to fuck you and you wouldn’t tell it to your boss?

– Certainly not : he could fire me!

– Then watch me!

In a quite theatrical gesture, Nazneen stood up, she took the sheet covering her seat and pulled it up. Susan gasped when she saw that the seat was in reality a nude man crouching on the floor : he was young, about the same age as her husband John. When Nazneen orderedd him to stand up, he obeyed immediately and Susan discovered he was cute and totally naked. His cock was long and meaty : it would fill her pussy nicely! Her heart jumped in her chest when she realized he was certainly a submissive, just the ideal match for her! Nazneen didn’t allow her any time to dwell on her different options :

– Susan, I want you to take off your saree and everything you wear underneath. Just keep your rings and your jewels!

Gupta had trained Susan to be totally obedient but he had never envisioned that her training would turn against his plansd. Susan hastily complied to the orders she had been given in a very commandeering voice. Without thinking to it, she stood at attention in front of Nazneen, waiting for her next orders. She didn’t have to wait for long!

– Susan, I want you on your four on the floor at my feet! On your knees and hands with your back flat and your knees as widely parted as you can. Good! Now lift up your head and open your mouth. Good! Now move toward me and place your head under my saree. You are going to lick my clit while your stud fucks you. When I had cummed, you’ll offer the same service to princess Kira!

– I’ll abide, Mistress!

– You have better, cunt! You’ll also have to clean the cock of your stud each time he cums into your pussy. Then you’ll have to revive him with your mouth until I tell you to stop. You are here just to provide some entertainment for princess Kira and for myself and a receptacle for your stud’s sperm liquor. Have you understood it, slut?

– Yes, Mistress!

– Then you may start, stud. Susan is never to know your name, remember it!

– Yes, Mistress!

Nazneen’s husband was stunned by his good fortune. He was with his wife and two superb wenches and one of them was naked and totally offered to his lust. Having his wife and her friend watching him was a bit strange but he had been ready for anything since he had boarded the plane at Karachi airport. Nazneen had explained him that he would be expected to cover an undefined girl and this Susan was simply stunning with a milky skin and a beautiful body.

Susan had an earthy sensuality that aroused him tremendously. Her lips were full, sexy, the teeth very white and even. Her hair was thick and glossy. Her blue eyes were large and looked brighter as Kira had lined them with kajal. Her body was lovely, slender, beautifully proportioned with proud pendulous breasts that her position enhanced. She had a firm, flat belly and a really sweet round and tight ass. She had gripped his cock with her pussy muscles and he had felt his cock milked deliciously by her nutcracker sphincters. He had cummed into her pussy copiously without needing to move into her tight love tunnel. Nazneen had congratulated Susan and had ordered her to clean the cock of her stud with her tongue and revive him in her mouth : Kira and her wanted more action on the next round!

He bent his head and watched her sucking his cock, her face twisting from side to side, her slim fingers curled lovingly around the base of his thick shaft. Her gold necklace twinkled against her dusky skin. She took his cock deep in her mouth, her head moving back and forth. Her tongue coiled lovingly around his cock-head. He gripped the nape of her long neck and pulled her face deeper into his crotch. She obligingly took his cock deeper in her mouth, her lips almost touching the base, her nose brushing against his black pubic hair. She would have loved caressing him with her fingers, Her hands sliding up his thighs, her fingers cupping and squeezing delicately his heavy balls but Nazneen had told her to keep her hands to the floor and she wouldn’t disobey the stern commands she had been given.

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