Ride Me, Baby! Ch. 02

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“Gather round, ladies!” Gary’s voice rang out across the car park and all the excited chatter began to die down. “We need to take some publicity pictures, so could you all take your bikes and stand in a semi-circle by the hedge over there? Our celebrity guest, Lance Clarke, is arriving shortly and he’ll be joining the photo shoot too!”

Louise’s ears pricked up. Lance Clarke was an actor from one of her favourite soaps and she was dying to meet him in the flesh. The tabloids were always full of stories about his alleged wrong doings and he was fairly high profile. Fortunately, because he was a patron of their designated charity, he had deigned to be there for the big departure.

Just as they all lined up with their bikes for the local newspaper photographer, Lance Clarke duly arrived driving a sporty cabriolet. Twenty pairs of curious eyes stared as he screeched to a halt and opened the door. He was talking on his cell phone as he strode towards them. “Yes, darling, I’m aware of that,” he said loudly. “You know what rubbish the tabloids publish these days. I assure you it wasn’t me leaving that club in Soho.”

Everyone listened agog as the conversation rang out in the clear morning air.

“No, darling, I would never do that to you…” There was a long pause before Lance continued through gritted teeth.

“A villa in Mauritius?” He frowned. “I suppose I can try and take the time off…look, babe, I gotta go — doing a charity gig here and lots of folk waiting for me. Mwah!” The phone was flipped shut and he approached the group, his lean frame snugly decked out in Yves Saint Laurent and his bleached teeth smiling brilliantly.

“Hello, ladies!” he grinned as he stood before them and checked out all the tight lycra shorts on offer. “Well this is certainly a pleasure!”

Louise wasn’t so sure. He reeked of expensive aftershave and up close his face clearly showed signs of ravage.

“Lance! Fab to have you here!” beamed Gary, his ubiquitous smile firmly in place.

Lance held out a hand with a large Rolex watch gleaming on his wrist. “It’s my pleasure. I like to help lovely ladies enjoy a ride!” A few indiscreet titters broke out amongst the group and Louise rolled her eyes.

“Is he for real?” asked a tall woman standing behind her.

Louise laughed. “I know!” she grinned, “Does he love himself or what! I’m Louise by the way, what’s your name?”

“I’m Gillian.” The woman grinned back and took a step closer. “Have you done much training for this?”

Louise thought for a moment and wondered whether Paolo’s massage could be considered as a workout. “Quite a lot really. You?”

“Yep — I do triathlons for fun — but judging from some of the conversations this morning, not everyone has.”

They both rolled their eyes as they thought about the potential 5mph pace resulting from unfit cyclists. “Oh well, we’ll have fun regardless,” Louise said finally. “I dunno about you but I’m only going for the night out in Amsterdam.”

“Too fucking right!” Gillian looked rather excited at the prospect.

“Re-group ladies!” Gary yelled. “Lance is going to join us for some pictures!”

The women gathered round in a semi-circle again with the oily Lance centre stage just the way he liked. Louise couldn’t help but notice that his hand was firmly on the backside of one of the younger girls and his eyes were staring down her top as opposed to looking at the camera.

“EDAM!” shouted Gary and they dutifully smiled. They managed several pictures before Lance lost interest.

“Ooh Lance, can I have your autograph for my Nan?” squealed Rebecca, a young student from the local University.

“Sure thing, darling!” Lance puffed out his chest and flashed a thousand kilowatt smile at her. “How about walking over to my car and I’ll even sign a special photo for you!”

“Wow! That’s ace!” Rebecca was clearly star-struck at the prospect of a cheesy photo of Lance Clarke. She jogged after him, her large tits wobbling within her tight sports tee shirt while the rest of the group gathered round Gary for a quick discussion about the day’s itinerary.

Gary glanced after Rebecca and turned to Louise with a frown. “Could you ask her to hurry up?” he asked. “Time’s ticking on and I need to tell you all some important stuff before we set off.”

“Sure, Gary,” Louise nodded. She walked across the asphalt, wondering where Lance and Rebecca had disappeared to. The sound of voices drew her attention to a large bush beside Lance’s sleek car.

“Just come round here, darling,” Lance was saying in a low voice. “Now lean over so I can use your delectable little backside as a surface to write on!”

“Ooh Lance! You’re so naughty!” Rebecca giggled loudly.

“Keep it down, darling!” he hissed. “Don’t want the hordes following!”

Louise felt her blood boiling as she listened to the exchange. What a louse! She crept round the car carefully to see exactly what ataşehir escort bayan his sordid little game was.

Lance was resting a photograph on Rebecca’s bottom as he quickly scrawled his name across it. “Whom shall I dedicate it to?” he asked as an afterthought.

“My Nan, Irene,” squeaked Rebecca. “She’ll be stoked when she sees it!”

“No problem, darling. I love my fans!” Lance grinned and added a few kisses onto the signature for good measure. “Now what can I do for you, darling?” he asked as Rebecca stood up again. “Do you want a memento too?” He winked lecherously.

The girl blushed again. “Don’t know what you mean, Lance!” she giggled.

“How about a little kiss?” Lance grinned.

Rebecca’s face lit up like Christmas. “Ooh Lance!” she gushed. “My mates will never believe me when I tell ’em I’ve snogged that famous bloke off the telly!”

“No, I’m sure they wouldn’t!”

Louise nearly laughed; she figured Lance was hoping that would be the case. After all, he needed another tabloid kiss-and-tell frenzy like he needed a guest spot on the Jerry Springer Show. Any more rumoured shenanigans and his girlfriend would probably castrate him.

“Come here, darling, and let Lance show you what a real man is like!” He yanked her towards him and her muffled protest was smothered when he thrust his tongue down her throat. Her large breasts rubbed against his expensive silk shirt and he was soon groping them, squeezing the soft flesh in his hands. After a few seconds, he pulled away and stared at her contemplatively. “That’s a little unfair, darling,” he frowned.

“What, Lance?” She suddenly looked frightened to death, her cheeks all pink and flushed and her lips swollen.

“Now you’ve given me a huge hard-on and I have to go back over and talk to these nice people.”

Louise’s eyes were immediately drawn towards to the bulge in his expensive trousers. Not that huge, she thought dryly.

“I’m sorry, Lance,” murmured Rebecca apologetically. “I didn’t mean to…”

“Well – what are you going to do about it?” His voice was stern and Louise saw that Rebecca was beginning to tremble slightly. Oh hell, she needed to stop this right now before it got out of hand. Her cell phone suddenly began to vibrate in her pocket, indicating a call and she walked away, silently cursing.

It was her mother. Louise grumbled crossly as she reluctantly answered the call. She tried to concentrate on what her mother was saying, but it was difficult when thoughts of what Lance could be doing kept interrupting their conversation. When she eventually wound up the chat, she felt sure she had heard a faint groaning and immediately jogged round the side of the car.

“Lance!” she said brightly with a suspicious glance at Rebecca. “Gary needs us all back so he can go over a few things.”

“Sure, no problem,” grinned Lance effusively. “I’m just giving Rebecca here a signed photo.”

Rebecca was wiping something nasty off her face with a tissue and Louise wondered what the hell Lance Clarke had done in the time they’d been out of sight. Whatever it was, it looked dubious. She narrowed her eyes and vowed to quiz the girl later. Men like that needed a Government Health Warning stamping on their dicks.

“Come on, Rebecca, Gary needs us.” The girl straightened her tee shirt and nodded demurely. She grabbed her precious photo and followed Louise back across the car park while Lance answered yet another call on his cell phone.

Louise reached Gary just as a silver car appeared at the entrance to the car park and skidded to a halt by the fence with a screech of tyres. On the roof a bicycle was firmly secured and as Louise watched curiously, a tall, stocky man jumped out. She wondered idly if it was the other ride guide, Rick. So far he had been conspicuously absent although she’d seen Gary talking on his cell phone to someone earlier.

The guy looked rather nice and Louise only realised she was staring when he suddenly caught her eye and smiled. She blushed and smiled back, feeling rather silly for going all gooey eyed over a man.

“He looks alright!” commented Gillian with a smirk. “Pity I have a boyfriend.”

“Who is he?” asked Louise.

“Rick, the second ride guide I think?”

The girls feigned disinterest as Rick lifted his bike down. Their lecherous ogling was rudely interrupted when they were called over for a final group chat.

“Now then ladies,” Gary announced, “My partner in crime, Rick, has finally managed to turn up for the ride so we’ll be setting off shortly. Please could you all make sure your bags are in the support vehicle and that you have your passports available for when we check in on the ferry.” Quite a few women began to frantically root through their bags in search of errant passports.

“Rick, get over here and say hello!”

The man Louise had watched unloading his bicycle, strode towards them with a rueful escort kadıköy grin. “Hi, everyone!” he smiled. “Sorry I’m late — I forgot to bring my key for the bike lock and had to rush back home for it.”

They all laughed. “But I’m here now!” His face turned more serious. “I’ll be riding at the back of the group, keeping any stragglers going and making sure we don’t lose anybody en route. If you have any problems, give either myself, or Gary, a shout. We’re here to make this ride fun and we would hate for you to be struggling alone. Okay?”

Everyone nodded as Gillian whispered softly in Louise’s ear, “He can help me with a problem anytime he likes!”

Louise tried hard to keep a straight face, but a faint giggle unwittingly escaped and she saw Rick glance at her sharply. Fortunately, Lance Clark waving his hand in the air soon distracted him.

“I gotta go, ladies!” Lance yelled loudly. “Hello! Magazine are doing a piece and I need to jump on a plane to London.”

Yeah right, thought Louise cattily. Checking into rehab for sex addiction was a more likely scenario.

“No probs, Lance, we’re thrilled that you could make it,” said Gary gratefully, shaking Lance’s hand firmly.

“I hope you ladies enjoy your ride!” Lance beamed as he began to back off. He saw Rebecca gesturing at him but he studiously ignored her hopeful smile and shot off towards his car, cell phone once again fixed firmly to his ear.

With one last cheerful wave, he had driven off out of sight and they all began to assemble with their bikes.

“Right!” Gary announced, “It’s time to set off! Big smiles as we cycle down the road — the press photographer is going to take some more shots as we leave and we’ll be in Thursday’s edition.”

With a loud beeping of horns, the group set off en masse full of excitement. It was only two hundred and fifty miles to Amsterdam. What could possibly go wrong?

* * *

It had been a long day by the time they reached the ferry terminal. Several riders were complaining of sore backsides and Louise was very hungry. She was dying for a shower and a meal; not necessarily in that order.

“Passports, ladies!” shouted Gary over the noise of idling engines at the ferry check-in. Everyone handed them over and eventually cabin keys and bike tags were handed out. The group cycled up the steep ramp on to the ferry and wearily entered the bowels of the ship.

“What cabin number do you have?” asked Gillian when she secured her bike beside Louise’s.

“Erm, let me look,” Louise said, peering at the card she’d been given. “Deck 8, cabin 1045. How about you?”

“Same deck, but different cabin,” Gillian frowned. “Oh great – I wonder who I’m bunking with? It better not be that annoying cow, Alicia!”

They sniggered and glanced across towards the support car. Alicia was already making sure nobody mishandled her designer baggage. Whilst everyone else had managed to pack all their essentials in one small bag, she had felt the need to bring two, no doubt full to the brim with shoes, hair-irons and makeup.

“Well apart from her, I’m not too fussed who I share with,” said Gillian. “It would be nice to bunk up with Rick though!”

“Join the back of the queue,” grinned Louise. They turned and looked back towards the car as Alicia and her peroxide, Barbie doll friend, Cindy, simpered and giggled as Rick helped them with their bags.

“God, women like that give our gender a bad name!” Gillian muttered.

Louise nodded in agreement; Gillian was absolutely right. “Come on,” she sighed. “Let’s go find our cabins and see who we’re sharing with.”

* * *

Louise pushed the key card into the slot and peered at the light. It remained frustratingly red and the door refused to open. “Bloody thing!” she muttered crossly.

“Hey there, I think we’re sharing with you!”

She turned round to see two tall blonde women. “Hi, I’m Louise. Wanna try your key? Mine isn’t working for some reason.”

“I’m Sonya and this is my friend, Brigitte.” Sonya pulled her key card out of her pocket as Louise stepped aside.

She couldn’t help but notice that the two women were very alike. “Are you two sisters?” she asked curiously.

Sonya pushed her key card into the lock and it worked first time. “No, we’re just good friends.” The two smiled at each other briefly and Louise suddenly had a sense that they were rather closer than ‘just good friends’.

The three women walked into the cramped cabin with their bags. “Wow, it’s really spacious!” marvelled Louise in disbelief. There was hardly room to swing a cat. With a sigh she threw her bag on one of the bunks and flopped down.

She needed a shower but it suddenly seemed like more effort than she was capable of. Cycling in the hot sun all day had been surprisingly hard. Her legs were fine, but her body felt weary. “Wake me up when you’ve finished in the bathroom,” she said sleepily as her bostancı escort eyes closed.

* * *

By the time Louise stood on the upper deck wishing Leonardo Di Caprio was with her, she felt miraculously revived again. The three-course dinner washed down with several vodka’s had certainly done the trick.

It was a warm, balmy night and the sea rolled gently as the huge ship powered onwards towards Rotterdam while up above stars twinkled brightly in the inky sky. There were very few people out on deck at this late hour; most of the ride group had elected to dance in the ‘Diva Lounge’ to the latest disco sounds. Louise had left Gillian with Sam and Natasha, their new best friends.

The noise and smoke had suddenly began to irritate her and she had decided to take a dose of fresh air in the hope that it would make her feel sleepy enough for bed. So far it wasn’t working.

The breeze wafted her hair around her face and she closed her eyes, inhaling the salty aroma. “I wish I was Kate Winslet”, she muttered to herself.

“I think you look fine as you are,” replied a male voice.

Louise spun round, startled. Rick stood behind her, the remains of a pint of beer in one hand.

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” she said, unsure of what else to say. Suddenly she felt horribly shy.

Rick smiled enigmatically and joined her at the railings. “It’s lovely out here at night,” he commented. “Well, unless there’s a force ten gale blowing!”

“How are you enjoying the ride so far?” he continued politely.

“Oh it’s been great!” she grinned. Now that the conversation had returned to neutral territory, she relaxed again. “I’m looking forward to tomorrow — Holland is beautiful.”

“Yep, it is,” said Rick. “Tomorrow’s the longest ride though,” he warned her. His gaze dropped down her body fleetingly before returning to her face. “But I think you’ll cope!” He smiled warmly and once again Louise felt a spark of attraction but she stamped on it firmly. Men were the last thing she needed on this ride — she was here to enjoy herself and unsuitable dalliances were definitely not on her agenda.

“I’m sure I will,” she replied politely. “Right, I’m off to bed. See you in the morning!” She swiftly downed the dregs of her vodka and shot off like a scalded cat, leaving Rick staring after her curiously.

* * *

It was semi-dark in the cabin when Louise awoke. Moonlight shone through the small port-hole and she peered blearily at her watch, trying to work out what time it was. That it was late was all she was certain of.

Her roommates had still been up when she came back at eleven thirty and she must have fallen asleep waiting for them to return. She listened for a moment to try and ascertain whether they were in bed, asleep. Faint noises made her peer carefully over the side of her bunk.

As her eyes grew accustomed to the dim light, she realised that somebody was moving in the bottom bunk opposite her. Sonya was half lying on top of Brigitte with her hand buried between the other woman’s legs, murmuring in her ear.

Louise was both shocked and unbearably turned on at the erotic spectacle.

She tried to move without alerting the women to the fact she was awake. Fortunately they seemed rather engrossed in each other and although the light was scarce, Louise watched, mesmerised, as the two women kissed sensuously.

Sonya’s hand moved gently between the other woman’s thighs and her lips trailed light kisses down Brigitte’s neck. Louise could hear Brigitte’s harsh breathing and she guessed she was close to orgasm. Her own fingers slid between her legs in an attempt to quell the ache and she found herself slick with wetness.

She watched as Sonya took a pert breast in her mouth and sucked, pulling the nipple between her lips and laving it with her tongue. Louise felt her own nipples rubbing teasingly against the silk of her slip; how she wished that it were her breasts being played with. Brigitte reached out to caress Sonya’s rounded breasts and stroked them as they writhed together on the narrow bunk.

“Cum for me, baby,” Louise heard Sonya mutter softly as she increased the rhythm of her caresses. With a sudden gasp Brigitte froze rigid as her orgasm broke over her and Sonya pulled her close, kissing her hard.

Louise rubbed her own pussy furiously, feeling the creamy wetness of her arousal flooding out down her thighs. It took no time at all for a shattering climax to wash over her body in a wave of sharp pleasure. She bit her lip in an effort to quell the noise she might have made. When she had recovered her senses again, she looked carefully over the edge of the bunk and saw the two women snuggled up together quietly, kissing affectionately.

Suddenly she was deeply envious of their obvious closeness and she wished she had someone to cuddle up to. Loneliness sent a sharp pang through her and the orgasm she had enjoyed seemed a rather empty one now.

This was the first time she found herself missing Kevin. He may have been a cheating bastard, but at least he was there. Maybe being single isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, she thought miserably.

It took her ages to fall back to sleep.

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