Sauna Balloons

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Amia Miley

You have had a bad day. You are relaxing in the sauna – not too hot, but quite steamy, totally naked of course. Your mind is elsewhere.

I open the door and walk in. I’m facing away from you and you can see me moving something in front of me. It’s a little table with a bowl on top of it.

As I turn round and move towards you you can see that in the bowl are what looks like some big balloons – you can’t quite believe your eyes. You like balloons, but you are scared of them too. What on earth are they doing here?

I look at you and smile and I can’t help but notice that your dick seems to twitch as you recognise what is in the bowl. I take off my towel and sit beside you and just say “Hi”.

You respond, but there is a bit of a lump in your throat and the “Hi” comes out a bit croaky. “Hum… I meant Hi” you say with a much clearer voice as you shift your legs to hide what is obviously a growing erection. You are embarrassed but excited and I know why.

The sauna door opens again and two more guys walk in. Each stops at the table and picks up a balloon. You were right – they are balloons, big balloons – they must be 24″ you think – rare but not unheard of. Now you are beginning to sweat – and it isn’t just from the sauna.

They drop their towels and sit naked opposite from us. Both are well built and you are sure they are semi hard too. What’s happening?

The door opens again and two more guys walk in. One turns and locks the door behind him. He turns back and smiles – it’s pretty obvious that he isn’t just semi hard sıhhiye escort – he’s fully hard and as both of the guys drop their towels you can see both have their dicks pointing upwards – glistening with sweat.

You squirm – what is going on. You are fascinated, and afraid. You want to look and you want to look away.

They too pick up a balloon from the bowl, and stretch it in front of them a few times and them each snaps the other with the balloon. “Ouch” the shorter of the two exclaims – but it is obvious that he enjoyed it really.

The taller one, reaches back into the bowl and picks up another balloon and hands it to me. I stand up, as do the pair sitting opposite. We now each have a huge balloon in our hands, and we are each sporting massive erections.

“Ready for some fun” I ask, and the others all nod in agreement.

You on the other hand are confused – what fun, what is going to happen. Why are these guys in a sauna with balloons – and not just any balloons, but huge balloons. Is this a dream or maybe a nightmare?

We all start to blow. Big long breaths into the balloons and they all spring to life. As we blow the balloons expand and as we blow each of us lets one hand hold our cocks.

You’ve done the same thing many many times yourself of course – but you’d never imagined you’d be witnessing 5 other guys doing what you thought was unique to you. Your eyes are drawn to the growing balloons, but you catch yourself staring down at the 5 cocks too.

Each of the guys makes a small sincan escort step close, they all look at you directly and you can see the pleasure in their eyes – but is it pleasure for blowing the balloons, pleasure at their wanking, or pleasure at making you uncomfortable.

Their cocks are right in front of you now, the rooms smells of hot latex but there is also the smell of sex. There is no mistaking the fact that you are incredibly excited.

You slide off the bench and drop to your knees. We all take annother step foward and our cocks are right infront of your face now. You reach up with both hands and feel what has been so obviously presented to you. Touching our cocks as we wank, letting your fingers brush gently over our balls. You open your mouth and I’m the first to let the tip of my cock touch you there.

All of us make an obvious sigh but it doesn’t distract us too much from blowing.

Each of the balloons is now tight, each has a well defined neck. You can’t quite believe it but it seems as if each of us is simply not going to stop – we are each going to just keep blowing these massive balloons until they pop!

Your heart is beating fast, your mouth is sucking on a new, different cock as each of us push our hips forward to get some of the action, each of us is wanking slowly, each of us is beginning to pant, each of us is leaking precum.

And then it happens – the first balloon explodes with an almighty crack, and you feel it in your chest. At the exact same moment the cock belonging sınırsız escort to the victor erupts into your mouth – stream after stream of hot cum. You swallow it down eagerly and lick him clean. He steps back – exhausted, and you take another cock into your mouth. Almost immediately the cock and balloon explode at the same time and you are treated to even more cum and are covered in tiny shards of latex.

You grab the two cocks next in line and suck on them both. Again this is too much for the lucky owners and each cums violently into your eager mouth as each blows a final huge breath into the balloon and makes it burst.

There’s only me left now – and you waste no time in taking my hard, ever so hard, cock into your mouth – everyone knows what is about to happen, and of course it does. I take a huge breath and exhale deeply into the balloon – it stood no chance – with a huge bang, maybe the loudest of them all, the balloon shreds and I thrust and reward you with a huge load of cum.

We all take a step backwards, nothing is said, we all smile at you admiring the cum dribbling from your mouth. The 4 other guys turn, grab their towels, unlock the door and leave. I sit down beside you again and simply say

“I know you had a bad day. I hope this makes it better”.

You are obviously lost for a response. How could I know, how could I know about your balloon fetish too, how could I know that what had just played out had been a fantasy of yours for years?

I get up and turn away. I look over my shoulder and just say “Same time next week?” You didn’t need to respond verbally – your eyes and your cock made it pretty obvious the answer would be yes. I leave and shut the door behind me to leave you with your thoughts, exhausted, bewildered but ever so excited for what might happen in the future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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