Savages: Ch. 01: Little Lies

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Jackie Collier. He was the most interesting man I had ever met. I was in love the moment I saw him sipping a Whiskey at the bar. He was alone, of course, and looked out of place. The Fountain was a cheap bar. Jackie was dressed in a dark suit. His light brown hair was combed neatly on top of his head. His eyes were so green, I remember, when he looked across the bar and found my eyes. He didn’t smile at all, but looked away when he realized he was staring at me. I turned away, but not for long. There was something in his presence that kept me fixated on him. He was resting his head on his fist, while running his finger around the edge of his glass, in his own little world. The ice was holding his attention until Mike announced that I was on.

I traveled to the stage, and climbed the small staircase to the microphone. I sang an upbeat song from an older movie. I chose that song because I figured no one would’ve ever heard it before. Occasionally, I would look across the floor to Jackie. He still had his head towards the counter, but I could tell he was listening to me. After I finished, I exited the stage, and was going to return to my seat. I decided, though, to walk over to the quiet, mysterious man.

I sat down two seats away from Jackie. Finally, he appeared to take notice.

“You could’ve just asked.” He said to his glass.

“I beg your pardon?”

“If you wanted me to buy you a drink, you could’ve just asked me. I did enjoy that beautiful song, though.” Jackie raised his finger to the bartender. “Two more, please. One for me and one for the lady.”

“Maybe I just wanted to say hello.” I joked. He turned his head to me, and then his whole body turned. He was so boyishly handsome. Like Willem Defoe. But, his eyes were so green, and looking for trust in mine, it seemed.

“Well, hello.” He whispered with a mischievous smile. “Why do they call you Money?”

“My real name is Monica. My grandparents called me Monnie. Monnie eventually evolved into Money.” Jackie began to nod in agreement, and shot a grin up to me from his Whiskey. “Do you have a name?”

“Jackie.” He held out his hand to shake mine. His touch made my palms sweat a bit.

“I’ve never seen you in here.”

“I’m not from around here.” He took a sip of his drink. “I’m here for a funeral.” He said, staring straight ahead.

“Oh. I’m sorry. Who passed?”

“My father.”

“Oh God. I’m so sorry. Were you close?”

He took another sip of his Whiskey, and shook his head. “We hadn’t seen each other in a long time.” About this time, I realized I may have been asking too many questions.

“Are you okay?” I asked, moving my hand to the back of his. He turned his gaze to me, and held it there. His face was expressionless. I thought he was going to cry. I kept my hand on his, and began to rub his slowly. demetevler escort His thumb gently lifted up to touch mine. His eyes were intense. After a moment, he looked back at the glass.

“I’m sorry.” I whispered, taking my hand back.

“No worries.” He pulled his wallet from his coat, and pulled out a $20 bill. “You’re a very good singer, Money. Thanks for sitting with me.”

“You’re leaving?” I asked with a hint of fear.

“Yeah. I have to leave early in the morning.” He replied, rising from his seat. After emptying the remainder of his whiskey down his throat, he turned to me and smiled. “Thank you, again for the company.” I didn’t say a word, but smiled back at him. That would’ve been the end of the story, right there. As he walked away, I got this feeling. It’s that emotion you get when you know you have to say goodbye to something so wonderful, and you wish you could stop it. I knew him for only a few minutes, but it felt longer.

I hurried outside before Jackie could get into his car, and spotted him next to a black sports car.

“Hey, wait!” I yelled to him. Jackie looked over to me, and stepped back outside. I sprinted over to him, and chuckled.

“What’s the matter?” He asked, somewhat alarmed.

“Um…I know we don’t know each other, and I’ve never done this before in my life. I just…”

His bewildered expression made this harder to say. Suddenly, a thought came to mind. “Are you married?” The question made him laugh. “Girlfriend? Anything like that?”

“No, it’s just me.” He insisted with a bit of sarcasm.

“I know you don’t know me—“

“—Yes, you’ve established that we don’t know each other.”

“I’d like to spend some more time with you. Do you really have to go?”

“Yes, I told you I have a long drive back tomorrow.”

“Where’s home?” Jackie didn’t answer. He had this look of disbelief that this was happening to him. “Something is just telling me…telling me that we would have a good time together. Even just for a few hours. I’d love to talk to you. I don’t want you to be alone tonight. I’d really like it if you stayed, or we can go do whatever…I never do this. I know everyone must say that.”

“So, what makes me so special?”

“I feel something…different.” I could tell that he wasn’t budging, yet I pressed on. “Maybe, magical?” I felt so stupid saying that, but I believed it. His emerald eyes gave me the impression that he was beginning to believe it too, finally.

Back inside the bar, we sat in a back booth. Jackie had taken off his blazer, revealing his broad shoulders, and strong arms covered in his caramel colored hair. He eased up telling me about living in Washington D.C., and working for a newspaper. Mostly, he asked about me: where I grew up, what I wanted to do with my life dikmen escort and so on. I didn’t ask about his family sensing it was a delicate subject.

It was Friday night, and the people began to pour into the bar at dusk. Jackie and I were sharing a basket of mozzarella sticks.

“Wouldn’t you like to go get some real food?” He asked leaning back against the wall in the booth, picking up another stick from the basket.

“Let’s go to Washington.”

“When? Right now?”

“Why not?”

“Because it’s a long-ass drive, and I don’t want a D.U.I., madam.” He took a sip of his water, and turned his focus to me. “And, you haven’t answered why I’m still here?”

“Why are you here?” I leaned into the table. He wiped his hands off, and sat up.

“I think you’re a very interesting woman, Money. In all honesty, though, I think you’re feeling sorry for me.”


“I look like that lost soul sitting in a bar, not talking to anyone. Looking downcast. Obviously, that person is depressed and needs someone.”

“Is there something wrong with that? Someone wanting to get close to you?”

“You don’t wanna’ get close to me.” Jackie replied with faint but strong insistence. I lifted my hand, and brought the back of my fingers to his cheek. He closed his eyes, and turned his lips towards my hand. He felt so warm, and smooth. I wanted to kiss him right then. I leaned in further, with his eyes still closed, and brought my lips to his. I thought I’d meet resistance. Instead, he returned with a soft suction from his sweet lips.

Fleetwood Mac’s “Little Lies” began to play, and people started for the dance floor. Jackie ceased his kissing, and dropped his head. Not wanting to ruin this new feeling, I took his hand, and got up.

“C’mon. Let’s dance.” I said standing over him. He looked up at me, and didn’t say anything. After a second of not moving, he arose, and followed me to the dance floor. I was walking to the middle of the floor, when he pulled my hand back, and pulled me towards him. He pressed my body towards his. I could hear him breathing hard. His hands traveled up around my neck, and lifted my head to his. I held onto his hips, pressing into him. My crotch was producing juice that begged for his body on me.

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies.

Tell me lies

Tell me, tell me lies.

Oh, no, no you can’t disguise

Jackie’s lips devoured my neck. He knew where to dance his tongue over. I grabbed onto him with no intention of letting go. He smelled so damn good. I wanted him. I wanted him to take me right there on the floor. My clit would be soaked and ready for him to dive that rock hard cock into me. He brought his lips back to mine, and picked up my right leg with his hand. That new position allowed me to grind myself right ankara escort next to his crotch which was pressing into my stomach. This was so naughty, I thought. Were people watching us? My God, I didn’t think this man could show any feeling. Now, Jackie was making love to me over our clothes on a dance floor! All the while we were swaying to the music. Fuck, he is sexy.

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies

Tell me lies

Jackie put me down, and took my hand. He was bolting across the bar to the door. When we got outside, he didn’t stop. The fresh air from outside my pants made me feel how wet I really was.

“Where are we going?” I asked not caring what his answer was. He pulled out his keys, and hit the unlock button.

“Get in.” He ordered darting straight for the driver side door. “Get in the back.” He continued, holding this seat forward for me. I obliged, and crawled in. It was so clean inside, and smelled of leather.

“Won’t someone see us?” I asked. He removed his blazer, and began undoing the belt from around his navy blue dress pants.

“Do you care?” He asked, tilting his head down at me. I gasped, and threw off my white peasant shirt revealing a white bra. Jackie climbed in, and slammed the door shut. He reached around me, and unhooked my bra. My small, creamy puppies pushed their way out. He took one in his hand, and brought it up to his mouth. The alcohol was wearing off. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I must be crazy. This guy is a stranger. My body and mind was betraying me.

Before I knew it, his cock was in me. There wasn’t any warning. No easing inside of me. No kissing or passion. Just fucking, and hard. A tidal wave of regret came over me. I was on my back, and he was on top of me with his head buried into my shoulder. This wasn’t at all what I wanted. Was this all I was to him? A quick fuck?

“Jackie?” I panted in between a thrust. “Jackie, stop.” He didn’t. His speed picked up. “Jackie, I mean it. Stop!” I tried slapping his shoulders, but it wouldn’t work. He thrusted into me faster now, grunting. So fast, I felt the rain of cum from his dick shoot out onto my stomach. I kept my eyes squeezed shut. He rested his sweaty head onto mine, and stroked my hair. I couldn’t touch him. This was so wrong. I knew that now, but unfortunately, too late. He sat up, and reached into his coat pocket in the front seat. I was handed a handkerchief to clean myself up with.

Jackie zipped his pants up, and climbed out of the car. I cleaned myself up, and hurried to dress myself. I soon climbed out, and stood awkwardly before him. He brushed his hair from his face with his hand, and leaned on the driver side door.

“Are you alright?” He asked. I stared down at his shoes instead of looking at him. “Thanks for that.”

“It’s not how I…” I began, but felt that this night was over. I made a terrible mistake. This couldn’t be who he was. Embarrassed, I turned and ran to my car.

“Money, wait!” He yelled. I got to my car, and turned the engine. Jackie hadn’t pursued me anymore, but stood and stared at me driving away.

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