The Ellis Twins – Harlan , Mick

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This is not my first story but it is my first submission so be a little bit kind, yeah? Be warned! This is about bicurious twin brothers… But they ARE hot, so…


Mick and his twin brother Harlan looked out at the ocean as they stood on the night-soaked beach.

“Fuck, how beautiful is this night?” Mick said, getting lost in the romance of the blues, violets and silvers of summer’s night. “Yet the sweetness of this eve cannot compare to thine beauty.”

Harlan smiled and shook his head, the same shade of blond as his brother’s.

Mick had always been the sensitive one, the smart one. Harlan didn’t mind though, he loved his brother, more than anyone, and though he might not have the same intelligence, he more than made up for it in his artistic ability. Harlan was a painter, studying Fine Art at college and Mick was the writer, with the soul of a poet.

At nineteen years old, the boys were tall and very fit and very handsome, with deep matching blue-green eyes and cheeky, sexy smiles. There was never a shortage of girls with a fascination for the gorgeous twin brothers.

They were lucky to be attending the same school, both having gotten in on their respective academic merits, and this was their spring break. This year, the boys had booked a beach house in the seaside town where most of the students came for their vacations.

Dotted all up and down the beach were campfires of the various parties the young college students threw every night of spring break.

Harlan turned to Mick. “Ready to go get some tail, bro?”

Mick smiled at his sexy twin brother.

“As always.” They grinned and headed off towards the nearest fire.

Mick could tell that Harlan had something on his mind, some devious plan for the evening that would result in both boys having the time of their lives. It usually went this way, where one brother led, the other was more than happy to follow.

Music got louder and mixed with the laughing and merriment as they drew towards a group of young men and women and their bonfire.

College students were everywhere, drinking and having fun. When a couple of girls spotted the twins, they shrieked in joy.

“Oh my god! The Ellis brothers are here!”

The two who had spotted the boys plus another girl jumped up and threw themselves into full-body group hugs.

Mick and Harlan knew these girls from student council and from several parties they had all attended. The girls were all pretty, fit bodies, fresh faces and bubbly personalities.

“Here, Harlan, Mick. Have a beer!” One of the girls, whose name was Halo, of all names, offered them a couple of bottles of cold brew. “This is my parents house and they let me have it for the break. Welcome to my party!”

The boys gratefully took the bottles of beer and sat down to enjoy the company of their fellow students.

Hours went by and they twins laughed and danced with girls and played football with the guys. But by eleven pm, things were getting serious and couples were starting to get busy on the beach.

The boys hadn’t attached themselves to girls yet but they weren’t worried, they always ended up with someone.

They were next to the fire, sitting side by side and watching several couples have sex a little way away when Halo came by.

“Hi boys,” she said warmly. “Where are your dates for tonight? Don’t tell me the famous Ellis brothers couldn’t find themselves girls.” She was teasing them but there was a twinkle in her eye.

The brothers looked at each other and had the same thought at the same time.

Harlan turned back to Halo.

“Actually, we were waiting for you,” he said, his voice deepening seductively.

Harlan was the more forward of the two, and he never minded finding girls for his beloved bro.

Halo’s bright smile deepened to something sexy and serious.

“Come up to the house,” she said softly.

The two boys needed no more encouragement than that. They got up as one and followed the gorgeous brunette to her parents’ beach house and into her bedroom where she closed the door.

It had been a while since the brothers had tag teamed a girl, more than a year, and during that year, their sexual horizons had expanded.

For some reason, tonight felt different. They both knew, as they looked at each other and then at the girl, that this time, they wouldn’t demetevler escort be having sex as the other watched and then switching. There was something else on the cards.

“How does it work? Between twins, I mean,” Halo asked.

The boys looked at each other again, a little unsure what to say.

It was Harlan that answered for them both.

“However you want it to work, lovely Halo.”

She smiled a little deviously.

“I want to see you boys kiss. Would you do that for me?”

Mick looked nervously at his twin, but there was an excitement in his eyes that mirrored what was in Harlan’s.

Slowly they moved towards each other. Halo backed up and climbed on her bed to watch as Harlan gripped his brother by the back of his neck and pulled him close.

They just stood there and stared into each other for a moment.

Mick whispered quietly, so Halo wouldn’t hear.

“You’re so beautiful, bro.”

Harlan smiled tenderly, gazing adoringly at his twin.

“I love you,” he whispered to Mick.

They both leaned in at the same time and just touched their full mouths together gently. Harlan licked his lips, wetting them, and leaned in again sliding them across his brother’s. Mick’s tongue snaked out to Harlan, seeking to connect, and Harlan’s lips parted to accept, two horny male groans harmonizing with their gasps, grunts and heavy breathing.

Mick slid his arms around his brother’s waist, wanting Harlan to feel his erection spring to life. As they brothers kissed deeply, Harlan felt Mick pulling their hips together, felt his brother’s cock swelling as Mick churned against him.

Harlan pulled back from the kiss, gasping. “You getting hard for me, bro? I can feel your stiff cock… I want it.” He leaned in alongside Mick’s ear. “Feel me, Mick. You know I’m hard for you, I’m fucking throbbing.”

Mick sighed, a low, sexy, aching moan. “I want to kiss you…taste you…want to fuck you, bro,” he whispered hoarsely. “Harlan, I’ve wanted you for years.”

The pair had almost forgotten they had an observer, but they were reminded when Halo moaned.

“Oh, wow. I’ve never seen two guys kiss like that before, let alone two brothers. That was beyond hot!”

The boys turned back to their female host and were surprised to see that she was totally naked. She’d taken all her clothes off watching the twins getting turned on by each other.

“It’s sexy, is it? Watching two brothers kiss?” Harlan grinned, leaning back in to his brother. “I’ll bet it’s even sexier watching us fuck.”

He winked at his twin and Mick smirked, picking up his cue.

“Harlan and I, we love each other very much,” Mick said, tongue kissing his twin and getting seriously turned on. “But what we also love, almost as much… We love to fuck.” Another french kiss, this time with a grind against Harlan, making him groan. “We love fucking so much, we’ve come to be quite good at it, Harlan and I.” Again a kiss and a grind, digging his nails into Harlan’s ass and aligning their hard penises so they rubbed against each other. Both boys cried out.

“Fuck, bro! I’ve never wanted anyone as bad as I want you,” Harlan whispered only to his brother.

“I know, Harlan. I wish we were alone. I want to make love to you.”

Harlan gasped, smoothing his hands over Mick’s rippled belly and muscled chest. Mick leaned his forehead against his twin’s, breathing hard.

“Make me come, bro. I want it to be you, not her,” Mick whispered. Harlan nodded.

Pulling apart with one last sensuous kiss, they walked over to the bed and sat on either side of the girl.

Harlan pulled Halo into a deep erotic kiss while Mick pulled her hair off her neck and nibbled her nape, reaching around to cup her breasts.

Feeling bold, Mick whispered in her ear, while his brother kissed her.

“What would you like us to do next, Halo? Tonight’s a special night for us. Anything could happen.”

Halo moaned into Harlan’s mouth and Harlan echoed it, feeling hotter than hell and harder than fuck at Mick’s words, because he knew were meant for him as much as they were meant for the girl.

Harlan wanted nothing more than to tear off his brother’s clothes and suck, lick, stroke and nibble every part of Mick’s muscular body.

Harlan loved being a twin. The rules were always different for them. No one escort demetevler blinked if they were incestuous or bisexual. Twins were expected to be kinky and Harlan loved kink.

If Harlan had his way, he and Mick would wake up every morning sucking each other off. After lunch they would seduce a lovely girl, tie her up nicely and tease her until she begged for them. Then Harlan would fuck her up the ass while Mick pounded her pussy, both brothers feeling their cocks slide together through the thin membrane wall inside the girl. Then they would both shoot molten hot jets of their come at the same time, the brothers kissing passionately. Perhaps after dinner, they would take turns doing each other up the ass, gently and with love, and then fall asleep while stroking the other’s cock, until they orgasmed.

He especially loved that Mick was the hesitant one, the shy one. He loved corrupting the innocence. Nothing his brother wouldn’t love doing, of course. Just pushing him to take more risks.

“Mmmm… Mick, do you know what a chain is?” He looked heatedly at his twin.

“Ohhh… I think I do, Harl. What did you have in mind?” He said, smiling wickedly while returning Harlan’s lustful gaze.

Harlan thought for a moment, considering how much to push him. He didn’t want to go too far too quickly and upset his brother. Making up his mind, he answered.

“How would you like to taste Halo, lick her succulent, wet pussy, while Halo sucks my stiff, throbbing dick and my big, aching balls…” Harlan paused to run his hand up Mick’s thigh, rubbing along the hard ridge of his erect cock, soliciting a guttural groan from him. “…and I suck your huge, dripping cock, and swallow your hot, salty come?”

Halo groaned, smiling excitedly. She’d believed Mick when he said this was a special night. She guessed that the twins were trying something new and she was honored to be part of it.

She reached behind with one hand to massage Mick’s arousal and forward with the other to rub Harlan’s.

Mick grinned shyly, biting his lower lip.

“Mmmohhh… I don’t know, bro, should I let you suck my huge, dripping cock and swallow my hot, salty come?”

Harlan smiled back lovingly, nodding.

“Ohhhh fuck… yeah, you should. You’ll love it. You’ll come so hard you’ll go blind, I’ll make sure of it.”

Harlan reached past Halo and tugged at his brother’s swimming shorts and Mick obliged by lifting his hips, freeing his rock-hard penis. His shorts hit the floor and he was naked.

Mick reciprocated, caressing Harlan’s erection while he divested him of clothes and moments later, all three lovers were as bare as the day they came into this world.

Halo moved out of the way to let Harlan slide over and Harlan leaned forward, gently pushing his bro to lie back. Mick’s stiff cock stood straight up and for the first time in a year, Harlan got to look at his beloved brother’s dick. Mick’s penis, so like Harlan’s, was about seven inches long, thick and straight, with a flaring, circumcised head. The veins on Mick’s penis were pulsing to the beat of his racing heart.

Harlan cursed softly, his own cock throbbing with need. He was so aroused by his naked twin. Nothing like this had ever happened between them before.

When they had tag teamed girls before, they had shared longing looks, one getting seriously off watching the other’s dick thrusting hard into a pussy, the other getting closer to orgasm watching the waiting twin stroke his cock. And they both dreamed of pleasuring their twin. But never had they dared touch each other.

Harlan kissed his twin passionately, moving his mouth down Mick’s fevered body till he hovered over his bro’s twitching penis.

With Halo looking on and fingering herself, Harlan pressed a soft kiss to the head of Mick’s dick, smearing pre-come over his luscious lips and then licking them clean. Harlan deliberately held off, wanting Mick to beg for his mouth. He grinned when Mick groaned.

“Harlan, ohhh…suck my dick. Suck my cock, please!” Harlan hissed in a breath, his own cock dripping with clear fluid.

“Get ready, Halo. Jump in whenever you like. Bro, I’m going to suck you off. I want you to spill down my throat.”

“Oh fuck yeah,” Halo sighed, watching the two stare lustfully into each other’s eyes.

Harlan lowered his head, taking his brother’s demetevler escort bayan dick into his mouth. Mick gasped, and immediately twined his fingers into Harlan’s hair, humping into the fierce suction of his twin’s hot, wet mouth.

“Holy shit, Harlan! Fuck!”

Mick had never felt so hot and horny in his life. He loved going along with his wicked twin’s plans because he always enjoyed himself immensely. He knew Harlan would never push him into doing something he wasn’t ready for. Harlan was ever thoughtful of that, caring only about giving Mick the most mind-bending pleasure, but also always pushing him just that little bit further.

Well, tonight was the furthest they’d ever ventured. Their first incestuous act, their first bisexual act, and Mick was loving every moment, even to the point of wishing the girl gone so he could return his brother’s oral favor in privacy.

But he had to concede his brother knew him well. If the boys had skipped the party and Harlan had just asked to trade blowjobs, Mick probably would have baulked and begged his brother to go with him to a bonfire gathering.

This way, Mick was slightly drunk, and already horny. He would most likely ask Harlan for some alone time when they got home.

Harlan was so lost in his own world, in rapture sucking his twin’s penis, that he got a surprise when his own cock was engulfed in heat, wet lips wrapping around his shaft. He moaned on Mick’s dick, making his bro arch off the bed as the vibrations of his voice tingled all the way down to his balls.

Mick scooted over and nudged Halo’s long tanned legs apart. The girl repositioned herself so that Mick could have easy access to her shaved vagina, access he took full advantage of. His tongue snaked out and laved her saturated slit in a long stroke, lapping up the girl’s honey. Halo moaned, rocking her hips against his mouth, and sucked harder on Harlan’s cock, which in turn made Harlan suck faster on Mick’s.

The chain just got hotter and hotter until Mick pulled away from the pussy he was licking and murmured, “Get ready bro, I’m going to fucking explode, going to come in your mouth.”

Harlan’s muffled reply was urgent, and Halo could tell from the fact that Harlan’s penis just got even harder that Mick’s words had pushed him over the edge.

Dutifully, Mick latched back onto Halo’s clit, sucking rhythmically, and also plunging two fingers into her tight, twitching pussy.

She whimpered as Mick bucked into Harlan’s mouth, pushing his cock far down his twin’s throat as his balls tightened and hot, slick come shot from the slit in his dick into his brother’s mouth. Rope after rope of come spurted out as shockwaves of ecstasy made him cry out.

“Uhhhhohhhhmmm…ungh…ahhohh…fuck yeah! I’m coming! Swallow it all!”

Harlan swallowed it all just his own cock erupted between Halo’s lips.

“Hmmhmm…mmm! Mmm…mpfhhmmm!”

Harlan was having the most unbelievable orgasm, his semen shooting out in powerful jets as his whole body seized up in pleasure. He had often fantasized about swallowing his brother’s seed, making his twin come hard, and of course Halo was a fucking expert at sucking dick. Harlan could cross this fantasy off his ecstasy list.

“Ohhh my fucking god… Drink me up, Halo!” He moaned, after he’d pulled off Mick’s now still penis.

Mick getting control of his body slowly, made a massive effort to bring their host to her peak, flicking the girl’s clit with his tongue and ramming his fingers inside her vagina, until he felt her pussy muscles milking them in orgasm.

“Ohhh god… ‘m coming! Ohh Mick! Ohhh fuck yeah! Mmmmhhhuh holy…gguh!”

Harlan had collapsed on the bed, with his head on his brother’s thighs, as Mick rode out Halo’s climax and calmed her down.

“Fuck me,” Harlan croaked, his voice hoarse from exertion. “That was fucking incredible.”

“Oh yeah, bro,” Mick said, gazing lovingly at his best friend and sibling, stroking his hair. “I love you, Harlan.”

“I love you too, Mick.” Harlan pulled himself up to kiss his brother’s lips, their tongues languidly dancing together, mouths sealed together, caressing each other’s bodies, as the brothers came down from their huge endorphin high.

Halo was lying there quietly observing the two boys with a peaceful smile on her face.

This union wasn’t quite what she thought it would be, her in the middle of an Ellis sex sandwich, but she was glad she had assisted the brother’s in getting close to each other this first time, and she felt sure this would only be the start of many such encounters for them.

Maybe they’d let her be a part of them, she smiled to herself.

The end? That depends on you.

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